Scion of the House of El

Chapter 7


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Two men sat on the edge of an icy cliff, watching the morning sunrise that came only once a month. One of the men was middle-aged, gray hair sprinkled over what were once golden locks. A pair of faded blue jeans and a tired red plaid shirt fitted him as regal as any King.

The other man was much younger, a boy on the brink of manhood. Long black hair flowed from his head in an ebon river. He wore a white form fitted uniform. A large black styled S glittered on his chest, surrounded by a sea of gold. Cerulean blue eyes gazed across the never-ending icy terrain.

Kal-El and his father Jonathan Kent spent the last few precious hours talking. About life, about love, good and evil, right and wrong. The things Kal-El learned about his father in those fleeting few hours were more then he learned in all his eighteen years.

A translucent weather hand was placed gingerly on Kal-El shoulder. "Clark," his father said, as the morning sun broke the horizon. "It's time."

Kal-El balled his hands into a fist, feeling all at once the small frightened boy of his youth. "Dad," he said, his voice starting to break.

"I can't let you die again."

Jonathan Kent gave a sad smile as he turned his only son to face him. How proud he was of that boy. No, not a boy, a man. A young man, who found his true heritage his, true calling. An ethereal tear slid down his cheeks as he thought of the one last lesson he had yet to teach.

"My son," he said, gently gripping Kal-El's arms, "You have all this power." Looking past his son he could see the Great God Rao patiently waiting. "All the power of a God, but even a God knows that when fate decrees something must happen you'll just have to accept it."

Rao bowed his head solemnly. How so true that was, sometimes fate could be so cruel. "Mother spare us poor souls."

"I can save you Pa," Kal said, as tears clouded his vision. "We can go home, to the farm, to Smallville, see Ma."

At the mention of his wife, Jonathan ghostly visage slightly wavered. The eyes are windows to the soul, the old adage holding true as an ocean of untold pain and longing were held back as Jonathan cast his eyes towards the rising sun.

"Someday you will learn Clark, just as I once did. Something we all must learn." A gentle breeze drifted down the icy tundra carrying with it the weight of his words. "Although you hold the power of a God, you cant save everyone. And if there's a choice are you willing to sacrifice a life of one for the lives of many. To place one soul above all others"

Lord Rao pointy turns and looked at Kal-El, intent on his answer.

Kal-El electric blue eyes looked straight ahead as if piercing the heavens, barely a second passed as he answered the question. "Maybe I can't save everyone, maybe one day I will have to make that decision." Floating slowly off the ground Kal let the rejuvenating rays of Sol gently coat his body, "But that will not stop me from achieving it, and saving everyone and everything that I love. That won't stop me from fighting on."

Kal's white training uniform resonated with the ambivalent light of Sol as he hovered above the ground. Although initially surprised at his ability of flight he soon became accustomed to it, as comfortable as if he was on the ground.

"It won't stop me from succeeding, no life is above anyone, not even my own." Kal stopped to take a look at a falling snowflake, to him that single precious unique drop of frozen liquid was equally as treasurable as any life.

"I'd rather die saving a life than live and knowing I failed at it."

With that statement Kal felt at peace, the turmoil in his mind which he hadn't known had been there was sedated. Something inside him had changed. Perhaps it was his declaration of his intentions to protect life. Or his newfound purpose and the sudden inexplicable life changes that had been happening to him recently. But whatever it was, it made him stronger, he was thinking clearer.

Kal looked down at his hand as he realized with a sudden saddening thought 'Clark Kent was gone.' Or perhaps he was never here. 'Just a mask I choose to hide myself behind.'

"Pa," Kal said unable to explain his emotions.

"I know, son, I know," the elder Kent whispered softly. Jonathan started to fade as his time on earth was ending. Rao made his way over to the transparent farmer, his black hair perfectly tied behind him.

"If I could give you more time I would," the High God gently said, "I've already tampered too much, another minute here on this plane and we risk releasing something."

Kal bowed his head, he was content, "Goodbye Pa."

Jonathan Kent raised his hand in a final farewell as golden locks danced softly in the gentle Artic breeze. A red checkered shirt hugged snuggly to his chiseled sun tan frame. "Show the world who you are son, what you can do. Inspire them, motivate them, be the man I know you are. Son, I have never regretted the day you came to us. Show everyone the reason why your mother and I love you so much."

And like that Jonathan Kent was gone, still very much missed. By the pain in his heart Kal knew that that would always be. Kal bent down touching the hard packed snow where his father once stood. Rao stood off in the background allowing his son the privacy he needed.

Whatever mental blocks Kal had on his mind were gone. He could feel his power slowly growing; already he could hear the billions of voices on the earth, the heavy rumbling sounds of the city. His vision flashed between x-ray, infrared, and his heat ray. Unable to control it, it was too much.

Kal shut his eyes and placed his hands over his head, the rush of the new emotions and sensation were too much too soon. Voices flooded his head as he heard across the globe.

"Gimmie all your cash lady or your husband dies."

"O god no, please leave her alone!"

"Give it here lady and that pretty ring too."

"No get your damn hand off of her."

Somewhere in the world Kal heard the sound of a scuffle, a few seconds of silence then the loud piercing crack of gun fire, and tears lots of tears.

"Should you be drinking and driving Sam, you almost hit that curb back there."

"Yo-yo-you you needa stop being suchhh a-a kill-ka-ka kill joy, im not even drunk.'

"Whatever man just slow down your going sixty in a residential area."

"Okey you sed don slow down." Kal heard the unmistakable sound of a vehicle speeding up.

"Dude slow down, Oh my God watch out for that kid!" Kal forced his head between his knees as the sound of screeching tires threatened to shatter his ear drums.

"Someone please help me!"

He couldn't take it anymore.

"Help I can't swim!"

They needed him.

"My daughter, she was still inside the car, they've kidnaped her!"

The entire world needed him.

"The train is going too fast, everyone hold on were about to derail."

Kal fist slammed against the ice cracking the land in half. Ice the size of buildings fell off, landing in the frozen water.


"Somebody save me!"

"Help us, were trapped."

A hand placed itself protectively on Kal's shoulder damming the tide on his wayward powers. Looking up he saw the all too knowing face of the Sun God.

"It gets easier to manage with practice my son."

Kal stood up, the voices not silenced only dulled. "You know, you can hear them all this time, and you have done nothing," he said in disbelief.

"I have my child, I have sent them you," Rao answered sadly. "I can only interfere so much in this realm."

Kal looked at his hands, flexing his fingers. "So much pain, so many people."

"Yes child, but imagine not only hearing this world but all of creation." So much anguish was in the Elder God's voice Kal nearly broke down in tears. To hear the cries of every living creature, such was a thought Kal couldn't even begin to imagine.

"Then how," Kal-El asked, "How do we bear it."

Rao, Vermillion God of the House of El locked eyes with his only and last surviving heir, "We are Kryptonians Kal, we must bear it, no one else can. We must struggle on; no one else has the strength. We must never give up, not even when all hope is lost. No one else has the power."

Kal touched his chest feeling all at once the weight of his house crest, "I must help them Father."

"Yes," Rao said, finally letting a smile touch his lips, "I wouldn't ask of anything less."

"Reports are coming in from China. A dam erupted just off the coast of the mainland and somehow miraculously the disaster was averted. The billion pounds of water narrowly missing the housing community of thousands. Eyewitness reports an unseen wind…."

"This is Careen Malone at channel 4; I'm here in Chicago Illinois where local residences say a large fire in this small quiet neighborhood was magically put out. A local man says a shadowy figured was seen in the night sky, doing what he believed was blowing out the flames. More on this development later..."

"And then he bent the gun like it was paper. He came and asked me if I was alright. He was such a polite young man, taking care of that mean bad guy for me.

"Whatever Grandma. Eat your soup."

"From natural disasters to lost kittens stuck in trees, a mysteriously figure has been spotted all around the world helping those in need. Whoever or whatever you from the people at News Channel 10 we thank you…"


A middle-aged man yelled out his office, sandy peppered flecked hair and a round belly thoroughly described the Editor in Chief for the Daily Planet, Perry White.

"Lois," he yelled again, "Where is my article!"

A Raven haired smartly, dressed young woman stuck her head outside her cubicle. "Don't get your panties in a bunch chief, I have it right here," she said waving a flash drive in here hand. "I'm waiting on Olsen to show up with the photo."

Perry White gave his equivalent to a smile, which was a low grunt in affirmation. "Make sure you give it to me as soon as you're done Lois."

"Of course, Chief," Lois Lane said, placing her hands on her hips in the jauntiest manner she could.

"When have I ever failed to deliver?"

Perry White was proud of himself when he found this golden jewel. Fresh out of college, graduating early from her high school, Lois Lane appeared in his building last year at the tender age of nineteen. He was apprehensive about hiring this straight forward ironed willed girl to his staff. Yet her writing style and her willingness to do anything for a story quickly won him over.

"Although," he thought sourly as he made his way back to his desk, "The attitude he could live without."

"Miss Lane, Miss Lane!"

Lois looked up from her writing to see the smiling face of the Daily Planet's youngest employee, Jimmy Olsen. "I've got the picture Miss Lane," he said proudly holding up a photo.

Lois wanted to squeal in happiness but held her composure, "Well let's see it squirt," she said eagerly holding out her hand.

For six months every photographer in the world has been trying to catch a picture of this mysterious figure that's has been seen all around the world helping people. No one has been able to, until this day.

"You wouldn't believe what I had to do to take that shot," he said handing over the photo, as he ran a freckled hand through a mane of red hair.

"My god Jimmy," Lois breathe, holding out the picture, her dark raven hair hiding her expression. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Although it was blurry and unfocused you could vaguely make out the unmistakable figure of a man. Clade in a red and blue formfitting outfit, a red cape billowed behind him as he held up what appeared to be a yellow bus, saving it from careening off a bridge.

"What is he," Lois whispered a note of wonder in her voice.

"I don't know Miss Lane," Jimmy said eyeing the red styled S on the man's chest, "But whatever he is its super cool."

There was a big change coming, she could practically taste it. Hell, she could see it; the proof was literally right in her hands. It was scoop, and what any good reporter knows is that you never pass up a scoop.

"I know what he is," she said rising from her seat, fighting to contain her excitement.

"It's a Superman."

Jimmy rubbed his jaw thoughtfully, "Superman eh, isn't that just a little bit conceited."

"Shut up Jimmy!"

Apollo sat on his Golden Sun throne, his lye lying forgotten on the floor as he looked upon the world. A red and blue figure could be seen speeding across the globe. Whoever this God was he was like no other god he had ever seen. He was helping the humans like the Heroes of old.

Apollo grunted in frustration as his attempt to touch the figure's mind once again proved unsuccessful. Even more, his direct endeavors to completely scry the figure led him to an empty hole in space, surrounded by rocks and debris. The Sun God's golden curls glowed with an unseen light as he decided his course of action.

"Theasus," he called, his voice carrying his tune throughout his Palace, "I have need of thee."

Answering to his master's call, a finely dressed youth appeared. Looking no older then a lad barely released from his mams tite. Theasus stood only a mere 67 centimeters, long brown tresses tumbled down his back in waves. He was beautiful boy, and had it not been for an unfortunate incident with his father the boy may have lived an old life. The boy's father was a man with a very large appetite, and when Theasus mother died his father came for him.

Theasus in his fear ran, his father giving chase. Regrettably if he had seen that ridge perhaps he would a lived to see a full life. Had it not been for the boy's eyes most would have mistaken him but a child. His eyes held untold centuries of knowledge, countless years of life, an endless reach stretching into eternity.

What transpire to the boy was tragic indeed, which was why Apollo snatched him from the belly of Underworld and made him his aid. Safe to say his uncle, Hades, was none too pleased about him sneaking into his domain. Over the centuries he had come to rely on the boy, and now he had need of him again.

"Theasus," he crooned, his voice resonating more beautiful than any minstrel. "Thou hast done well as my servant these past thousand years, I ask of thee to me but a favor and for thee to ask not my intentions."

Theasus bowed his head, after so many years still surprised that his God always ask, even though the response is always yes. "Anything my lord, I'm at your command."

Apollo leaned back pleased, "Retrieve my Chariot, and assemble my horses."

"As you wish my lord," Theasus said bowing away ready to gather the eighteen horses that pull his masters chariot.

His Delphi sat off to his left reading the prophecies, her glazed pearly white eyes gave a questioning look at the God of the sun, "Me Lord, mayhap, If your Lordships permits, why art thou leaving."

Apollo gave a very human gesture and shook his head, like she didn't know. His Delphi was blind, but that did nothing to stop her acute perceptions at picking every detail and the fact knowing what's going to happen before it did also helped.

"My Delphi, you surely jest, thou knowest exactly what is about transpire. Thou only want to hear her lord sayeth it."

His Delphi gave a slow long smile, and proceeded not to answer. Fine he shall play this game.

"Thee already know but tis a small matter to say," Apollo leaned over whispering for dramatic effect. "The new God hast revealed himself on earth; I shall go have a word."

His Delphi winked knowingly, her eyes glazing over as she went back to her farseeing. Apollo placed both hands on his knees as the world laid open before. What he was about to do was the equivalent of throwing a stone into a lake and he hope that the ripples won't cause a wave that drowns all in sight. He was about to do something no god or immortal has done for well over two thousand years.

Apollo steadied himself for what he was about to do, and what the consequences would be, he was descending to Earth.

They locked him away. Betrayed by his own wife, and defeated by his own children. Cast away to the abyssal prison of the Underworld, a place of pain, misery and darkness; Tartarus. But he will have his vengeance. Did his children think that their prison could hold him forever, did they think that locking him and his brethren away will hold back the tide of his anger.

For he was angry, a deep smothering rage. Tempered by his one and only true desire; to kill Zeus. He had overthrown his father Uranus to gain his pantheon, breaking his pact with the elder Gods. And for a time he ruled by fear, gaining more power, slowly but steadily. He had a plan, daring and seemly impossible. He strove to conquer creation, to wrest control of all, life and death from the unseen High Gods. And he would have, had it not been for one prophecy.

A prophesy that spelled his doom, Rhea, his bitch of a wife and Gaia, his bitch of a mother sealed his fate. When he devoured his children, in an effort to circumvent the prophesy, had failed because they hid his youngest and most powerful child Zeus. And gave him a rock instead. The pain he felt at their betrayer when he saw his youngest stroll into his pantheon flanked by an army to usurp his throne.

Alone in the dark The Titian of Time sat on his throne. All but his piercing red eyes could be made out in the dank murky abyss. Surrounded by his brethren he waited. Locked away in the deepest pit of Tartarus he waited. His eyes turned a dangerous glint of red as the Scythe laid across his lap withered in hunger for blood, the blood of a god. Oh yes he waited, for the day he rain hell upon all, and wreak havoc on the gods who imprisoned him. For time stops for no one but him, and the time of the gods was at an end.

Diana was the Princess of Themyscria, a royal blessed by the gods. The island, that she may one day stand to inherit, was home to thousands of Amazonian women. The silver tiara sitting on her head carried the weight of her duty. And right now, as she sat on her window sill, in the dead of night, she felt the weight of that responsibility all the more.

It's been almost a year since her declaration to Donna to enter the competition to decide the champion and to travel into the Patriarch's world. In that time she trained with a vigor the likes of which her trainer Phillippus had ever seen. Such had her skill grown in such a short time; it drew the attention of the Bana. A warrior as skilled as her should be competing, the only way to be the best is to beat the best. The Bana said, placing pressure on her mother to let her enter, yet three thousand years of rule strengthen her backbone. Queen Hippolyta keeping her resolve.

A gentle breeze glided through her open window, as the pearly moon shone its silver light across Themyscria. Diana gave a deep soft sigh, how she envied the wind. The freedom to go anywhere, not shackled by duty, tradition or old customs. The wind was its own master, nothing could hold it, and nothing could capture it.

Diana lifted up her hands, letting the soft breeze flutter across her fingers, suddenly her fingers clenched into a fist, as the wind whipped her hair wildly around her. She will have her freedom, as champion she would fall under her mother's rule, only that of the gods. As champion she would be free to leave the island, and see more of what else lies in the world. As champion her useless abilities would be put to use.

As quickly as it came the wind stopped, and with it her strength as she made her way tirelessly towards her bed. Like always Diana looked forward to going to sleep. Most nights retiring early just to escape to her dreams. For in dreams she could be anyone she wanted. In dreams she was never the princess, never an amazon. In her dreams she was just a woman. In her dreams she saw him.

He only started to appear in her dreams only a few months ago, yet every morning when she awoke, he was always on her mind. His face burned in her memory like a horses branding. He was tall, taller than her, and she was the tallest on Themyscria. She had never seen a man before, yet like the sculpture of Adonis he was built like a God. However like no god she had ever seen.

Broad shoulders, as if he spent years working the sword. Legs like a gazelle, and the hair. The darkest midnight hue of hair she had ever seen. Cut short, to about neck length, perfectly slicked back, offset with the most alluring curl centered on his forehead.

An emblem of some sort was fixed on his chest, a most brilliant shade of red set over a sea of yellow. He always wore a cap, red and always billowing behind him, as if it had a life of its own. Yet what drew her attention most about this man was not his strong sculpted chin. Or his cheekbones counterpoise by his enthralling dimples.

No, it was his eyes, an electrifying shade of cerulean that stripped her soul bare and left her feeling as a babe. Those eyes made her feel safe, gave e her sense of sovereignty over her life. When she closed her eyes this time and drifted off into slumber, something was different.

She was in a meadow, the scent of flowers were think yet pleasing. The sky overhead was a vibrant blue, 'A day blessed by the Gods,' she thought.

Stricken with the urge she started walking, her silken white gown hugging her body as she swayed through the tall grass.

"Something is different," Diana said out loud, this dream almost felt real, it couldn't be could it?

"Tell me about it," a baritone voice said. Although she had never heard a man's voice before she instantly knew it was one.

"How did you…" she started to say turning around as quickly as she could.

Freezing in place she stood still, his eyes catching hold of her like a fish in a net. He looked almost as shocked as he was enthralled by her own eyes. They stood there for what felt lime hours, saying more by their looks then words ever could.

His felt raw, as he forced himself to say a word. A word he never before said, never before thought, but knew it as well as his own name.

"Diana," he utters softlyin Greek.

She didn't seem at all shocked as she said back to him in Kryptonian, "Kal-El."

Suddenly the dream ended, Diana eyes fluttered open.

"By the Gods," she whispered, drenched in sweat, "What happening to me."

Morpheus grimaced, wiping his hands together as if he did something detestable.

"Are you happy now,' the God of Dreams said in his deep slow drawl, eyeing the redhead beauty seated across from him.

"Quite," the auburn replied, gracefully sliding out her seat, a pair of long thin legs unfurling beneath her.

Morpheus stared at her limbs, tempted to act, but not stupid enough to do so. "May I ask why you wanted me to do that?"

The Redhead look at Morpheus as if he was stupid, a rosy eyebrow slowly raised as she answered, "True love must have a chance to flourish," saying it as if it was obvious.

A whirlwind of pink petals wrapped around her as the gorgeous ginger started to disappear, "Do not interfere with them unless you have my direct permission." The fair haired female said, her tone daring him to defy her authority.

Morpheus frowned, wanting nothing to do with any of this, least of all the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite.

Kal awoke sharply, "Figures the one time I decide to sleep this month I have a weird dream." He said to himself, getting out his bed, in the small apartment he recently bought.

He was in Metropolis, his dream city, a place he always wanted to visit since he was a boy. Now he was here, and still something felt as if it was missing from his life. For almost a year he ha had been using his abilities to help the world, the media calling him a superman, a fitting name, if not a touch inaccurate.

Grabbing a cup of water from his modest kitchen Kal tried to dismiss his dream, his kitchen was completely dark, blindly so to anyone other than him. He was alone, yet that did not stop him from speaking sternly into the serene shadowy area.

"I'd suggest you reveal yourself," he said calmly taking a sip of water, "I do not like it when someone comes into my home unannounced."

Out of the shadows stepped a man, in the darkness Kal could easily make out golden tan skin, bright blonde hair and a youthful face, looking no older than him.

"I should be more surprised of thee," the man said, a large grin plastered across his face, "Alas from what I have observed of thee, these fleeting months, tis naught the case it seems."

Kal eyes narrow in suspicion, this stranger obviously knew who he was, if not what he was. Sweeping his eyes around he quickly checked three hundred meters around his location, no one else was here. So it wasn't an ambush, even if it was who would dare?

"Does thou truly not knowest who I be," the stranger said, and if possible his smile grew wider.

Kal grew even more wary at the stranger use of the archaic speech, "I don't know, but believe me, you had better start talking soon." He said placing down his cup, ready for a confrontation.

The stranger clasped his hands and all the lights in Kal's apartment came one. A holy resonance pour forth from the strangers in waves, not as powerful as his father Rao, but enough for him to realize what was standing before him, if not who.

The stranger whipped his golden locks around him, his hair falling perfectly in place just behind his shoulder blades. Pearly white robes wrapped around his body, suiting him as any kings. "I've hast gone by many a names since the time of mine birth, since this version of man hast walked the Earth" he said as a halo of sunlight appeared overhead. Kal felt himself tremble with energy as he was strengthen by the stranger's presence.

"Sunlight," he thought wonder.

"Although to a fellow God, you may call me Apollo," The Sun God said grinning warmly, "My brother of the Sun."

Kal looked at Apollo and instantly felt a kinship, more so then he felt with his father Rao, whatever was going on he needed answer. Sticking his hand out to Apollo, "Tell me what's going on," he said recognizing there was something wrong, for a deity to come see him.

Apollo smile disappeared like the setting sun, "Come my brother, for I can see that thee hast much in common with, come to mine abode. For we hast much to discuss, for the sun will reach the zenith and descend before we art done. And still we will have much to say." And in a flare of light they were gone.

Rao looked on from the fortress, a curious expression on his face. He knew all, and what he didn't know he always found out. Such is the blessing of being a high god, or perhaps a curse, he mused.

'So the son of Zeus has made contact with the son of Rao,' he thought, thinking of both of the Deities of the sun who were now let lose upon the world.

'And the sun of Zeus has come down physically, without an avatar. Very dangerous, but who am I say anything about tampering in the normal order.' Even though Rao was pleased, the Elder God of the House of El braced himself for the coming storm.

"May the Sunset be long in coming," the elder God lamented, his mind always towards the future, and what he saw was disturbing.

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