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It was raining Monday morning. I woke up to dim light coming through my blinds, and let out a sigh as I watched the grey clouds from my bed.

"Well, he said ten-thirty," I spoke out loud, to the empty room, eying the clock that said '8:58' on the wall.

Breakfast consisted of Honey-Nut Cheerios before I jumped in the shower. A small smile stayed with me throughout my routine at the thought of who I was supposed to meet that morning…for an actual date.

"A date," I repeated out load to no one in particular, smiling as I wiped the steam off the bathroom mirror.

By the time 10:15 came around I was leaving the apartment with a white umbrella in hand. Even though it was raining, I still thoroughly enjoyed my walk to Central Park. The city is somewhat less noisy when it rains, and everything has a subtle wet dullness to it. The spring weather was starting to come in but there was still a pleasant dry crispness in the air leftover from winter. Nevertheless, my heart was thumping increasingly faster as I got close to the park. 'A date' my mind still seemed to scream over and over.

Eventually I arrived at Central Park. I noticed that the place was considerably emptier because of the rain, and I walked on the path alone as I headed further into the park. When Bow Bridge came into view, I had to bite the inside of my cheek and look down at the ground in front of me to keep from smiling too hard. Blaine was waiting there, holding a bright red umbrella, and leaning against the railing, right in the middle of the bridge.

"You're early," he noticed, smiling at me as I stepped onto the bridge.

"You're earliest," I retorted. Blaine watched me as I made my way across the bridge, closer to where he was, and he took a few steps in my direction as well.

"Sorry about the rain," Blaine apologized, "I should have checked the weather or something."

"It's not your fault that it's raining," I amended while leaning against the stone railing. "Plus, I kind of like it. It's…peaceful."

Blaine put one hand in his coat pocket, and I took a moment to appreciate his outfit choice. The jacket was a brown leather one that I had bought for him on the way to Ohio, and he paired it nicely with a crimson polo and black denim jeans.

"Nice jacket," I complimented with a smirk.

"Why thank you," he replied with a knowing grin."So far it's rained for all of our dates."

I smirked, thinking back to when I took Blaine out to lunch back in Lima. "No, it didn't rain at Puck's lake house."

"That wasn't a date," Blaine declared with a smile. "That was more like a…gathering."

"Which you were my date for," I smiled, watching as he leaned against the railing beside me, looking out at the water.

"You have a point," he agreed.

I could feel his eyes on me while I continued to look at the view in front of me. After a few seconds I turned my head slightly in his direction, catching his eye right on mine.

"We should walk," I declared silently.

Blaine tilted his head forward, motioning for me to start walking, and I did. A second later he was by my side, and we were walking together off the bridge and onto one of the pathways.

"So on a scale of one to ten, how bad is it that I've gone the past four months without having a phone?" Blaine inquired.

"Twelve," I replied.

We walked together in Central Park for about a half-an-hour, my white umbrella above my head and Blaine's red umbrella above his. Soon enough, it began to heavily downpour, and we both decided that it was probably best for us to get inside somewhere. Blaine and I exited the park at the nearest entrance, and sure enough, there happened to be an AT&T store directly in front of us.

"We're getting you a phone," I insisted, grabbing his hand as I approached the store.

Blaine broke the grin on his face, opting for a baby pout instead. "But I've been doing so well without one for the past two years."

"Please Blaine," I argued, "talking face-to-face is so overrated."

"I prefer hand-written sentiments," Blaine affirmed.

I closed my umbrella once we reached the store, and held the door open for Blaine. "Texting is basically the same thing! They're hand-written and everything, just without all that pesky paper."

A half-an-hour later we were walking out of the store, and Blaine was the not-so-proud owner of an Apple iPhone. The rain still hadn't subsided by then. Blaine said he knew of a comfortable coffee spot a few blocks north from where we were, and I told him to lead the way. By the time we were a block away, I knew exactly where he was going. Blaine held the door open for me and familiarity filled my gut. Things had been completely and utterly different the last time we were both here at the same time.

"I'll go get in line," Blaine said, pointing this thumb towards the register. "Wanna find somewhere for us to sit?"

I nodded, murmuring out a sweet "Sure!" as I took his umbrella and then went to find a seat. There was an empty set of sofa chairs near the corner, next to the window. I took my jacket off, taking notice of the man modestly strumming a guitar onstage at the other side of the café. A couple of minutes later Blaine was walking towards me with two coffee mugs in his hands, and I pursed my lips.

"Non-fat mocha?" I asked, pointing idly towards the mug he set down in front of me.

Blaine smirked as he sat down across from me. "What else would it be?"

The corner of my mouth twisted into a grin as I reached for the mug, lifting it to my lips so I could breathe in the aroma.

"So what do you think of the venue?" Blaine asked, watching me take a sip from the hot drink.

I swallowed thickly, and set the mug back onto the table. "I've um…been here before, actually."

"Really?" Blaine's eyebrows rose. "That's…ironic. I've spent a lot of time here. In fact I—"

"—played here," I finished the sentence for him. "I know."

Blaine let out a confused laugh. "How…?"

"I…I was here…for that."

"You heard me play?" Blaine asked as the questioning smile on his face started to falter. I looked back down at my mug.

"The original song, yes…"

Blaine's eyes were full of sudden realization as he was trying to think back to the memory.

"I had to leave after that," I continued.

"You had to leave?" Blaine asked, his demeanor staying nonchalant but his eyes full of distress. He was taking it the wrong way.

"No—no no I was with someone and we had to go. I was getting coffee with my boss…"

"So you and your boss were…getting coffee." Blaine sat back in his chair, watching me carefully.

"Well, yeah," I confirmed, before realizing. "No! Not like…that. We were talking about the show, he said he wanted to talk about the show. We talked about me being in the show." I was tripping over my words. God, this was not the direction I thought this conversation would be going in. "I promise, it's not as weird as it sounds."

"You don't have to prove anything to me, Kurt." Blaine reached out to take a sip of his coffee. "I don't have any…entitlement to you. We're two separate people."

"Entitlement," I repeated, narrowing my eyes at his choice of vocabulary.

Blaine hummed in affirmation. "Entitlement."

"That sounds very…legal," I clarified, looking out the window for a moment. So he doesn't think that I'm his at all? Not even a tiny bit? After all this time of waiting, after the other night, after that kiss, after agreeing to take it slow, we're still not attached?

"So what did you think of the song?" Blaine inquired, pulling me from my thoughts.

A few seconds passed by in silence. I took another sip of my coffee, using it as an excuse to thing some more. Maybe if I ignore the question he'll forget that he asked.

"Well?" Blaine asked, the corner of mouth twisting into a smirk.

Damn it.

"I don't know how to answer that!" I sighed with a contemplative smile, leaning against the arm of the chair. "The song was…you. It was your emotions, your feelings about us, your angst…"

"So you admit that you know the song was about you," he said with a knowing smirk.

"Well yeah, context clues," I replied, having to bite the inside of my cheeks to keep from smiling too hard out of circumstance. God, that smirk was insanely attractive. I watched as Blaine lifted his mug to his lips again.

"There was a man from a record company there that day too," he revealed from behind his coffee.

"Oh my god, Blaine! Did he say anything about you?"

"He said something quick in passing, saying that he 'had his eye on me' and that he wanted to see how I did in a more professional setting. He gave me his card and told me to give him a call if I had an actual gig set up."

I beamed while listening, because I just knew that this had to be it. This had to be his break, he deserved it more than anyone I'd ever known before. "That's fantastic, ba—I mean Blaine."

He noticed the slip-up, so I continued the conversation before he could acknowledge it.

"So was he there? At the bar the other night? Did you call him?" I asked in a rush.

Blaine looked down at his mug. "I think so? I mean, I had called him the day before, so I—I hope so. I never really looked for him after the show. I was kind of…distracted."

"By what?" I asked, naively.

"You," he replied simply, wearing the same charming smile from a minute ago. I bowed my head, feeling a heavy blush stain my cheeks as an embarrassed laugh escaped my lips.

"Of course," I said, my airy voice betraying my false confidence. "How could I forget?"

When I looked back up at Blaine, I saw the same adoring smile he had been giving me on the night of New Year's Eve. My stomach twisted and my cheeks moved on their own accord, fashioning themselves into a shy smile.

"I've never seen your place, you know," I teased as I walked with Blaine down the sidewalk, about a half a block from my apartment building.

Blaine tilted his head slightly sideways, looking back at me from the corner of his eye.

"Someday," he replied.

"Not today?"

"No," he shook his head. "The place is a sty."

I laughed. "Blaine, you're forgetting that I met you when you still smelled like rotten cheese."

"But you didn't like me when I smelled like rotten cheese," he clarified.

"Well I had to get to know you better, of course."

"No," Blaine answered plainly with a small laugh. "You liking me and you getting to know me happened at two completely different times."

"Oh really?" I asked with fake inquisitiveness. "Do tell."

"As soon as I shaved and showered your eyes were all over me, and you were a lot nicer, if I do say so myself."

"I thought you were a thirty-year-old man, it was like you had aged backwards. Of course I was curious about what you looked like," I defended.

"Sure, Kurt," Blaine laughed. "You were smitten by the second day and you know it."

"You're such an ass," I breathed, hitting him in the chest with the folded up umbrella in my hand. "I wasn't smitten. I was just…fascinated."

"Fascinated with my ass."

"Says the man who openly ogled me as soon as we arrived in Ohio," I argued back.

Blaine didn't have an argument, so he laughed, his eyes squinting in a way that forces me to smile with him. "We've arrived," he noted, pointing idly behind me, towards the door to my building. I looked over my shoulder quickly, and then looked back towards him, waiting for something to happen.

"This was fun," I commented as we both continued to smirk at one another.

"It was," he agreed. "We should um…do things again sometime…together."

"Things," I repeated daringly, giving him a certain look. Blaine's eyebrows twitched up in surprise, before smiling more widely.

"Slow things," he clarified, even though I could tell he knew that I was joking around. I nodded, and there was a beat before Blaine stepped closer to me, using the hand that wasn't holding anything to rest on my hip.

The sun gleamed from behind his head, somewhere along the skyline that the nearby buildings had created. It gleamed through his hair, sending shades of bright gold and light brown through his otherwise chocolate hair. His face became inches away from mine, and his eyes continued to stare, asking silent permission to continue. I decided to lean forward myself, kissing him gently. Blaine softly moved his lips against mine, and my hand lifted itself up and placed itself near his neck, feeling the curly locks bathed in sunlight.

There was no question about it. It felt right. This was something that was meant to be.

The kiss ended, but Blaine kept himself close to me. His hand stayed on my hip, and my fingers were still playing lightly with his hair.

"Will you go out with me?" I asked, and then took a breath. What is this, high school? "For drinks? Thursday night maybe?"

Blaine leaned his forehead against mine. "It's a date," he said, before leaning back in and kissing me softly. I thought about the word 'date', smiled against his lips, and then slowly began to giggle.

"What?" Blaine asked, smiling at me, confused as to why I was laughing.

"Nothing," I told him before leaning back in once more.

"Question," Jackie said while we were getting monkey makeup applied before the Wednesday matinee show.


"Are you dealing drugs to Blaine?"

"Am I what?" I sputtered, turning to look at Jackie, who didn't look the least bit fazed.

"Are you Blaine's dealer?"

"You're really bad at starting conversations," I said, furrowing my brow at her before looking back into my mirror. "Why the hell would you think something like that?"

"He's been really happy lately," Jackie explained. "Like, suspiciously happy. So tell me, how much ecstasy have you been slipping into his coffee?"

I looked at her through the mirror. "Why would you even entertain the thought tha—"

"He gave me a hug the other day, Kurt. A hug."

"Oh my god, alert the local authorities."

"I don't need your sarcasm!" Jackie adjusted one of the spikes in the mask on her head. "I have known this man for about a month now and suddenly your presence manages to turn him into some kind of cat-loving, ask-me-about-my-day, freak."

"Oh yeah," I chuckled. "Must be drugs."

"Okay fine, I was kidding about that part but still," Jackie said as she helped me with my mask. "You being around has managed to turn him into a big blob of optimism, and I thought you would like to know."

I smiled at the information. "Well thank you for telling me that he's happy. Next time, don't accuse me of slipping him illegal narcotics."

Thursday, 2:04 PM

From: Kurt
Are you still up for drinks tonight?

From: Blaine
Well it sure is nice to hear from you during the middle of my shift. How are you doing, Kurt? Yes, I am completely up for drinks tonight. Why, is there a change of plans?

From: Kurt
Nope, I was just making sure. You seem very excited, which is good. I'm glad that you're excited. If you're excited then I'm excited. I'm rambling. I am doing well, Blaine. How are you?

From: Blaine
I was okay ten minutes ago but now that I'm talking to you I am positively fantastic.

From: Kurt
Shucks, Blaine. I'm blushing. You're at work?

From: Blaine
Yes, indeed I am. But my break is going to end in a few minutes. What time should I pick you up tonight?

From: Kurt
You're picking me up?

From: Blaine
Of course.

From: Kurt
Um…okay then. Sure. How about 9:30?

From: Blaine
Sounds great! I'll see you then!

"You're taking me here?" I said skeptically, looking at the bright lights that said 'THE AURA'.

"I like to stick to my roots," Blaine replied, smiling at me while he walked backwards towards the club.

"How 'bout we go back to Ohio then," I mumbled, obediently following Blaine towards the entrance. The two of us waited in line for about 5 minutes, ultimately having no trouble getting in. The venue was bright and loud. Music thrummed in my ears as Blaine and I made our way across the dance floor and towards the bar.

"I've never actually been in here," Blaine yelled over the music. "It's nice."

Yeah, that's one way to put it. The dance floor was crowded with people, groups and couples, all dancing to the beat of the heavy bass vibrating through everyone's skin. I had to be careful not to lose Blaine in the sea of bodies as I followed him through the crowd.

"What's your poison?" Blaine asked once we reached the bar.

"A mojito," I answered automatically, before realizing that was the drink that I had started this whole thing. "Actually, no, um…gimme a Paloma," I amended before Blaine could order. I glanced around the room for a moment. "I'm gonna see if I can snag us a table," I yelled, pointing vaguely in the other direction before walking away from the bar.

There was an empty mall, circular tall table near the VIP section of the club, and I walked up to it quickly before it was snagged by anyone else. Leaning against the table, I idly took out my phone, lazily checking to see if I had any new messages.

"Sexting Stephen Schwartz again?" an annoyingly familiar voice said from behind me. I rolled my eyes and turn my head, looking at Sebastian in the eye.

"No, but I'm sure someone else would love to hear about your delusional fantasy." I looked back at my phone, deciding to be as unwelcoming as possible.

"Now now, no need to be coy. I'm sure you jerk off thinking about his wrinkly skin all over you every night."

"Shouldn't you be making cones at Dairy Queen?" I spat back, "or did you finally just give in completely and decide to live off of prostitution money?"

"Well that was a bit of a stretch," Sebastian replied thoughtfully, leaning against the other side of the table. "I don't recall ever having sex for money…well, on multiple occasions."

My face twisted in disgust. "And I don't recall ever jerking off to images of Stephen Schwartz. Now will you please go harass someone else?"

Sebastian stepped closer to me around the table. "I don't think you want me to leave."

"I think you're really bad at drawing conclusions."

"No, I'm good at reading between the lines," Sebastian replied with a stupid, thoughtful smirk.

"No, you're good at being a complete asshole."

"Play nice," he chuckled before taking a sip of the beer in his hands. "Why are you here alone?" He took another half step closer to me so that he didn't have to talk as loud over the music.

"Why the hell do you care?" I questioned. "And for your information, I'm not here alone, thank you very much."

"So where's Stephen?" Sebastian asked, looking around.

I lifted my hand to my forehead, rubbing harshly over my eyebrows.

"Is this him?" Sebastian's voice rang from next to me. I looked up, seeing Blaine had arrived at the table with my drink in one hand and a beer in the other.


Blaine handed me my drink and I immediately took a big gulp, hoping to dull the situation.

"Blaine? Oh my god, wow, I didn't even realize it was you." Sebastian moved even closer to me, lightly wrapping an arm around my waist from behind. I stood still, confused and still annoyed. "I was just going to ask Kurt to dance with me."

"Excuse me?" I sputtered.

"You know Kurt?" Blaine asked, setting his beer down on the table.

I took another gulp, doing my best to empty the small glass.

"Yes, I do know Kurt! He's an old friend of mine." Old friend my ass. "You know Kurt too, huh? Small world."

"Dancing?" I asked him disbelievingly.

"Dancing, that thing people do with their feet sometimes. Come." Sebastian demanded. The next thing I knew there was a firm pressure on my back, guiding me around the table and towards the crowded dance floor.

"I—" I turned my head around to give Blaine a bewilderedly apologetic look as Sebastian continued to insist that I go with him.

"Go," Blaine suggested with a small smirk. "I'll wait my turn." He took over my former spot at the table, taking a sip from his beer as he watched us walk away.

"Can you please," I shouted over the music as Sebastian pulled me into the crowd on the dance floor, "give me one reason why you're doing this."

The dance floor really was filled to the brim with people, forcing Sebastian and I very close together, our chests inches apart.

"I wanted to catch up," Sebastian declared with an idiotic smile.

I looked at him questionably as we both began to move with the beat. "You're drunk aren't you?"

"I'm slightly intoxicated…maybe," he confessed before laughing to himself. "But that makes things more fun."

"Yeah, for you maybe."

I began to feel the slight effects of my drink sink in, making me more comfortable with the situation. There was a man behind me, someone who I didn't know. He was dancing with a few other people, but seemed to press against me every so often with the music. The contact didn't seem to bother him, and he was attractive enough that it didn't happen to bother me either. I stayed trapped between the stranger and Sebastian as a bass-filled song blared through the air.

"So let me get this straight," I yelled somewhere near Sebastian's neck. "You're at a club, alone, drunk."

"I'll have you know that I did not come alone. I came with someone…someone who left."

"I can sympathize with that person," I laughed. My gaze drifted around, over the sea of people, and finally landing on where Blaine was still by a table. He was staring intently in my direction, drinking the last of his bottle of beer. I watched as Blaine set the bottle down firmly on the table, and got up, moving towards the crowd.

"Looks like I've upset someone," Sebastian commented with a rude amount of enjoyment behind his voice.

"Mind if I cut in?" Blaine asked, (but not really asked) as he slid between Sebastian and I. Sebastian laughed bitterly.

"Have fun humping each other," he said before turning around to dance with someone else.

I furrowed my brow in slight confusion before shrugging it off and looking at Blaine. He placed his hands on my hips, encouraging me to keep dancing.

"How do you know Sebastian?" Blaine yelled over the music.

"He goes to my school."

There was a beat.

"He's an ass," we both said at the same time. I laughed, letting my head fall forward and rest against Blaine's collarbone for a second.

"How do you know him?"

"Sebastian and I went to high school together," he revealed. "We even dated a bit."

I gave Blaine a very unbelieving look.

"Okay, I don't think you can call it dating as much as drunk hookups at Warbler parties," he admitted.

"Well I mean, he is slightly attractive," I admitted.

It was Blaine's turn to give me an unbelieving look. Someplace in the back of my mind it made me smile.

"You like the guy?"

"He's a dick. I kind of despise him."

Blaine smiled and let his arms wrap tighter around my hips, making us closer.

"Good," he spoke into my ear.

I furrowed my brow a little bit and my lips tilted into a smile. "Were you jealous?"

His hands wandered around my back.

"Just dance with me, Kurt."

I smiled brighter, but still obliged his request, shutting up and forgetting about Sebastian. The crowd around us seemed to press in even further. Blaine noticed how the stranger behind me was pressing against my back, so he decided to pull me closer to his body, so that we were practically flushed together. The air was thick, the music was still loud, and I could see sweat starting to form on Blaine's forehead. Everything seemed to be heated. Blaine's cheek would brush against mine every so often, and I lifted an arm to hang around his shoulders while I moved my body. It was like time went by fast, and slowly at the same time. My senses filled with music and sweat, the crowd, and Blaine.

A few songs passed by, but I didn't notice. They all seemed to blend together. Good job, DJ.

"Do you want another drink?" I asked him, surprised at how deep my voice sounded through the music.

"Yeah," he answered after a moment. "Yeah, I do."

The night passed by in a pattern of dance, drink, and dance again, for me and Blaine. We'd dance until everything became fuzzy, and self-set lines became blurred, and until there was too much to touch, and until everything got too hot. That's when one of us would decide that we should maybe get another drink, find a table and talk somewhere. After we had swallowed down our alcohol we would realize that the music was too loud for conversation, and really, why weren't we dancing, and so on.

And that's how the two of us became drunk.

Sometime around midnight, Blaine and I stumbled out of The Aura.

"You're coming with me," Blaine said mischievously, grabbing my hand, even though his arm was already around my waist.

"I hope," I sloppily replied, leaning into him as we walked down the sidewalk. "Hey," I said, a few minutes later, "my building's that-a-way." I pointed behind us.

"We're going to my house." Blaine explained, and then screamed 'taxi!' at the street, which was void of traffic for the moment.

"You said—"

"You want to see my house." Blaine looked at me like it was obvious. "Apartment…I want you to see my house apartment."

I didn't argue, instead I simply held on to Blaine's shoulders as he screamed 'taxi!' at the road again. Five minutes later he was actually successful in catching one, and we got in. Blaine recited some street names which I was too drunk to process. I sat back in the seat, watching the red numbers start to go up as the cab driver pulled away from the curb.

"You're so stunning," Blaine whispered from his spot next to me. I stopped looking at the meter, turned my head and caught my eyes right on his. "Have I said that a lot before? Because I feel like I should have."

"Not recently," I breathed.

"I just." Blaine moved closer to me on the seat, and leaned in close, breathing me in. "I want to touch you."


"Because you're stunning." Blaine moved his head forward, letting his lips graze lightly over my neck. "Can I touch you?" he whispered.

My eyes drifted closed as I felt Blaine's breath puff against my neck. I wanted to touch him too.


"Were you jealous?" I asked suddenly, with my eyes still closed.

"Yes," Blaine replied automatically, while placing very short, barely there kisses on my neck. "Very jealous."


"Because you're stunning."

That seemed to be the only word in Blaine's vocabulary when he was drunk.

"You're stunning too, you know."

I turned my head slightly to look at Blaine, our faces were inches apart. I could feel his breath ghosting over my cheek and my lips. The cab slowed down, and pulled over to the side, stealing Blaine's attention from me. Apparently we had arrived at Blaine's building.

He paid the taxi driver as I got out of the vehicle, and stared up at the building in front of me. It was a pretty normal looking apartment building, but for some reason I seemed to be transfixed with the way the light from the street cascaded onto the structure, and then disappeared into the starless sky.

"Are you coming?"

I hadn't even noticed that Blaine was halfway in the door, and the cab was nowhere to be seen.

"I miss stars," I mumbled as I walked towards him. He laced my fingers with his as we made our way through the lobby and towards the elevator. I stared at our hands.

Blaine started to stare at me again once we were alone in the elevator. His face looked so serious, like he was concentrating on my features. I began to smirk, and then to giggle.


"Nothing," I replied, although another chuckle escaped my lips while doing so.

"What is it?" Blaine smiled himself.

"It's you." I moved closer to nudge him with my hip, and ended up just standing close to him because I could. "You're funny."

"I didn't make a joke," he interjected, his smile fading and then his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. For some reason in my drunken haze I felt a little pang of guilt swell up from my stomach, and I avoided his eyes.

"You never pressed the button," I said, and another giggle forced its way up my throat. I moved forward, towards the rows of unlit buttons and turned my head towards Blaine. "You're supposed to press a button."


"What floor?"

"Fifteen," Blaine murmured.

I pressed the number softly, watching as it lit up and looking back to Blaine as the elevator began to move. He pushed himself off the wall he was leaning against, and moved right in front of me, placing his hands at my sides. Blaine's forehead leaned against mine, and I pushed my head forward slightly, so that my bottom lip grazed his. He pulled back for a moment, and looked deeply into my eyes. It might have been a hallucination, but I swear I could see the darkness of his pupils spill into his gorgeous irises, dilating his eyes and making him look purely famished.

I don't think I knew what was happening until I heard the first sounds of his mouth moving against mine. Blaine was absolutely attacking my lips with his, constantly moving and changing and just trying to be closer, better, closer. It took me another moment to realize that I had been kissing back just as aggressively as he was, sucking on his bottom lip and letting my mind move way faster than my mouth ever could.

Blaine began to push me back and I let out a small whimper into his mouth because oh, the elevator doors are open. Somehow we made our way down the hall, and I was eventually pushed up against a door that I assumed to be his.

I began to mouth at his jaw while he tried to unlock his door. By the time he finally the got door open, there was a decent sized bruise planted on his neck. We turned around in the doorway, and he pulled me through the apartment, never letting his mouth leave mine. Once we arrived at his bedroom, I cradled Blaine's face in my hands and Blaine grabbed my ass, shoving me against the door. He moved his lips down towards my neck, mouthing at the crook there.

I stared at the ceiling, breathing incredibly heavily as I felt his mouth move against my skin. Somehow, one sober thought was able to compel itself through my drunken lust, and seep into my consciousness.

"Slow," I whispered through my panting. "I—we…slow…"

Blaine stopped biting at my neck, and took a small step back from me, straightening himself and looking me in the eye.

"Slow?" I repeated.

Blaine moved forward unhurriedly, and captured my lips in his so sweetly, and so leisurely, it was like time stood still. His hands wound around my back, and pulled me lightly off the door, into the room. My breathing began to slow, and I could feel my adrenaline dissolve into his lips.

Our lips broke away when we reached the bed. Blaine grabbed my hand, and led me on top of the bed with him. He kissed me again, even sweeter, and more deliberate than before. We hugged each other as we laid there, calming ourselves and each other down.

"Slow," Blaine confirmed, before placing one last peck on my lips. Our heads were on the same pillow, and he smiled at me, lifting his hand to entwine with mine.


We fell asleep to the sound of our slowing heartbeats.

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