Tease: Epilogue.

I can't thank you all enough for the amazing support and encouragement that you have given me throughout this story, I was almost about to give up but after a few helpful messages and reviews I got my inspiration back. This being my first ever story it's kinda sad to see this end but at least that gives me the chance to start others.

Anyway, this epilogue is on the short side, mostly because the last chapter was 10,000 words and honestly I was expecting a little more feedback since it was the honeymoon chapter everyone was waiting for but that has nothing to do with the length of this. Also, epilogue's are usually quite short anyway, right?

So here it goes, the last installment of Tease...

One year later.

"San, wake up!" Brittany snuggles her naked body tighter against the brunette's, their smooth skin rubbing together. She snakes one of her arms over Santana's toned stomach, her fingers brushing lightly across her tanned skin.

A low rumble escapes from Santana's throat, her raven hair sprawled across her pillow and her face, covering her closed eyes. She shifts slightly in her sleep, her own hand finding Brittany's on her stomach, lacing their fingers together naturally.

"Saa-aaan, you need to wake up!" She nuzzles her nose into Santana's neck, spreading light kisses on the soft skin of her neck as she attempts to wake her sleeping wife. She tightens her grip on her hand, as she presses herself harder into Santana's side.

Another rumble sounds from Santana, forming barely audible words. "Britt, when I woke up an hour ago you were all over me, I'd love to go again but I'm going to at least need an hour or two of sleep or a Red Bull before-"

"San is sex all you think about?" Brittany scolds, biting her lip playfully.

"Says the one who was banging me up against the headboard twenty minutes ago."

Long pale fingers untwine from tanned ones, reaching upwards to brush the dark hair from Santana's face before trailing down her cheek. "Open your eyes San."

Another grumble. "Ten more minutes."

The fingers at her cheek gently glide down the line of her jaw, tracing down her neck to linger at her collarbone before dipping into the valley between her breasts. A shiver runs through Santana at the feeling, her eyes snapping open.

"I thought you wanted ten more minutes?" Brittany asks with a sly smile, her right eyebrow raising.

"Fuck that." Santana rolls off her back, pushing Brittany onto hers, pressing their fronts together, she leans in about to touch her lips to her wife's when a hand on her cheek stops her. "Britt?"

"That's not why I woke you."

Santana rolls off, crossing her arms over her naked chest,huffing angrily.

"We can do that later it's just that I thought I could remind you of something."

"Britt, you can't just touch me like that and not do the deed with me."

"But San it's important."

"That's what you said an hour ago."

"Not that kind of important. Santana it's our anniversary."

"Britt, yesterday was our anniversary." The brunette responds, scooping up a few red rose petals from the tops of their bed sheets, reminding her wife of the romantic evening she had planned for the pair of them the night before.

"No silly, our other anniversary!"

A confused look spreads across Santana's face, her eyebrows scrunching together. "Britt I don't-"

"It's the anniversary of the night we consummated out marriage." Brittany beams.

A wide smile breaks across Santana's face. "Really? We're going to be celebrating that too?"

"Well we celebrate our first kiss, our first time, when we first started dating, our engagement and now our marriage so why not?"

"Fine, so how do you want to celebrate this anniversary?" The brunette asks, rolling out of bed, picking up her underwear that was flung onto the bedside table not long before, putting them back on.

"Pancakes!" Brittany beams, jumping out of bed, grabbing her discarded pajama top from the bed before pulling it over her head.

Santana turns to give her wife a quizzical look. "Really? Pancakes? I thought this would be more of a sex marathon type thing."

"Of course its going to be a sex thing, I'm just like super hungry right now and If we're going to be going at it like bunnies I want to have some energy!"

As Santana mixes the pancake batter in a bowl Brittany walks over to the coffee table, picking up the remote to turn on the T.V before returning to the kitchen, standing behind Santana with her arms are around her waist.

"I can't cook properly when you're holding onto me Britt." She laughs.

"I can't help it, you look so sexy right now."

"Mixing pancake batter in an oversized T-shirt?"

"Yup!" Brittany giggles, nuzzling her nose into Santana's neck. "The pancakes aren't the only thing I want to eat right now."

Santana stiffens slightly. "C'mon B, don't tease."

Brittany laughs again. "You know you love it Sanny, I'm just-" She is cut off by a loud news report suddenly appearing on the TV.

"There has been a remarkable breakthrough that will allow for lesbian couples to have their own biological children."

Brown and blue eyes immediately find the TV, pale arms tighten uncounsiously around Santana's waist, The whole apartment silent apart from the voice of the female news reporter.

"British scientists who had already coaxed male bone marrow cells to develop into primitive sperm cells have now repeated the feat with female embryonic stem cells. The University of Newcastle team has achieved the feat after applying for permission to turn the bone marrow of a woman into sperm which makes the method more practical than with embryonic cells. The once possibility of lesbian couples having biological children who share both their genes is now a reality as sperm created from the bone marrow of one woman could be used to fertilize an egg from her partner."

Santana immediately turns in her wife's arms after tearing her eyes away from the screen. "Britt." She whispers. "Could we handle...Have we been married long enough?"

"Does it matter? We've been in love since we were kids, we can do anything."

"Are... Are you ready? Do you want to?"

"Yeah...I am, and I've always wanted and imagined a little us. Are you?"

"I'm ready. And there is nothing I want more than for us to start our own family."

"Then..." Brittany pauses. Her blue eyes flickering to brown ones.

Their arms wind around each other pulling them in a close embrace, their foreheads touching lightly. They breathe in, their breaths slightly shaky as they whisper together in unison.

"Lets have a baby."

So I hope you guys enjoyed the Epilogue, it's been amazing writing for all of you :)

The information about sperm cells being created from a embryo in this chapter has been obtained from this site (Just remove the spaces): http: / www . telegraph . co . uk/science/science-news/3323846/Sperm-cells-created-from-female-embryo . html

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