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Note: This is Post DH 2.0 movie, and is after the Malfoy's collectively run away from the Final Battle.

Chapter One:

Lucius Abraxas Malfoy was used to being stunned, being in the Dark Lord's service made one used to such things, that being said he hated the experience. Instead of coming to in a bed or on the cold flagstones in Hogsmeade or, gods forbid, a cell in Azkaban, he found himself in a curious position. On his back, in what appeared to be in the backyard of a muggle, and, now that he had checked, without a wand. Cursing Narcissa quietly he took in his surroundings. The yard he was in was fenced, which meant exiting via the house or a gate or climbing over fence. Lucius moved his left arm and swore viciously. The wound he had sustained during one of Dolohov's "chats" was making itself known, and effectively knocked the last option of escape off his short list. If he didn't want piercing agony, which most likely would make him slower and thus more likely to be seen by a muggle, he would have to hope that he could quickly get out of this quickly. The faster he got back on his feet, both literally and figuratively, meant the faster he could track Narcissa and Draco's trail.

Lucius rolled over, releasing an unending stream of obscenities, and pushed himself up slightly with his right arm. He slowly got his feet under him and moved to stand slowly, it wouldn't do to injure himself more trying to escape this predicament, and winced as his muscles tried to shake off the last of the stunning spell and the previous Cruciatus curses that Voldemort had thrown at him after asking for leave to find Draco. He cursed his soon-to-be-ex-wife for stunning him as soon as they got away from the battle. Being stunned mid-apparation was dangerous and painful.