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My tear...



Ur woke up on the beach.

She knew she should feel afraid-sleepwalking to the beach in the middle of the night could not be a sane thing to do-but the salt scent and the roar of the ocean calmed her. The moon shone down on the waves, making them glitter like thousands of tiny lights flickering just beneath the surface, rolling over and over. Ur stood on wet sand and searched for landmarks. About a hundred yars away, the craggy finger of the cliff and her-their!-cottage jutted into the sea.

Somewhere out in the darkness, the foghorn crooned its faithful call. The familiar sound reassured Ur. A few miles away, the lighthouse flashed its beacon. Wrapping her arms around herself to keep from shivering, Ur looked down at her clothes. She was wearing her pajamas, but she must have put her hoodie on in her sleep. She was barefoot, which made sense. She never wore shoes on the beach.

She stood there a moment, savoring the feel of the sand beneath her feet. It was glorious. Her body wanted nothing more than to spring the remaining distance to the water's edge and dive beneath the surface. No one would notice, and even if they did, they wouldn't care. The only one the only man who'd caution her against such recklessness was currently sound asleep in their cottage.


Despite hearing her name called, Ur jumped. She nearly leapt out of her skin, such was her surprise.

"Damnit, don't scare me like that!"

She turned and followed her footprints back along the moonlit stretch of sand. Naruto was standing there. Like Ur he wore pajamas, his slender frame sheathed in black slacks and teal shirt. His blue eyes glimmered inthe blackness; their normal blue tint seemed more like winter ice than summer skies. He ran a hand through his hair, the blond mess perfecting itself at the touch of his fingertips. His smile had returned.

"Were you unable to sleep?" He asked in his slow, distinctive speech, making his way toward her. "Has the full moon made you restless?"

Ur sweatdropped.

"Not really...

"Come back to bed, then." It was not a command, but rather, a silent suggestion. He'd never made her do anything she hadn't wanted to. Not once. Ur cast a longing gaze for the cottage and the warmth it afforded, but in the end opted to abstain.

She shook her head.

"I'd like to stay out a little longer, if you don't mind."

"As you wish."

He nodded, his gaze drifted past her, toward the open ocean. For a moment, he said nothing. Then his arms slid around her and encircled her waist; invoking a chilly response despite Ur's jacket and pajama pants. Brrr! Even after all these years, even after all the time she'd spent with him, his prescence still threatened to drive the warmth from her core. In a good way. She smiled, allowing him to glide across her cheek, his frigid lips tracing dip of her neck in a series of slow, gentle kisses.

She groaned; a planitive sound of want and need, reaching back to fist her hand through his hair.


This was Uzumaki Naruto. Drop dead sexy and god of all elements. The element of ice, in particular. He'd been her mentor for nearly three years now taking her on as his new apprentice as he traveled the world and taught her the subtle nuances of his element. Tonight, they were enjoying a quiet evening in the port town of Hargeon. The last day of Naruto's self-imposed vacation, having lasted nearly a year after Ur mastered creation magic. Tomorrow, he and his apprentice-turned-lover would venture once more into the frigid tundra of the north, for a far more noble purpose.

To slay Deliorra.

Ur would have beencontent to stay here, where it was warm. Her master wasn't having any of that. Deliora needed to be stopped, he'd said. With his powers it would be easy, he'd said. Somehow, Ur doubted it would be so. Still, she trusted in her husband's judgement. Just as she trusted in him. Just as she trusted his hands; trusted them to glide o'er her body, sending shivers of ecstasy into her core.

Come to think of it, he'd had his hands all over her back then, too...


"I have to do what?"

"You have to strip." Naruto explained, standing before her in his boxers. The icy wind lashed at the elemental, and still he remained unperturbed. Ur was not so fortunate. She shivered, hugging her arms to herself in an attempt to steal some warmth from winter.

"S-S-Strip!" Ur hissed through clenched teeth, "No way! Absolutely not! I refused to take my clothes off in front of you!"

"Then go home." Naruto stated flatly. "I haven't the time nor the patience for your human insecurities. Here, I'll even help you.


"Is there a problem?"

Ur, red in the face, said yes!

"Of course therer is a probelm," She shrieked! "My problem is you laying your hands all over my body!"

(End Flashback)

"Come back to bed," Naruto spoke again, softly this time. "Ur." He pulled at her wrist, ushering her after him. The crash of the surf sounded so much louder in the dark and it came upon her like a wave upon the beach; a sudden surge of desire. She wanted him. Here and now. She quickened her pace, her mouth seeking his before they could reach the door. Somehow, they managed to get it open, despite their need for one another.

Somehow, they managed to make it to the bed in the darkness.

Naruto grinned, a gorgeous white streak of a grin, and she was unable to resist. Her hands tore at his shirt as he slid the hoodie over her shoulders; as his hands fondled with her breasts and pinched at her nipples. And they would have done more, had not a sharp cry pierced the evening. She exchanged a glance with Naruto, her eyes narrowing in a silent apology His hands left her shoulders as he propped himself up, barechested as well.

"Go." He nodded toward the cradle, from which the piercing cries emerged. "She's hungry."

With a snap of his fingers, the lacrima lamp lit across the room. With a tired yet expectant sigh, Ur reached into the light and retrieved the newest member of her family. Rosy red cheeks shone within a bundle of pink blankets, the infant's face eclipsed by the slightest dusting of black hair and wide, black-blue eyes. She reached for Ur expectantly, a small cry on the edge of her little lips even as her mother reached for her in turn.

"There, there," A soft smile, "There's no need to cry. Mommy's here...

Ur gently pulled their daughter from her cradle, whispering softly to the crying child. She pressed the infant to her breast and allowed it to suckle on her milk as it breastfed a moment; her little hands fisting against the warmth of her mother's chest. Soon enough, she was sated, and asleep once more. Naruto rose from the bed, walked over to her and rested his chin against her neck.

"She's beautiful." He sighed wistfully. "Isn't she?"

"She's my tear." Ur whispered softly, cooing at the child, her eyes watering with happiness. "Our Tear. Our darling Ultear." Her eyes shone as she looked to him, once the very reason for her existence, now a husband. He returned the smile in kind, dipping an arm around her waist and drawing her close.

"Indeed she is, my dear, dear, Ur...

Naruto kissed Ur, then their daughter, gently, his lips alighting upon her tiny forehead for the briefest of instants. She could see the pride in his eyes as he looked down at her at his daughter. Naruto rarely expressed any emotion, but when he did, it was often genuine. As genuine as his love of justice. As a love for her. As his love for their daughter, a love that provided her with so much happiness she ought to burst from the joy. But Ur did not burst. Instead she cradled her child against her breast and smiled; it was such brilliance and empathy that it outshone the moon and the stars.

...she certainly is."

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