Lillian De Ville grumbled as she saw the poster taped crookedly upon her locker. The poster was brightly colored in marker in the school's colors. It had a cartoon of their mascot upon it as well as a schedule of the week's events. She ripped off the piece of paper and tossed it onto the ground directly in front of her best friend, Kimi Finster. Kimi paused, looked at the ground and then Lil, to which Lil responded with, "It's Homecoming time again."

Kimi did not share Lil's sentiment. Instead she bunched her fists and jumped in the air. "Homecoming! It's schoooool spirit time!" She pumped her fists, just narrowing missing her brother who ducked her fist pumping as he walked up to Lil's locker with Tommy, and Lil's twin, Phil.

Phil saw the poster on another locker and his eyes followed the schedule. "Homecoming. Sweet. I love the parades. Too bad we can't throw candy this year. Some stupid jerk gets hit by a float and it ruins it for everyone."

"We told you to just let the taffy go, Phil." Tommy reminded him.

"I know, but a man will do weird things for saltwater taffy." Phil sighed, shaking his head in shame.

"And powderpuff!" Kimi added. "We are going to kick the upper classmen's butts this year. I am going to get out my playbook from the closet! "

Chuckie ran a finger under his collar. "And those themed clothing days. I don't have to worry about what I am going to wear for a whole week. It sure takes a lot of pressure off the mornings."

Lillian grumbled louder as she saw how excited her friends were. She pointed at Kimi. "Since when do you care about football?" Then pointed at Phil, "Or school spirit?" Then finally at Chuckie, "Or what you wear?"

"Hey..." Chuckie said, looking down at his outfit which consisted of a long sleeved gray shirt, a burgundy button down over it and camoflauge pants. "I care what I wear. I mean, I'm covered, aren't I?"

Tommy then asked, "Why are you so down on the Junior High Homecoming, Lil?"

Kimi then leaned into Tommy's ear to whisper, "Last year she was nominated for Homecoming Queen and no one voted for her."

"Oh." Tommy's face fell, and then everyone else's, especially when he saw the sad look in Lil's eyes. Lillian turned to her locker, putting her backpack inside and getting out her books for the next class. Tommy felt like he had to explain. "Sorry, Lil. I don't normally vote for things like that. I don't even look."

"Me either." Phil replied.

"I voted for you." Chuckie replied, raising his hand.

"Thanks, Chuckie." Lil said, sadly.

Tommy went on. "It doesn't really matter, right? No one remembers those things and it's just a popularity contest anyway. No one even cares about those things."

Lil gave Tommy a glare which made Tommy laugh nervously. "Not helping." Kimi voiced out of the corner of her mouth to Tommy.

Phil turned around. "She's got that look in her eye. You are on your own." He then left the rest of them standing at Lil's locker. Chuckie looked after Phil, wondering if he should make his escape as well.

Tommy continued to dig himself a bigger hole. "It's great to be nominated anyway, right? I mean, who cares if no one really voted, it's an honor to see your name on the ballet."

"They didn't see my name on the ballot if they didn't vote." Lillian bit out, her brows narrowing.

"Okay, I'm out of here." After seeing the look now on Lil's face Chuckie was the next to go. He quickly ran off to catch up to Phil.

"You gotta be some kind of supermodel to get something like that anyway, right?" Tommy just continued to dig.

Lillian looked like she was just about ready to punch Tommy Pickles right in the face when Kimi stood between them. "Oh look, we are going to be late for English class. Let's go, Lil." Kimi then grabbed Lillian's arm and the two walked down the hall. Seeing that Lil had left her locker door open, Tommy shut it for her. He sighed and then went to class.

Even in class, or especially in class, Lil couldn't keep her mind off of Homecoming king and queen. She remembered how excited she had been when she had been nominated, but her friends hadn't shared the same sentiment. In fact, most of them had forgotten. They hadn't voted. Well, Chuckie did, and she knew that Kimi had as well, but that was all. Normally Lil would have taken the exact same attitude as they did-not cared. It was just a popularity contest, a race to see who could get more people to recognize their name on the ballots. It was true that no one really remembered, but at the time Lil had been honored to be nominated. It meant that she was almost popular. It meant that she'd had a chance. That is, until she learned that some people never truly have a chance.

She'd lost to Brianna. That was the worst part. That was worse than her friends not voting for something they didn't really care about anyway. Brianna was cruel and spiteful. Sure she had perfect hair and the best clothes. Sure her parents were rich, but she was an awful person. Still, the awful person won. It seemed like it was always that way. The meanest, cruelest, but best looking and richest person always won. "It's not fair!" Lillian slammed her fist on the desk.

The sudden silence caused her to look up to find that the class was looking back at her. The teacher said, "I know that you don't particularly enjoy reading the classics, Miss DeVille, but such outbursts are not necessary. I am passing out these workbooks to finish as you read Moby Dick, no matter how unfair it is."

Lil blushed and then hung her head. She looked at her packet once it was set upon her desk, but she didn't see it. She only saw in front of her Homecoming posters. Homecoming was such a farce. The homecoming king and queen elections were the biggest farce of them all.