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Biting her lip, Sarah sashayed her way confidently to the Department of Research's head. With light blond hair and a determined gleam in bright blue eyes, anyone who didn't know her wouldn't be able to see the heart-clenching terror just underneath the surface. She was about to get a job working for public enemy number one. Frankly, Sarah didn't know exactly what kind of tests the so-called 'scientists' did in this hellhole, but from the screams she heard in passing it was enough to make a pretty good guess. Just thinking of the babies in so much pain with no one to love them…not even the most horrid of creatures deserved that.

Which was exactly why she and her sister were doing this. Sammy had two children at home, Sarah wouldn't dare risk her older sister if they found out about the traitor in their midst. The Edison Group would be sure to silence her…permanently. She was the only other option. With a doctorate in biological engineering and stunning recommendations, all of which were complete frauds as she'd never before worked in a research clinic. Breathing deeply just once, Sarah raised her slender hand and knocked hard on the closed door. Hearing a muffled, 'Come in', the wizard's wife delicately dropped herself into a chair after handing in her resume.

The head of research, Dr. Louis Griffin, raised a surprised eyebrow. "How did you find out about this place?"

Thinking quickly, Sarah replied, "My sister Samantha recommended this fine establishment to me after my husband and I divorced," It was a complete lie, but as Andrew was serving his time in the army overseas and there was no wedding band on her finger, there was no way to discredit her information. "He was a wizard, the bastard. Nearly had a baby with him, then he springs that on me. You know what I did? I had a Miscarriage. Oh, my poor baby! My poor baby boy!" She wails convincingly.

Awkwardly standing, he patted her on the back and muttered embarrassedly, "There, there, Ms. Carson. No need to worry. Here at the Edison Group, we're all about helping people hurt by malicious supernatural creatures. You're story is one of many I've heard, and they all found that they fit perfectly into our little family." Sitting back down, he said, "Now, since I see you are more than capable of handling this job, what type of study would you like to do? Wizards would suit you fine, I suppose…"

"NO! I never want to see another wizard ever again! Please, Mr. Griffin, let me work with children. My sister told me that you recently birthed four werewolf cubs. I know the dangers, and I don't care. All I know is that those monsters lived while my baby didn't. Give me a chance, sir! I'm begging you!" Sarah was playing a dangerous game with a dangerous man, and she very well knew it. There was only so much she could let slip before Louis Griffin started to get suspicious. Thankfully, she had fully undermined the pure stupidity that was in charge of the best research team in the country. All men hate it when women cry, and are oh-so-easily manipulated when they do.

Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, the man started, "W-well, I guess it wouldn't hurt. Me, that is," he stated with a wannabe sexy crooked smile. Seriously, though, it made him look like Hitler without the moustache. Although, the goatee Mr. Griffin was sporting could easily give 'the caterpillar' a run for it's money. Sarah would have to think on it, but a mental comparison made the winner crystal clear. First chance she got, she was going to make Andrew cast a Hairless spell. Or maybe just cut it herself. Decisions, decisions.

Realizing he was still talking, Sarah erased the growing smirk from her face and paid attention. Horror growing with every sentence, she hid it well with a theatre-worthy smile and nodded along. "…and of course, you must make sure to get tissue, muscle and bone samples from the little wretches three times a week. We must know of any changes or reactions to certain drugs we'll be testing. They should be fine, though. I've heard werewolves are incredibly resilient. Shoot one in the stomach, and it'll keep coming right for you! Erm, anyways, they are to be fed twice a day and never, I repeat NEVER, let them outside or near their mother. The slightest mistake could ruin the subjects viability in our little project. Do you understand?"

Resolutely nodding and feeling like a murderer facing death row, Sarah held her head up high and asked in a careful monotone, "Where do I sign up?"

After filling out a mountain of paperwork and insurance forms stating that 'any and all injuries sustained are in no way the fault of the Edison Group,' Sarah finally got her first glimpse of the babes she was risking her life to save. On the one hand, she had never seen a werewolf baby and was apprehensive of their prospective appearances. Would they have tails? Pointed ears, sharp little baby fangs? Fur? On the other, babies naturally avoided her. If Sarah so much as looked at them, they'd burst into tears. You could probably guess she wasn't her niece and nephew's favorite aunt. Being wild at heart, what would these young ones do? Cry like her sister's children or try tearing her apart? It worried her endlessly.

Following her new co-worker down a hall, she passed an extremely secure metal door with an endless amount of locks. Pausing for just a second, Sarah heard the metal groan as a few of the locks jiggled. An infuriated scream, filled with hatred and longing, made her shiver and walk on. There was no hope for Hannah Souza, no matter how much she wished there could be. Instead, she focused on avenging the young woman the only way she possibly could.

By freeing her pups.

Finally reaching a strong Plexiglas room, she allowed herself one deep breath before entering the room. Immediately, it felt like a cage. The room was opaque from the inside, like the windows of an interrogation room. Four tiny hospital issue baby bunks were settled smack-dab in the middle of the room, surrounded by gothic looking knives and needles. Sarah couldn't help but notice that one of the babies was screaming, and there was blood on one of the sharp metallic blades. The man watching the crying werewolf glanced up and absently murmured, "It bit me. Children need punishment if they are ever to learn, am I right, comrade?"

The man was clearly Russian, with a soft accent overlaying his words. 'Comrades', he'd called them. Friends. Allies. Never going to happen.

Sauntering over to him, Sarah looked him straight in the eye and whispered commandingly, "What is you're name, Sir?"

Smirking with a little too much heat, her comfort zone felt severely violated. He stepped closer and ran a hand through her soft blond hair, then raised it to his nose and breathed deeply. Cringing, Sarah jerked away and slapped him across the face. Spinning on her heel, she retrieved some fresh bandages from the tray and wrapped the baby's wound with great care. When she was done, the angry woman demanded harshly, "What is you're name, bastard?"

"M-Marcel Davidoff," the bastard stammered, looking shocked as he rubbed his no doubt very tingly cheek. There was also anger in his eyes, a feral fury that gave her no doubt in her mind that whatever these puppies turned out to be was nothing compared to what masqueraded as that man's soul. Sarah had just met him, and already she could see his heart was colder than ice. Perhaps he had is reasons, but in her own eyes, no harm would be laid on human babies so none shall be laid on the non-humans. These little wolves, she thought when she finally got a good look at them, are perfect. So beautiful, all with ten fingers and ten toes.

They truly were beautiful. Eyes still closed from their birth a few hours ago, their downy little heads were covered in hair that ranged from brown to black, and even a hint of blond. Heart swelling with love, she scooped up the nearest one and made to carry it briskly into the lab only to have the babe yanked from her arms with an angry shout. Whipping around reflexively, she snapped out a fist and hit solid flesh. Marcel almost immediately started falling, making as if to drop the baby, but Sarah managed to tear him away from the scientist's arms. As she did, the baby blinked open bright green eyes and reached for her earring, cooing in delight.

Heart stopping, she almost leaned in to kiss the tiny forehead covered in black down, but remembered her role just in time. Lowering his hand, she stepped into the lab-turned-diaper-station and placed the baby inside. Turning to Marcel, she hissed, "What's you're issue? Is it you're time of the month or something? 'cause I've got some Midol in my locker that could do wonders for cra-"

"Shut up, bitch! What are you doing here? I'm the caretaker for the werewolves, by order of the head of research. Now leave!" It was cute, how he was trying to take back what little dignity he had left. Behind him, the man she'd followed to the room was in silent hysterics at the fact that the mighty werewolf tamer himself had just gotten his ass handed to him by a girl. Keep laughing, sexist piglet, she inwardly seethed, and I'll show you just how good I really am. After all, nothing was more dangerous than an insulted woman's rights activist with a ten year background in Judo.

Giving him a tight-lipped smile, she cooed, "Really? How nice. You might want to go tell him that, because guess what?" baring her teeth in an threatening grin, Sarah hissed, "I'm their new nanny. Effective immediately, I am in charge of the puppies experimentation and care. I've been given instructions to begin testing tomorrow, and three times a week. Also effective immediately, you are banned from this room unless otherwise stated by Mr. Griffin, as you have already managed to damage one of our test subjects. Now, are you going to leave or am I going to have to call security?"

Spluttering angrily, Marcel took a threatening step towards her. Instinctively reacting, she smashed her palm against the side of his face, hooked his arm and tossed him to the floor. Pressing a knee into his spine, Sarah purred, "Think of how unhappy dear Mr. Griffin would be if you killed one of his precious new toys. We wouldn't want to see him angry, now, would we? So be a good boy and walk out that door before I really have a go at you." Watching sternly as he left, Sarah felt the adrenaline rush wear off.

Scared and mortified, she stumbled back to the emerald eyed baby's crib. Looking at the clipboard, Sarah whispered, "Derek, huh? Well Derek, one day nanna will get you out of here. I promise you, one day you'll see the sun."

That took a while to write, but it was worth it. The next couple of chapters will be time jumps, no big ones but enough that it might get confusing.