"Hey guys, have you already chosen a movie?" I asked Claudia.

"Yeah. We chose Scream 1. It is totally scary." she replied.

Me and the BSC (I'll explain later) were gonna have a sleepover. We were also gonna watch a scary movie.

Oh. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Kristy Thomas and i belong to a club called the BSC or the Baby-Sitters Club. I formed the club back when Claudia Kishi , Mary Anne Spier (My best friend), Stacey McGill, and I were in seventh grade. Now, we're in eight grade and now there are seven of us, nine including our associates. They are Shannon Kilbourne and Logan Bruno (He's Mary Anne's boyfriend!). They are like back-ups to our club. We call them when we can't take anymore jobs.

Ok. Back to the sleepover. Everyone in our club except Logan was there.

"C'mon Claudia! Pop it in the VCR already!" I ordered her.

"Ok, ok."

She popped it in the VCR and the Dimension Films logo flashed on the screen. Then Drew Barrymore appeared.

We watched the movie until the end. It was about 11 o'clock when the movie ended,

"Wow. Scream is so scary! I couldn't stop shaking!" Marry Anne said.

"Yeah. I agree. The movie is scary but totally awesome." Stacey said.

The phone rang. I went over to the phone and picked it up.

"Hello?" I said to the caller.

"Hello? Who is this?" the caller replied. He had the voice of the killer in Scream. It was kind of scary.

"This is Kristy Thomas. Who's this?" I replied.

"You tell me."

"Ok. Tell me who you really are NOW!" I was starting to get impatient.

"Kristy! Who's calling?" Dawn asked.

" I don't know. He's trying to do Ghost Face, whoever it is." I replied.

"Hello? Are you still there?" The gruff voice of the caller asked me.

"Yeah. Who is this?" I asked again.

"Are you alone in the house Kristy?" he asked.

I didn't reply. I felt really scared.

"I'm gonna kill you tonight Kristy." he said.

I heard a noise in the window near me. I turned to look and gasped in horror and screamed out in horror.