The dark haired girl glanced at her light haired friend. Both girls were wondering around the woods as they did everytime either on had something on their mind. Finally the older girl sighed and the small younger girl glanced up. She didn't say anything when she saw the look in the eyes of her friend. They stopped walking and stood there. Eyes locked in a staring contest. Finally the younger girl looked at her feet. Sometimes she couldn't understand her best friend. With a sigh, she looked back up.

"You wouldn't would you?" She asked her high pitched voice quiet.

The burnette looked down at her and shrugged. "Life is such a strange thing, brat."

The blonde was silent for a moment. "Danna, you are wrong."

'Danna' chuckled at 'Brat's' comment. "Eternal"

It was 'Brat's' turn to laugh. "Fleating. Just like life."

The older girl stared at her, since when did she thing life was fleating. The older girl challanged her. "Death is eternal"

The blonde was walking down the familer path. "Danna, you are right"

The burnette couldn't move. She watched as the smaller figure disappeared into the trees, back towards the houses. Her brown eyes closed, and opened as she sighed. She never even told her why they had come out here in the first place. Sometimes she was more impaticent then the older one. Once she was alone, she pulled out a razorblade from her pocket. She placed on her wirst and brought it across. Collasping on the ground a small smile met her lips. Then she whispered something she knew she would never say again.

"Goodbye, brat"

The blonde didn't let the tears roll down her cheeks as the coffen was lowered into the ground. Her one friend was gone, and she didn't know what to do. It was one of the rare moments when she was completely silent. As the ending prayer finshed, everyone around her was crying. People were saying she was a lost soul going home. She turned and faced her parents, who were talking with her 'Danna's' parents. They seemed not to notice the little girl, which she didn't mind. Normaly she was yelled at anyway. Both sets of parents cast their gaze down at the girl. Then embraced her. She didn't move, she didn't say anything.

Once she got home, she went straight to her room. Then collasped on her bed, finally letting the tears run free. They soon grew into sobs, making her whole body shake. Finally she stopped and closed her eyes. She slowly started to fall asleep, but not before whispering.

"Goodbye, Danna"