Son of the underworld chapter 1

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Percy Jackson laid on the bus seat that was on its way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to look at ancient Greek art and Myths. To Percy who was stuck on a bus filled with twenty-eight mental case kids and two teachers, it was torture.

Percy's black sneakers stuck out into the isle of the bus, not that he was worried about kicking anyone. The two seats in front of him were empty and so were the ones behind him and the seats next to him, there was a gigantic hole were he was sitting. Kids crammed themselves up front and down back, trying to get away from him. The teachers sat with them, Mr. Burner the coolest history teacher ever that smelled like coffee was up front with Percy's roommate Grover.

See Mr. Burner is paralyzed from the waist down, however that did not stop him from being the coolest teacher ever! He would show up to class with a sword and channeling them at sword point to write down every Greek down, what god they worshiped and who was their mother. He was also Percy's favorite teacher because he did not hate/fear him; see Percy is what most people would call an outsider.

He did not even consider his roommate Grover his friend. Grover was a skinny kid and the only one in sixth grade that had acne and the start of a beard. He also was a cripple that was excused form PE for the rest of his life, but that did not stop him from running for the cafeteria on enchilada day. Percy and Grover tried to be friends, but they just did not seem to click. Grover seemed to find Percy creepy, once he even jokingly said that he had an aura of death around him. However, that did not stop Grover from stalking him at a respectable distance, of course, Grover would deny it but Percy just had a feeling. Therefore, Grover who seemed to watch Percy was starting to creep Percy out.

'I have no friends, what do I need a stalker for?' Percy thought as he sat up, the bus coming to a screeching halt. Kids and teachers filed out, Percy being the last one off the bus and once again, there seemed to be an invisible barrier that stopped people from getting to close to him.

Percy sighed as he followed the kids and teachers into the museum. As he looked around at the black and orange pottery and the white steles, he felt a smile pluck at his lips. Mr. Burner was leading the tour; he was talking about the myths. Stopping at one of the steles, he began to explain some of the sequences that were carved into the white marble.

Percy was paying attention though it was somewhat hard with everyone whispering around him. So he moved up front and the kids parted like the red sea, they moved back and away as they began to talk again a well-placed glare silenced them. Percy was listening to Mr. Burner talk about Kornos becoming paranoid and eating his children.

'How stupid power makes people. They think their eliminating the treat when in all reality their breeding fears and creating a new more powerful enemy. Desperation.' Percy mused in his thoughts, personally, he would have brainwashed all his children into liking maybe even loving him and then have them protect their poor wounded dad.

Percy tensed and looked out of the corner of his eye. Grover had stepped out of the crowd and closer to Percy.

'Stalker,' Percyhissed in his head. 'I really hope he isn't a rapist.'

Percy scooted away from Grover and consequently closer to Ms. Dodds. Percy eyed her and suddenly he felt very trapped. Mrs. Dodds was an old math teacher that took the place of their old one that had a mental break down. She wore a leather jacket and looked mean enough to ride a Harley into your locker. From day one, she loved Nancy Bobofit - a bully that had a probable with stealing- and figured Percy was devil spawn.

"So Zeus caused Kronos to regurgitate his brothers and sister, and together they brought the tyrant titan down. On that happy not, Mrs. Dodds please lead us outside for lunch." Mr. Burner said ignoring the ewws at the beginning of his speech and then he wheeled out following the boys that pushed each other and the girls that traveled in packs.

Chiron's eyes fell upon Percy as he walked outside, once again alone. It was strange usually demigods at least make one friends, but Percy seemed to repel people.

"He smells like death and decay sir, like the very earth that is piled on the grave."

"He is probably just the son of Thanatos or some lower level death god." Chiron muttered it was not as if Percy had done anything to prove him wrong. Percy seemed like a perfectly normal human, if Grover had not been the one that told him about Percy, he would have gone back to Camp Half Blood. However something made Chiron stay, it felt like a bubbling brook of power was underneath Percy's very skin.

Percy felt eyes on his back, 'Mr. Burner is burning holes in your back.' A deep voice said with in Percy's head. 'Stay low and out of trouble, now go eat your lunch and eat those vegetables.'

Percy felt a laugh bubble in his throat; it was not the first time that voice spoke to him. It also was not the first time he wondered of he was schizophrenic. Percy shrugged that question off -he had asked himself the same question before it never gave results- , the voice hurt him or anyone else. It actually looked out for him, telling him when something is wrong, it even told him to take better care of himself. TThe only time the voice ever got angry was when someone hurt him or when he was around Gabe, he always got the feeling the voice was a centimeter from cussing those times.

Percy took his lunch box form the security office where all the kids' things were stored. He waited until everyone left consumed by thought.

He remembered telling his mom about the voice, how her sea green eyes brightened.

"It's probably your guardian angel."

"What's a guardian angel, mommy?"

"A guardian angel is a spirit that protects good people from the evil of the world."

"Percy, are you not coming out to eat?" A voice called breaking Percy out of the memory world he had built for himself.

Percy looked up and inwardly groaned, 'Great its stalker goat.' The deep voice complained in his head, Percy felt his eyebrow rise as he nodded at Grover and followed him out.

'What did you mean by goat?' Percy asked the voice, he often did that when he was young. The voice was silent gone away like the sprits of a loved one.

Percy reached the outside with Grover; Mr. Burner was eating celery reading a book under a red umbrella like a motorized café. Percy started down the steps passing a glaring Ms. Dodds and a stealing Nancy; Grover followed him like a lost puppy. They sat down under a tree away from the school of freaks that could not make it anywhere else.

Percy opened his lunch and thought about how when he was little he use to pretend that the voice was his dad. Percy eyes darkened -so much they looked black- at the forbidden thought, his dad had stayed long enough to sire him then he left never seen again. A flash of a memory appeared in his mind, a soft smile and the gentle warn hand running through his hair.

Percy shook his head from that memory; it was just a dream, a wish that would never come true. From in his head he felt regret and sadness, 'Great I'm bipolar too.' Percy thought as he gave Grover his apple.

Percy began to eat his lunch and as requested by the voice he ate his veggies. As Percy fell into a pattern of taking a bite, chewing and repeating his thoughts fell to his mom. How he missed her, with soft brown hair -a little grey peeking through, not that she was old far from it!- he got his sea green eyes from her, but she said his eyes turned black just like is dad's. She said that deadbeat loser was away at work, well why not at lease write a letter or something!

Percy finished his lunch with no problem, he was putting away his lunch box when Nancy came over and spilled her lunch all over Percy and Grover. Cheeto freckles crinkled as she smiled nastily, but that smile disappeared when she saw Percy's glare. Apparently, the leftovers were meant for Grover, Percy was just the innocent bystander, which did not matter though. Percy was already ticked because of his stupid father, his stupid teachers, his stupid school and the stupid kids that would have been his friends if they would just get to know him!

Percy felt his anger shake his entire frame, it felt like flames licked at his blood, he wanted this girl to be scared…but most of all he wanted a friend that understood, but that would never happen.

"Percy pushed me!" Nancy screamed as if her head was about to be chopped off.

Mrs. Dodds appeared with a smug look, as if she had been waiting for something like this. She checked to see if Nancy was okay promising a new shirt; the one she had on was dirty and had a hole in it.

"Now honey." She started, "I know a month erasing blackboard." Percy interjected gloomy.

"It was me, I pushed her!" Grover yelped he could not let Percy be harmed. Even if they were not friends, it was still his duty to protect him.

Percy gave him a bewildered look as a warm feeling over took him, no one has every protected him before. Maybe he was wrong about Grover, maybe they could be friends.

Mrs. Dodds glared so hard at Grover his furry chin trembled. "Percy Jackson, come with me. Grover Underwood you stay."

Mrs. Dodds grabbed Percy by the arm and dragged him to the building. Percy glared over his shoulder at Nancy and looked in wonder at Grover, who was shooting looks at Mr. Burner. However, Mr. Burner was too into his book and celery to notice anything.

They walked through empty galleries at one point Percy thought she was going to have him buy Nancy a shirt. That was not the case; they went to the Greek exhibit the empty gallery echoed with every step. Mrs. Dodds stopped in front of the statue, growling she said, "You thought you could foul us Percy Jackson."

"I'm sorry madam, but I have no clue what you're talking about." Percy cautiously said, hoping they did not find out about the candy or the book report.

"Times up honey!" Mrs. Dodds hissed in fury and began to transform. Her jacket turned into leather wings, she grew claws and fangs.

"I guess your face couldn't get any uglier." Percy said in a pure unfiltered mouth moment.

Mrs. Dodds gave a yell of fury and charged at Percy. Claws slashed at the air disturbing his hair and scratching his ear. Percy felt warm blood trickle from the scratch, adrenalin rushed through his veins. Percy dodged her talons again, pure fear fueling his quick movements.

'Someone…' He dodged again, the claws getting closer. 'Someone help me…please, find me, help me.'

As Mrs. Dodds slashed again and this time she caught his shirt, ripping it to shreds. As tattered strips fell from his frame, Percy felt blood pooling and dripping down his chest and stomach.

"DIE!" Mrs. Dodds screeched and went for the final cut. Percy's green eyes widened and he threw up his arms to defend his face.

'I'm going to die.' A numb feeling over took Percy his one source of warmth dripping out of him. Its warmth now on the outside turning cold, something inside Percy snapped. 'No I will not die today!'

Dark black stone erupted from the floor deflecting Mrs. Dodds attack. Percy felt all the remaining energy he had drained away from him and he collapsed next to the stone. A shadow fell upon him; Percy looked up to see Mrs. Dodds looking down on him.

'Well so much for not dieing today.'

Mrs. Dodds's eyes meet Percy's as she knelt down, Percy watery eyes squeezed shut tears tracking down his cheeks. Mrs. Dodds felt something she had not felt in decade's sympathy for a demigod, but knowing he was a child of the underworld and those sea green eyes just pulled at the heartstrings.

"Calm yourself Percy, I will not hurt you."

Percy curios opened one of his eyes to see his regular teacher kneeling beside him.

"How do I know to trust you?"

"You don't but the fact I have not killed you, should be an indicator that I no longer wish you harm."

Percy relented, he would have thought of this farther if he were not so very tired.

"I can tell you all about our world; you will not go into this unprepared."

Percy nodded and got up with a willpower he did not know he had. Mrs. Dodds snapped her fingers and the black stone turned into a statue of Hades. Percy blinked at the statue it looked familiar in a strange way as if he would be safe as long as he was around.

Mrs. Dodds handed him a square of something warm into his hand. Percy looked at it in confusion; it looked like a gold brownie.

"It's ambrosia; it will heal your wounds and restore your energy. You can't have that much so only one bite or else your burst into flames."

Percy nodded and took a bite; it tasted like chocolate but melted like butter. Percy swallowed and felt his wounds close up, his energy restored he felt like he could do anything. With incredible will power, he handed Mrs. Dodds the ambrosia square, she nodded her head in approval.

Wrapping an arm around Percy she lead him to the gift shop, there they bought two shirts one for Percy the other for Nancy. As they walked outside Grover ran over to them.

"Stupid satyr." Mrs. Dodds muttered as she walked away from Percy, going to hand Nancy her shirt.

"Percy, I'm glade your alright!" Grover cried taking a step closer to Percy.

Percy smiled and caught Mrs. Dodds eye, "Yeah, I'm fine just had to get a replacement shirt."


"Mine was old and had a couple of tears in it."

Percy noticed Grover had a black eye, the purple coloring mixing with a sick yellow.

"What happened to your eye?"

"Nancy got mad, she and her goons tried to beat me up. However I was too much for them!"

Mrs. Dodds frowned as the sight of Percy interacting with the satyr. The satyr looked distracted and she knew it was because of Percy not being dead or at least injured. The ones from camp were already unsure about Percy being a demigod; he attracted no monsters of course that was because of her. Not even monsters wanted to deal with Hades's tormenters. There is hope in Percy's eyes and she knew that no good satyr would hurt him. When that began and after that happened, she would make his life Tartarus.

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