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32. Setting in Stone

"Well then, since it seems the story has changed," Mayor Click grinned a bit as he said this, "S.P.U.D. Ranger Hoaka, you'll be responsible for repairing the machine and rockets down in our ancient URSF city, so that it doesn't play those old messages or require some kind of password. I no longer wish for my messages to contain resentment towards the certain fellow who brought me back to normalcy. So, when I get around to recording the new ones, I'll be sure to let you know when it's time to change them." He had a small, metallic clipboard with him, along with a pen that went with it. Using the pen, he was adding in the things he needed to do, and contained some important and a few time consuming things. No longer, however, was he wearing the metal pair of hands, only using his paws.

"Yes, Mayor Click," Hoaka nodded with a small salute and grin, "At least this time I won't be ambushed by Shadow Creatures..." Around them were the other Raposa, including the villagers of URSF and the S.P.U.D. rangers. Said S.P.U.D.s were cleaning the Shadow Goo from the glass habitariums, plants, the metal ground, and a dozen of other places, especially doors for homes the villagers resided. To Mari's glee, the villagers seemed to wear more than they once did, especially the women. Instead of simply having the bare minimum of coverage, they wore actual, unrevealing outfits that suited both cultures of URSF; ancient and modern. Jowee seemed to notice Mari's happiness, standing beside her and wanting to say something, but at first was reluctant to, as he was afraid she'd simply claw his face again. The way they were used to attack his face made it quite clear she knew how to use them.

"They really do look better dressed," he idly spoke at last, tightly shutting his eyes in preparation for a possible attack, only to not find one. Mari had simply nodded with her smile still wide. "They aren't even wearing those ridiculous helmets, either..." he soon added, to which Mari seemed to giggle.

"Yeah, and sneezing is legal again, on top of several things not requiring forms," she replied, "Including use of a toilet!" Jowee couldn't help but chuckle this time, inching closer to her, until he was sure he could've held her paw if he really wanted to. For a few moments he refrained, but at last reached a paw out, gently holding onto her warm, delicate paw. Mari seemed to tense just a little with a small blush, but tried not to think anything of it. Noticing her unease, Jowee tried to disguise his intentions.

"Y'know... I really am sorry for what I said back at Turtlerock," he began, hoping it would put her more at ease, "When I said that, well... When I said 'the girls were pretty hot'... I didn't mean it. I also feel worse because it offended you... And I'm sorry for not realizing that sooner, too."

"Oh, Jowee," Mari giggled again, relaxing from the words and turning her head to look at him directly now, "You think I'm still upset about that? Okay, I was, just a little... But your words changed my mind." Jowee had a small blush appear on his cheeks, but hoped it wouldn't be seen, distracting both of themselves by holding onto her paw a bit more firmly as he looked at her in return.

"So you forgive me?" he asked quietly this time, inching closer to her again, then turning to face her entirely. She nodded, not seeming to mind his actions anymore.

"I forgive you, Jowee," she replied in confindance, before thinking of something else. "Jowee... I've been thinking for a little while now on my own about something. Like, when everything's back to normal, and we're home again. What do you think it'll be like? Would it ever feel the same again? And, in the future, when the time comes when I... Need an heir..." Jowee's blush immediately escelated from the last question, letting out a very nervous chuckle. Mari seemed to frown from his reaction, to which he quickly shut up while clearing his throat.

"I know home won't feel the same anymore, thanks to what's been done to it," he replied afterward, trying to keep calm, "I mean... Well, I bet when it's all over, the Creator will help us fix it up again, won't she? Maybe even make it better than before, who knows! And um, a-about the... Heir... Just remember you're still too young to be thinking about that, okay? And even then, I-I'm sure you'll find someone perfect; a soulmate..." he'd said that last word slowly, almost reluctant to say it in the first place, before he continued, "Who you'd be with forever and not have to worry about... That..."

Mari nodded to the words, but sighed as her ears drooped in sadness. "Thanks Jowee, but it wasn't what I meant..." she said at first, hesitating before she spoke more, "The thing isn't about not being able to... Have an heir. It's that I'm scared of... Giving birth..." Those words had stopped Jowee cold, his own ears drooping as well. There was silence for a few moments, but to Jowee they felt like hours. If it weren't for the S.P.U.D.s and Mayor Click working in the distance, the silence between them would be flat out unbearable and the most awkward he'd ever faced. At last, he let out a small gulp before he forced himself to reply.

"O-Oh..." was all he could say at first, and was unsure of what to tell her in his forced response. "I didn't think about that. If I remember right, Mari... I think I can understand why." There was another period of silence as the two stared off in the distance, avoiding each other's eyes. If the previous awkward silence was unrelenting, this was the same; tenfold. Finally, Mari spoke up again, but in a tone that suggested that she was trying to get her mind off of the old topic and not think of it anytime soon.

"I think someone has a birthday coming up..." was all she said, in a singsong manner. Jowee blinked in confusion, trying to think of why she would bring up a topic like this, before realization struck him.

"Oh hey, yeah...!" he replied, trying to sound more cheerful like she had moments ago, "Not for another few weeks, though... How could I forget something like that?"

"Actually, with everything that's been going on lately," Mari replied, grinning a bit more again, "It'd be pretty easy to get distracted... Do you have anything in mind that you want?"

The courage to say 'I love you'... Jowee thought briefly to himself before he replied vocally. "For once, I really don't know what I want this year... In fact, I... I can't believe I'm almost an adult. I sure don't feel like one... And I probably won't even when I turn eighteen."

"And not until long after turning it, either..." Mari giggled a bit to herself, before sighing softly. "If anything comes to mind, just say so, okay?" Jowee nodded, actually feeling a bit better.

From not too far off, Isaac seemed to remember something from a bit ago, approaching the URSF Mayor. "Um..." He started, stratching his head a little, "I never did get paid for the commission." Right after those words, Click dropped the clipboard in surprise and shame.

"Oh dear, that's right...!" he yelped at first, then turned to Isaac, "I'd love to give you your payment right away, and believe me when I say right away... There's so much going on right now, that, well... It simply wouldn't be easy-" he cut off here as Isaac let out a small laugh.

"After everything you went through the past few days," he soon replied, a small smile of understanding forming on his lips, "You shouldn't worry about paying me for a little while. At least not until things have settled down. Now would be too stressful of a time to deal with something so small as a payment. Delay for as long as you need." Their conversation continued on, as others started. Dr. Cure, who wasn't able to earlier due to the attack, was holding Wilfre tightly in her arms, Wilfre having a small blush as he patted her head. She seemed to have been apologizing for her actions that morning, but Wilfre seemed just fine with putting it past them.

Drew was with Samuel and Zsasha, still wondering why the particular habitarium had protected them from the corruption, and why it also affected the sword. While they were pondering, a S.P.U.D. ranger had come up to them with some books, to which Drew noticed that they were the books he took from the Forgotten Library a little while back. He took them once the ranger handed them to him, holding them close to his chest. Now instead, Samuel and Zsasha wondered what these books were for and why Drew had them, to which he explained nervously.

"I just, uh... Found them interesting," Drew feebily said to them, letting the others look through them, "Even if I don't understand the words... Or the letters, for that matter." Zsasha seemed to skim through the pages, noticing some patterns in the writing, while Samuel studied the letters and the ink placement.

"These books are quite old... Centuries old, I should say," Samuel pointed out, his paw lightly feeling the paper and ink, "Some of the ink has faded slightly, and the paper looks ancient, as if made with a very... Well, inadequete machine. The alphabet themselves seem even older, though... Not like the alphabet we use now."

"Yeah, and they don't look anything like the alphabet used here in the URSF," Zsasha added, flipping through more pages however as if to distract himself a bit, "Though, some of the letters just look like a more elaborate version of what we use! Like that one there looks like our lowercase "e", and that one a lowercase "r". And something else to note is that this one looks more like a journal than a book... I would see a line with a few words and numbers..."

"They all look like journals, in that case," Drew replied to both of them as he looked through the other ones, "They even... Show around the same numbers..."

"Drew, I recommend that you show these to someone knowledgable about these," Samuel then spoke after a bit longer, letting Drew carry the books again, "Maybe then they'll become even more interesting."

"I will, but... I don't know who, though," Drew sighed this time, his ears drooping a little, "Who'd be able to decode these...?"

"That's actually a good question," Zsasha replied, quieter, "Maybe... Mayor Click? Maybe his villagers learn about this kind of stuff?" Drew smiled a little at those words, nodding to him before heading off from the two. By this time, Isaac had finished talking to Mayor Click, now instead over where Dr. Cure and Wilfre were, chuckling a bit from the sight he was seeing. Isaac seeing what was going on only made Wilfre's already embarrassed blush grow, unsure of what to do about it.

"I know you're busy, but um..." Drew started once he was near him, "I just want to know if you know anyone who could translate these journals for me." Click turned again to face a slightly nervous Drew, blinking down at the books he held. Alike the strange alphabet used in the pages, they had also been used on the cover, for as soon as Click looked upon the words, his eyes widened. With a sudden change of mindset, he gave the clipboard and pen to Hoaka, instructing him to see to the progress going on at the moment. After Hoaka had nodded, Click turned back to Drew, taking him by the paw and leading him away from the others, until they'd entered a building.

"Drew, do you have any idea what you carry in your paws right now?" Click asked as he lit the room of the otherwise dark building. Drew blinked with a confused frown as he watched Click venture further, then sitting in one of the many chairs around the room. When he didn't respond, Click motioned for Drew to come closer, to sit nearby him in another chair, which he did.

"Is it something bad...?" Drew couldn't help but reply, setting the books onto the table to free his paws entirely. Click shook his head, taking the top book of the stack and looking over the single word on the cover.

"'Mobius'," Click read slowly as his paw lightly ran over the ink, before flipping the book open to see the text inside. "From your response, I get the feeling you aren't very familiar with Raposian history, nor their historical figures... There's the journals of Mobius... Jaduth, Saeymore, Zangcho, Felix, Isabelle... Ah!" he paused at the one of the bottom, his eyes even wider now as his paws shakily held it.

"Even the great Winfero's journal is in this stack..." he continued at last, his voice as shaky as his paws. He turned to Drew slowly, who'd by now had complete confusion on his face, not sure what to make of Click's behavior. "Drew... I need to ask you where you found these. Surely it wasn't easy to find each and every one of The Seven Ancients' journals..." For a while, Drew couldn't reply, too occupied with the fact he'd apparently found something extraordinary, but of course unintentionally.

"On Turtlerock, in the Forgotten Library..." he finally replied, a bit stuttery however, "I... I picked them up because they seemed interesting. I had no idea what they really were." Click's expression softened, looking over at the journals in front of him some more.

"I should've thought about that..." he said softly with a chuckle, his eyes sparkling behind his glasses, "They were, all together, best known for using Turtlerock to guide them around the seas; searching for new, safer homes, as their old settlements were dying out with lack of food and water and such... Anyway," he cleared his throat after another moment, before continuing, "The alphabet you see here? It was used at their time and even before and beyond; year 242 was around when it was being used widely, I believe. Then, it was used all the way through year 985, as after that, the alphabet seemed to slowly evolve into what you use currently. Uppercase letters became simpler, a lot more like the lowercase, but taller and different. Lowercase simply changed into what we see now, simplifying even further. By a few of the letters, such as lowercase 'e', 'r', and 'y', you could guess that they didn't change too much... Though, as for other cultures, such as the URSF, it gained a completely different makeover through the years we used it, eventually developing our own language as well..." He suddenly trailed off with the fact he could've been boring Drew with his lengthy chatter.

"Er, no, you're fine Mayor Click," Drew blinked with his reply, not at all deteered from the talking, "I was actually wondering about that... Though, I do want to know more about these 'Seven Ancients'. You probably already have your paws full, so... I just want to know if there's anyone I can ask about deciphering the letters..." At that, Click chuckled a bit to himself with a small nod.

"Well, if that's the case, Drew," Click replied, a little less self-conscious now, "You should just ask Isaac. While he was up here with the commission, he used some spare time to take some free courses. He learned how to write the ancient text used in these journals, as well as these historical figures, and a course that was somewhat required to help him understand the concepts he would come to use when making the commission for me... Since it appears that he'll he joining the rest of you, you'd have plently of opportunities to ask him. It's true, my paws are full and you won't be staying long... But I hope I helped you out, even if it was just a little and not much."

Drew nodded with a small grin this time. "You did help me a lot, Mayor Click, so thank you. I'll be sure to ask Isaac, though..." he looked out the window for a moment, now seeing Isaac patting a very embarrassed Wilfre's head with a chuckle, while Dr. Cure looked on in calmness instead of before. "It looks like they'll be catching up for a while... I shouldn't ask right away. He'll have a lot in his paws as well as us pretty soon."

"Yes, don't ask right away," Click agreed, now getting up and gathering the journals back together, handing them to Drew, "It isn't like it's essencial at the moment. Take your time. After all, they actually need the time to catch up and bond." Drew nodded with a wider grin, heading outside with Click while now carrying the journals again. "Besides, I think it's time for you and your friends to depart soon. The sooner you all can reach where you're headed, the better."

"I think we were going back to Mari's village," Drew replied in conversation, as they came closer to the others once more, "To fix it up, or so she said..."

"Ah, is that so?" Click replied with a small chuckle, "Well then, I wish you all luck on repairing it, and eventually finding that evil Sly and giving him what-for!" Drew laughed a bit at that, nodding as well.

"We sure will, thank you..."

How dare they make me choose... Wilfre jokingly thought to himself, an unimpressed expression overcoming him as he looked upon the two ships that would take them back to Turtlerock. On one side was Samuel, Zsasha and Dr. Cure; the other Mari, Jowee and Isaac. Beside him was Drew, who also didn't know who to go to. Looking upon Wilfre's expression, he quickly could see why he seemed irritated. Jowee couldn't help but roll his eyes a little at the sight, however.

"Just pick something!" he blurted out impatiently, "It's not like you'll never see the others again. I don't think one night would kill you..."

"Easy for you to say," Wilfre replied in a mutter, "You get to go with Mari. Would you be able to survive without her for a night too?" Jowee's eyes widened at first as he tensed, before going on the defensive.

"Of course I woul-... What is that supposed to mean?!" Wilfre was about to open his mouth to say why, but soon sighed, holding the secret in instead, knowing of his promise long ago.

"Oh, nothing... But would you be able to prove it?" Before Jowee could make any rash decisions, Mari sighed loudly and intervened.

"Could you two stop fighting?" she spoke, "We're not children, you know..." Meanwhile, Drew seemed to get an idea, approaching where Isaac was, whispering something in his ear. Isaac let out a small chuckle with a nod, and while following Drew, went over to where Samuel was, doing the same for him. Samuel merely nodded with shut eyes and an understanding but small grin. Soon, the others had noticed the actions going on, watching as Isaac and Samuel traded places, while Drew simply followed Samuel over to where Mari and Jowee were. While they all seemed pretty confused, aside from Isaac and Samuel, Drew simply had an innocent face as he stood where he was.

After a few more moments of thought, Mari seemed to understand the action, suddenly grinning to herself at the realization. Though, she tried to maintain a stern face as she spoke again, this time directly at Wilfre, "Well, I guess you have no choice but to use that one, Wilfre. Better luck next time..." while Wilfre, upon staring at who was over there, didn't think and practically flew over to them, afterwhich went straight into the rocket, or would've if he wasn't stopped by Isaac.

"Whoa there," he said with another chuckle, "Not so fast. These still have the lock-out systems, remember?" Wilfre let out a small whine, but nodded away, stepping back to let the others inside. While the ones on the other side had no issue boarding, Wilfre waited until he was last to board, before the doors shut, beginning to depart while various URSF villagers waved goodbye and farewells to them, including Mayor Click.

Jowee and Zsasha seemed confused by the entire situation, though Zsasha moreso than Jowee. Mari had nudged Jowee and reminded him subdly, for Jowee to begin to remember quite easily. As for Zsasha, Isaac had simply whispered the situation in his ear, but made him sware not to tell anyone.

Wilfre likes Dr. Cure, but is also my best friend. He can't choose between us.

Answering "Emma".

Dude, Time of Shadow? Really? Isn't that used already?

I have searched high and low before seriously considering on how I could write and tweak this until it didn't sound too similar to other cases. In my search I have found one, maybe two instances; but none are the near exact same concept. Particularly the reasoning behind why the Shadow Goo remains existing throughout the game series, as well as Sly's motivation to keep going. Ever think about why a Creation Hero can't completely destroy Shadow Goo no matter how many times he/she tries to? Or why Sly is still heavily motivated to do what he does? I'm pretty sure it's explained somewhere; but I'll explain it again.

Wilfre made the Shadow Goo in the first place; thus, not even the Creator can destroy it, even with a Creation Hero. He/She may weaken it, but never destroy it.

Wilfre, when bringing such Shadow Goo to life (unintentionally of course), wished for a world without need of a Creator, so that all Raposa would depend on themselves. As he was not the Creator, the wish became a sadistic curse; one that would remove the Creator's power somehow, even if death were involved.

And what's with the deal of Wilfre OUT OF NOWHERE becoming the hero? It is clear to me you are nothing more than a Wilfre fangirl who wants to make him the hero.

It's also explained why; see above. Another thing to clear up is the reason why he's the hero here in this story. It's not for the glory of being one and getting respect, it's mostly because it's a punishment for the things he did in the past. I like Wilfre, yes I will admit that, but I can't say that I'm an outright fangirl. If I was, Wilfre wouldn't have the sword knocked out of his paws so often and in fact, wouldn't have those few near-death instances. Heck, heart containers would heal his wounds (oh wait in a case it did, but it wasn't only for him). He'd probably get paired up with an OC.

But uh, instead I made his strength and mortality like a normal Raposa's. Raposa aren't exactly known for strength and heroism, so he could easily die like any ordinary Raposa.

And Sly. Was THAT the best name you can think of?

Sly Hazard And Design Of Wilfre, altogether being an acronym for S.H.A.D.O.W. wasn't good at all? What would you suggest, then?

And how is Wilfre a baby and Dr. Cure and adult in the flashbacks? So how is Dr. Cure STILL an adult?

Wilfre was five in the flashback. Five does not equal an infant. It hasn't been revealed until now (Spoiler?), but Dr. Cure is only four years older. So she would be nine; thus, practicing how to give immunizations properly. (Thus, her name being Flora as opposed to Dr. Cure) The "Dr. Cure" mentioned in the flashback is actually her father. Sorry that wasn't clear; I'll go fix it soon, and thank you for pointing it out.

And Wilfre. One would say he is 17 or so. In his LATE TEENS. And how did he out of NOWHERE become 24? 7 years had passed? Please, and you said Wilfre was 7 years older than Jowee. That makes him 17. And you said Wilfre was 17 when he stole the book. Wouldn't that make Jowee 10 and Mari 9 in DTL 1? Dude, it is CLEAR that only a FEW years passed.

The events of the games (and some of before the first game) would be a span of about seven years, yes. It may seem like a few and yes, condradicting how the Mayor explained the story. But then, remember when a family moved out of that one house? It was Jowee's house; and they left him behind. Thus, he lives alone. As for Mari, you see one flashback of her being a Rapo kid; when she and Jowee were at the Wishing Well. However, in the story flashback you see the same Rapo Girl walking up to and next to the Mayor. I thought it was Mari. Sorry if those were irrelevant.

Yes, that would make Jowee 17; but he sure doesn't act like one!

And Heather. Human Heather never went into a coma, so Rapo Heather is a different person.

If I tried to explain this, it would be a major spoiler. Sorry; all I can say is that both she and Mike disappeared in a way no one would remember their existance. The exception would be those who became corrupted or were once corrupted; where they would regain those old memories.

And how could you just say Sock and Salem were real? They were mere disguises, perhaps bodies Wilfre created that would be better than costumes.

Actually, I'm not the only one who believes they were real Raposa. I just believe it along with them, and decided to go that route. Though, looking back at Drawn to Life: the Next Chapter for DS, Sock and Salem did kind of look like they were trying to escape when Wilfre dies...

And I believe people only like it because the chapters are long and this the only story here with 100K. And also perhaps you can't stop reading no matter how boring it gets for some reason. The suspense perhaps.

100k words? I didn't even know I had that many! While yes, there are interesting parts and there are boring parts; everything has those, just like life. I could go and write about every day they spend on Turtlerock or in a Village but I choose not to, it would be overdoing it. I have noticed that the pacing is indeed getting slower, but I think it's going to pick up soon. Hopefully.

And how can you claim Isaac was Wilfre's best friend just like that? When the Mayor was telling about how Wilfre was corrupted shouldn't have Isaac interupted and told what he knew?

Perhaps Isaac at the time was still pretty ticked at Wilfre for everything he'd done, especially when he and his family were put into cages, so he kept his mouth shut? Of course, the friendship thing is in no way canon; I never intended on that. It's a nice thing I believe in, and it adds more depth to characters who didn't get much from the games. So, I tried to aid them there.

I guess it didn't work out so well, huh?

And also,why do you keep posting filler chapters?

If I omitted every little piece of filler, it would be a shorter story; but there would also be much less interaction with the characters and story building. I'm sorry if there's too much of that or doesn't feel like it is what it should be.

And one last thing, how can Wilfre's weild the Legendary Sword MEAN'T for the hero!?

All I can truly say on the matter is that it was redesigned to suit only Wilfre. If anyone else weild the sword, it would have no effect on any Shadow Creatures.

All in all, thank you for writing these questions and pointing out some things. Hopefully my response will help you understand why I did some things. I wish I could've just responded to you directly but you lack an account to PM to. Sorry.