So, this is a really short fic. Just a fluffy slice of life. Cliche, and all that. And I know it's too early for Christmas. Enjoy :)

She was crying.

Well, almost. It was hard to get Vanessa to cry.

She made her way through the party, blinking too hard, looking for the door, for a way to escape.

She ran into someone and spilled a little of her apple cider. Running a finger under her eye, so as not to disturb her mascara, she mumbled an apology.

Then she looked down, and put a hand over her mouth.

"Oh my gosh, Ferb!" she exclaimed.

"Vanessa," he grinned.

"Boy, you've grown," she said.

He laughed.

What's so funny?"

"Look up."

Vanessa looked up, and saw a sprig of some green plant stuck to the ceiling.

"What's that?" she asked, bewildered.

Ferb's smile grew. "Oh, come on, Vanessa – surely you know. We're at a Christmas party, after all."

"Mistletoe," she sniffed. "Oh, not now, Ferb." She ran a hand over her cheeks, and he grew suddenly serious.

"You're crying… are you alright?"


She tried to push past him, but he stopped her.

"You can tell me," he whispered.

"No offense," she said, her voice equally low, "But you're just a random kid to me. I mean, I knew you when we were, like, twelve."

"Yes," Ferb said, "But you obviously need to confide in someone. And it looks to me – like some lucky, lucky boy out there has to take better care of his girlfriend."

"What?" Vanessa sniffed.

"You came in with a date. You're leaving, in tears, without one?"

"Yeah, well… I can't seem to keep boyfriends for very long these days."

Normally, Vanessa would've been offended that Ferb was trying to direct her love life, but she had lied. He wasn't just a random kid – he was a boy to whom a lot of good memories were attached. Sweet, carefree, innocent summers, when they were 'like, twelve'.

She started crying again, at the difference between that summer and this winter.

"Hey," Ferb said soothingly, and then he leaned up and kissed her.

I MIGHT do another Christmas Ferbessa... It would also probably be a bit of a Remembrance Day fic, with Ferb going off to war, with the song "Grown Up Christmas List" as a theme. And now I've said too much. If you'd like it, let me know if you want. :)