One Night Gone Wrong

Chapter 9

The Fight

Jason and Dick locked eyes and Dick quickly put his Nightwing suit on. Jason hated this clown and wanted his death, and now that he and Dick had finally made a breakthrough he was not going to let that damn clown ruin it! He would protect Dick with his life if he had to; after all, Dick was in this miserable place because of him, it was only fair that Jason help him get out of it unscratched.

Dick looked up into Jason's eyes and could practically read what he was thinking. He knew that the clown was a really sore spot for Jason, and who could blame him, but Dick was not going to let that clown hurt Jason again! Dick strapped on his belt and was ready for action.

"Here birdy, birdy, birdy," Came the annoying voice of the Joker.

Jason looked at Dick. "I am going to hold him off, I want you to take off and get out of here," Jason commanded.

"No! I'm not just going to leave you here with this psycho!" Dick frowned.

"I want you to go and get help, you will be able to find your other bird friends. I am not going to let you get hurt on my watch!" Jason scowled at Dick.

"I told you before, I am not just going to leave you here!"

"Just GO!" Jason called as Joker broke into the room they were now in. Well, shit, this would make it harder to get Grayson out of there. The only exit in this room was the door that Joker had just entered in.

"Well, if it isn't the bird boys…What were your names again? I keep losing track," he said with a laugh. Jason scowled at him.

"The only thing you will have to worry about clown is how much blood shed you will have after I finish with you," Jason sneered.

"Awww Hoodie, I didn't know you cared," Joker said in a mock form of flattery. Jason snarled and dove for him, and Joker side stepped pulling out a gun and aiming it at Jason. Nightwing reacted quickly and tossed one of his "Wings", something similar to the batrang, at Joker, knocking the gun out of his hand.

"Oh, is Night Bird sad because I am not paying attention to him," Joker asked in a kiddy voice. "Well now, we can't have that." And with that said Joker pulled out the blade of his knife and dove for Nightwing, just cutting his calf. Nightwing howled in pain, but still got up ready to fight. By this time Jason had recovered from his fall and was up and dove at Joker again, causing both of them to tumble.

"Go now Nightwing! Go!" Jason demanded as he and the Joker tumbled in a fight, neither one of them winning. Nightwing looked at them with concern.

"I can't just…."


Dick didn't want to leave Jason there, but he knew that what Jason was saying made sense. He knew going to get help was the best thing, but he couldn't just leave Jason with Joker again! Bruce had failed to save him once before, even if the whole thing had been an accident, and he didn't want to see Jason hurt again by this mad man.

"I WILL come back for you," Dick promised as he ran out the door and made it up to the roof. In his run he could hear Joker's voice travel.

"He left you. Awww poor hoodie, oh well, you and I will have some fun," and that was followed by one of Joker's chilling laughs, one of the loudest he had heard before and it made him shiver. He would have to find the others and return quickly to save Jason before it was too late.