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This 1st chapter takes place sometime in between episodes1 and sacrifice.

The lawn before the Confessor's Palace in Aydindril drank heavily. Five weeks had passed since the Confessors Kahlan and Dennee were sent out to find the Seeker; years had passed since Darken Rahl had begun his war of subjugation. The sparkling capital was under siege; D'Haran armies, led by Mord-Sith and Dragon Corp squads were pushing the Home Guard back. Confessors and wizards had joined to the battle, wishing to win back their ancient home. Yet it was all falling apart.

"Retreat!" a voice called out from within the mass of defenders. "Head for the council chambers; we'll use the traveling circle there to escape!" Serena called out; the current Mother Confessor. She only held to that position because she wasn't dead yet; Kahlan was reportedly more powerful, given her past. Carin, one of the lower confessors, chased after Serena and the others. She arrived in the council chambers right as the others disappeared. Carin hurried over to the central dais, attempting to gain access to the circle. Loud voices echoed from the other side of the door she had come through; it wasn't blocked.

Writer's note traveling circles or traveling pads are magical points on the floor which are used to transport objects or people from one point to another.

"That's not the best use of your time," a voice said from the far side of the room. "I've severed the magical link on this side of the gateway so the D'Haran's can't hunt them down." Carin had turned to find Fedrin Foglanlan, a Wizard of the Second Order and Aydindril's last great thinker.

"So how are we supposed to escape wizard!" she questioned, screaming at the man.

"Don't worry about that, confessor. I have a means of escape. We just need to go to my lab...which is in the Wizard's Keep." Carin rolled her eyes before following Fedrin down a side corridor. She already knew they were heading for the tunnel which connected the Palace with the Keep; it had been installed during the first D'Haran-Midlands war. They reached the dead end which hid the passageway; it also hid a squad of Dragon Corps.

Fedrin raised his hands, preparing a ball of Wizard's Fire for the D'Haran soldiers when a Mord-Sith emerged from behind them. He released his grip on his magic as the Mord-Sith headed straight for the wizard. Carin lunged for the Mord-Sith, aiming for her throat. The confessor pulled back as one of the soldiers swung for her hand. The blade just missed her fingers, screaming through the air. She drew her knives, slicing open her attacker's throat. Three soldiers charged her as she tried to move into a position to aid Fedrin with his Mord-Sith problem. The final soldier stood back, commanding the three attacking her, but she spotted a man out of the corner of her eye; one of the Aydindril guards had found them. The newcomer swung his blade, chopping straight through the commander. The Mord-Sith disengaged from the wizard, turning her attention to the Home Guard member. This change earned Fedrin enough time to shoot wizard's fire at the D'Haran soldiers that were beginning to have the advantage over Carin. One of the soldiers was hit by the fire and fell to the ground screaming, his body and face badly burned; the fire burning him to death. His comrade, who the fire narrowly missed, was startled as his eyes turned towards the wizards. Just then Carin dropped one of her daggers, managing to grab the D'Haran soldier . She released her hold on her power.

Command me confessor," the soldier stated.

Kill her" Carin commanded.

The confessed D'Haran soldier started for the Mord-Sith, joining Fedrin and the Home Guard member in their battle. Carin struggled to her feet, picking up her daggers. she wasn't as strong as Kahlan, but she was close. However none of them could match the Mord-Sith when it came to physical strength or speed.

She kicked the wizard in the face, blocking the D'Haran's sword simultaneously. She drove her agiel into his chest, turning. He was dead before impact with the stone floor. The Mord-Sith continued on to the guard. He charged her, swinging his sword horizontally from right to left. The agiel jabbed him in his stomach; he smiled when she realized it had no effect on him. The sword reached its intended target running the Mord-Sith through her just. As he pooled his sword out of her the wizard and confessor finish the remaining soldiers. Two more D'Harans suddenly arrived, yet they were met by a ball of Wizard's Fire. As it moved towards them, the guard smacked it with the flat side of his blade. It imploded, splashing on the men.

Fedrin pulled them into the passageway as the chamber was filled with their screams. "How are you feeling?" the wizard asked Carin.

" I'm fine" she replied, hiding how tired she was.

"Thank you Mathis" Fedrin said, turning to the guard who was following behind.

"Where is the rest of your squad the" confessor asked

"I was separated from them when we were being overrun by the D'Haran troops. The battle forced me through a boundary at the entrance to one of the passageways to this tunnel which they couldn't pass. Then shortly before they found you I heard the other squad of D'Haran in these tunnels and trailed them hoping to catch them off guard." He said

(She wanted to ask him how he passed through the barrier and what had happened with the Mord-Sith but before she got the chance Fedrin spoke.)

"We have to reach the Wizard's Keep before they discover the passageway...or destroy my work", hustling. The group made it to the Keep without problems; the torches were unlit, but that was an easy issue to solve with a wizard. They emerged inside the central chamber, coming out from behind a stone dog. They moved up the stairs and through the corridors, passing by dozens of libraries. The wizard's lab was across a bridge; beneath it was a dozen stone talons reaching up for blood. His lab was strewn with papers and materials.

"How are we supposed to escape?" Carin asked, surveying the room.

Fedrin snapped his fingers thrice. A ladder fell from the ceiling, bringing a wooden hatch to their attentions. Mathis climbed up first, opening it with his sword. Carin went up next, helped up the final rungs by the soldier. The wizard was last, stopping to look down at the room. He had to destroy all of his research, since the D'Harans could win the war if they discovered the documents.

The wizard dropped a ball of fire into the chamber. "All those years of work gone" he remarked gloomily, watching it burn. Fedrin then shut the hatch they had climbed up. Floating before them was a boat. Mathis commented on it, guessing it was fifteen boot-lengths long and the massive cloth balloon was over twenty boot-lengths around. With sails tie to the blimp and the ropes.

"Isn't it wonderful?" the wizard asked his companions. He didn't give them time to answer. "It has two decks and works just like a sailboat, yet it rides the currents of wind - with some magical aid, of course."

"But what is it?" Carin questioned, following the other two. They began boarding, hearing the sounds of war near.

"A sky ship, confessor," Fedrin answered. He strolled over to the wheel. "We're flying away."

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