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"Someone once told me to think about my own happiness. But I don't think I look unhappy at all. Ain't that right? I have two cute pupils Growing everyday. Vividly spending each day. I'm happy enough. I came here to get that happiness back."



She knew he had arrived once the snow reached her knees. She had been given instructions to make for the nearest mountain-top, and, according to her guide, that was where she would find him. Mt. Hakobe was the nearest mountain range for miles outside of Magnolia and so she had come. Cold wind and bitter hail stung and her cheeks through the thick fur cloak that she wore, threatening to rip it from her shoulders and cast it off into the angry winter sky above.

And still, she trudged on. Though the storm howled and lashed and ripped and tore at her body, still she pressed on; one hand raised before her face to shield herself from the worst of the punishing atmosphere as she trudged on. She didn't mind the solitude. It gave her time to think, time in which to come to terms with the hand dealt her by fate a cruel, cruel fate. It also gave her time to weep. Hers would not be a pleasant journey she surmised, if it involved throwing herself to the dogs in such a manner. But truly what more did she have to lose?

She had no family. She had no home. All she had was this lead, this clue, that somewhere in these mountains resided a being as ancient as time itself. It was said that he had mastered creation magic long ago; that he was a master of all things elemental. One might wonder why she was so determined to find this entity; why she was so hellbent on discovering this legendary hermit who hid himself in these mountains, away from that world, and away from civilization. Her answer, had she been asked, would've been as clear as the night and day.

She wanted to become strong.

She wanted to learn magic; to gain the strength to protect those dear to her. She hadn't been able to protect her parents, or her brothers and sisters. She'd watched them die watched them be torn apart by dark mages for daring to oppose them. She hadn't been strong enough then. And she wasn't strong enough now. She wanted strength. If only she was stronger! Much much stronger! Then she wouldn't have run away! Then they wouldn't have died! Then they wouldn't have-


The wind snapped at her suddenly; shearing her jacket from her shoulders and tearing into her chest. She tried to keep her footing and failed utterly; because something was taking shape beyond the veil of her vision, something humanoid in shape. Without her jacket to protect her she felt the true chill of winter's grasp, the brutal bite of the frozen tundra swiftly ripping into her skin, leaching the life from her very soul. Oddly, suddenly, she became conscious of the fact that she'd lost sensation in all of her body.

"Who goes there?" A voice like liquid reverberated just beyond her vision. "Who comes into my domain?" Eyes like rubies glittered in the depths of the crushing black blizzard; appearing as little more than twin pinpricks of crimson in the gloom. She tried to find the words as he approached, but nothing came. Nothing came, as a figure stalked out of the storm and into her field of vision.

He couldn't have been more than twenty years old.

Roughened blond bangs drooped before his visage, shading those rich ruby red eyes. He was slim, this one, neither made of muscle nor fat but of average build. He wore little in the way of clothing; a simple travelers cloak and a weathered pair of torn khakis both fluttering loosely in the wind. He peered at her a moment then scowled; his whiskered cheeks dimpling as he observed her; this half-naked woman standing before him, shivering to death.

"Well, you're not what I expected." He blinked suddenly and his eyes morphed from fiece, furious flame, to a cool, sapphiric blue. These eyes seemed kind somehow, or at the very least genteel when compared to that scintilating shade of scarlet they'd worn previously. Taking the cloak from his shoulders he offered it to her, and she accepted it with gratitude, frantically clutching the fur cloak about her body for some much needed warmth.

"Th-Thank you." She stammered through chattering teeth.

"Don't mention it." He waved her thanks away, and then, only then did she realize that it had stopped. The storm was gone. In place of lashing hail and gale force winds there was calm-utter silence-punctuated only by the softest of snowfall. It was eerie. And if the blond was at all phased by it, then he was doing precious little to show it. He put his hands in his pockets-exposing the symbol on his chest-and her eyes bulged.

'That mark...

"Who are you?" He asked her. "Makarov tells me you've been looking for me."


His smile grew, if only marginarlly.

"My name is Naruto. I bed you welcome, Ur-san. What can I do for you?"

Ur held her tongue for a moment, chewing on her lip, deciding on what she to say. Here, was a being of immense power. The weather itself bent to his whims. She needed too choose her words with care. She also despertately, desperately wanted to learn from him. But what if he refused to teach her? No. No no, and no again! She didn't even want to consider that possibility, should her plan come crashing down around her ears.

"Why have you come here, Ur?" He asked again.

"I came here to seek your guidance." She began slowly, clutching the cloak tightly about herself. "I...I want you to train me!"

"Me?" The blond blinked. "Train you?"


"Absolutely not."


Naruto shook his head and gestured to their surroundings.

"I am no teacher." As he spoke, the storm gradually gained momentum, spiraling into the heavens where it roiled overhead. "My last student vanished because they could not control the magic that I teach. I am sorry. I cannot give you what you want." He turned his back on her, already fading back into the storm as it surged anew around. "Please, find your way back down the way you came; then leave this place and never return."


He brought his head up from its hanging position and looked her dead in the eyes, his icy blue orbs meeting with her onyx black irises. She returned the stare with the same amount of silent intensity and subtle ferocity as his. They were locked into a frightening staring contest, one that neither would allow themselves to lose. Neither would break the impasse of crushing silence; nor would they yield to the other.

Naruto sighed; his breath misting out between them in swirls of warmth.

"If you will not leave of your own accord...

He held both arms out, the fingers of his left hand splayed while the right, he clenched into a fist. With a resounding smack he slammed his right hand against the left and the temperature plummeted. She shivered as frost formed on her fingertips, her lips going numb before she could even force the words out. Cold! She'd never been so cold before in all of her life!

...then I shall make you."

An overpowering sensation of pressure bore down upon her like an invisible hand. She sensed something enormous nearby, silent in the dark, like a giant passing within arms reach. A gravid deadly prescence too huge to grant her notice. She glanced to the blond and saw him smile, smile as her, fingertips pressed against her temples. A droplet of blood fell from her nose and she gasped as it froze upon her chin.

Dozens upon dozens of lances, each formed flawlessly out of ice, had flown past her; each coming perilously close to slicing her throat open. They'd ravaged the cloak that he had given her however, leaving Ur in little more than flawed rags and her undergarment as she stood there, gawping.

"Ice Make." The blond snapped harshly, giving name to his technique, "Lance."


Her mouth hung open in shock as she fell to her knees. His eyes were staring straight into his , the expression on her face a mixture of fear, fury, confusion and defeated dejection. Her jaw started working but she couldn't force any sound to come out. So instead she gawped. Gawped, as the mysterious blond took three steps forward, and brought himself face to face with her, with this would-be mage. He frowned down at her, severely.

"Why are you still here?" He asked, dumbfounded. "Did I not tell you to leave?"

Ur refused to move. She couldn't let it end like this. She couldn't! She needed to become strong! So strong that she'd never be weak again! For the sake of that, she couldn't bear to relent. She could not. She would not! She kept telling herself this, but even so, she could not bring herself to rise. It was almost as if that last attack had drained all the life force out of

"Do you truly wish to learn from me?"

For a moment, fury flickered across her features. Learn from him? She was older than him by at least a year! But for the sake of her family Ur swallowed her pride. She nearly choked on it, but she swallowed her pride. It tasted bitter going down and it scoured her throat clean, but somehow she managed to force it back. Forcing her hand into a fist she nodded.

"I want to learn."

He laughed at that; it was a deep, throaty sound.

"Very well!"

Ur stiffened.


"Come with me." Naruto held out his hand. "But I must warn you, the training will be rough."

Ur had no way of knowing then, of knowing what she'd just done. She'd had no idea then, that she was looking at her future husband, nor did she know that they would one day have a child together. She'd known nothing of this, and, looking back, if she had known, it wouldn't have mattered at all. She took his hand when he offered it, meshing her fingers against his own as he hoisted her to her feet. She'd simply known that he would teach her Creation magic, and back then, that was all that mattered.

"Someone once told me to think about my own happiness. But I don't think I look unhappy at all. Ain't that right? I have two cute pupils Growing everyday. Vividly spending each day. I'm happy enough. I came here to get that happiness back." She hadn't known then that she was looking at him, her soon-to-be source of happiness. Perhaps she did know, somewhere deep down in her heart. Perhaps not.

Regardless, the rest of her life would soon prove to be a happ and eventful one.

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