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Michael had sat down on someone's low brick fence, watching everything happen before him.

Matt had been put in the back of a police car after being briefly looked at by the paramedics.

Josh got a call from a very angry Kerry after she overheard he beat up Matt. She harassed him about how that's not acceptable and he was on his last warning. She also told him that he had to do a month of paperwork and cleaning the TR base for punishment, and that he also wasn't allowed out with TR on the streets.

Shannon had seen the paramedics, who said her nose wasn't broken; just bruised.

Michael left after the police took Matt away, and went back to Stella's apartment.

He opened the door and walked in. Tash was sitting down on the couch watching TV. When she heard Michael come in, she turned it off and stood up to face him.

"Hey," Michael greeted.


"Where's Josh and Shannon?" Tash asked, realising they weren't behind him.

"They'll be here in like 10 minutes; they're still answering questions."

Tash nodded. "Oh, okay."

"Is Stella still asleep?" Michael asked.

Tash nodded. "Yeah. You can go see her if you want."

Michael smiled and walked towards Stella's bedroom.

He opened the door quietly and peered in. Although the curtains were closed, it wasn't that dark.

He walked in and knelt beside the bed. Stella was lying on her back with her head slightly tilted in the opposite direction of Michael, with the doona pulled right up.

Michael fiddled with Stella's fringe, brushing it to one side out of her eyes.

Stella stirred under him and then jumped slightly, waking up. She briefly looked around before relaxing and laying her gaze on Michael.

"It's okay! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to wake you." Michael said quietly.

"Nah, it's fine." she replied.

"Sorry I was longer than I expected,"

"That's okay. Did you find him?"

Michael smiled. "Yes! He's been arrested. He won't be bothering you again."

Stella returned the smile. She was so happy and relieved, and all her constant worry seemed to lower to almost nothing instantaneously.

"Did you see Josh?" She asked after a few moments.

"He was the one who found Matt. Well Shannon actually, but Josh got him. He beat him up a little first, of course; you know Josh,"

Stella slightly giggled and nodded.

There was a comfortable silence, Michael resuming playing with Stella's hair, while Stella lay there enjoying the moment.

"I love you," Stella smiled.

"I love you, too."

Michael got off his knees and walked around to the other side of the bed, sitting down and kicking off his shoes. He laid back and scooched over towards Stella. Stella rolled over a little to face him more - not being in as much pain from the drugs Tash had given her - and cuddled up next to him.

Michael leant forward and kissed her, and then gently took her hand in his.

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