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Six Years Later…

Vegeta found himself being woken up by someone jumping on top of him. "Daddy, wake up," Bulla whined. "It's your birthday."

"Five more minutes, Bulla," he replied trying not to laugh at her pout. He smirked and pulled the blanket aside a bit. "You can join me."

Bulla's face lit up as she snuggled close to her father. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him smile. Vegeta loved his little girl very much. The past six years had been pure bliss for him. He was with Bulma and their children every day and the two of them were still so in love. There were no problems like there had been in the past. Tarble was in college, now on the soccer team, his condition no longer a hindrance on his life. He would be there in a few hours with the rest of their family and friends.

Tarble knew all about this day. The first of his birthdays Vegeta had spent with them, Tarble wanted a party. Vegeta, not being one to celebrate his birthday except that one time with Bulma twelve years ago, refused the party flat out. When Tarble demanded an answer as to why, he got his answer.

Tarble was upset for a few days, but bounced back quickly convincing himself that if not him, another child. It was the truth; no one could control what happened. The love their mother had for them was enough to keep them going. And after that acknowledgement, Vegeta had no choice but to give into his family and finally celebrate his birthday.

Bulma walked into the room to check on her daughter's progress of getting Vegeta out of bed. She smiled when she saw them cuddled together, sleeping soundly. Without waking them, Bulma reached for her sketchbook and pencils, capturing the heartwarming scene in front of her. They had had so many since Vegeta had officially been free.

Everyone bought the story about him interning for Cooler, especially when he graduated top of his class for his business degree. Bulma loved seeing her husband so happy and in his element. She would tell him she loved seeing him do the "suit-and-tie kind of business." He would just smirk and say, "I do too."

"How much longer do I have to stay like this," Vegeta said in a sleepy voice. Bulma nearly cracked up discovering that he had woken up at some point and kept his pose. She quickly finished her sketch and told him he could move. Vegeta sat up, waking Bulla up in the process.

"That was a long five minutes," Bulla said seriously.

"It was more like an extra half hour," Bulma told her.

Bulla shot Vegeta an adorable glare and said, "You tricked me, daddy."

Vegeta and Bulma both laughed. "Yes," Vegeta admitted, "yes I did, princess."

Bulla's face softened at her nickname and gave him a hug. "Okay, daddy," she said sweetly, "I forgive you."

Bulla left the room so her father could get up and ready. Bulma let Vegeta hug her from behind while she was looking in the mirror. She put her arms around his and leaned into him. "So, are we still bringing them?" Bulma asked secretively.

Vegeta nodded. "I think it's high time they visit her and see where it all began."

Bulma smiled and nodded. "Hurry up, then. Breakfast is ready and then we can go before the party."

Vegeta nodded and reluctantly let go of Bulma after whispering, "See you soon," in her ear. Despite finally being free, he would always feel like he had to hold on to his loved ones. He knew as time went on, it would pass; but for now, he didn't mind.

"Count on it," Bulma replied warmly.

"Happy Birthday, dad," a twelve year old Trunks greeted. He was finishing up breakfast so he could go help his mother and grandparents set up the tables and chairs outside by the pool.

"Where are you going?" Vegeta asked.

"To set up?" Trunks said unsure.

"Not right now," Vegeta replied. "We're going somewhere."

"Where?" Trunks inquired, but his question went unanswered as Vegeta went to go help Bulla with her shoes.

"Um, not to be morbid, but why are we in a cemetery?" Trunks asked.

"What's 'morbid' mean?" Bulla asked.

"Uh, scary?" Trunks replied.

"But it's so pretty here," Bulla said. "Look at all the flowers. The ghosties must really like them."

Vegeta and Bulma smiled to each other as he took her hand in his. The two of them felt truly blessed for their children and life.

When they stopped in front of his mother's grave, Trunks and Bulla looked confused.

"Celia Ouji?" Bulla read, sounding out the words. "Hey, she has our last name."

Vegeta nodded. "She's my mother."

Both children's eyes widened. Trunks wasn't as shocked as Bulla, though, since he knew of the story, but he was surprised his father was bringing them there. He never liked to talk about it, but maybe he wanted to open up for once.

"This is where your father and I met," Bulma said, shocking her son and daughter.

"R-really?" Trunks asked.

"When?" Bulla questioned.

"Thirteen years ago," Vegeta answered. "I was going through something and came to visit my mother's grave. Your mother was standing right where we are now. I didn't know what to make off it then and I didn't react to well to a random stranger being here, but we had a connection even then."

Bulma snuggled against her husband, remembering those difficult times. Things had been hard on both of them, but they survived it all. "Back then, I didn't take to anyone," Bulma told them. "I had lost my parents the same day your father lost his mother. I had been passed around since then between foster homes. I was even with Goku's and Raditz's family for a short time. I ended up with your grandmother's sister before she passed away and that's how I ended up with Ms. Briefs." Bulma chuckled. It had been ages since she called her by her formal name.

"That's a lot of death," Trunks muttered. "Why talk about it?"

"Because," Vegeta replied, "this was what we went through before we found each other. As you know, Trunks, my mother died on my birthday, meaning your mother's parents did too."

"We've been saying for years that they were always looking out for us and maybe met up somewhere and brought us together."

"I think they did," Bulla said with a smile. "Because coincidences don't exist, right daddy?"

Vegeta picked Bulla up and messed up her hair a bit. "That's right, princess."

Bulma looked at her watch and gasped. "Oh, we have to get back. Goku, Chi Chi, and the kids should be there soon."

Vegeta took his free hand and put it on the tombstone. "Bye, mom," he whispered.

Bulla followed his suit and waved. "Bye-bye, grandma." And with that, the family left the cemetery.

"Hey, Gohan," Trunks greeted, fist-pumping his best friend. "Good to see you."

"Yeah. Need help with setting up?" Gohan asked.

"Sure, let's go." Trunks smirked. "I wanted to talk to you about your girlfriend," he said in a sing-song voice.

Gohan blushed. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he stated before the pre- teens headed outside.

Vegeta and Goku chuckled. "I still remember you saying that when I started going out with Chi Chi," Goku joked.

"I remember nothing of the sort," Vegeta half-lied. "I said I wanted to talk to you about your harpy."

"Gee, thanks so much," Chi Chi muttered sending Goten off to go play with Bulla. The two children decided to run outside and play tag.

Bulma and Chi Chi started giggling. "What?" Vegeta asked.

"Bulla's already got the boys chasing her," Bulma teased.

"And is already chasing after the boys herself," Chi Chi added.

"Oh God, help me," Vegeta mumbled before receiving a kiss on the cheek from Bulma.

"Knock, knock."

The adults turned to see Vegeta's Cooler, Salza, and Zarbon standing in the foyer.

"You're late," Vegeta joked with his boss.

Cooler shrugged. "Now we're even for last Wednesday."

Vegeta nodded. "Sounds about right."

"Happy Birthday, kid," Salza said. "And thanks for inviting us."

"Of course we'd invite you," Bulma said with a smile. "You guys are part of our family now too."

"Speaking of family," Zarbon spoke up, "how is the medication I prescribed your brother working, Vegeta?"

"Better than the other stuff," Vegeta replied. Ever since the night Bulla was born, and since Zarbon started practicing again, Vegeta trusted Zarbon more than anyone else, which was surprising all things considered. After he opened up his own clinic, he became a personal doctor for Vegeta and his family, making up for not only Vegeta's mother, but for the problems he caused the family while working for Frieza. Zarbon was surprised that Vegeta forgave him so easily, but he was grateful. "He'll be here in about fifteen minutes."

"Ah, that's right, coming home from college, right?" Zarbon asked. Vegeta answered with a smirk. He was definitely proud of his little brother.

"Raditz and Jay are out of the country looking into some land so we can expand the company," Cooler told Vegeta. "They sent gifts."

"Probably more beer or rum," Bulma muttered. "I swear those two are such alchys sometimes."

"You should have seen Juu the other day when her brother visited her, Krillin, and Marron. He brought a girl with him too. Juu made sure he knew never to behave that way around her daughter again," Chi Chi said to Bulma.

"I bet," Bulma laughed. "Anyway, we should probably go outside now. Trunks and Gohan have to be done setting up now."

"Lead the way," Vegeta said motioning for his wife to walk in front of him.

"Hey, Veggie." Tarble managed to hop over the fence and nearly tackled his brother.

"Hey, squirt. Damn, you're getting strong. You almost knocked me over."

Tarble chuckled. "Happy Birthday, bro." Vegeta ruffled his hair a bit before joining everyone else.

"Where are our grandparents?" Vegeta asked.

"They had some things to take care of helping Ms. Briefs with the house. I can't believe she's moving back there."

Vegeta's expression darkened. A few weeks ago they had received news that Dr. Briefs had gone off somewhere and gave the house to Ms. Briefs so that he didn't have to deal with selling it. Talk about a fast escape, Vegeta sneered in his head. "It doesn't matter. She'll probably end up selling it if she doesn't like being there."

"He wasn't very nice," Tarble thought out loud. "I mean, he said a lot of mean stuff to Bulma when he found out she was pregnant."

"I know," Vegeta replied. "But that part of our life is over now."

"Thank goodness," Tarble said. "I'm really glad things worked out."

"Me too," Vegeta answered with a small smile.

"Uncle Tarble!"

Before either Vegeta or Tarble knew, Bulla tackled the younger boy to the ground. "And you said I'm strong?" Tarble joked.

Vegeta forced himself not to laugh. "Your niece missed you."

"Vegeta, get over here!" Bulma called. "It's time for cake."

"In what universe is it cake before food?" Vegeta asked.

"In my universe, now come on you guys." Who could argue with that logic?

"Hey," Bulma greeted later when she came to hers and Vegeta's room.

"Hey," Vegeta replied putting down the report he was reading on the nightstand and patting the spot next to him on the bed.

"Kids are asleep," Bulma told him, nestling against him. "And there's still something you have to do."

"What might that be?" Vegeta asked. Bulma smiled and took his mother's journal off of the other nightstand. "Ah, yes."

Bulma rested against Vegeta with his arm around her as he flipped through the pages until he reached the message for his thirtieth birthday.

My dearest son,

You have grown up so much. I wish I could be there with you. I'm sure you have done so many great things and it makes me proud to call you my son. Happy thirtieth. I bet you never thought you'd get there, but you must admit, time really does fly. I hope your day will be full of joy and love. And there's one thing that I want you to remember, Vegeta.

I will never leave you.

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