A/N: I've come to the realization that I'm not going to finish this. The actual Mark of Athena comes out next week *fangirl squee* and there is no way that I can get as many chapters as I had planned done. School has been very busy and I never have time.

Don't start crying yet (though I doubt you would) because I'm hoping to do some oneshots that use ideas from this. Yay! You can look forward to those sometime. I really want to finish one of these chaptered fics at some point, so between now and whenever, I'll actually be working on a fic that will start to be posted when it's complete. Oh, I'm sooooo smart.

So, yeah, it's been real and I hope I helped ease the wait. It helped me ease the wait. Enjoy this last week of anticipation for the great Percabeth reunion. I know I will. Ooooh, have I got a story planned for that!

Love, hugs, butterfly kisses, and many thanks