Summary: A collection of Star Wars drabbles inspired by music.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

A/N: Drabble number four! Again, this is one of those song choices that I would never normally pair with Star Wars. And it yielded some very...interesting results. Let me know what you think!

Skywalker Shuffle

by: ibelieveintruelove



Move Bitch – Ludacris (Anakin and Padmé)

"Oh no! The fight's out

I'ma 'bout to punch yo... lights out!"



Padmé had been staring at her all night, noting her every move, and she finally could not take it anymore. It seemed that Senator Lee was not interested in improving relations between the Senators and the Jedi, but was more interested in trying to talk her way into her husband's pants.

Well, not if she had anything to say about it.

Moving gracefully through the crowd, Padmé forced a smile on to her face and approached Anakin and the Senator. Anakin's face instantly lit up when he saw her, and it didn't escape Lee's notice.

Good, Padmé inwardly snarled.

"Anakin, love, how are you?" Padmé smiled, blatantly ignoring her colleague. Anakin's eyes widened at her informal way of addressing him, but he said nothing and merely played along.

"Senator Amidala," he grinned, grabbing her hand and pressing a kiss to it. "As beautiful as always, I see."

"Oh Anakin, how many times have I asked how to call me Padmé?" she simpered, keeping hold of his hand.

"My apologies, Padmé," Anakin smiled. "Allow me to make it up to you with a dance?"

"It would be my pleasure," she smiled. As Anakin turned to escort her to the floor, Padmé caught sight of Lee's face – a mixture of shock, jealousy, and anger.

Serves you right, Padmé thought. Stay the kriff away from my husband!