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Chapter 2: Mutual Feelings

Rouge woke up the next morning. "Whoa...that hedgehog's hammer really hurt more than I expected..." She saw Shadow sleeping on the couch. "He looks so cute when he sleeps" she thought. "Did he bring me back home? I guess his compassion is one of the reasons why I love him." Rouge didn't question this time, for she realized she really loved Shadow. Rouge then decided to wake him up. She then walked over behind the couch put her hand behind his ear and rubbed it. "Hey Shaaaaadddooooowww" she said. Shadow was startled and woke up "Whahohoho!" Shadow screamed as he fell on the floor. "'re awake, I'm glad you're ok...but why did you wake me?" Shadow asked. "Because I love you and I was hoping we could spend some time togeth-" She put her hands on her mouth, for she didn't know if he returned her feelings. "Rouge me?" Shadow asked. "Yes...Shadow" Rouge said quietly. "Rouge I love you too." Shadow said. "Oh Shadow!" Rouge hugged him and Shadow hugged her back. "Now then, why don't we start out day by giving a certain faker and his fan girl a "visit". Shadow said. "Now that I'm up for." Rouge said.

Sonic was having a hard time getting rid of Amy after yesterday, as soon as he woke up and stepped out the door Amy started chasing after him. Amy kept saying things like "Sonic! We make such a great team! We kicked their butts yesterday!" It was really bothering Sonic. "Ugh what did I do in to deserve this in the first place?" *cough saving her from metal sonic in the first place cough* "-Control!" Sonic heard as Shadow and Rouge appeared in front of them. "I'm back faker and this time I'm not holding back." Shadow said angrily. "Look Shadow I don't have time for th-" Sonic tried to say when Amy tackled him. "What do YOU guys want?" Amy asked, annoyed by their appearance. Rouge then kicked her in the face. "That's for yesterday little miss obsessed fan girl!" Rouge said with anger in her voice. "Oh YEAH, well did you miss Mr. Hammer?" Amy asked as she tried to slam Rouge with her hammer but Shadow came behind her and grabbed her hammer. "Stop, it's hammer time." Shadow said. Rouge giggled as his corny MC Hammer joke. Shadow then hit Amy with her hammer then threw it aside. "Now it's you turn Faker the Hedgehog." said Shadow. "Awwwww fu-" Sonic said as he got Chaos controlled into the middle of the lake. Sonic started hearing the drowning music. "Awwwwwww crap. AIR BUBBLE AIR BUBBLE! WHERE ARE THE AIR BUBBLES! Sonic screamed but it was muffled by the water. Then Shadow appeared and Chaos Controlled them back to where they were. "Well that makes us even." Shadow said as he Chaos Controlled him and Rouge elsewhere.

"No wait take me with yooooouuu!" Sonic screamed. Then he turned around slowly to see Amy tackle him. "No..Amy get off!" Sonic screamed as they wrestled in the middle of the sidewalk and of course Amy was trying to kiss Sonic. Meanwhile... "Well that was pleasant." said Shadow as he and Rouge were walking through the park. "Yeah it felt good to get even with them." said Rouge. Shadow took Rouge's hand and he saw an ice cream stand. "You want some?" he asked. "Yes please." said Rouge. Shadow walked up to the ice cream man. "One chocolate/strawberry swirl for me, and one special flavor." "Which one?" the ice cream man asked. "Bejeweled." said Shadow. The Bejeweled flavor was a chocolate/vanilla swirl with different flavored rock candy chunks (which are always different colors) "Thank you." Shadow said as he paid the ice cream man. "Here you go Rouge I got you the special flavor: "Bejeweled" because I know how much you like jewels." Shadow said. "Thank you Shadow, you're sweet." Rouge said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. They both blushed. After they finished their ice cream they decided to go get dinner. As they were walking to the restaurants they saw Amy and Sonic still wrestling. "They're still going at it?" Rouge asked. "I guess it's daily routine for them." Shadow said. "Amy...get off! I have to meet the others for a party tonight!" Sonic yelled. "No! Not until you start dating me, or at least give me a kiss!" Amy said. Shadow and Rouge then walked away. "Noooo! Don't leave me here!" Sonic screamed after them. The restaurant was a Greek food place(Greek food is awesome.). Shadow ordered a Hercules, and Rouge decided to split it with Shadow. Shadow couldn't help but stare into her eyes as they ate. Rouge couldn't stop staring at Shadow either. After they ate they walked back to Rouge's place.

"I had a great time Shadow." Rouge said. "Me too" Shadow said. They walked inside and the lights were out for some reason. "This is strange." Shadow said. Then the lights suddenly turned on. "Surprise!" The whole gang yelled. "Ohmmygosh!" Rouge said. "Happy birthday Rouge." Shadow said. "I planned the party for you." "Thank you Shadow! I forgot it was my birthday while we were on our date!" Rouge yelled a she jumped into Shadow's arms and kissed him. "Awwwwwww." The gang said. "That's what WE should be doing Sonic." Amy whispered angrily to Sonic. "Ugh...Ammmmmyyyyy.." Sonic said. Then the party begun.

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