No one's pov:

When Clare told Eli she was pregnant on their honeymoon she literally flipped out on him. Here is what happened.

Flashback:(Clare's pov:)

After Eli and I were done cuddling we got up and got dressed. I was trying to process what happened earlier. I was pulled out of my thoughts.

"Clare, are you okay?" Asked Eli.

"Yeah" I lied.

"Your lying" Said Eli.

I turned to look at him.

"I'm pregnant jackass" I said putting on my shoes and leaving.

I walked around for a bit. I kept getting calls from Eli and texts, but I wouldn't answer. I had to be strong and show him that I needed time alone. Soon it was getting late and I walked back to where we were staying. When I walked threw the door I faced an upset Eli.

"Why would you leave?" Asked Eli.

"Because obviously you don't want kids with your ** of a wife" I spat walking past him.

"Why would you call your self a **?" Eli asked confused.

"Because Eli, I got pregnant 4 times before this one!" I shouted.

"Clare, calm down please?" Eli asked.

I looked at him with my hands crossed.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I do want kids but I didn't think we would have more this early" Said Eli.

"Me to Eli" I replied.

"We'll get threw this together" Eli smirked.

I smiled back.

End of flashback:(no one's pov:)

After a couple of months later they found out they were having twins. A boy and a girl. They came up with the perfect names for there twins. Arsen Salvatore Goldsworthy and Mary Alice Haley Goldsworthy. Today the twins Aubrey and Annabelle are starting kindergarten. Clare and Eli where sad to let them grow up, but they had to. Today was going to be a day of tears and falling in love.

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