Since the day I was born my mother had always told me that I was going to be something special. She'd always said I was going to achieve things beyond my wildest dreams. Well I guess she didn't actually say those things, her tarot cards did. She'd always been into that kind of stuff, palm reading, tarot cards, tea leaves you name it. She actually ran a fortune telling business from our home. To most of the town she was known as Madame Clarissa; but to me she was known as Mom.

Most people thought of my mother's business as a joke, but I knew it was real. One time she predicted that a local woman would die, and then the next day, she was dead. Never doubted her again after that.

"Brook! Darling time to get up!" I heard my mother yell from the bottom of the stairs. Every single day she woke me up at six o' clock sharp; and she always had me go to bed at ten. Needless to say I didn't go to many parties on the weekends. The one time I snuck out to go to one, she caught me and I was put on restriction for two months.

My mother was very protective of my talent. All my life I have had very flexible body, I could do things with my body that most people couldn't even think of in their wildest dreams. Mother always told me if I showed off my talent some circus or freak show would take me away. But honesty I was tired of lying to me friends, tired of the same damn schedule my mom kept me on to protect me.

I sighed and pulled the blankets off my body, an instant wave of cold air hit my body and I felt goose bumps on my arms and legs. I got out of bed and mindlessly walked over to my closet. I picked out a pair of black shorts and a bright blue top for the day. Spring had just arrived and I loved it, I wasn't always having to bundle up in my jacket and try not to get hypothermia.

I walked into to my bathroom and turned on the shower. I stripped of my pajamas and stepped into the shower. The hot water felt very relaxing as it traveled down my sleepy body. I stayed in the shower until the hot water ran out and I had to get out. I quickly got dresses, and put my make-up on. I was lucky enough that my hair was naturally straight so I didn't have to run an iron through it.

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought about how plain I looked, I stood at about five foot four and was pretty slim. I have brown hair and green eyes. Nothing about me stood out, that was one of many reasons I would like to show my friends what I could do. I wouldn't just be the average Jane. I'd have an abnormal thing about me; people would know me for what I could do instead of what I cannot do.

I sighed and walked out of the bathroom and grabbed my bag from the end of my bed. I ran downstairs and saw my mom sitting on our couch drinking a cup of steaming tea. She wore a long orange dress, and her brown hair was up in a tight pony tail.

"Mom I'm off to school, and I'm going to study at Melody's house today." I reported grabbing an apple from the basket on the kitchen counter.

"Just be….." I cut my mother off midsentence.

"Just be home by ten…I know." I grumbled and left the house.

I lived about a half mile from my school and I always walked there with Melody. She was my best friend since the first grade and now we were in eleventh. She was pretty tall, about five- foot- eight, had an athletic build, she also had black curly hair and blue eyes. She had always been involved in sports, every year she tried to get me to join softball but mom refused to sign any papers about any sport.

I saw Melody leaving her house, "Hey Mel," I smiled.

"Hey Brook, how was your weekend?" She asked walking up beside me.

"Same thing as usual, Mom doesn't want to leave the house, so I was stuck with her all weekend." I mumbled.

"Good thing I have something planned tonight." Melody winked at me, I furrowed my brow.

"You said we were studying." I stated.

"Well I figured your mom was being a stick in the mud, as usual, over the weekend and I thought of something fun to do tonight." Melody beamed at me.

"But I have to…."

"Be home at ten…I know. Don't worry…we're going to have a blast." Melody giggled.

"Are you going to at least tell me where we're going?" I asked I had to admit I was happy that Melody was taking me somewhere; it felt like it had been ages since I had been to town.

"You know the freak show downtown?" Melody asked excitement leaking from every pore in her body.

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Well that where we're going. I've heard it's really cool…..and you can't say no because I brought the tickets last night." Melody grinned.

Oh shit. If my mother ever found out I went to a freak show she'd never let me go out of the house again. But of course I wanted to go, and that fact that my mom would be furious if she found out only encouraged me to go more.

"Can't wait," I smiled.

Of course then I didn't know once I stepped foot into that show my life would never be the same. That I would never again see my old friends, my old home. Everything would change. For better or worse? Well I guess that's up for to deicde.