To Glide in the Clouds

I still see him. Even when I have closed my eyes and my body has rested. When night has fallen and only the stars and crickets are awake. He appears. Sometimes it's even in the daylight. Sometimes it's not. It frightens me but I cannot stop the thrill that blows through my being. I think that is what hurts me the most. That ground swaying happiness that I get to see him again. It's like gliding across the clouds only to have the them disappear from under me and I crash. I crash so hard it leaves me aching for months. At least until I see him again.

His dark face. The muscular tone of his arms. His lips. The set of his jaw when he was stubborn on something.

I miss his eyes the most.

I miss the way they looked at me, the way they held so many secret. So much love for me. For us. I wish I had told him sooner about my love.

Sometimes I wish he wasn't such a man. Such a hero. Sometimes but only sometimes because even then I cannot hate him for it. As much as I try to. I think that would have hurt him more. No, it would have killed him ten times over had he not done what he had and I can't stand to see me love hurt. Even if it killed me.

My love

My love

My love

My love…


I hope you come today. I need to see your eyes.

A/N: Just finished Eona today. Book is freaking awesome! If you haven't read it I suggest you do so. Immediately. Like now. Best book I've read in ages! Anyway this idea was stuck in my head all day.I was so saddened when Ryko died (heroically btw) and Dela's cries. I was in public so I couldn't shed a tear without looking like a psycho but man I felt so bad for Dela.I was silently hoping throughout the book they would have a happy ending…Sigh. Alas tis not. So I wrote this describing Dela's grieving process.