A/N: First one! Takes place in Uganda after they all leave the church and start doing awesome things for the people of Uganda.

Summary: Some of the elders of Uganda District 9 have a small party.

"Okay Elders, time to eat!"

"Elder McKinley, Elder Cunningham keeps taking all of my cake!"

"Well, Poptarts didn't look like he wanted it, so I ate it!"

"I just put it on my plate!"

"Elder Cunningham, get your own cake! Where's Elder Price?"

"Right here!"

"Control your mission companion please?"

"I don't need to be controlled!"

"Sorry, I'll get right on that."

"I said I don't need to be controlled!"

"Poptarts! Don't put the knives there! They'll get dirty!"

"Well where else am I supposed to put them?"

"Not on the floor! Find a clean surface."

"Elder McKinley, where are the drinks?"

"We don't have any Elder."

"Why not?"

"Well Elder Price, it wouldn't do to use all of our resources on this party so I gave all of our soda to Nabulungi."

"And why did you have to give them to her? I could've given them to her."

"It's not that big of a deal Elder Cunningham."

"Yes it is Elder Price! She's my girlfriend!"

"Who cares! The point is, this is a celebration of our hard work in this district and so we're going to enjoy it. So stop arguing and enjoy it!"

"Elder McKinley, where are the others? Why is it only us four?"

"The other elders are in the village. Our schedules don't really match up in free times. We'll try something again later but for now, it'll just be me, you, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham."

"Cool! We should play a party game! Like pin the tail on the donkey! That'd be awesome!"

"We don't have a donkey, Poptarts."

"Or a tail."

"You're supposed to be my mission companion! You're supposed stick up for me! Not put down my ideas."

"Sorry Elder Poptarts."

"You are forgiven."

"How about hide and go seek?"

"Brilliant idea Elder Price. As district leader of Uganda District 9, I say we play hide and go seek!"

"You just love hearing yourself say that don't you?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Yes he does Elder Price. You should've heard him when we first got here, he'd remind us every hour on the hour. He'd always say 'your District Leader of Uganda District 9 approves!' But we let him. Because it made him happy!"

"Shut up!"

"Aw look Elder Price, he's blushing!"

"I am not blushing Elder Cunningham! Let's just play."

"There's nowhere to hide."

"Oh yeah. I didn't think about that."

"Truth or dare!"

"Elder Cunningham, you should be the last one playing Truth or Dare."

"I'll tell the truth, I promise!"

"Fine, I'll go first. Dare."

"Hmm, what should I dare the prestigious district leader of Uganda District 9…. I know! I dare you to kiss Elder Price!"

"Elder! That's completely inappropriate! I would never!"

"But you have to! It's a dare."

"He's right. You have to."

"Poptarts! Whatever happened to sticking up for each other?"

"We weren't playing truth or dare before. Sorry."

"You are not forgiven."

"C'mon Elder! I'll bet Elder Price won't mind."

"What's that's supposed to mean, companion?"

"Well Elder Price, you talk in your-"

"That's enough!"

"Just do it!"


"It's a dare. Sorry Elder McKinley but you have to."

"And what about me? Do I just sit here and get kissed?"


"That's the idea."

"I feel like such a piece of meat."

"Kiss him!"

"I swear you two planned this."

"We have no idea what you're talking about Elder McKinley. Right Elder Cunningham?"


"Sorry Elder Price, but I don't think we'll be let off the hook until I… um… yeah."

"I understand Elder."

"Hey Elder McKinley, you don't need to look so happy about it. It's just a kiss."

"I do not look 'so happy about it' Poptarts!"

"Maybe, but Elder Price looks like a kid on Christmas."

"Elder Cunningham!"

"Sorry! I forgot, no more mentioning of your dr-"



"Let's just get this over with already!"



"Wow Elder McKinley, I didn't know you could be so…"


"Yeah, thanks Poptarts, that was the word."

"Elder Price looked like he was going to eat your face off."

"I did not!"

"You're blushing!"

"I am not!"

"So Elder Price, was that anything like your dreams"


"You dreamed about us kissing?"

"You dreamed about you and Elder McKinley kissing?"


"Yup! And usually it led to more than that!"


A/N: No idea where this whole idea came from…. It started out as a 100 word, gen drabble and turn out to be a sort of getting-together McPriceley fic. Hope I did the all dialogue thing well. If you're confused on who says what, PM me!

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