They spent a couple of days hidden in the forest, preparing the sky ship for the journey to the Temple. The balloon's magic had been redone and the disguise cloud was improved. It was midday when they finally took off, prepared to fly through the night. The ship was just below the clouds when Mathis decided to talk.

"it's a long way down" he said, peering over the side. The cloud was made of both water vapor and magic, thus he could see more of the world than Fedrin or Carin. That would make it so others saw it the same as his companions. When shall we arrive at the Temple?" he questioned.

"I'm not sure, we'd better ask Fedrin," Carin commented, standing a couple of feet away.

"Where do you suggest we begin?" the ungifted asked, turning around.

"Inside, I think." They popped the hatch and descended in search of Fedrin.

The lower deck was a singular area, just large enough so five grown men could sleep with some comfort. It had two windows one on each side all one room and a staircase at the stern leading up to the upper deck, it also had a rope ladder which could be thrown down a wooden hatch in the floor.

"We've only traveled half a league. I thought your ship was supposed to be faster than horses." Mathis barked. He reached for the sword he didn't have.

"I guess you never did learn about basic air currents; it takes some guesswork to get a good one. The cloud we have also slows us down," the wizard replied, glaring over at them.

"What about Gars?" Asked Mathis "Their blood flies won't be fooled by a cloud and once the blood flies come near the gars could easily tear this delicate ship apart"

Fedrin handed them a potion "I made this to ward away blood flies. You should rub it on your skin."

"The D'Harans could be there by now," the confessor stated, worry on her face. "Perhaps we should try flying without the cloud."

"I'm afraid that would be too dangerous, my dear. Serena told me that your safety comes first. If I remember correctly, if was something along the lines of 'tell her to trust you when all of the other confessors dead', or something like that." Carin glared knives at the wizard, but Mathis was able to distract her by grabbing her hand.

(His touch frightened her at first; nobody had ever done something like that, then she felt her power fade. She had wondered whether or not her magic could affect him at all it turned out that it couldn't. No longer having to hold in her powers was such a relief. Maybe if we ..., Carin quickly tried to purged that thought from her head. He seemed honorable but they had only just met. And just because there was a significant shortage of men (next to zero) who could not be affected by her power didn't mean she offer herself the moment she found one.)

The sun rose up, shining down on the Midlands to mark a new day. The glow illuminated the Galean Valley, a massive, green plateau. Its beauty was a stark contrast to the torched Temple that sat on top of a butte. The massive stone building smoldered, having burnt from the inside out; the battle had only been a day ago, at the least. A small coin fell from the sky and landed in the tall grass, bouncing once off of the tough ground. A flash of light flew across the field before two people appeared; one of them old and the other garbed in a black dress. Carin's heart sank as she saw the Temple, and she ran inside to see if there are any survivors but she found only charred remains of the confessors. The woman fell to her knees, he attempts to hold back tears futile.

Carin looked up when she heard the sound of men running towards them. Two soldiers were approaching, weapons drawn. The confessor jumped to her feet, daggers ready. She slashed the first man's throat open and grabbed the second ones.

"Command me, confessor," he said solemnly. Before she could ask her question, a group of four came running. A squad, she grumbled mentally. Carin and the man she had confessed were forced into a corner by the other five soldiers, the confessed man attempting to fight off each of them; trying to defend his mistress.

Fortunately none of them noticed Fedrin sneak in as he conjured a web of air. To take them all out at once he would need to make it very dense. The Wizard cast out his air web towards one of the temple walls which was badly damaged from the recent battle. When it hit the wall gave way crushing three of the soldiers and knocking out the other two.

"Are you all right." He asked

" I've had better days," Carin grumbled. She turned her attention to the confessed soldier. "What happened to the confessors here? Where did they go?"

"I'm sorry mistress, but we killed the majority of them. Only a handful escaped, led by the Mother Confessor. Our spies had been here for a couple of days, waiting for the retreat from Aydindril. However, we don't know where the survivors went;

Fedrin stood over the crushed bodies.

"These two soldiers are still alive" said Fedrin.

"Once you regain your strength we can confess them and you can order them to say that the others died an a accidental cave-in. We have to keep a low profile."

"Your still worried about that! If we would have gotten here soo.."

"you probably would have been killed to" he interrupted "I'm sorry but it's crucial that you stay alive. Now more than ever. We must protect the line of confessors."

She turned away and struggled to calm herself. Once she had confessed the two other men she relayed the instructions to the confessed soldiers. She also ordered the soldiers she confessed to steal the commanders journey book and some other supplies from the D'Haran's then rendezvous with them in a small-town by the sea. They nodded before turning around, heading back towards the temple.

Then the wizard and confessor disappeared, the amulet's magic tapped into.

A week passed by the time they reached the woods of the night wisps. Mathis was busy cooking the rabbit he had caught in the younger forest while Fedrin was examining his ship, trying to repair the burns from their chance encounter with a traveling D'Haran siege crew. Carin sat at the edge of the woods, waiting for the wisps to emerge. She was now garbed in brown instead of black, an attempt to hide her confessor background. Night had fallen when they finally came, numbering in the dozens. They whispered what they knew about the other confessors, and it shocked her. She left them and sat around the fire the ungifted had.

"What did you learn?" he questioned, briefly glancing over at her.

"Alanna, Erin and Tara are still alive, but Serena went mad and died at the hands of a soldier confessed by Dennee."

"What!" Fedrin cried out, standing a stride back.

"I know, I didn't believe it either," Carin commented. "As if troublesome enough, it turns out the Kahlan Amnell is now the Mother Confessor." Mathis gave her a confused glance. "She was sent out to find the First Wizard and the Seeker of Truth. The three left went with Dennee and her son -"

"Bad, girls!" the wizard exclaimed. "Why would they dare let a male son live?"

"It doesn't make any sense besides I heard that Dennee died a few months ago when she was trying to cross the boundary with Kahlan." Said Mathis

"I'll explain on the way to Valeria," she said.

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