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"Ah," Stella sighed "I'm so glad today is finally over!"

"Can't handle a bit of action ay, Stel?" Josh said with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Ha ha, Josh. How about you chase after an armed guy who probably ran marathons, for like over thirty minutes? Then see how you feel!" Stella joked back.

Josh had a laugh then walked out the locker room saying "catcha ya mole!" to Stella and "cya Muppet" to Michael. Once Josh left, it left Stella and Michael in the locker room; Michael sitting on the bench watching Stella admiringly and Stella finishing getting dressed.

"Hey, ah... Do you wanna go grab a drink at the pub?" Michael asked.

"Sorry, Michael. I'm gonna have to say no; I'm exhausted!" Stella said sympathetically, "but another time, yeah?"

"Sure." Michael replied.

Stella grabbed her bag from her locker and said goodbye to Michael, then made her way to her car. Her shift finished two hours late, so it was getting dark outside.

Just before she reached her car she pulled the car keys out of her pocket and clicked the button to unlock the car.

"Stella!" Leon called from behind her. Stella turned around to see Leon jogging over to her.

"What, Leon? Can it wait?"

"Nah, Stel. Come on," Leon grabbed Stella's arm and dragged her back inside.

Just as they pasted the locker room Stella stopped. "Just a sec, forgot to lock my car," she turned around and went back to her car. She still had her bag with her, so she thought that since she was there, she may as well put it in the car.

She opened up the driver's side door and knelt on the seat, reaching over to put her bag on the passenger seat, and then got back out, locking the car. She heard footsteps behind her and turned around to see a tall man with black jeans and a black hoodie on, walking right towards her.

"Can I help you?" Stella asked once the man was a couple of metres away.

"Get in the car," he said, motioning with his head to Stella's car. Stella took a few steps back, letting him know she wasn't going to get in the car.

"Why? Who are you?" she asked. Before she knew it, he had pushed her against the wall behind them, pinning her arms above her head.

"I said, get in the car. No questions," he said quietly, loosening his hold on her a bit.

Since she was still at the station and figured it would be the best way to deal with him, she used her cop attitude, "Sir, you need to calm down. I'm not getting in the car until you tell me why you are doing this."

"Don't make this hard, girly,"

Stella wasn't about to give up, and she didn't want to get in the car, especially not with him.

"Look, my friend's expecting me inside; he'll be out here looking for me any second now,"

The man wasn't ready for what Stella was about to do, she lifted her knee and thrust it upward into his groin. As she expected, he let go and fell to the ground. She was just starting to make a run for it when she felt a tight grip around her leg, making her fall face first to the ground. She tried to scramble away, but he still had a hold on her leg. She tried screaming out for help, hoping someone would hear her, only to find that was a bad idea. The man dragged her closer and moved closer himself and punched Stella on her left cheek bone, momentarily stunning her. He stood up and grabbed a gun that was tucked into the back of his pants, pointing it at Stella.

"Get up. Now." Stella put her hands up in a defensive manner. After a few seconds she got up slowly, hands still up.

"Turn around," After what just happened she wasn't going to make any sudden movements. Besides, Leon will be here any second, Stella thought. She turned around; now facing the wall. Before she had the chance to negotiate anything, she felt the gun the man was holding collide with her head, making her fall to the ground. Just before drifting into the darkness she thought she heard someone call out her name; but everything happened so quickly and she found it hard to stay awake.


*2 minutes earlier*

Leon was sitting at his desk, typing rapidly away on the keyboard. He stopped to look at his watch. 9:28pm. Where's Stella? He thought to himself, it doesn't take that long to lock a car.

"Leon!" Leon turned around in his chair to see Kerry walking towards him with a cup of coffee.

"Yes, Kerry?" Leon said, hinting a goofy smile.

"What are you still doing here? Weren't you meant to finish an hour ago?" she asked, leaning against the table.

"Yeah. But I was just doing a bit of research; it turns out the guy Stella chased today has a grudge against the cops because his brother was shot by a one," Leon looked intently into Kerry's eyes, "it was Frank Dagostino; Stella's brother. He took it to some lawyers, but it never made it to trial – deemed an accident." Leon looked back to one of the computer screens.

"Ah," Kerry huffed, "how long ago was this?"

"Seven months ago today," Leon looked up to Kerry, "hey you didn't happen to see Stella when you came in, did you?"

"Nah, I thought she'd left by now. Why?"

"Ah," Leon huffed, looking back down to his keyboard, "well she went to go lock her car like five minutes ago and she hasn't come back yet," Kerry stood up from her half sitting position on Leon's desk.

"Want me to go see if her car's still here?" she asked, "and you keep doing... whatever it is you're doing," Kerry said, pointing towards the several computer screens.

"Sure," Leon said, turning back around and starting to type.

Kerry walked out of the room and down the hallway, coffee still in hand. As she reached the car park, she walked around to the side of the building where she saw Stella park this morning. When she made her way a few cars down, she saw a tall figure standing next to another figure lying on the ground motionless. She couldn't make out who they were since there were only a few dim street lights flickering. But as she got closer she realised the figure on the ground looked very much like Stella.

"Stella? Stella is that you?" she called out, ignoring the figure shadowing over Stella. Before she knew it, the figure had picked up the still motionless Stella and put her on the backseat of her own car. Kerry dropped the coffee mug – the remainder of the coffee spilling everywhere and the mug smashing into a few pieces – and switched up her pace from walking to running, trying to get to the car before the person drove off. But it was too late; she was only a couple of car lengths away when Stella's car skidded off.

Kerry turned around and ran back inside.

"LEON!" she yelled as she burst through the door, causing Leon to jump slightly, "Leon, Stella, she was kidnapped. I need you to get the street cams up and find her car. I'll call Lawson; get everyone out there looking." She said, moving towards her desk. Kerry dialled Lawson's number as soon as she was close enough to the phone. After 3 rings, he picked up.


"Lawson, Kerry. I need you to call everyone in – Stella's been kidnapped."