Uncharted Territory

Me again. Spoiler for 7x08. Can't help myself lately and I felt compelled to write a tag for this episode. Sam's POV. This will be a two chapter story - the boys chat and Sam comes to a realization about his brother.

He closes the car door, a smile still pasted on his face.

He runs a hand through his hair and shakes his head, he just can't believe it. "Man, I actually married Becky."

His brother follows suit moments later, and he waits for his next comeback which he knows his brother won't be able to resist. He laughs again as the same sentiment he just muttered to himself makes its way from Dean's mouth. "Dude, you totally married Becky. You should have seen yourself Sam. You were goo-goo for blondie stalker back there. Ugh… gave me the creeps. I knew you had to be jacked up on some kind of weird mojo shit man. Hmmm… Unless…."

Dean flashes him his patented beaming smile, the one that can melt hearts at a hundred yards, the one that almost seems out of place because of how unfamiliar it has been on his features lately.

"Shut up."

He can't help but laugh out heartily when Dean blinks his eyes rapidly and places both of his hands over his chest.

"Dean, I'm in love. Dean, I'm getting married. Dean…"

He never realized how much he missed this. He punches him on the shoulder and the chuckle that comes from Dean is like music to his ears. An honest to goodness, straight from the gut chuckle. It's been far too long since he has heard that sound.

"Okay man, but hey, in my defense I was drugged remember? But yeah, I get it, it's mildly amusing."

One more smile and a wink as Dean starts up the car.

"Well, I hope you didn't get it, otherwise you'll have to march right back there and make an honest woman out of her."

This is so great.

"Please. Well, at least I wasn't stuck with a twig as my wing man Dean. You two were so cute. Dude, he totally adored you and I could tell you totally wanted to hug him back." He reaches out to place a hand on his shoulder. "It's okay, you can have friends man, I'm okay with it. Maybe you guys can meet up sometime, have some brews and hustle pool together. After all, he didn't totally suck."

Dean counters with a classic eyeroll and shoulder shrug to dislodge the offending hand.

He raises both hands and flashes his own dazzling smile.

"You're words man. And he didn't seem that bad."

Dean scoffs and mutters a soft 'whatever' under his breath but his smirk remains. His own smile widens because Dean is enjoying this as much as he is.

It feels so good to laugh with his brother again. He can't really remember the last time they taunted and teased each other like this and boy oh boy, it just feels right. To be here, with Dean, after everything and to be able to joke around and throw out digs at each other's expense, as well as Becky's and scrawny dude's, feels, as Dean would say, awesome. And right. Like they are finally getting back to some kind of normalcy. Huh, it kind of reminds him of when they first got back together again, when they headed back out on the asphalt and seemed to revert right back to how they were when they were kids.

And Dean talked to him. Really talked. Finally realizes that he doesn't have to be his protector every minute of every day, that he deserves to have a life of his own and to look out for himself for a change. Dean can see that he is dealing with things and he is beyond relieved that he can finally admit that his baby brother is as okay as he can be, all things considered.

"Thanks man." Dean gives him the raised eyebrow, as if he doesn't know what he's talking about. Some things never, ever change. "For what you said back there, basically how you don't have to be my shadow 24/7. Means alot."

Shoulder shrug.

"Yeah, well it's a tiring gig Sammy and I figure you ain't a kid anymore. Can't keep an eye on you all the time, plus you're messing with my extra curricular activities. I was just about to seal the deal with an ultra hot waitress you know."

"Uh-huh. Okay, well that's the whole point. You should be able to do whatever you want and do something for yourself once in a while. I mean, I'm sure you could use a little down time dude, there must be something you can do other than look after me for a change."

He notices Dean's smile dissipate in an instant and flatten out to form a thin line. Shit.

"Well, I ain't gonna just leave you high and dry without any back up Sam. I mean look what happened. Just... small steps bro, okay?"

"Uh yeah, okay. Of course." He clears his throat as the care is suddenly thrust into silence. No, he won't let the good mood fly out the window that fast. "Anyway, strange job huh?"

"Yeah, ain't they all dude. Ain't they all. Although the thought of you and Becky on a honeymoon? Let's just say good thing I haven't eaten anything today."

"Whatever, just drive smartass."

"Whatever you say... Mr. Rosen..." Dean finishes it off with the sound of a whip and he can't help but let out a chuckle of his own.



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