I dont own Naruto or Sailor moon.
I had this in my head for serval day and i know its mostlikely not good..

It was the 10th of October, the birthday of Naruto or how many other would say the „birthday of that thing".

In a rather small and bad lighted sideway lay a small boy, from the looks he was not older then 8 had blond hair and blue eyes in which you could lose yourself, but the most prominent feature were the 6 six small scrachtes ,3 on each side. Almost foxlike if you thing about it.

This litle boy was called Naruto and like each day he was badly beaten again... but today it far worse then usally, the person who was comanded to guard him from any harm turned against him today, not that he did a good job anyways. This very supposed guard was about to kill „this litle demon brat" as a bluesish pillar came out of the wide heaven above them, almost as if the god themself want to protect them. The last thing litle naruto heard before drifting in the welcoming darknes was a rather strange sounding voice that said something allong the line of „Found you hime-sama".


As litlle Naruto came back to his senses he noticed a few things.

First he lay in a rather comfy bed which meant it couldnt be hospital.

Another thing that spoke against being in a hospital was the lavender like smell that suround him and had a rather calming effect on him.

And truely as he opened his eyes he didnt saw anything that would hint toward being in a hospital.

The room he was in was big but not too big, it was the right size and strangely he felt safe in here almost as if he was here many time beforehand. Also the most prominent things in the room where the fairly huge bed he lay in, the enormous wardrobe, the many teddys and pillows all around room and a vanity with a rather huge mirror. But the thing that interest him the most were the two big windows to his right. He was just captivated by what he was seeing. This had to be heaven, he was sure about this. How else could he explain what he was seeing. He saw very nice and enormous garden which was divided by a small river, several bridges were build to cross over the the river, far in the distance he made out something that seemed like somesort of building... rather large building, they almost seemed to reach the horizon. He was so drawn into this few that he didnt notice someone entering until that where person talked to him.

„Good to see that you still like that view himea-sama, i will inform Leon at once that you are awake again" said a rather sweet sound female voice which seemed to belong to a maid, if the clothes where anything to go by. „Who is this Him..." before he could finish the young woman already left the room.

But he didnt had to wait long as the very same woman entered in company of a yound man not older 30 years, his most prominent feature would be the scar that went right under under his left eye, just nearly missing the eye itself. The eyes itself where just as green as the plant in the garden he saw before. His hair was dirty blonde. From his attire and whole stature he seemed like a high ranked soldiers, maybe an officier if he had to guess.

The man bowed for a few seconds before saying in a voice that seemed far to familar to his likeing „Himea we are so glad that we have found you after all this years, we almost tought that we lost you forever!"

Slowly it really was bucking him, he was in an unknown area that yet feelt far to familar for his likeing and now this man that alot looked and sounded familar.

„Who are you? Where am i? And who is Himea?" he paused for a moment, his voice... sounded off. Sure he always had a rather hight voice that could be mistaken for a girls, but now there was no way to mistake it for a girls voice... it was a girls voice... „AND WHY THE HECK TO I SOUND LIKE A FRICKING GIRL?" he screamed, almost putting a certain banshe into the shadows.

„Please calm down Him... Naruto, i know that it must be confusing for you. It isnt everyday that you are about to be killed and find yourself in a strange place just like a few seconds later. But i asure you that we dont want to harm you so please calm down and then we can answer all your question one after one. Is that ok for you?" he asked in a worried yet kind voice to which Naruto just could say „Ok, first who are you?"

„I am Leon Prime General of Mu and ofical consultant of the Queensdom."

„And where am i?"

„You are at Palace on Erhl Homeplanet of the Mu´s"

„So i am on another planet?"

„Not really but you are close, but explaining this right now would take more time then we have right now"

„Oh... i see. But one last question who is this Himea Person and why do i sound like a girl?"

„Well you are Himea and you sound like a girl you aks? Well that is a silly question, you are a girl after all" he said somewhat bemused yet symaptic looking

„Huh? Are you kidding me? I know that i am a Bo..." boy he wanted to say but as he looked in the mirror of the vanity he couldnt see a boy at all... Looking back at him or should i say her was 8 year girl with the same blue eyes she had before, gone where the foxlike scars. Her face was heartshaped and framed by long and wavy blond hair that reached down to her mid section. She whore a rather girlish and expensive looking gown. All in all she looked like a litlle princess. So her brain did the only thing that made sense, it shot down.

„Hime-sama!" screamed the maid while leon just chuckeled while saying „Well she took it better then expected".


„What a strange dream..."

„It wasnt a dream, Himea~chan" said a girls voice while kissing me on the neck, not that she needed to tell her going by her own voice.

As she looked to ward the girl she saw a girl around her age in a armor but what stateled her the most was taht she was laying right next to me. Out of reflex she said „Elisa-chan! How often i must tell you that you shouldnt to tihis kind of things to me?!" she looked at her and continued „Huh... why to i know your name?"

Before Elisa could answer through someone knocked on the door to room before entering.

It was a Soldiers with a rather stressed look on his face, bowing as he entered the room,

He bowed for few seconds until Elisa whispered something in my ear „Himea~chan you have to tell him to stop bowing".

It seemed strange to me but i did so „You may stop bowing, what brings you here?"

The soldier thankfully stopped bowing „My Queen, Leon send me here to request you presence at the thronroom at once, its an emergency he said". With that he left the room again.

I didnt know what was happening and neither did i know who he meant by my queen but if it was a emergency which other choice did i had but to follow this plead, but i didnt know where the throneroom was. As if reading my mind elisa picked my hand took me to the wardrobe toke away my clothes, to which i blushed and put new clothes one me before i even could register what was happening. The next thing i knew was that i was in the throne room.

The throneroom, if you could call it a room was gigantic. In the center was a huge throne on a small podest, the way towards what seemed to be the main door was graced by overly huge statues that seemed to repesented somekind of deitys between each of them stand a few soldiers that almost could be mistaken for statues to if not for the breaths they now and then took instinctively i went to the throne and sat down. To my left was elisa and to my right was leon right before me but not on the podest knelt a young woman in a fuka with a strange looking staff in one of her hands, something told me through that she is far older then she looks.