Jake woke up covered in morning dew. He shivered from the cold and shook it off. He stretched his legs and decided to take a small run.

As he was climbing a wall he spotted Grape's house and remembered last night. He wasn't sure what to expect, but he wanted to visit and check in on her.

As he walked toward the door he heard a male voice from the inside "GRAAAAAAPE! There's a cat outside coming towards the door! Is he a friend of yours?"

Shortly after the door opened and Grape was standing in the doorway looking confused. "I thought you had work." Jake shook his head

"No actually I only have to go to the police station Monday, Wednesday, and Friday." Grape then walked outside, closing the door behind her

"Oh that makes sense." Jake scratched his head candidly. "So who was yelling?" he asked. Grape then looked a little annoyed.

"That was Peanut Butter. He likes to wake me up for everything that happens." Jake started to feel guilt. "I'm so sorry to wake you."

Grape shook her head "No no, it's ok. If it wasn't you he woulda found something else to bug me about." Grape then looked as if she came to a realization.

"Oh, I'm sorry about last night. I didn't mean to kiss you so suddenly. I had been so stressed with Max's attitude, and plus… well you reminded me of him when we first started dating. He was so much nicer. So it was as if you were Max… so yea. Sorry."

Jake blushed as he remembered the kiss and he scratched his head candidly again. "Yeah, it's all good. And there's no reason we can't just be friends right?"

Grape chuckled lightly, "Right. I would love to have you as a friend. Who else do you know in the neighborhood anyway?"

Jake frowned, "Well… I know Max I guess. And now I know of Peanut Butter." Grape's eyes widened. "Oh, well would you like to come in?"

Jake was a bit surprised by the gesture, "Sure. Is it ok with your mom and dad?" Grape nodded her head. "Yeah, they don't mind visitors."

As soon as they walked through the door, a brown dog with a red collar that had a bone hanging from it came up to them. "Hi! My name is Peanut. Are you a friend of Grape's?"

Jake nodded his head. "My name is Jake; it's nice to meet you Peanut." Peanut's eyes brightened. "Do you like video games?"

Smirking, Jake couldn't help but nod. "Of course I do. I don't play many anymore though." Peanut looked shocked. "But why not?"

Jakes ears and tail drooped. "Well, because I don't really have a home right now."

The eager look in Peanut's eyes quickly was replaced with sympathy. "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that." Jake shrugged. "It's ok Peanut. I still get through the day just fine."

Soon Jake partook in playing video games with Peanut as Grape took a nap. He figured that this would at least distract Peanut so that he wouldn't wake her.

After two hours Grape woke up and Peanut decided to play pretend. Peanut and Jake were knights who were on a quest to save the princess, aka Grape.

They faced ogres, trolls, puzzles, riddles, and of course dragons on the way. Soon it was getting late and Jake found himself needing to leave.

"It was fun playing with you, Jake. Hopefully you'll come over often!" Peanut said as Jake was walking out the door.

"Yea, don't be a stranger. Come over whenever you are feeling lonely and need friends to be with" Grape said.

Jake couldn't help but smile as he went off to sleep on Fox's lawn so that Fox's dad would take him to the police station the next day.