Chapter 25

I had no idea where we were going; I didn't think Mikey even knew that. I could feel Mikey shaking, he was scared, and hell I was too. We were on the run; we couldn't stay in one place for too long that I knew. Gerard was smart and practical, he would wait and then when the time was right he would strike.

Isn't it funny how in one moment you're life is perfect, it's everything you wanted it to be and then the next moment it's spiraling down, and there's no way to catch yourself.

We continued to ride on; we passed a sign saying we had just crossed into New York state lines. My hands started to go cold, the icy night air cut through my body, I started to shiver. Mikey must've noticed because he got off the freeway and stopped at a small motel.

The neon red sign flickered and the parking lot had only two cars inside of it. One of them most likely belonging to the owner. Mikey stopped the bike's engine and I got off. I took off my helmet and the crisp smell of rain filled the air. Mikey pulled of his helmet and unhitched his bag; we then walked into the small office.

A small, pudgy man with a receding hair line sat behind the desk. His head rested on his hand and it looked as if he were asleep. Mikey gave me a small smile before going up to the desk and muttering, "Excuse me sir," But the man made no movement or acknowledgment that he heard him.

"Sir, we'd like to get a room," Mikey said a little louder, once again no movement.

I rolled my eyes and stepped forward, "Excuse me; we'd like to get a fucking room." I yelled, the man's eyes snapped open and he looked startled. Mikey looked at me with wide eyes, but then shook his head and returned his glance to the manager.

"Would you two like a room?" The manager asked, still a bit shaken.

"That'd be great," Mikey grinned sarcastically.

"Is one queen bed okay?" He asked looking at his ancient computer screen.

Mikey looked at me and I nodded, "Yeah that's fine." Mikey stated.

"Alright that will be thirty-four dollar and fifty cents." The manager said, Mikey pulled out his wallet and gave the manager the owed amount. "You two will be in room 208."

"Thanks," Mikey mumbled, we quickly left the office and headed into the direction of our room.

Once inside Mikey closed the door and locked it, then he closed the drapes. The room smelt of cigarettes and wet dog. I went into the bathroom and saw a rusty red color leaking from the shower head.

I bit my lip and went back into the main room. I sat down on the lumpy bed and let out a deep sigh.

"Do you think he's going to find us?" I muttered.

Mikey looked at me and sat down, "I don't know Brook, but if he does I am not letting him hurt you…..I promise." Mikey wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a tight hug.

We soon changed into more comfortable clothes and got into bed. Sleep quickly came over me and pulled me into a dream.

The rain came down heavily as I rushed into the small home. The door was open, but only a little. My heart started to beat faster, my stomach in knots. For I knew what was waiting for me inside. My mind told me to leave but my heart needed to see. So I pressed on, I quietly opened the door.

This is all your fault was written in blood above the fireplace.

"Mikey," I called out, but no one answered. "Mikey are you here?" My lips started to quiver when only silence answered me. I went into the kitchen and saw him.

Mikey lay in the middle of the small room, a pool of dark crimson blood around him. His eyes stared at the ceiling lifelessly, his skin as white as snow. A deep gash across his neck was the source of all the blood. I kneeled down next to him, I wrapped my hands around his, they were ice cold, no life was left in him.

I let out a sob, everything was gone. He took it away from me; there was nothing else to live for. I heard footsteps behind me, I didn't even turn around, and I knew who it was. He had found us, we had lost.

"You know this was all your fault. He died because of you." Gerard stated menacingly.

"N-no….you killed him." I cried.

"True, but I wouldn't have had if you just stayed with me." Gerard growled.

"But you still would've killed him." I stated shakily.

"Now why would I kill someone if I had no reason to do so? He had to die because he took you away. He ruined my plans. He died because of you." Gerard snapped.

"…" I shook my head and looked into Mikey's clouded eyes. The truth was there, he was gone because of me.

"Brook wake up!" I heard Mikey yell. Suddenly I opened my eyes and sat upright. My breathing was labored and my whole body shook. I looked to Mikey, a look of fear and worry spread arcoss his face.

"Y-you're okay?" I questioned.

"Of course I am you were just having a nightmare." Mikey stated soothingly.

"He killed you. Mikey he found us." I whimpered.

Mikey pulled me close to him; I wrapped my arms around him, I felt tears escape my eyes.

"He's not going to hurt me and he's not going to hurt you. We'll make it, we're going to make it." Mikey ran his hand through my hair. I wanted to believe him, but I just couldn't.