Tease. Chapter 1

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No words would come out of Brittany's mouth as she looked down at Santana. Tears began to prick in her eyes as she stared at Santana with her hands covering her mouth, still in surprise from what had just happened. In that moment everything seemed to disappear, the gardens, the blossoms and the cool breeze in the air. It was just her and Santana in their own little moment.

She knew Santana was going to be the one to propose she did promise when they were only eight, but that was their little secret between them. Now they were both 27 and living in New York city, they were living their dream's. Brittany was on her way to opening a dance studio with Mike Chang and Santana had just gotten a position at a Law firm after working her ass of in law school. And now this, everything was perfect.

Santana's face slowly began to fall, still seeing that Brittany had not answered her yet. A million thought and worries were in her head. Had she done this too early? Did she choose the wrong ring? Is Brittany not ready for this? All these thoughts swirled in Santana's head as she kneeled frozen in front of Brittany.

Santana stood up and looked up into Brittany's deep blue eyes "Britt if you're not rea-" before she could finish kisses were being peppered onto her face and neck.

"Oh San of course I'm ready!" Brittany said between kisses. "I've been waiting for this ever since we were eight."

Before Santana could answer Brittany pulled her in close to plant a kiss on her lips. Brittany's arms wound around Santana's waist as she deepened the kiss before Santana pulled away to lean her forehead against Brittany's.

"I love you, so much" the Latina says softly while gathering up Brittany's left hand to slip the white gold diamond ring on her finger.

"And I love you" the blonde says looking down at her hand in awe then tilting her head to kiss her now fiancé.

In that moment with the feel of the cherry blossoms from the trees surrounding them fall around the spot where they stood intertwined Brittany and Santana knew that they had never been happier.

Back at their apartment Brittany and Santana lie on the couch, their bodies closely wrapped around each other.

"San..." Brittany sighs softly looking up into Santana's eyes.

"Yeah Britt?" Santana replies stroking her hand through the Blonde's hair gently. "San, I want to try something... With you" she says quietly.

"Anything" Santana answers simply "I don't think you'll like it" Brittany whispers looking away.

Santana moves her hand up to the side of the Blonde's face to turn it back to hers "Anything for you" she simply states kissing the tip of her fiancé's nose "Tell me what you want and I promise you that it will be a yes" the Latina continues.

"I don't want to have sex until our honeymoon" Brittany states quietly, turning her head away again "it's stupid" she says.

Santana's eyes widen slightly at the statement not expecting this at all, she thought that after proposing she wouldn't be able to get the blonde off her.

"Britt-Britt it's not stupid, stupid things come from stupid people and you are the smartest person I know" she says softly.

"Oh, San" Brittany sighs turning her head so she can reach the Latina's lips.

"So, what is the reason for you withholding sex from me?" Santana giggles nuzzling into the blonde's neck.

Brittany lets out a quiet laugh "Well, I was talking to Rachel about their honeymoon and-"

"Oh God, spare me the details" Santana interrupts.

"San... let me explain" Brittany says.

"Okay, okay go on" the Latina says sitting herself upright and lifting Brittany into a sitting position next to her.

"Well, Rachel said that she and Quinn stopped their sweet lady kisses until the night of their honeymoon, you know to make it better."

"Was it?" Santana asks.

Brittany nods "Apparently the best they have ever had, San I really want to make out honeymoon night special can we? Please?" The blonde turns to sit on the Latinas lap placing her legs on either side of her body. "Please...for me Sanny?" Brittany pleads when Santana doesn't answer right away "It'll be so special I promise" she says quietly bending her neck slightly to put her forehead against Santana's.

"Britt, our honeymoon night would be special no matter what, but if you really want this then I guess we won't be having any sweet lady kisses any time soon" Santana says in a quiet voice looking up into bright blue eyes.

"Oh San, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!" The blonde said excitedly kissing the Latina all over her face and neck "Our honeymoon is going to be great!" she said happily while gently putting her hands on either side of Santana's face to pull her in for a soft kiss "San, you're the best I love you so much."

"No baby you're the best and I love you to, more than anything."