Title: Need Punishment

Rating: M

Main Character/s: Timothy McGee and Jethro Gibbs

Summary: After being saved from Landon, Abby says that McGregor and Amy can't end up together. She has no idea how right she is.

Warning: Language and Slash

Need Punishment

"Ngh! Jethro!"

"That's it Tim."

Tim lied on his back, his head tossing back and forth with his knees drawn up. One hand was fisting the sheet, his knuckles white, while the other hand was between his legs, his slick fingers up his ass. Thrusting in and out, brushing over his prostate. His cock hard and curved, leaking precum that was sliding down his erection and onto the cock ring that was preventing him from cumming.

"Harder Tim."

He slammed his fingers in harder at the command, crying out in need. Need for release. Need for Jethro's cock. Inside him, pounding into him, using him for his own release. "Ah!" Tim didn't know how much more he could take.

Gibbs' eyes never left him, never stopped roaming his body in a possession and how his fingers thrust inside himself. Tim trembled and moaned at the dark look in Jethro's eyes, a look that hadn't left his eyes since they left work.

Tim felt the bed dip and whimpered when he only had a second to see Jethro over him before his mouth was invaded by Jethro's. His mouth was hard and bruising, his tongue demanding as it pushed past his lips and tasted his mouth.

His hand was grabbed, his fingers ripped out of his ass. He gasped and moaned at the empty feeling, needing his ass filled. Jethro didn't make him wait. He kept a hold of the hand he had grabbed and with his other he led his cock to line up with Tim's ass before slamming into him. Balls deep and filling him. So full.

"Fuck!" he screamed, his back arched and his head thrown back.

Gibbs pulled back, almost all the way out till the head was left inside him, before thrusting back inside him, his balls slapping against Tim and grunting above him like an animal. Tim loved it. Cherished it. Memorized being able to make Jethro lose control with his body.

Gibbs pounded in and out of him hard and slow, each thrust aimed at his prostate, rising Tim's pleasure and need. His punishment.

"Je-Jethro! Shit!"

His gasps and moans, groans and screams, curses and pleads spurred Gibbs on, his thrusts harder and harder. His cock pulsing inside him. Tim went to reach up for Jethro, but Jethro grabbed his hand and lowered it between their bodies, his fingers tracing his own entrance, feeling Jethro's cock glide in and out of him. Tim gasped and his hips instinctively flexed, meeting Jethro's thrust and feeling it both on the inside and out.

"Feel that?"

Tim whimpered at the dark voice above him. He nodded, having not enough oxygen to speak.


He nodded his head quickly, still keeping his fingers there even though Gibbs moved his hand away to the headboard, using it as leverage to thrust harder. Tim felt like he was going to be split in two. He felt lightheaded, spots appearing in the corner of his vision. Jethro kept stealing his breath, thrusting into him with savagery and kissing him with an ownership. Ownership over everything that Tim was and had, even his breath.

"You want to be punished?"

Tim whimpered and nodded, his eyes wanting to shut—the image of Jethro in ecstasy and need above him wasn't helping—but they wouldn't. He needed to see his face, listen to his words. He needed punishment.

"You want to be punished for what happened?"

Again he whimpered and nodded, the pleasure and need at an all time high. A need to cum but an even bigger need to be punished.

"You think it's your fault."

Nodding, a tear fell and slipped down his temple, mixing with the sweat covering his body, the sweat that was sliding between their bodies. Their bodies that moved as one.

Gibbs' hand wrapped around his cock, he cried out as his cock pulsed in the rough hand. He leaned down and roughly spoke in his ear. "You've been punished enough." And softly pressing his lips to his, he removed the cock ring and pressed his whole body on top of him, pushing his cock as far as it's ever gone.

Tim silently screamed, panting in an intense orgasm that caused him to blackout as his cum sprayed out between them, Jethro's cum coating his walls.

Gibbs held his Timothy, running his fingers through the younger man's hair as he slept in both physical and mental exhaustion. The previous case had been so stressful for not only the team, but Tim. Mostly Tim. His book had been used for murder and the team's reaction to being written about didn't help. He had known about the book. How could he not when he had watched it be written in his own basement while he worked on his boat?

He was proud of Tim, proud of his work and him following his dream, he even found the book entertaining and funny. Sure, the team was used as inspiration, and he could have come up with better names, but they weren't really like his agents except for a few things. Their characteristics—even the ones that they tried to hide, Tim was a great observer—were embellished and twisted around. The team would realize that if they actually read the book and not just skim over their parts, and Gibbs was personally honored to have himself and his team that worked hard used as inspiration for a bestselling novel.

But, Landon took the book for real, took to believing everything was real…and took Abby. Or Amy to him. Believing to save McGregor. Poor Tim had to come up with an ending that he hadn't written to get Landon to give up since there wasn't a way to get him to see reality.


"McGregor and Amy are getting married, Landon. Amy is the love of his life, you can't kill her. He can't live without her."

While DiNozzo and Ziva escorted Landon out, Gibbs immediately went to Abby to hug her, reassure himself that she was okay. She returned his hug before letting go when Tim approached to apologize.

"We need to talk. Agent McGregor cannot marry Amy at the end. McGee, they are all wrong for each other."

Gibbs had to look away with a faint smirk as Abby had no idea how right she was. Even Tim stared at her with a look. Guilt and amusement tied into one.

~End Flashback~

When they had gotten back to NCIS, he could see the guilt in Tim increasing as the time passed. He knew his lover. Tim had the most expressive eyes, everyone knew that, it was the reason Tim couldn't lie very well. But even with his eyes, he had a way of letting people see what he wanted them to and what he didn't want. Not from Gibbs though.

Tony and Ziva had seen the guilt, Tony fed off of that by making comments about the book and how Tim should have just arrested himself for everything that happened. Gibbs probably gave Tony his hardest head-slap for that, mostly because if he didn't he would have shot Tony for that comment instead. Ziva just threw glares at Tim every now and again and joined Tony in threatening to kill Tim if he ever wrote another book.

Gibbs, he saw the guilt but also the need. The need for punishment. Tim honestly agreed with Tony and though he didn't think he should be arrested, he thought he should be punished.

Punished for what? Punished for following his dream and succeeding? Punished for a man's mind not seeing reality and believing fiction?

He didn't think so. But he had to do something or it would have eaten at Tim. So, he pushed Tim farther than ever, made him believe that he wasn't going to let him cum at all as his punishment for what happened. A punishment that he's done before on a weekend. However, when the time was right, he let Tim cum, his reward.

His reward for following his dream. For succeeding. For coming forward even when scared about the team's reaction to his book. For putting himself out there to save Abby.

His sweet loving Timmy.

Gibbs pulled Tim tighter to him and pressed a kiss to his forehead, smiling when Tim melted further into him with a sigh. "You don't need to be punished Tim."

He didn't care how long it took, or how many head-slaps he had to give out, he was going to make sure that Tim, and the team, understood that it wasn't his fault.

And if the team complains or become insulted when Tim rewrites his next book but with different characters—he knew Tim and knew it was going to happen—he was going to gleefully remind them of their warning to Tim and to blame themselves.

With that happy thought, he fell asleep with his Timothy safely tucked into his side.

The End.

A/N: Wow. That was not how I intended the story to go, at all, but I'm still happy with it. I hope you like it too and obviously "Cover Story" was the episode tag.