Chapter 1: Prologue

Summary- Abandoned by Feilong, Tao commit suicide, but fate wasn't done with him just yet. He was found and rescue by a famous Geisha house. However, the Geisha house isn't just any of your typical Geisha house. In all secrecy, it was a killing agency. Indebted to the agency, Tao became an assassin, known as "The Dancing Geisha." But when unexpected guess appeared, will Tao be able to kill them or will he turned against the agency instead?

Tao's Pov

Japan isn't that big once you are use to the place. I remembered when Fei-sama first sends me here for my study. I was so scared and lost that it makes me realized that this is probably how Akihito felt when he was in Hong Kong. But as I continued to live here, I came to love this place, almost as much as I love Hong Kong.

Fei-sama would send me letters, asking about my health and my studies. But… a year ago, the letters stop coming. I began sending my own letters to him, but none was return. With each passing months, I grew restless. I began to fear that he might have abandoned me… and before I knew it… I really was abandoned.

How I knew I was abandoned? I send a secret letter to Fei-sama's most trusted man, Yoh. I asked him about Fei-sama's health and why have the letter stop coming. Yoh send me but one single letter. In it, he told me how Fei-sama is doing and… how he had found a new… and more reliable toy.

It was then that I realized I was nothing more than a worthless toy that Fei-sama can throw away whenever he's done playing with. And I also came to realized… that with each passing years, I have came to love Fei-sama… not as my boss, but as someone whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. But knowing this breaks my heart even more.

And I come to decide that if Fei-sama doesn't need me, then I would disappear from this world completely. I would go to a place that Fei-sama cannot reach. Somewhere in which I would never feel pain. And yet, when I tried to kill myself, the gun Fei-sama gave me would jam and when I tried drowning, someone would always happen upon me. Even god is denying me this wish.

So here I am, standing atop of the cliff, staring down at the thunderous water. If I jumped now, I can finally be free from all this pain, and yet I felt afraid. What if Fei-sama blamed himself for my death? But then again, why would he when he already abandoned me?

I took a deep breath to calm my racing heart and hopefully it would melt away this sense of fear inside me. I took a few steps back and ready my senses for the end. 'Here goes nothing,' I thought to myself as I rushed forward. I could feel the fluttering wind rushed pass me and the muddy ground left underneath my feet. I closed my eyes tightly waiting for death to welcome me into his warm embrace. However, I felt nothing but coldness. I gasped for air, but only water hit my lungs. I wanted to die and yet why am I struggling to survive? With this in mind, I stop all struggles and waited for death. It wasn't for long, before I could no longer felt anything. My body became numb from the cold exposure and I could feel my heart slow to a stop. And just like that, death consume me completely.