Today was the first day of high school. Aubrey and Annabelle were excited. They always dreamt of being something in life but it was going to be a little ** Aubrey considering that she was a mother and would have to put Rosalie first before anything, including school, carreer, and friends. It hurt that she was so stupid, but she doesn't regret Rosalie, not even one bit. Aubrey got ready for school and gave her daughter a kiss on the head and walked downstairs and to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

"Ready to start freshman year?" Annabelle asked excited.
"Please don't tell me that you're excited?" Aubrey asked.
"Of course I am, we will become woman soon. Why aren't you excited?".
"I am, but I realized we will be freshman and that means we will have stupid nicknames".
"Dang, I forgot about that" Annabelle sighed.
"What did you forget?" Clare walked in.
"That we will be called names because of what grade we're in" Aubrey answered.
"Nicknames weren't that bad for me" Clare said.
"What was yours?" Annabelle asked.
"Niner, minor niner, niner geeks, so on" Clare replied.
"Those are bad!" Annabelle whined.
"Some of them were but you'll get used to it" Clare reassured her daughters.
"Ugh!" Annabelle said dramatically.
"Finish eating so I can take you to school".

The girls finished eating their breakfast before grabbing their things and walking out the door behind their mother. They got in the back seat with their bags.

"Where are Alice and Arsen?" Aubrey asked.
"Your father took them to school before he went to work" Clare replied.

The twins nodded before Annabelle spoke up.

"What about Rosalie?".
"I have a baby sitter on their way over" Clare said.
"Is that why the car isn't moving?" Aubrey asked.


Not a moment later did Adam's car pull up. He got out and Clare did also. They gave each other a hug and she talked to him. Since the girls were in the car, they couldn't hear what they were saying. Adam nodded and waved to the girls before going inside the house. Clare got into the car.

"We can go now" she started up the car and drove towards degrassi.


The girls got out of their mother's car and walked up the steps that led to their school. They walked through the doors and both girls were wondering how this day would go.

"Okay well I'm going to head to class" Aubrey said.
"Okay, I'm going to find Tori" Annabelle replied.

The twins seperated.


Annabelle was walking down the halls of degrassi texting Tori. Tori was already at the school and waiting for Annabelle at the garden. Annabelle rolled her eyes but then she collieded with a hard chest.

"Sorry" she apologized.
"It's okay" a deep voice said.

Annabelle looked up and she froze. In front of her was a hockey player and he looked fine.

"Sorry again" Annabelle apologized before trying to walk away.
"Wait, your new here right?" he's voice stopped her.
"Yeah" she turned around to face him again.
"Well, I'm Mike Dallas but people call me Dallas" he introduced.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Annabelle Goldsworthy".
"Nice to meet you as well. So by the looks of it you're a freshman?".
"Yeah" she sighed.
"Well after freshman year, things will get easier".
"Thanks, I should go" she left before he could talk.

She found the garden with no problem, but she couldn't get Dallas out of her mind.


Aubrey was still trying to find Noah but nothing. She heard Annabelle's name being called. She looked around before she realized that her sister wasn't around the hall. Aubrey saw a hockey player walking towards her. Did he call her Annabelle?

"You ran off before I could talk" Dallas said.


"The hallway".
"Who are you again?" Aubrey asked.
"Playing hard to get? Okay I'll play along. I'm Mike Dallas, but call be Dallas".
"Nice to meet you Dallas".
"Same to you. So did you need help finding any classes?" he asked.
"No, I'm good" she said.
"Positive?" Dallas asked.
"Positive. I should go though" Aubrey left.

She then realized he thought she was Annabelle. Crap! She totally did look clueless back there. Oh well.

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