On a Night Gone Wrong

Chapter One-The Return

Bruce was on a business trip out of the country and would be gone for a few weeks, so Dick had come to the manner to help Alfred keep an eye on the boys, Damian alone was a handful, and Alfred would have Damian and Tim together, and that spelled disaster! So, without being asked, Dick packed his bag and came back to Gotham, taking special care to arrive after Bruce had left. They still had not resolved the argument from years ago and Dick was in no hurry to make up and "be friends" again with Bruce. So here he was, again, at the manner. Alfred explained to him that his old room was just as it had been before he left. 'It was just like Alfred to continue to keep my old room clean and tidy while I was gone,' Dick had thought. He sighed, and after he put everything away, he went down to the batcave to go out for patrol. Damian and Tim followed, but Dick insisted that he wanted to go alone and would radio if he needed help. The boys sighed and complained and were very upset, but one stern look form Dick and they stopped complaining.

"Why don't you both take out your frustrations on some of the training things here," Dick suggested. "And I don't mean picking on Alfred!"

"But we want to patrol too," Tim complained.

"Yeah Grayson, it's not like Gotham is your city," Damian added.

"Look! I don't have time for this," Dick stated, he was starting to get annoyed with his brothers. "I am going out to patrol alone tonight! Go train!"

"Who died and left you boss," Damian demanded.

"Look, while Bruce is away, Alfred and I are in charge. I am in charge of the batcave and patrol, and I say that you are not coming tonight!" Dick walked over and put his mask on as he hopped on his motorcycle and prepared to take off. He looked back at his two younger brothers and sighed. "I promise we will patrol together tomorrow, just tonight I want to go out alone." He paused and then added, "Behave and practice your fighting skills or train some, just don't fight with each other and drive Alfred crazy." With that said he started up his cycle and drove off.