"What do you mean?" I quickly interjected. "Kristy did nothing wrong. In fact, she's the victim."

"Oh I didn't mean she's going to prison. I meant to say that she has to be at the police station for her protection." Officer Johnson replied.

"Oh." I replied. I could feel myself turning red.

"It's alright Mary Anne. I know you're just looking out for Kristy." He said. He turned around and faced Kristy. "Speaking of which, I need to talk to your parents Kristy."

"Who are right here." Someone said. I looked around and saw that Mr. Brewer and Kristy's mom were just coming over.

"Kristy!" Her mom shrieked out. She dashed toward Kristy and hugged her tightly. "How are you feeling? Are you alright? Are you-"

"I'm fine mom." Kristy cut through. "Officer Johnson needs to talk with you guys."

"Indeed I do. Why don't we go to the station? You too Kristy." He said.

"Sure. Can Mary Anne and the others come along with me?" She said looking at my direction.

"I'm afraid not. They'll have to wait here." He replied. "Or they can visit you after we're done"

"Oh. I don't mind waiting. But I think it would be better if we just visit you later Kristy." I replied. "Right guys?" I asked the others.

"Yeah. Sure." They chorused. "See you later Kristy."

"Ok. See you later guys." She said. "Let's go mom, Officer Johnson."

They got in the police car and they sped away towards the station.

"Gosh, I hope this is just a prank." Mallory said.

"A prank? I don't think so Mal. Look, Cokie's dead and the killer left a message for Kristy that she's next." Claudia promptly replied. "This is way too creepy to be a joke."

"I know, but I just don't want anything to happen to Kristy." Mallory replied.

"Look, let's just go to Claudia's house alright? We'll talk about this there." I said. "So no one can hear us." I added with a whisper.

We said our goodbyes to Cokie's parents and walked towards Claudia's house. When we got there, Janine popped out and started bombarding us with questions.

"Hello everyone. I saw the news report last night and I was wondering, wasn't that your friend who got murdered?" Janine asked.

"Well... She's not exactly our friend but yes, we did know her." Claudia replied.

"Did you go over at their house? Was there anything that seemed out of the ordinary?" she replied.

"Yeah. We just got back from there. There was some message there saying that Kristy would be the next victim." Claudia replied. "Why do you want to know?"

"Oh nothing. It just seemed like an important bit of news." Janine said in a weird voice. "I have to go work on something now."

As Janine walked back upstairs, I noticed that something fell out of her pocket. I waited until she was in her room and then I snatched it off the floor. I took a look and saw the picture. I gasped out loud.

"Mary Anne! Is there something wrong?" Claudia and the others chorused. "What's that thing that you're holding?

I didn't want to show them so I just shook my head. Apparently, Dawn didn't believe me. She came over and snatched the photo out of my hand. When she looked at the photo, she gasped out loud too. This time, she showed the picture to everyone else.

There was a girl on the photograph. The girl was Claudia. Her head was crushed out by a blood red ballpoint ink, and below, there was a scary message. It said, "YOUR SISTER'S GONNA DIE SOON!" in blood-red ink.

"Auuuuugh!" Claudia shrieked. With that, she dropped onto the floor and fainted.

"Claudia!" Abby and Jessi cried out. They managed to catch her in time but Claudia's parents suddenly burst out in the living room.

"Oh my lord!" Stacey exclaimed. "What a horrible day!"

"Guys. Let's carry Claudia up to her room." I said. "Quietly, so we don't disturb anyone."

Abby and Jessi carried Claudia up to her room. When we got there, they placed Claudia on her bed.

"Gosh, guys. This is getting serious." I said. "A killer on the loose to get Kristy and Claudia, threats, it all seems to be a kind of a movie, dont't you think?"

"Yeah. Its kinda like Scream but this is real life not some mo-" Dawn replied, before the Claudia's private phone started to ring.

"AUUUUGH!" we all screamed.

"Don't answer the phone!"Someone said. "No, answer the phone!"

Finally, I jumped at the phone, and then I picked up the receiver.

"Hello?" I said. "Wh-wh-who is this?"

There was no reply. Finally, a gruff voice said, "You're gonna find out soon enough, Mary Anne."