The night was chilly and the full moon lit the ground. A black and grey tabby was walking the streets. He had a black collar with an oval hanging from it, which seemed pretty dull for his personality. The back of it was engraved with his name, Jake. "At least it's a beautiful night." He told himself.

He was use to the cold, he was abandoned once and now he's ownerless again. He walked into an alley and found himself in something that resembled a human restaurant for pets.

As he walked in his eye was caught by a beautiful cat. Her fur was purple and she was wearing a collar that was a lighter shade of purple, almost blue with a fish tag hanging from it.

"Maxie you should stop drinking so much. It's starting to get on my nerves." She had said to the cat she was with. He was black with a grey belly and a bite mark on his right ear.

"Heh, I'm just trying to have somewhat of a good time." He said slurring his words. "Hey! What are you looking at?" the cat called "Maxie" had yelled at him.

Jake was taken aback and had realized that he was staring a little too much at the lovely female cat. "I'm sorry. I'll just be on my way." Jake said walking away.

He was cut off by "Maxie" and was pushed. "No stay a little longer fatty." He said with a smirk. Jake glared his emerald eyes glinted in the moonlight.

"I'm not fat. It's actually muscle." Which was true, he exercised more than normal house cats do. "Wha- *hic* -atever. I don't care. I wanna know why you were ogling my girl."

But with that last comment "Maxie" passed out cold. The purple cat strode over. She sighed as she apologized. "He only recently became sort of a jerk. And I know this is a bit much to ask from you after what just happened… But could you help me get him home. He's sort of heavy."

Jake couldn't say no. So he picked up the sleeping "Maxie" and followed the female cat. "My name is Grape. That's my boyfriend, Max." she said. Jake gave a half smile.

"My name is Jake." Grape returned the smile "Nice to meet you. I don't remember seeing you around the neighborhood." Jake nodded his head.

"I just moved here. But to tell the truth I don't have an owner." Grape looked shocked, "you're feral?" Jake shook his head, "No no. I'm just… well I was abandoned by my first owner. He had treated me so kindly too."

Grape's eyes softened and seemed to tear up. "Yeah, I know that feeling." Jake then continued. "My owner taught me Parkour. I avidly had practiced. Then one day he dropped me off by a police station while I was sleeping, with a note that read 'I can't keep him, please take good care of Jake.'"

Grape then asked, "So how did you get to this neighborhood?" Jake tilted his head, "Well… I was actually entered in a training program, which was usually for dogs over at the police station. So I became part of the police force." Grape was surprised.

"Wow, that's really cool. But then why do you not have a home?" Jake sighed. "My guardian was terminated from the force and I was confiscated from his care. I now live with Fido's owner but… I don't like being there so I just live on the street. Fox's dad tells me to just be ready to go in the morning to get to the police station."

Grape could only utter the word "Oh" Finally they were at Max's house and they dropped him off. Jake then turned to Grape and said, "I can walk you home if you want."

She was surprised but decided to take the offer. Unlike their walk to Max's house this walk was pretty much quiet and it felt a little awkward. Finally they got to Grape's house.

Jake was about to leave when he was grabbed by Grape and kissed, much to his surprise. Grape blushed and quickly said, "I'm sorry! I just… have been having problems with Max. I am soo sorry if I startled you or-"

She was interrupted by Jake, who placed a finger to her lips. "It's understandable. I gotta go. Maybe I'll see you around?" She nodded "I'm sure you will."

Jake turned and took his leave. Getting a running start and scaling a wall, vaulting over the top and out of sight.