Well, after some huffing and puffing (not of houses; swim season can wear on a person, ya know?) and not having anything else going along quickly, I managed to put this together in a few days' time. Enjoy!

Chapter 2: Reality and Gender Bent

Alright, time to take stock in what exactly this "Entrails Pikachu" looked like. First of all, and this is rather obvious, is that this is the furry…correction, felt…mascot of Game Freak. Yellow simulated fur, red cheeks, lightning bolt tail, stocky body…it was all there. What also was there was the trademark red gut of Kämpfer's Entrails Animals series. Also there were three curious red marks stitched along its belly, perhaps simulating claw marks. What I couldn't make heads or tails of weren't the claw marks; if all the information about Kaede and the school explosion were nonexistent, then this doll could be written off as a simple prank. What perplexed me was the total design of the Pokedoll, if you could even call it that. It seemed so lifelike. Never before had I seen the paws be denoted by actual gaps in the doll that created fingers and toes, and the usual piece of string that held the tail to the head was absent, allowing the tail to droop down towards the floor. This only further cemented the very real truth that I was convinced in.

"You got one too?" Kate asked. I finally looked at the object Kate was holding. It was a surprising find at the time, until I remembered that she was an Inuyasha fan. Somehow, the image of cute little Chibi-Miroku coupled with the stuffed gut that hung out of his stomach was rather sickening. Wonder what happened to him. Let's see…his right hand is a reddish-brown color…I'm guessing that the motif is that he sucked in too many of Naraku's poisonous insects with his Wind Tunnel. Like Entrails Pikachu, Chibi-Miroku had surprisingly realistic contours and proportions. Even his staff, made of imitation gold, was separate from the main doll, kept safe by having it strapped to his back rather than held in his minute hands.

"Ugh…" Alex groaned. "What a way to defile an icon." That was to Entrails Pikachu. Even as a chibi, poor Miroku gets no love.

"I'd like to think this is sheer coincidence…" I muttered. Kate and Alex were able to hear.

"You've seen these types of dolls before?" Kate asked.

"Kinda…they're part of a novel series called Kämpfer. These little doll things are called Entrails Animals, though they really should be described as Messengers. I've never seen them patterned after other series before, though."

"So these are just fan merchandise?" Alex deduced. "Good, I was starting to think that there was a company that actually wanted to disrespect a revered character such as Mickey Mouse." Quite right, quite ri-Mickey? No, don't tell me-! If anyone was to get involved, surely Apollo could have cursed a much less beautiful being, right?-!

"Not you too?" Kate was incredulous, and so was I, especially when I finally set eyes on the Entrails Mickey. Poor Walt must be rolling in his grave right about now. It was the standard Mickey Mouse, with the red pants and no shirt. Additions include simulated Mickey guts and the imprints of feet all over his body. Buy now at the Main Street Emporium in the Magic Kingdom for the low, low price of $12.99!….Gah, I wish that was the case…

"So what is this Kämpfer thing all about?" Kate asked. "You said something about Messengers…" Better give out the spoilers. I expect my sanity rating to fall in Alex's eyes…

"Well, for the bare-bones minimum, in Kämpfer, the Messengers are the representatives of a war between two alien races, one red, and the other blue. The war was mediated by a third side, white, which convinced red and blue to allow the fight to be resumed on Earth, an uninvolved planet, using teenaged girls as proxies." Alex began to seem a bit wary.

"You know, you're not helping your case as to being relatively clean. I've even heard Marty call you a-!"

"Hey, there's a lot worse out there than Kämpfer and Negima! I draw the line at real and explicit renditions of people. Besides, it's not full-fanservice; there's a legitimist plot."

"Which is…"

"The main character, a boy, becomes a Kämpfer." I stopped there, allowing that line to sink in.

"I thought you only said that girls could become Kampfer?" Kate wondered. Then it hit her. "Wait, if that's true, then the boy can turn into a-!"

"SSH!-!" Not so loud, Kate! Do you know how many looks we would get from both students and teachers if you said "girl" to finish your sentence?-! "Yes, a girl." My finisher was quiet enough, but Kate's fangirl squeal wasn't. "Anywho, the boy rejects the fighting between red and blue, and seeks to end the Earth's involvement as an arbitrary battlefield for the conflict. However, that leads to him losing his closest friend, a girl named Kaede Sakura."

"Hold on, didn't a Kaede Sakura just transfer into our grade?" Great observation, Alex! Just what I expected out of one of the smartest people in the school! However, I must lead you astray for the time being. Sorry, love.

"Yes, but she's completely unrelated; this is fiction, after all." Yeah, right. "Anyway, this Kaede turns out to be a moderator, who selects Kämpfer candidates and ensures that the fight continues until a side wins. She also happens to be in love with the boy, but only with his girl side, for she swings that way. As far as translations can take me, the boy has to make the tough choice to stifle his feelings for her in order to stay not only as a guy, but also to stay with his friends, whose lives were in danger from Kaede and her cronies." Well, that's the end of the plot. Though I did leave out the love polygon…nah, ignorance is bliss.

"Interesting…" Alex put Entrails Mickey back into her locker. "I guess I should keep mine here. As much as I hate giving away a gift, my little sister would scream if she saw this. By the way, Greg, this wasn't your doing, was it?"

"Do I look like I have that kind of hand-eye coordination needed to stitch that?"

"Perhaps." She leaves a tantalizingly sly grin on her face. Ahh…to only wish that it could drive out these nagging forces inside my cranium…

"I'll bring mine home," Kate stated. "Even like this, I'm not one to get rid of Inuyasha merchandise. Besides, who could say no to Miroku's cute little face?" Quite a few people, actually, when they see his fake intestines. Our conversation shifted off of the dolls, and onto more mundane matters, before Alex and Kate departed for home. I was about to leave as well, when I notice the presence of someone staring at me. Don't tell me she's caught onto-?-! No, this is a more familiar presence…

"I overheard all of that." Okay, Kaede certainly doesn't have a male voice with an Indian accent. Don't worry; he's a friend. "You didn't sound too sure of your own words, Greg."

"Should've known that you of all people would have picked up on that. However, when you and your friends get these…dolls…and you meet the main villain o a show right in your own classroom, how could you not assume the worst, even if it is logically impossible?"

"Remember, I saw her just as I got back from the bathroom during Astronomy; I saw that unfold before my very eyes. Tiffany showed me one that she got that looks like a ferret with red hand marks around its neck." Great, another one of my friends is drawn into the conflict. "Shall I do anything to assist you guys? I don't currently have one of these Entrails dolls, so my mobility is increased."

"It's too much for me to ask another one of my friends to join into this mystery when we don't know all of the details. What I can ask you to do is to see who else has gotten a Messenger, and then discreetly find out what side they're on. If anything, an early warning system for us is the way to go for now. And find out more about that school explosion in Japan. We need to know what happened to the original Kämpfer."

"Fine by me. I'll see you around, Greg; Ultimate Frisbee awaits me."

"See you." We part ways, one for club, the other for home, but both into an uncertain future.

"I'm done with dinner, mom. I'm going to bed."

"Okay, dear. Good night."

I scurried upstairs into my room. By now, it was about 10:00, and the turn from today to tomorrow was nearing. I had long ago changed out of my uniform, and was now wearing white socks, a red shirt that said "Quiksilver", and two-tone grey plaid pajama bottoms. Not the most stylish combination in the world, I know, but who would really see me in this anyway aside from myself and my mom (My dad had to take a job in Texas in order to find work, so he isn't around that often anymore)? Wait, that list may be growing soon.

I rummaged through my backpack, and find Entrails Pikachu. Knowing the series well, I know that should the worst happen, this little creature would scare the clothing off my poor mother. A little duct tape around the hands and mouth, however, should do the trick. With that set, I placed the Entrails Pokemon deep into my collection. Oops, I forgot to mention my Pokedoll collection. Even a guy can sometimes be swayed by cuteness, and considering that they cram the top and upmost shelf of my bookcase, as well as the top of the headboard, you might say that I have a sizable collection. I stuck my newest addition behind the left speaker, which has a Minum doll on the top (you can guess who's on the right speaker). I then covered the space with a Turtwig, a Shinx, and a Larvitar holding a branch; that way, my mom wouldn't happen to accidentally see the new acquisition.

With that done, there were only a few things to do. I moved my phone charging stand from my desk to the headboard. Setting the alarm for two in the morning, I proceeded to attach my headphones (I can't stand earbuds), so that the alarm would be muffled. All that was left to do was to shut the lights off, get extra sheets for bed, and then fall asleep, which was done in short order. I hoped to God, Jesus, AND the Holy Spirit that my fears would subside in the morning, and that all I had to look forward to was another tiring day of school and burying that stupid doll deep in my collection.

Either this is God's will, in which case I have no right to question him, or God's humorous side is coming to light for the first time in recorded history. The wake-up call provided by my Hare Hare Yukai ringtone only served to confirm my deep suspicions, and cleared any lingering doubts about whether the doll was real or fake. Speaking of that thing, I better bring it out of hiding. Carefully moving off my creaky bed (I doubt my mom would want to see me like this), I head to the speaker, and excavate my new fine felted friend. A muffled cry seemed to be coming from behind the tape on its mouth, further reinforcing my new reality. I carefully tiptoed down the stairs, using the staircase to adjust to my new sense of balance, and snuck out the door to the house.

My destination was the floodplain known as Riverside Park, which was only a block away from my house. I actually live across the river in Pequannock; however, by using the abandoned railroad bridge over the Pompton River, I can get to both the park and the river beyond it much quicker than if my mom drove me over the road bridge to the north. It was quiet; the only thing cutting through the air was the sound of my light, hurried footsteps as I approached the rusting bridge. There was nobody around the area; the Wayne side was either parkland or Paladin Central, and the closest houses on my side of the river had been demolished by the state after hundreds of millions of flood repairs were finally found too costly for the state to handle.

I stopped once I was halfway across. The sound of the babbling river was clear now. I ripped off the tape that binded Entrails Pikachu, and tossed the scraps into the river, leaving the current to wash them away downstream. Time for my interrogation to begin.

"What's the big idea, bub?-! Kidnapping your partner like that is frowned upon!" At last, the Pokedoll opened its mouth. Well, not really, since it can't with the stitches and all, but you get the point.

"I know why you're here, so spare me all of the explanative details about being a Kämpfer and tell me your name." God, I can't even believe that that was my voice. I sound like Haruna Saotome.

"E-eh?-! You already know about us?-!"

"How could I not, since one of your moderators is in my classes with me, Laura Bailey sound-alike!"

"Hey! The name's Slash Attacked Pikachu!"

"You sure know your anime well, SAP."

" SAP?-! I'm a SAP?-!"

"It's an acronym, unless you want me to call you Piaka Yukihiro. And yes, I'm currently feeling generous enough to offer it."

"Please do, Greg! Piaka sounds so much nicer."

"It's funny you should mention that…HOW THE HELL CAN ANYONE CALL ME GREG WHILE I'M IN THE BODY OF A GIRL?-!-?-!" Right, I forgot to mention that earlier, so let me take the time to explain my, er, predicament. I wasn't any taller or shorter, but I was certainly less hairy along the arms and legs, which were also more slender than before. My waist area had changed as well, becoming much more curved. My hair now was way, way, WAY longer than it used to be, having gone from about two inches to four feet in length and reached the back of my knees. The two things that were important to this change were the absence of the "thing where the sun never shines" (along with my underwear, replaced by panties), and the addition of two gigantic melons plopped onto my chest. And boy do I mean melons! The things were huge, even bigger than Kasey's or Brittney's (by the way, I give those two newfound respect in putting up with the stares, which I certainly will be getting lest I be cautious). The largeness of these things was compounded by the fact that I didn't have any sort of bra on, but I'll address that in a much later issue.

"Hey, you look cute an' sexy in that body!" Piaka complimented. "And the bracelet matches your style."

"Well, it's blue at least, so it won't stand out too badly…but let's get back on track here! What's the big idea in having me fight in this stupid proxy war of yours?-!" Piaka was slightly stunned, but soon regained her composure.

"Admirable as it is that you know so much about the situation despite you noninvolvement in it prior to now, you are resigned to the fact that you must slay the red Kämpfers, with me as your trusty aid in finding out what your weapon in battle is!"

"Are you blind?-! It's obvious that I'm a Zauber type! I didn't see any weapons by me when I woke up, after all." The only thing missing was the power that I had. Ice? Fire? Lightning? Something else?

"But you still need my guidance for finding what that power is, bub!" That's it; I've had enough with her. Grabbing Piaka by the intestines, I swung her out over the river. "Hey! What are you doing?-! Let go of me this instant!"

"If I was any meaner, I would just let you swim all the way to Paterson Falls." I brought the Pokedoll back over the bridge. "Be lucky that I'm nice. Now when we get back home, I want you to change me back into a guy. I can't obviously go to school like this."

"Why? You'd be the talk of the town! Guys would be lining up to date you!"

"Do you want to take a dip?" Piaka gulped, and shook her head in disagreement. I began to walk back home. "I thought as much. Oh, and pipe down if there are non-Kämpfers like my mother around. I can partially accept being a girl, but I won't tolerate having to imitate a ventriloquist."

"Fine by me," she huffed. "By the way, are you going to fight in that?" It only just hit me that I was still in my pajamas. Wasn't my Kämpfer form supposed to wear a default set of clothing at all times? Wait, does that mean I'd have to wear this against girls with swords and guns?

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Ha! Something you don't know! Well, A Kämpfer always wears whatever the person is wearing upon the first transformation. Afterwards, they wear whatever they had on at the time they previously transformed back from."

"I-I knew that! I was just seeing if you knew!" Obviously a lie, but I wanted to save some grace. Looks like I can't completely rely on the media for this one.

One otherwise uneventful punch-induced sleep later, I woke up, back in my boy body, back on my own bed, but back in my new reality. After getting ready for school, getting breakfast (hooray for Captin' Crunch and Pops!), and shoving Piaka behind my laptop, I started off for on my trek for school. As I approached the bridge, I met up with my holy saint Alex. She also lived in Pequannock, so I walked with her to school often. I didn't need to be a psychic to notice her downcast mood. looked at her right wrist, where the bracelet was to be located. Sure enough, there was the familiar blue band that signified that I wasn't alone in this.

"So who's your Messenger?" I asked. "That Pikachu turned out to be called Slash Attacked Pikachu, though to its preference I call it Piaka."

"Huh?" Alex looked at my wrist, and instantly understood. "Oh, that. Apparently, it's called Trampled Mickey, or TM." She turned her gaze towards my face. A tear began to leave her left eye. "I thought you would never lie! Why didn't you say that this would really happen?-!"

"Would any sane person believe that something in fiction became reality?"

"True. Then, what's next for all of us? Why is it that we're called to this duty?-!" I could only say one thing truthfully to her.

"I don't know, Alex, I really don't know."

I told Alex and Kate that we would meet after school on a path by the river outside school to discuss the matter at hand. I have no idea where Tiffany was. She didn't show up in school today, and Gina, a mutual friend, said that Tiff had the flu. Likely story. Anyway, by sheer luck, the three of us were all blue Kämpfer, so we wouldn't transform immediately within each other's presence. In addition, we each had brought our Messengers. First up was Piaka, whose introduction went…okay. If you can call me resorting her to blackmail in order to stop her anti-peace message okay. Then we chose to see Alex's Messenger, the Entrails Mickey, next.

"So where is he?" I asked. Alex motioned over to her backpack, which was shaking violently. A muffled voice of a middle-aged Hispanic man, much like Ozzie Guillen, could be heard. Alex went over to backpack, and unzipped the front pouch. A black, felt doll leapt out of the pocket.

"Good lord, my God!" Entrails Mickey gasped. "Do you know how long you've kept me in that pocket of yours, Miss Alex?-! After you left me all night in this hellish place called school!" I agree with him there. It looks like he doesn't have the mouth of Ozzie Guillen, but he does speak ridiculously fast.

"Mickey Mouse en espanol!" Kate gasped. Entrails Mickey shot daggers at her.

"That's Trampled Mickey to you! But you can call me TM for short." He then realized that he was not simply with Alex. He backed up towards her. "M-Miss Alex! Why did you let me out with these mundanes here?-!" I hold up my wrist, showing that I am allied with Alex.

"Relax, we're not red or white Kämpfer." TM eyed me curiously.

"You know about the white Kämpfers, mister…"

"Just Greg. And not only that, I also know that this fighting between red and blue is nothing but a sham, whose only goal is to appease the real red and blue beings."

"Hmmm…you're very well read up on us, yet you've only become a Kämpfer in the recent days…"

"ONE day, gramps!" Piaka interjected.

"Quiet, you!" TM snapped. "Anyways, myself and Piaka have been introduced, what about ADHD's Messenger?" Yep. Just like Ozzie.

"Hey!" Kate retorted. "I-I don't have ADHD! I'm just really hyper in new and exciting situations! Anywho, Poisoned Miroku is right – odd…" Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

"What's up?" I asked.

"Chibi-ku's missing," she replied. "I just had him right – oh, no…"

"What?" Piaka groaned. Kate merely pointed. The three of us turned our heads…to see Chibi-ku on one knee in front of Alex. Needless to say, our mouths were hanging a bit lower to the ground.

"Would be so kind as to bear my children?" Alex went red in the face, which was the same thing that Chibi-ku would have an a lit-

!SLAP!I spoke too late. Hey, Chibi-ku! Only I am allowed that right with her…after we get married, of course.

Alex's reply was obvious. "N-No!"

"He approached me with those words when I first saw him as well," Kate sweatdropped.

"Chibi-ku, you're supposed to assist the Kämpfer, not act like your likeness!" Piaka facepalmed.

"It doesn't help that he sounds like Kirby Morrow," I sighed.

"Goes to show how we Moderators have the same purpose, yet always choose to show that purpose in different ways," TM noted.

"It's the way that I get my mind off of the grim reality that faces us Messengers. We exist only as long as our assigned Kämpfer lives, and as we all are aware, Kämpfer exist to kill each other."

"So you follow my line of belief too," TM realized. Piaka was confused.

"Eh? What do you mean?" I have a pretty good idea. Sounds like the life of a Messenger is not how Disemboweled Tiger and company portrayed it to be.

"You're not on board with Red vs. Blue?" The Latino Mouse nodded.

"From the moment that I was given the power of thought, I was revolted by the idea of fighting. What good has fighting ever done to any world, except bring misery, heartache, and death? Remember that when a Kämpfer dies, her body disappears, and the Entrails Animal becomes nothing more than a stuffed toy. Is that our fate chosen by the higher ups, that we only exist to perish? And what becomes of the friends and family of the Kämpfer? Are they burdened with the sorrow of losing a loved one, or are their memories wiped clean, leaving no trace of the person's existence? There has to be some way to prevent this endless cycle of genocide!"

"Wow, TM. I never thought you were so much of a philosopher," I gawked. His sermon had stunned the whole lot of us, human or Messenger.

"So I guess we have no objections if we all choose not to kill any Kämpfer, right?" I asked, knowing full well there was one dissenter in the group. And I knew her all too well.

"And what happens when the Moderators come at you with their white Kämpfer?" Piaka asked. That was true. I doubt Kaede would want us to go ahead and do whatever we wanted that clashed with her goals as a Moderator.

"It's not like Greg didn't say we wouldn't fight," Alex reminded her.

"Yeah!" Kate chipped in. "If we didn't put up a fight against bad guys, then we wouldn't be doing anyone a favor! But we won't commit murder!"

"We are not in Japan," I reminded Piaka. "This is The United States of America, a place that values peace above all. I don't know what happened to Natsuru and his band, but I'll see that their goal is realized myself. We will not stand the senseless fighting that serves the purpose of settling an eternal conflict between cowards who refuse to do so themselves. It has gone on far too long!"

"Who's Natsuru?" Alex whispered to Kate.

"He…she…apparently, that's the main character…leader…um…person in Japan?" It's confusing to me too, Kate. The fine barrier between fiction and reality had been broken, no, shattered, a long time ago.

"If you don't agree with us, I can always feed you to a day-care. They always need new stuffed animals." That sent shivers down Piaka's spine. Wait, does she even have a spine?

"Mmm…fine! Just don't go crying to me in the Circles of Hell when we all die because of this!" I doubt that it will come to this. Suddenly, our bracelets began to glow. The glowing, pulsating light steadily began to increase.

"W-w-what's happening?" Alex asked in disbelief.

"There's a red Kämpfer in the area!" Chibi-ku shouted. "Damn! It didn't take long for them to notice our presence!"

"This is bad!" Piaka realized. "We're caught out in the battlefield!"

"Messengers! Take cover!" Heeding TM's warning, the three dolls scrambled to the nearest rabbit hole, and went inside, sliding a rock over the entrance to act as a shield. The bracelets glowed brighter and brighter, until it nearly blinded the three teens. When the shine subsided, everything had changed.

"Aw, just great!" I groaned. Yep, you guessed it. I was in my second time becoming a girl, and the first time in front of a live audience. Prior to my reversal back in the witching hours, I put on my school uniform. Piaka had explained to me that in Kämpfer form, I would wear whatever that form had on in the previous transformation. However, as my clothing had been for boys and not girls, there were some issues. My new assets stretched the golf shirt out to the point that there was a noticeable gap between the bottom of the shirt and the top of the pants. Speaking of the khaki slacks, they had become, well, slack. They nearly fell down until I hastily tightened my belt. I heard a few cat calls from the rock; I believe that a few of the Messengers will have to take a little dip later on.

"So cool! You were right when you said that boys could be Kämpfers!" I look in Kate's direction. Her looks were mostly the same, save for the fact that part of her hair had turned a brilliant violet, but she was now wearing a sailor outfit ala Kagome. Too much fangirlish, maybe? Anywho, she was carrying a bow and a package of arrows, which, when you consider that Kämpfers can shoot fire and wield guns and swords, seemed rather, well, less intimidating. Wouldn't expect a Gewehr to have ye olde era projectiles. Her outgoing, eccentric mood remained.

"Feh! It's nothing ta scoff at; only'll get him slapped by lotsa people." Oh no, WHY did my beautiful Alex have to endure a transformation similar to Akane's? She now had a tricolor hair mix of red, orange, and yellow, giving the impression of an inferno. Considering how she just spoke, I would not be surprised if that was her temperament as well. She was wearing something a little more suited for combat: a green plaid skirt that girls were used to be able to wear to school until a few years ago, a school swimsuit from when she tried to join the swim team (which reminds me; how will I cope when that sport comes a-callin'?-!), black sneakers, and black fingerless gloves. Judging from the lack of weaponry, she is a Zauber like myself.

"What's with the sudden mood swing?" Kate asked. "Woah! Your hair looks like a wildfire!"

"Shaddup, ya hyperactive cosplayer!" I'm starting to like this form of Alex less and less, and I've only seen her for all of thirty seconds or so. "Battlefields are no place ta gawk over appearances, less so if they be red." Kämpfer, folks; not Native Americans or Cincinnati baseball players.

"Hey! I was only giving you a compli-!" Before Kate could finish her retort, the three of us felt the presence of malicious aura. Instinct told us to get out of the way, and rightfully so. No sooner had we leapt out of our little group did something fell out of the trees at that very same spot. I had failed to remember that a Kämpfer has enhanced physical strength, and had jumped far too high and fast. The result was my head cracking through a small tree limb before joining my body in bracing for a date with dirt. The pain was there, but it was nothing compared to what I saw when I looked back at where we were. Now I knew I why I felt concerned when I heard that she was out today.

"Heh!" Alex smirked. "Who would've thought that our enemy would be so close ta home, eh Tiffany?-!"

"Hey! Did all of what Greg said yesterday fly right through your head?-!" My thoughts exactly, Kate. One ignorant, the other ill-informed, but both acting on instinct. Less than a day being a Kampfer, and the lives of me and three of my friends already hang in the balance.

Oh, joy is me.

For Your Information…

Those are actual Pokedolls that I have which are described in the story. They occupy about the same place in my room as they do in Greg's.

For anyone who Google Maps Wayne, those are actual places described. Just imagine that the school and forest area replaces the businesses and industry actually located south of the abandoned New York & Greenwood Lake bridge.

Slash Attack Pikachu's nickname, Piaka, comes from sounding like Laura Bailey. One of her many names in her resume is Ayaka Yukihiro.

Kirby Morrow is Miroku's voice actor in Inuyasha.

Before anyone jumps down my throat and says, "hey there is nothing in Kamfer tat sez that Kampfers wear the clothing tat they last wear," first run said comment through spell and grammar check. Then, remember that this is a FANFICTION! This is my interpretation of the Kämpfer universe as I see it; ergo, it has the right to leave the bounds of the light novel, anime, and manga interpretations, especially since in the story, those are merely fiction in a world where they actually exist. Only reason I'm making a big fuss of this is because I had to take down a story partially because nobody gave me a chance to explain the deviations from canon.

Anyway, rant over. Next time, we see the emergence of everyone's powers, if they survive the battle with their (misled) friends. Can Greg and Kate do it (before Alex beats Tiffany to a pulp, or vice versa)? And who's the mysterious aid to Greg? See those buttons called review and subscribe? That's how you'll find out. Oh, check out my other stories as well, too!