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Six Years Later…

"Mama?" a little boy called in the middle of the night.

"Yeah, Trunks?" Bulma replied tiredly to her son.

"I had a bad dream."

Bulma moved the covers a bit to invite the boy into the bed. When he took the invitation, she tucked him in next to her. "It's okay, Trunks. You're okay."

"I love you, mommy."

Bulma kissed his forehead. "I love you too."

It had been six years…six years since they last saw each other. Bulma finished college with an art degree and a minor in engineering. She was currently in graduate school for art as it would take a shorter time to do and she wanted to be out of school as soon as possible to be there for Trunks. Nappa helped her get a studio and she had already sold many paintings and started paying back her loans.

Vegeta had kept his promise and eventually found a way into her bank account. Every month he'd add money for Tarble's medical expenses and Trunks' needs. She didn't know it then, but eventually would find out that he gave them a majority of his pay and kept for himself enough to live on as he hated where the money came from to begin with. Whatever he was doing, he was making a lot and Bulma was grateful, not just for the money, but in knowing that he was alive and well.

She hadn't given up on him. Chi Chi never understood why, but she didn't have the full story. She always whined that if Goku had left her alone with Gohan, she would have never forgiven him; but then again, it was a difficult birth whereas Bulma's was definitely easier. Also, when she had woken up, she found a single red rose on the table next to her and knew that Vegeta had been there and was telling her that he saw their son.

It had been six years working for the tyrant and Vegeta hated it. He had been trained to kill for money for the sole reason that Frieza had watched Vegeta in high school. He had done martial arts classes and was on the football team for a year. Somehow this freak was drawn to him, maybe because of his step-father, but what got Vegeta even more creeped out was that Frieza hadn't just gone to the sporting events for the love of the game.

Vegeta hated it more when Frieza flirted with him. It grossed him out and was also a reminder of how he was trapped here working for the mob boss when he had a family waiting for him. He was getting to see them less and less, but that was because Frieza's men were ordered to keep a closer eye on him. After the night Trunks was born, Frieza thought Vegeta had been trying to bring him down with another family. It was ridiculous, but it gave Vegeta so many ideas he wasn't proud of. He just wanted to go home.

"Ah, Vegeta, my boy," Frieza greeted, "you did excellent work last night with the little leech. I have advanced your salary for this week."

Vegeta nodded before getting ready to leave but was stopped by an elbow to the neck. He looked up and saw Zarbon, Frieza's second, standing over him.

"Our leader just did you a favor, boy," he spat venomously. "It would be wise to show him some respect."

Vegeta glared at the man but stood up and, without complaint, bowed to Frieza. He tried his best not to sound sarcastic. "Thank you, Lord Frieza."

Frieza smirked. "You may go now." Vegeta turned to leave. "Oh, and Vegeta…" Vegeta turned his head back slightly signaling for Frieza to go on. "You are forgiven for that night. Informants have told me that you had a son that night. Go spend his birthday with him today. You've been a very loyal worker and loyalty should be rewarded."

Vegeta tensed when Frieza revealed that he knew he had a son and could hear the underlying threat. It was another weight keeping him there, but he would take Frieza up on his offer. Finally he would be allowed to see his love, son, brother, and grandparents. He had never officially met Trunks except for the day he was born, but he was sure Bulma would have told everyone by now what had happened. His kid couldn't hate him, right? Well, there was only one way to find out.

"Don't you have classes today?" a thirteen year old Tarble asked.

"Good morning, Tarble," Bulma greeted, "and no. I may have mentioned to my professor who really likes me that it was my son's birthday today and I wanted to spend it with him and the next thing I knew, she had a meeting scheduled for the time of class, so I'm off the hook."

"Nice," Tarble said. "I really wish I could skip, but my grandparents would flip out."

"I don't think they would," Bulma told him. "You're doing well in everything."

"Yeah, except gym," he said bitterly. He was still working on beating those odds like he promised. When Tarble was old enough to understand what the mob was, Bulma explained to him what had happened and after that Tarble stopped going to therapy. He held onto the hope, like Bulma, that his brother would come back at some point.

"Tarble, the school knows. They won't fault you for a medical condition."

"You don't know my teacher. Don't tell my grandparents I used this word, but the guy is a complete ass."

Bulma fought laughing at Tarble's uncharacteristically foul mouth. "Oh stop. Anyway, just come with us today. Chi Chi is actually allowing Gohan to put off his studies for the day and I've already called Trunk's teacher and let her know he wouldn't be coming in today."

"Why didn't you let Chi Chi homeschool Trunks again?" Tarble asked.

"Because she's a little crazy. I mean, teaching a five year old calculus is a bit of a stretch. I want Trunk's to have fun and make friends and play and color like a five, I mean six, year old should do. He deserves that much."

"Hey, Bulma, come on," Tarble said to his now saddened sister. Sure she and Vegeta hadn't gotten married yet, but someday they would and Tarble loved her like the older sister he always wanted her to be. "Don't give up hope yet."

Bulma sniffled a bit, but smiled. "Oh, I won't, but I still miss him. I wish he could still be a part of Trunks' life."

"He will be," Tarble replied. "I just don't know when."

Bulma went over to Tarble, hugged him, and kissed him on the forehead. "Go get ready. I'll call your school since your grandparents are still asleep." Tarble nodded and went to go change. Today was going to be a great day.

Vegeta watched as Bulma made breakfast for everyone and called his brother's school. She still wore the ring on her left hand which made Vegeta smile. She was still waiting for him.

All of a sudden, Trunks ran downstairs and hugged his mother.

"Good morning, mommy," he said cheerfully.

"Well, look who just woke up," she replied kissing his forehead. "Happy Birthday, sweetie."

"Thanks mommy," he responded sitting down at the table waiting for breakfast.

"We're going to the arcade today," she told him knowing how much he and Gohan liked that place. "Even your Uncle Tarble is coming with us."

"Yay!" Trunk's cheered. "You know what would make it perfect?"


"For daddy to be there." Bulma smiled. Ever year Trunks made a wish that his father would be able to attend the next year. She told him stories and showed him pictures every day so that he would know who Vegeta was.

"Yes, Trunks, that would make it perfect."

Vegeta smiled. His family never gave up on him and all still loved him. He watched them as his grandparents and Mrs. Briefs made it down the stairs. He had often wondered why she and Bulma were living with his grandparents, but could only assume that Mrs. Briefs finally dumped Dr. Briefs.

He didn't remember coming up to the front door before he knocked. When Bulma answered it, she was in shock. "Vegeta?" He smirked and the two embraced. After six years of not seeing him, he was finally back, and hopefully he would be able to show up more often.

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