Son of the underworld chapter 5

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"Percy!" Mrs. Dodds gasped as she scrambled to her feet ignoring the pain.

Percy rushed forward and gently touched Mrs. Dodds arm, his dark green eyes filling with concern while rolling over Mrs. Dodds form.

"You have to get out!" Mrs. Dodds looked over her shoulder in fear as if something was going to come charging out of the woods.


"GO!" Mrs. Dodds shouted as a bellow broke the quiet night; she then pushed Percy toward the hotel. "Get your mother and get to camp. You'll be safe there!"

Percy grabbed Mrs. Dodds hand and tugged her along, ignoring the way she stumbled at first. Mrs. Dodds soon kept pace and the two busted into the hotel where Sally was talking to Iris.


Sally glanced at the two and immediately understood and then glanced at Iris. Iris waved her off and said, "If you must go, go."

Sally nodded her head with thanks and then turned to Percy. "Get in the car."

She made for the front door as Percy asked, "What about our stuff?"

"It's fine. I'll get it later." Sally called back as she opened the door; the sweet scent of flowers surrounding them as they rushed to the car.

Mrs. Dodds opened the passenger door, Sally opened the driver's side while Percy climbed into the back. In no time, Sally tore down the road quickly. In the meantime, Percy heard a bellow behind them and looked. He saw a great lumbering figure sniffing the air as it came out of the forest, moving very strangely. It was as if that figure was struggling to go after them! Sally turned by an abrupt corner in the road and the figure disappeared from view.

"What was that?" Percy asked, turning towards the front again.

Sally kept her foot on the gas pedal, her sea green eyes glancing at the gas tank, feeling uneasy. Mrs. Dodds seeing Sally not replying, answered him.

"It's the Minotaur."

"WHAT!?" Sally screeched as she pressed the gas pedal down to the floor.

"It's the Minotaur." Mrs. Dodds repeated, a slight smile on her face. Seeing such a usually calm woman freak out was slightly funny, even if they were in a dangerous situation.

"I thought you said we shouldn't say their name?" Percy said looking out the window in curiosity. Even if he wanted to stay far away from the monster he still wanted to get a glance of it.

"Demigods shouldn't, but monsters like me can say their name with no problem."

"That's not fair."

"Well-" Mrs. Dodds began only to be interrupted by Sally. "Please!" Her stressed out voice filled that car. "Please, just tell me why he has the Minotaur after him!"

Mrs. Dodds formed her words carefully as she glanced at the ceiling. "Percy's godly parent has kept their identity a secret just in case they have enemies. They did not want those enemies going after him so it was not sent by anyone. Percy just has some really bad luck."

Sally and Percy groaned in unison saying, "Tell me about it."

Mrs. Dodds laughed lightly and said, "On the bright side, I believe we lost him and the camp is just up that hill all you have to do is drive up it."

The car slowed and stopped, Sally checked the gas gage and found it was empty. She groaned and got out of the car; Percy and Mrs. Dodds followed her. They began to walk up the hill and were half-way there when Mrs. Dodds panted "it's not that bad."

Then they heard something that felt like ice in their bones- a bellow. Percy glanced behind him down at the car and saw the Minotaur was sniffing around the car. He (or at least Percy assumed it was a he) was seven feet tall and was more buff than the guy on the cover of last week's Muscle Man. He wore no clothes except a bright Fruit of the Looms underwear. At least the "loin cloth" was white. Coarse brown hair started at his belly button and grew thicker and thicker as it reached his shoulders.

"Worst luck ever," Percy groaned and picked up the pace, so did Sally and Mrs. Dodds.

They heard a bellow echo behind them and the screech of metal against asphalt as the car was tossed by the Minotaur.

"Not a scratch." Percy heard Gabe's voice echo in his head. "Oops," Percy whispered to himself as they struggled up the hill, they were almost there.

Another bellow came from behind them; Mrs. Dodds turned her head and shrieked. "Look out!"

She grabbed Sally and even with her wounded wing she took to the skies. Sally yelped and held her hand out as if to grab Percy from the ground. Mrs. Dodds flew over to a tree landed there out of breath and out of energy.

"Go back you have to go back!" Sally screamed as she witnessed the Minotaur getting closer and closer to her baby, but it was moving slowly as if it was having a hard time climbing the hill. Then she noticed the shadows around the Minotaur's feet changing into a thick liquid like substance slowing the Minotaur down.

"I can't. I'm too weak."

"Percy, dodge to the left when it charges!" Sally yelled; which drew the attention of the Minotaur.

The Minotaur snorted and charged at the tree where Mrs. Dodds and Sally were hiding. Percy saw the Minotaur rushing toward his mom and knew he had to stop him. He took off his jacket and waved it in the air, yelling.

"Hey you ground beef!" The Minotaur turned, so Percy continued to yell. "Why the hell, are you wearing fruit of the looms underwear; they amplify your ugliness!"

The Minotaur snorted and pawed at the ground. Percy could see he was getting annoyed, so he decided to push a little bit more. "You're right! It's not the underwear's fault. It was your mother's!"

The Minotaur bellowed and charged at Percy. As he neared closer and closer, Percy tensed trying with all his might to put to use what his mother had said. Sally shrieked and covered her eyes as Percy dodged the Minotaur. She felt so helpless, she couldn't do anything for her baby and to her there was no worse feeling in the world. So, she did the only thing she could do. She prayed.

"Please, please let him survive." She could hear the bellows of the Minotaur and Percy panting as he dodged. She peeked through her hands-sea green eyes glittering with tears-and saw her baby pushed back against the tree with the Minotaur barreling towards him. Sally screamed, her hands flying from her face as tears streamed down her cheeks. She reached out a hand shouting, "PLEASE, IF YOU'RE REALLY HIS GODMOTHER THEN HELP HIM!"

In her panic she didn't understand that Percy had a plan that he was going to jump out of the way. Her scream distracted him; the Minotaur was getting closer and closer. Percy's attention turned back to the Minotaur and knew it was too late to jump out of the way. He'd have to jump over or greet his dad in the underworld. Percy tensed and was determined to jump; however, it soon became apparent that it was not necessary.

Vines were wrapping rapidly around the monster. The Minotaur was immobile; he snorted and strained against the vines. Some vines would break, but more would take their place.

Percy stared at the Minotaur for a moment unsure of what to do. Should he run to the camp and get help. If he did what would happen to Mrs. Dodds and his mom? The decision was made for him when he felt a hand pushing on his back.

"Go, snap off his horn and stab him with it. I will keep him immobile." A soft voice whispered with the wind, the scent of flowers growing stronger.

Percy swallowed, screwing his courage in place as he edged closer to the Minotaur reaching for its left horn. The Minotaur snorted and jerked it head, trying to keep Percy away from his horn. Vines quickly wrapped around the Minotaur's throat, some crept up his head. Brown eyes rolled in panic looking at Percy with…fear.

'Come on, if this thing was attacking you wouldn't hesitate.' Percy thought as he gripped the horn. The Minotaur began to make a noise. It sounded strange like a keening, an animal crying. Percy looked at the Minotaur guilt began to fill him.

'I-I can't. I would be able to if it was attacking that would be defense, but to attack while it's defenseless.' Percy thought in despair his grip on the horn loosening.

"You're a hero. You will have to fight to defend yourself." The voice whispered in his ear.

Percy agreed. "Yes, I will have to fight to defend myself and I'll have to kill to defend others, but I don't have to slaughter something that can't fight back."

The Minotaur's brown eyes fixated on Percy a look of wonder in its eyes. Percy stared back and felt that the Minotaur was more than half man and bull; it was intelligent to a certain extent.

"He would not hesitate like you do." That did nothing for Percy so the voice tried a different approach. "He will not die. He will come back." The voice said soothingly.

That actually comforted Percy a little bit and he tightened his grip on the horn again. He patted the Minotaur on the side of the face and said, "It is okay. You won't die, you'll come back. It's just if I don't do this, you'll come after my mom, Mrs. Dodds, and me. Not to mention all the demigods you'll go after."

Just as he was placing both hands on the horn and tightening his grip a rasping noise stopped him. The Minotaur had opened his mouth and was breathing heavily making the rasping noise.

"Hey! Hey its okay, I'll make this quick!" Percy said panicking thinking the Minotaur was having a panic attack. This still didn't sit right with Percy, even if it would save others. Though the voice did say he would come back so he might not be doing any good at all. He might just pop out of the ground like a daisy.

"Hhhuuurrr." The Minotaur rasped.

"What?" Percy asked looking at the Minotaur. What did one do when a mythical monster was having a panic attack?

"H-hurt" Percy's eyes widened at hearing that one word.

"You can speak?!"

The Minotaur grunted and tried once more to speak; it seemed pretty tough though Percy can't imagine that he had many conversations over the years.

"It. Will. Hurt." The Minotaur rasped out.

"It'll hurt?" Percy groaned and slapped the side of his head. "Of course it will hurt dummy." He sighed and stepped away from the Minotaur. "I can't do it."

"Percy" the voice began.

"I can't do it." Percy interrupted which may not have been the smartest move if the one helping him really was his godmother, but then again who else could it be? "I will fight to defend myself and others, but I will not slaughter a defenseless creature. Please, just hold him while my mom, Mrs. Dodds and I get to safety."

A flash of gold light erupted from the tree that his mom and Mrs. Dodds were in. Percy jerked around with a startled expression only to see that the tree was empty. "Mom!"

"It's okay Percy. Your mother and Mrs. Dodds have been taken back to their home. Your request has been answered; make your way to the farm house over that hill."

Percy felt relief flood him and patted the Minotaur on the shoulder. "I'm going to go now. You can leave once I'm gone."

As Percy walked away, past the pine tree that marked the beginning of camp and down the hill toward the farm house he felt shame well up inside him. He was supposed to be a hero and in all the stories he heard not once did a hero spare a monster that would just do harm to others.

"There is no shame in what you just did." That strong comforting voice resounded in Percy's head making him relax. "You did what a true hero would do. Spare those that cannot fight back, no real hero would attack something that cannot fight back."

As Percy walked up to the back door of the farm house and opened the screen door the voice said one last thing.

"Besides life depts. are powerful things even among monsters."

Percy smiled knowing he did the right thing and knocked on the blue painted pealing door. When the door opened he wasn't surprised by who answered it. But the person who answered was sure surprised at who was knocking.

"Hello Mr. Brunner. Or should I call you Chiron?"


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