Chapter 04: Your Touch, Magnetizing

AU. James Diamond, a rich boy in California, meets Carlos Garcia: a kid his age with a bright smile, but a dark secret. As James and his friends befriend Carlos, they find themselves slowly caught into a sinister plot—from which escape is vital. JARLOS. I would like to dedicate this story to my good friend, CourageAboveAllElse, who celebrated their birthday a few days back! Happy birthday man! I would like to also thank Valid Hearts, The Steam Punk Lolo, rusher4lifee, Lovin' Big Time Rush, themodernage, rosiedoll, santiyonr91, CourageAboveAllElse, and Rhett9 for your reviews! This was written March 2012.

HE was annoyed. At least that's how he was portraying himself. Truthfully, James Diamond did not care for anything as much to bother himself with getting annoyed. However, he wanted Kendall and Logan out of his house. They may have been the closest things he had to friends, but if they discovered Carlos, then James would be faced with questions for which he had no answers.

"I love coming to your house." Kendall plopped himself onto the sofa and stretched out his body. James wrinkled his nose, but stayed silent. He instead glided to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of flavored water. Logan emerged from the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

What was more terrifying than the fact that Carlos had a secret was the fact that he was nowhere to be seen. He could pop in at any moment, and James immediately knew that questions would be asked. It was the worst combination he could have imagined; Logan's vast intelligence and Kendall's obstinacy were hard enough to deal with by themselves. But when these two traits combined to form the 'Kogan Effect', James knew he had to be very careful. If Logan noticed anything, Kendall would not let the issue drop. If Kendall noticed something, Logan would analyze it until it was nothing. It almost terrified James as to how he was dodging bullets by being around them. It would take simply one mistake for them to immediately ask James questions about his life, and his emotions.

"I'm sorry, officer, but don't you have an investigation to make?" James hissed. He subsequently took a swig of his peach flavored water and stuffed it back into the fridge, slamming the door in the process. He hated expressing his emotions, even with a subtle nuance, but he needed them out of the house immediately.

"I think this officer would like a donut before he looked around," Kendall grinned, throwing himself off the sofa and onto his own two feet. James rolled his eyes and opened the pantry to reveal mounds of sugary treats. If James was not preoccupied with his figure, then he would have found the pantry to be heaven. But instead, it served as a tantalizing hell.

"Then the officer should get off his fat ass and get something himself." James huffed, leaving the pantry door wide open for Kendall. Kendall grinned and immediately dived into the pantry, looking through the decadent boxes of foreign sweets. Logan rolled his eyes and strolled forward to stand beside James.

"You know we're just concerned right, and so is Kendall." Logan whispered as James closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. He opened his eyes and turned to Logan.

"I don't understand why you guys are concerned," James spat, "I haven't changed, and you guys are starting to get annoying." James crossed his arms, unintentionally flexing his arms. He glared at his two friends, one of whom had a donut placed into his mouth.

"Gheat?" Kendall tried to utter a few words, but the donut was proving to be an obstruction for his voice to be emitted. James rolled his eyes again, and Logan immediately took charge of the situation.

"James, there is no need to be defensive over this. It's not like Kendall is speaking a different a different language and screaming 'Tengo Rosquillas'. He's not trying to annoy you" Logan ranted slightly, narrowing his eyes at James. However, James's heart dropped. Immediately, once Logan had finished his small Spanish sentence, he heard footsteps. Or he heard his heart beating. Or he heard a combination of the two.

Suddenly, from the arch of the stairway to his right, James saw Carlos popping his head out of the stairwell and grinning. James's eyes widened, and Logan and Kendall both gawked at him. However, James managed to reposition his mask and keep his impassive face. He tightened his fists and bore his eyes into Kendall and Logan.

"I think you both should leave." James hissed, his glare intensifying. In reality, he was cracking and his heart was beating fast. Carlos's presence was loosely draped over the stairwell, staring at James as if he was tempting him with his naivety and innocence. James could not handle so many tantalizations at once.

However, Kendall took control of the situation and finished his donut. He stepped forward, his emerald eyes shimmering with courage. James's brown eyes held a contemptuous defense that could not be broken by such sheer force. Logan's pleading eyes whimpered slightly at the sight of two close companions quarreling.

"James," Kendall whispered, "you're misunderstanding us. We've been worried about you for so long. After the—"

However he was cut off by a shove from James, whose impassive face was colored with a furious rose tint.

"I don't want to discuss anything with anyone. Please, leave, or I will call my servants." James threatened. He saw the hurt on Logan's face and the fury on Kendall's, but did nothing about it. He neglected the fact that they had brought up a sensitive issue for James, but he knew he could never talk about it. It was something he had buried so deep that the process of unburying it would hurt him—possibly even kill him.

Kendall grabbed his backpack and Logan followed suit. Anger and sadness departed from the atmosphere. However, instead of neutralizing the environment, it added desolation, pain, and suffering. Once he heard the door shut, James began to dry heave. How dare they bring up the past? How dare they try to force him to open up; he could never do that.

"James?" Suddenly the air was infected. James looked up, past his mirrored eyes and glassy gaze, and saw the cherub of innocence flying to him. Were these tears strolling down his flawless face? James wiped them brusquely, hoping to roughly push them away. Why was his mask coming off? But Carlos had uttered a magical spell: his name.

Before he knew it, James ran forward and grabbed Carlos's arms. He could feel their calloused state, and he could feel the fear running rampant in Carlos's blood. But he needed the sweet nectar that Carlos exuded; he needed it to glue back his mask onto his incorrigible face. So he leaned in to steal the beautiful substance.

His lips hovered over Carlos's, their breathing becoming in sync. James saw the fear in Carlos's eyes, and he immediately closed his eyes and broke the thin wall separating them; their lips met, and suddenly James felt revitalized. He felt stronger. He felt invigorated. Carlos's beautiful energy was nectar, and James was hungry.

However, Carlos pushed him away, and James stumbled back slightly. Carlos was panting, and he peered at James with a quivering lip.

Fuck. James mentally swore as he noticed the shaky breaths Carlos was experiencing. James quickly fixed the loose strands of hair that tried to trickle onto his face, and thus decided to come closer to the boy. Yet, Carlos continued to step back, his body visibly quaking in fear.

"Carlos, I'm sorry." James whispered, but Carlos shook his head. James was unsure if Carlos had understood him or understood the meaning behind his words, but he knew he had done something to hurt Carlos. Every time James took a step closer, Carlos took a step away.

This game was rudely interrupted however, when the door swung open and Kendall and Logan stood at the door, smiling deviously until they realized what they saw in front of them. James stared at them with wide eyes and Carlos yelped, his breathing becoming deeper.

It was as if time had come to a standstill.

"Who is he?" Kendall asked, slamming the door as he walked into the spotless Diamond Manor. James was still at a loss for words. He had not expected his friends to still be here, but he was not surprised. As aforementioned, James knew his weakness was the Kogan Effect: the ability for Kendall's stubbornness and Logan's intelligence to merge into a momentum that could not be stopped.

"W-What are you both still doing here?" James whispered, his voice stuck in his throat. Had they seen him kiss Carlos? No, that was impossible. They could not have.

"We figured we could catch you doing whatever you did if you thought we left." Logan assuaged James with a mocking sense of concern, although his narrowed eyes held suspicion. Carlos looked afraid and scared, and conflicted. James felt horrible; Carlos kept on glancing at James as if he wanted to latch onto the rich heir, but he seemed terrified of him. Likewise, he also seemed terrified of Logan and Kendall, but too scared to move.

"His name is Carlos." James suddenly spoke, regaining control over his voice. His eyes became slightly misty, and he crossed his arms again, as if he was protecting himself. Logan and Kendall turned their heads and directly faced Carlos, who was still shaking. Kendall came forward and extended his hand, trying to give an earnest smile.

"I'm Kendall." Kendall held his extended hand, but Carlos continued to huddle to himself, visibly shaking. James paled. Logan immediately became even more suspicious, and walked forward.

"¿Puedes hablar Inglés?" Logan asked Carlos if he could speak English. Carlos glanced at Logan with widened eyes and shook his head. Logan then shot his head toward James. He began to pace around Carlos and James, both of whom held guilty mugs.

"You have a non-English speaking boy in your house that you obviously were hiding from us?" Logan asked aloud, glancing at Carlos. James looked at the floor, his voice betraying him once again.

"Do you realize how suspicious this looks?" Kendall suddenly spoke, darting his eyes from Carlos to James.

"I know." James simply breathed, his chest constricting him too tightly. What was he supposed to say? That his mother had brought Carlos into the house at three o clock in the morning one day? That he was strangely enthralled by the boy? That he had no idea about his past or history?

"Is he an illegal immigrant?" Logan breathed, gently placing his hands on James's shoulder. James looked up and stared at Logan's eyes. Instead of finding hate and corrosive suspicion, James found a strange sense of sympathy.

"I-I don't know." James stuttered slightly, his cheeks blushing. He seemed like a complete idiot. How could he possibly explain this predicament to the two people who knew the most about him? Despite knowing little to nothing, the three of them shared a dark secret with one another, which led to James's insecurities and walls.

"Is he a servant?" Kendall asked, crossing his arms to deflect the effect of James's poise. James shrugged weakly, his body beginning to visibly shake. He shook his head. He didn't know. He knew, deep down inside, that there was more to Carlos. He only wanted to believe that he was a new servant, but there was more to him than James could have surmised. His bruises, his fears, his secrets—they all held a dark cloak over the innocence that Carlos captivated.

"James, sit down. Kendall, get two glasses of water." Logan ordered. James obliged and gently fell to the sofa, huddling his knees to his body. Kendall miraculously found two glasses and filled them up with the mineral water from the fridge. He then swiftly pivoted his body on his heel and pointed towards Carlos.

"¿Te gustaría se sentara también? Sólo quiero hablar contigo, amigo." Logan asked, his Spanish accent flooding his words. James hardly understood what he said, and even Kendall held a perplexed look on his face while he handed James and Carlos glasses of water before plopping down onto the sofa.

"Gracias." Carlos breathed as he sat a distance away from the trio. James felt his heart harden in pain when he saw the pain in Carlos's eyes.

"I asked if he wanted to sit down, since I wanted to talk to him." Logan explained, running a hand through his hair. He cracked his knuckles, and James prepared himself for what could possibly be the most gruesome interrogation he had gone through. His emotions would be tested, and he could see the dark past lingering on the tip of Logan's tongue.

James wanted to run from this situation, as he had run from other things before, but he felt a strange force pulling him closer and closer to the room. He saw the pain in Carlos's eyes, the curiosity in Kendall's eyes, and the concern in Logan's eyes. These three emotions flooded him and overwhelmed him, effectively drowning him while keeping his stoic and calm. It was deadly how powerful the other three boys were.

I wanted to thank everyone for their support. I know I'm horrible with updates. I'm perfectly understanding if people will stop reading my work or lose their respect for me. I'm fine with that. I just want to let you all know that I am trying my hardest. I really am. Thank you.