Ending Credits: How It Ends – DeVotchka

Kenny feels especially ill when he slams back into his body. He lays flat on his back and feels like a combination of wanting to die again, and feeling like he's walking on air. Everything is okay with Butters. He's okay. Sergio is dead. He is okay.

Kenny hasn't been okay in such a long time that the sensation of everything fitting into a relatively comfortable place in his life is overwhelming. Even though he's still dizzy in this new body, he lies back on his pillow and lets out a long, happy laugh.

He is okay.

Before Kenny has time to revel in this new experience, however, his bedroom door bursts open. It isn't anybody he expects it to be – no, instead, it's Kevin Stoley. The guy looks healthier than Kenny ever remembers seeing him. There are no shadows under his eyes, and he looks as though he's put on some much-needed weight. Under his arm, he is holding a half-filled bag of dog food.

"Stoley?" Kenny squeezes out, still too nauseated to make much sense.

"You're back," Kevin marvels, his voice awestruck, "You've been – oh my God. Where have you been? When did you get back home? Holy shit."

"Why are you holding dog food?" Kenny asks, confused. If Kevin has been feeding his dog, then that means… "How the fuck long have I been gone? What day is it? What month is it?"

Kevin looks at Kenny like he's seeing a ghost, like he remembers that he watched Kenny bleed out in Butters' lap in the rearview mirror. But he wouldn't remember – he just asked Kenny where he's been. Kenny was in Heaven, this time. That doesn't come around too often, though he figures that he redeemed himself by taking a bullet for Butters. Kevin swallows the lump in his throat and says, "It's – what the hell happened to you, man?"

"Out with it, Stoley," complains Kenny.

"It's May. May twenty second," Kevin says, "But seriously, what happened? Where did they take you after they took you out of the theatre? The police found them all shot and killed in this old paper factory like forty five minutes out of here, but they never found you. Did you escape? Holy shit! You're alive. Oh, my God."

"May twenty second?" Kenny weakly demands. He ignores the latter half of Kevin's interrogation and throws himself out of bed, only once having to lean himself against the wall to settle his senses. He tosses his closet open, relieved to find his tux for Karen's wedding tucked neatly inside on a hanger, right where he left it. He lays it out on his bed, running a tester hand through his hair – not too greasy. He'll be fine.

"What time is it?" he asks Kevin.

"Like noon?" Kevin says, flipping out his cellphone, "Oh, shit. I have to get dressed too – shit, you've gotta call your sister. She's been in tears for the last month, man."

By some grace of God, Kenny has been sent back to Earth just in the nick of fucking time for his baby sister's wedding. He would never, ever be able to live with himself if he'd missed it. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

"Can you give us a lift, man?" Kenny asks desperately, "I'll call her. Just, can you do me a solid?"

"Yeah, man, no problem," Kevin says, "Look, I just want to thank you for what you did back at the theatre. I was so fucking scared we were gonna die, and you just like, went with them. So, thanks."

"You're welcome," Kenny says tartly. He pulls a pair of clean boxers over his hips. Man, he's so skinny. He needs have Butters cook for him again. He'll put on some extra pounds in no time.

Kevin dismisses himself to get in his groomsman's getup. He says, "I'll wait for you downstairs, man."

Oh, fuck, Butters. Butters would have had a nightmare about Kenny's death. Kenny shuffles around his room, searching for his cellphone. He finds it in the drawer of his bedside table, dead. With the frustrated growl, he hunts for the charger, which ends up being on his kitchen counter, right where he'd last charged his phone – two fucking months ago. He plugs his phone in and taps his foot angrily.

When Esther sees him, she bounds over to him and nuzzles his leg, slobbering all over him as Kenny frantically dials his little sister's phone number.

"Hello?" her voice shakes with her answer. Guilt rains over Kenny, even though there isn't anything that he could have done to be brought back sooner. Time is so strange after you die. It isn't even there, really. Especially if you're enjoying yourself in a sea of comic books and blues records in Heaven.

"Hey, it's me. I'm gonna be there, Karen. I promise," Kenny says.

"Oh my God. Kenny – I – shit. I'm ruining my makeup," Karen sniffles and pauses to rake in a trembling breath, "I love you. I was so worried. Oh my God. I thought you were dead ."

Kenny resists the temptation to tell her that he was, in fact, dead for the past two months and says instead, "It's a long story. I don't wanna ruin your day with it, sweetheart. I love you too. I'm getting dressed right now." Actually, he's standing in his kitchen in his underwear and parka, giving his pitbull a scratch behind the ears, feeling relieved that somebody thought to feed her while he was dead. Thank Christ for Kevin Stoley.

"I…" Karen, begins, but she doesn't sound as though she can think of what else to say. She sighs softly and sniffles again before saying, "I love you, okay? Fuck. I'm so relieved. I can't wait to see you."

"You and me both, sweetheart," Kenny smiles against his cell.

"I've got to go. I'm getting my hair done. I wish I could talk forever. I was so scared, you asshole," Karen expresses.

"If we talk forever, I'm not gonna be able to get my penguin suit on."

"Fuck, you're right."

"It's okay, sweetheart. You can hang up. I'll see you in a couple hours."

"I know. Okay. I'm going now," she says, but she doesn't hang up the phone. Kenny chest aches a little at this, knowing how worried she must have been. He feels like a dick, even though he knows that this wasn't his fault and that he couldn't help the leap in time on Earth.

"I love you, and so I'll hang up for you," Kenny says, and before Karen can protest, he clicks the 'end' button on his phone.

He retreats back to his bedroom, giving himself a quick smell-check before streaking deodorant underneath his arms, and spraying himself with the bottle of expensive cologne that belongs to Butters – the guy didn't use it often, but when Kenny had said that he kind of liked the smell, Butters let out an "Aw, Jeez" and wore it more often for Kenny's benefit. Kenny hopes that his earthy, after-resurrection smell is properly masked, but one never knows. Still, he doesn't have time for a shower before whisking himself away to Denver.

Kenny inspects the clothes for any signs of dog hair or wrinkles, and, relieved to find not a thread out of place, pulls the getup on. He still feels ridiculous, but he thinks that the feeling may be born from that he used to wearing either much less and appropriate clothing, or shabbier, trashier clothing. He hasn't worn a suit since – well, since he was a kid. He used to have to wear this powder blue suit that belonged to his dad when he was little.

Kenny grabs his phone and tucks it into the pocket of his pressed pants, squeezing his feet into the shiny new dress shoes that Karen bought for him in Denver. He hasn't worn them since he tried them on, and so he's certain that he'll have blisters by the end of the day. But then, he'll do anything for his younger sister. Even blisters. Even riding in a car with Kevin Stoley.

A thought strikes Kenny as he's pounding down the building's stairs. Who the fuck was supposed to walk Karen down the aisle if he hadn't shown? The very idea gives him chills down his spine, wondering if she called their brother or father out of desperation, when Kenny knows very well that Karen would be happy never to have anything to do with either of them for the rest of her life.

Stoley is waiting for Kenny in a similar getup (green waistcoat, pink bowtie), sitting in his car with his fingers tapping impatiently on the steering wheel. Kenny jumps into the passenger's seat. Upon noticing the box in the backseat neatly wrapped with red paper and topped with a golden-yellow bow, Kenny swears, "Ah, shit. I didn't have fucking time to get a gift."

"I'm sure that they'll forgive you, man," Kevin says.

Kenny doesn't know what to say to that, because of course Karen doesn't give a shit whether or not Kenny purchased her and Clyde a wedding present. It's just that he cares.

Also, he's still trying to get over the fucking fact that Karen is marrying Clyde fucking Donovan. Maybe Kenny would be used to it by now if he'd had the extra two months to let it settle in. Then again, maybe not.

Kenny falls asleep on the drive down to Denver, being that after coming back from the dead, he always feels exhausted and a little sick to his stomach. He doesn't have time to recuperate today, and so he'll have to settle for a nap in Kevin Stoley's piece-of-shit vehicle.

He dreams, even though Kenny tends not to. The dream is at first pleasant, a vision of being with Butters before all the shit that happened went down. It's just them in bed together. They're not fucking around, though they did just finish doing so. He remembers this day. They just laid together, and Butters humored Kenny by reading a superhero comic with him, his favorite issue of The Amazing Spiderman. Kenny thinks that maybe Butters just liked seeing Kenny finally happy about something. He'd told Kenny that maybe he was meant to be an artist, the way that he kept yapping about the perspective in the panels and how damned good it was.

But the dream changes in a flash. Kenny isn't in his own dream anymore; he's outside of it, looking in. It's like a snow globe. Kenny feels like he's pressing himself up against the glass, but he can't get any closer to the ceramic scene inside – which happens to Butters, alone, and red-eyed. He looks like more of a wreck than Kenny has ever seen anybody, and it drives up a plethora of vile feelings in his gut, stirring up guilt and shame and loneliness and the desire to fucking help him.

Kenny bangs on the glass, but Butters can't hear him, no matter how loudly he shouts, "Baby, it's fine. I'm here! I swear I'm here." It's as if Kenny doesn't exist.

"Wake up, man."

Kenny jolts out of it. They're at a red stoplight, and Kevin is shaking Kenny's shoulder. He exhales when he sees that Kenny's awake, and remarks, "You were freaking me the fuck out, dude."

Kenny rubs at his eyes and mutters an apology. They're off of the highway, which must mean that they're close. He's unfortunately not familiar with the city, and from the looks of the GPS application open on Kevin's cellphone, neither is he. They're small town kids, really. Denver is a small city, but a city nonetheless, and navigating through it is not only a pain in the ass but mildly terrifying. City people do the weirdest shit – like jumping out into the street to cross it whenever there's an opportunity, instead of waiting their damn turn.

Despite the plummeting of his dream, Kenny feels better than he did when he first buckled himself into Stoley's car. His head is clearer, for which he is glad. He doesn't want to remember Karen's wedding as a day when he felt sick and stiff and dizzy.

Kevin pulls into a small parking lot within the park that the wedding is going to be in. Neither Clyde nor Karen are particularly religious, even having both been raised in religious households. Even if Clyde had wanted a church wedding, Kenny can guarantee that he wouldn't have won that fight in the long run – Karen has wanted an outdoor wedding since she was just a little thing. Even though Kenny was a disinterested teenager when she started to bring her ideas of a perfect wedding up to him, he listened, because he didn't think that anybody else around would. Maybe if their mom wasn't always so exhausted from working for the rest of them, she'd have listened to Karen's dramatic wedding ideas. But that hadn't happened, and so Karen would tell Kenny instead, when they were wrapped up in the covers of his bed together to keep the cold at bay.

Kenny hopes that she got everything she wanted. He knows that isn't possible entirely – he was gone for her final dress fitting, an event that Karen had told him she expected him to attend.

"I hope she got that nice dress she wanted," Kenny mentions absently, as Kevin ducks into the backseat to stash the present out of sight.

"Huh?" Kevin expresses.

"She wanted a princess dress," Kenny clarifies, voice a little far-off. He sees everybody in the distance, chairs all set up, with people in their formal wear lounging around. His heart lurches and he almost feels as if he's going to throw up, even though he just started to feel better. He's nervous, he realizes. This is…huge. It's his baby sister, for fuck's sake.

"Um," Kevin eyes Kenny and asks, "How do you like, know that? Isn't that kind of a…bridesmaid thing to know, or something?"

Kenny rolls his eyes, but doesn't respond. They're here. They're here at his little sister's wedding. This is the kind of day that crosses your mind over the years as something that is far away, something that can't possibly happen, because in your eyes, your sister is still the seven-year-old telling her older brother that she wants a "wooshy, sparkly wedding dress." You never think to yourself, one day, this seven year old will be wearing a wedding gown. It's a dream. Like how she also wanted to be a firefighting princess. But no – no, it isn't actually a dream, because it's happening. It's happening right now. It doesn't seem possible, but it is, and makes Kenny about scared enough to piss himself.

He and Kevin traipse back to the building beside the sea of chairs adorned with pink and green bows, away from the latticed archway, decorated with ribbons and flowers. It's beautiful, really, and in typical Coloradan form, there is hardly a wisp of cloud in the sky.

Inside, it is nothing short of chaos. Women in pink dresses are running in all directions, and groomsmen in their fruit wedding gear are either cowering on the decorative furniture, or begrudgingly helping run errands to make certain that their 'bro' has an appropriately perfect wedding day. When Kevin and Kenny are spotted, Ruby dashes clumsily over to them. Kenny catches her shoulder with a single hand when she trips over her own feet.

She explains, "Dude, I fucking hate heels, I swear to God. Kevin, find Craig. He's in charge of making sure nobody else fucks up – somewhere off in that direction. And you," she grips Kenny by the collar of his suit coat, "Karen is that way. The room with the pink bow on the door." Ruby glares up at Kenny like he's destined to fuck up everything, and points him in the opposite direction.

Kenny walks swiftly, a combination of nerves and joy working in his stomach. He follows Ruby's direction. He has to pause when his hand hits the doorknob below on ostentatious pink bow, breathing deep before he gives a light knock and heads in.

His stomach about drops to his feet.

Karen looks beautiful. He knew that she would, of course – even though he always thinks that she's beautiful. It's just moment like these, seeing your baby sister dolled up in a white gown, that reminds a man that his sister isn't seven years old anymore. She's a full-grown woman. She's also wearing the dress that Kenny swears she always fantasized about, with a huge, fluffy skirt and fitted bodice.

Their mom is there, wearing a celery green dress to match the attire of the wedding party. She's wiping a smudge below Karen's lower lip with her thumb. Neither women are the first to spot Kenny's entrance, however.

"Ken!" exclaims Butters, and Kenny finds himself engulfed in his embrace.

Holy shit. Butters is in his formal uniform, suited in navy and gold. Medals and honors adorn his breast. He looks – well, official. Important.

"Kenny, you're here," Karen's hand flies up to her mouth, and Carol slaps it back down.

"You're gonna ruin your makeup again cryin' over your stupid brother," Carol scolds.

Kenny rolls his eyes and rushes forward to yank Karen into a hug. He lifts her up, squeezing her tighter to him than he ever has before. He kisses the top of her forehead, probably messing up some sort of special facial and giving exactly zero fucks. He says, "I told you I'd be here, sweetheart."

"What happened?" Karen demands, when Kenny sets her back onto her feet.

Kenny gives an awkward laugh and rubs the back of his neck. He offers up a sheepish smile to his sister and explains, "It's kind of a story for another day. I don't want to be fucking up the festivities and all that shit."

"Kenneth, you watch your mouth," chides Carol, cuffing him on his arm, "It's an important damn day, you don't go around cursin' like a fuckin' sailor."

"Mom," Karen says pointedly.

"Oh, shit," Carol says, coloring a little.

Kenny can't help but snicker, which earns him another punch. He's happy, though, to know that even if this is a special day, his family is still the same as always. They're not going to pretend to be anything but McCormicks (Though it does look like a stylist tried his or her damndest to disguise the fact that his mother still sports a mullet).

Butters, meanwhile, politely stands back against the wall of the room, holding his arms behind his back, watching the events unfold. Kenny tosses him appreciative smile, and he smiles back, giving a little wave.

He stands there for the entire grooming process, even as Kenny and Carol help place Karen's veil as precisely as possible, so as not to fuck up her expensive-looking and bedazzled coiffure.

It's only when they're heading toward the lobby of the building to ready themselves for the procession that Butters starts heading out to take a seat. Kenny detaches himself from Karen's side to stop Butters with a hand on the shoulder of his uniform. Butters turns back and gives Kenny a wobbly smile – which Kenny doesn't like. Kenny slides a glance back at the wedding party, most of whom seem to be pretending that they're not staring at him and Butters. He decides he doesn't care what they think, seizes Butters by the back of the head while making sure not to agitate the cap on his head, and tugs him up into a kiss. Not just a peck – a full-blown, deep kiss. He wants every person to know that he fucking loves Butters Stotch, and he doesn't give a shit what they think about it.

Butters makes a little whimpering noise and an instant later, tries to stifle it. But he kisses Kenny back, yanking him close enough that Butters' medals press into Kenny's chest.

When Butters pulls away, he's grinning wider, though still a little sadly. Kenny wonders if he's done anything wrong – other than disappearing for two months, that is. Is Butters pissed at him for that? Because that would fucking suck.

Butters squeezes Kenny's hand in his gloved fist and says lowly enough that the onlookers won't be able to hear them, "We'll talk during the reception, okay?"

Kenny doesn't like the sound of that, but he answers with a serious nod, "Yeah."

Butters releases him, then, and heads outside to take his seat among the other guests.

Kenny retreats back to stand beside his sister. She beams up at him and says pointedly, "Last time we talked about him, you said you 'thought you might like him.'" Everybody else is staring openly at Kenny, his mother in particular. He feels like he should tell her not to be shocked – his parents did catch him with a dick in his mouth and kick him out of the house, after all. But then, maybe she's more surprised by the way in which he and Butters kissed. Kenny may not like the "let's talk" suggestion, but he knows that people that merely 'like' each other don't kiss each other like he and Butters just did.

Kenny shakes his head and replies, "I wasn't in love with him yet, give me a break."

Outside, they hear the music begin. The flower girls – Clyde's very young cousins – head outside with their baskets of petals, seeming incredibly proud of their appointed position in the wedding.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen follow in pairs – Craig and his sister, Token and Kenny and Karen's old foster sister, Melissa, Jason and Flora. Carol comes after them, looking the most elegant that Kenny has seen in years.

Then it's their turn. Kenny laces his arm in Karen's and gives her a final squeeze. He thinks that he's more nervous than she is. She looks confident, and determined. Kenny probably looks exactly as he feels, like he's about to give up one of the most important people in his life to a terrible thing – growing up.

She murmurs, "Chill out," just as they exit outside.

It's a warm, ideal day to have an outdoor wedding. Kenny likes to think that this is God cutting him a break, or something like that. They walk slowly down the runner darting between sections of chairs. At the end of the aisle, Clyde's parents stand behind him, and Carol stands beside them. Kenny has to admit that Clyde looks pretty fucking good in his fancy-ass getup.

Clyde's eyes soften and his mouth drops open when he sees Karen. Kenny can't deny that he sees the same feeling he has for Butters in Clyde's face when Kenny and Karen pull up to the front. Kenny backs up and stands beside his mom, who is smiling in a strange, fond way that Kenny doesn't know that he's ever seen on her face before. He's even further surprised when Carol slips her hand into his and squeezes. They share a similar look – Kenny gets it. He and his mama raised this girl. They were the ones that had her back over the years. They should have realized it sooner, perhaps, that Karen is a grown woman and she's possibly stronger than Kenny and Carol put together.

Clyde and Karen read each other their handwritten vows. Karen's is more eloquent than Clyde's, but they are equally heartfelt. When they seal the vows with a short, hard kiss, Kenny's chest tightens.

His baby sister is somebody's wife. An odd, tangled-up feeling ignites and wraps itself around Kenny as he watches Karen and Clyde retreat back into the building for the reception – married, now. Kenny lets himself hug his mom, because why the fuck not. Weddings make people feel all sentimental and shit, and he's in no way excluded from that phenomenon. He doesn't realize that Carol is crying until she sniffles wetly into his neck.

Kenny pats her on the shoulder and soothes, "It's alright, mama."

"No, it ain't. My baby's all grown up and shit," Carol whines.

"She was grown up before this," Kenny says.

Carol nods dumbly and clings onto Kenny's arm as he follows the stragglers retreating inside to the reception room.

The room is beautifully decorated in green and pink. Whoever is behind it did an excellent job. He can tell from the way that Karen's eyes are sparkling at the scene that she loves it maybe even more than she thought that she would.

Good. She deserves it.

They slog through the toasts. Many are heartfelt, and some are incredibly awkward (mainly Craig's), but all of them are long. Kenny didn't prepare a toast or a speech of any kind, but Karen asks him to speak anyway. He stumbles over wordy mumbling about loving his sister and how Clyde had better treat her right (or else).

Kenny will admit to some relief when they all eat and don't have to speak to each other anymore. The other wedding guests still see him as That McCormick Boy, even though that part of his life is officially over. He doesn't know what he's going to do now that he's done with Polly, now that he's done with leather and poles and illegal sex with older men.

He stares at Butters throughout the entire meal, where he sits with Tweek and Stan and Wendy. Christopher catches Kenny looking and waves enthusiastically. Kenny waves back, tipping back champagne and praying to avoid any awkward conversation. All Kenny wants is for everything to okay between the two of them, and he's admittedly confused on that front. He thinks that Butters is upset with him.

But when the first dance comes around, and Karen and Clyde take the dance floor, Butters stands and comes to the wedding party's table. He bows his head slightly and asks Kenny if he wants to dance. Kenny agrees. He can feel the eyes of everybody, and he isn't certain whether they're looking at the happy newlyweds, or Kenny and Butters, swaying slowly and smiling warily at each other.

The music comes to a close, and Kenny is forced to mingle once again. He finds himself retreating further and further into the corner, where Tweek is standing by himself, a glass of champagne clutched in his grip. He's staring at Craig, who is speaking to his sister with the same bored and slightly irritated expression that he's always worn.

"Hey man, you okay?" asks Kenny.

Tweek's lips lift up in a fey little half-smile. He answers, "You know what? I'm f-fine."

"What happened?" ventures Kenny. He isn't sure that he wants to know, mainly because he finds Tweek's calm eerie and unsettling.

"He's moved on to bigger and better things," Tweek explains. He sips at his champagne, "He said he was afraid to tell me because he thought that I'd go crazy."

"Oh, fuck –" starts Kenny, but Tweek interrupts.

"But you know what, man? I think I k-knew it already. I just wanted him to say it. Jesus, how hard is it? But Craig never liked confrontation. He t-thought I was fucking nuts. And I guess I sort of am, but that d-doesn't change the fact that he's a total d-dick that can't just say what's on his mind."

Kenny is stunned into silence. He struggles to think of something to say, and settles on raising his glass, clinking it against Tweek's, and remarking, "Damn."

"I've been seeing somebody else since Christmas anyway, man."

"Yeah?" Kenny lifts a brow.

"I kind of thought it was just sex, but he started to call me sometimes, you know. Just to talk and shit," Tweek returns.

"What's his name?"

Tweek smirks, "Kyle."

"Kyle? Where'd you meet him?"

"Man, if you want to get technical, I met Kyle in preschool," Tweek says slyly.

"Kyle Broflovski?" Kenny says, disbelieving, "You're bullshitting me, dude."

"Christ, no. He's way more interesting in the sack than Craig, just for the record," Tweek answers.

"Sick, dude. I don't want to know that," Kenny makes an exaggerated gagging noise in his throat and Tweek cackles, looking pleased with himself. Tweek does enjoy putting people off, Kenny supposes – at least, he did back when he was happier. It's nice to see a little of Tweek before he became lonely, lost Tweek.

Kenny is thankfully rescued by Butters, who approaches Kenny with that look, the one that says that they have to 'talk' now. Butters whisks Kenny out of the reception room and into the men's restroom.

When the bathroom is confirmed to be empty, Butters yanks Kenny into his arms and crushes their mouths together. He squeezes Kenny so tightly that he can hardly breathe. When Kenny is released, he gasps out, "What was that for?"

Butter says, "I thought you were dead."

"Ah, I'm fine, dude. Seriously –"

"No, you don't understand. I'm so fuckin' confused, Ken. You – you – you died in my arms. You got shot. Nobody else remembers anything. I keep askin' around, and Bebe thought I was fuckin' off my rocker. But I swear I didn't just dream it, darlin'. I could swear that you jumped right in front of me and saved my life," Butters starts to pace. He sounds like he might cry, and God, he sounds lost. He speaks like he doesn't think that Kenny will believe him, even though he knows that he's telling nothing but the truth.

Kenny, meanwhile, has been struck silent.

"You remember?" he finally says hoarsely.

"Whaddya mean 'do I remember?' I'm crazy, right?" Butters looks desperate for somebody to explain to him what the hell is going on, but he's got the wrong explanation in his head as the one that's right.

Kenny shakes his head. He says, "I die all the time, Butters."

"You – but how?"

Kenny pulls himself up onto the counter. He replies, "I dunno, baby. I've been dying since I was little. I always come back. That's why I said it would be fine when I was dying in your lap. See? It's fine."

Butters stares. He says, "I don't understand."

"I can't die," Kenny says simply, "Well, I mean, I can. I just don't stay dead. All those dreams you were having – those deaths happened."

Butters looks horrified. His voice cracks and goes high when he asks, "What about…what about all those suicides I dreamed about after Christmas?"

Kenny feels like he's been kicked in the chest. He avoids Butters' imploring eyes and answers, "They all happened, yeah."

Butters' brows sweep together. This seems to be the opposite of what he wanted to hear. He looks like he's about to cry, and he stammers out, "But – But why?"

"'Cause it was easier, dude," Kenny shrugs, "I get a new body when I come back, so if I get fucked up, I just kill myself to get a new body. And I mean…I was – I was in a bad place, man. I thought – fuck, I didn't know what I thought. I guess I thought that I'd fucked up my only shot with you."

"I'd probably always forgive you," Butters softly tells Kenny. He reaches forward with his gloved hand and runs his fingers through Kenny's hair, tucking a lock behind Kenny's ear, "You really can't die?"

Kenny shakes his head and confirms, "I can't die."

"I love you," Butters tells him so quietly that Kenny can barely hear him.

Kenny pulls Butters forward between his legs and applies a kiss to his lips. They wrap their tongues together, kissing each other until they can't breathe anymore. When they break apart, panting, Kenny says, "I love you, too."

They kiss again, leaning their foreheads together, when Butters asks, "You wanna get outta here?"

"And go where?"

"I don't care," Butters says, "we can go anywhere."

Kenny grins and they kiss again. Kenny agrees, "Yeah, fuck it. Let's get out of here."

They sneak out the back door and cross the park, laughing and pulling into each other into sloppy kisses. Together, they climb onto Butters' motorcycle. Kenny wraps his arms around Butters' waist and leans his head against Butters' back.

Butters revs the bike, and like that, they're out. They pull away from the park, away from the city –


Away – together.



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