WHY do you always do this to me?
WHY don't you love me?
WHY do you always drink?
WHY do you always leave me?
WHY do you always lie to me?
WHY can't you keep to what you say?

WAS it something I did?
WAS it something I did wrong?
WAS it something I said?
WAS it because I don't do good in school?
WAS it because I never listend?
WAS it cause I cut my arms?

YOU don't understand what you do to me.
YOU don't get that your only hurting yourself.
YOU don't want to accept the fact that your a mom.
YOU dont want the responsibilty of being a mom.
YOU are just as bad as Doreen.
YOU dont understand so dont say you do.

NEVER did you help me with anything.
NEVER did you care about anything oposed from yourself.
NEVER did you go through what I went through.
NEVER did you want to be a mom.
NEVER did you stay home for me.
NEVER were you a mom.

THERE was not one day without fighting.
THERE was not one day when you stayed home to make dinner.
THERE was not a day when you wern't high.
THERE was not a day of relaxation.
THERE was never a normal day.
THERE was never a family.