Gods above how many times would they have to repeat this? Every time ,again and again it ended in a blood bath always by her hand or his. The Damo starred down at the blood spattered bodies of her own and the one of her lovers. And smiled a sad mirthless smile when she felt incorporeal arms reach around her and hug lovingly .

Ah and this too was as old as time the very few moments they could be together. The one respite the gods allowed them ,turning in his arms the Damo looked up at her brother but she knew who he was. Names and words mattered little in between worlds, they were who they were. The same halves to a whole always to be divided always to be united for that were their fate.

Looking up into that dark tan face and wild hair she wanted to sob. The grimace that crossed his haggard face made it worse; taking her face into his palm he kissed her with all of the passion that a lifetime had been denied them. She was Chae Ok and he was Sung Baek but they were also Jae Hui and Jeo Mo. Feeling and memories flashed between them so fast lovehatedespairneedwanting all flashed in between them that is almost rocked them to their knees.

But he held them up like he always did both in body and in spirit he was the same. An indomitable spirit that would not bow to anything or anyone but her. A focused drive that was the core of him just as her loyalty was to her both blessed and damned them to this fate. To be reborn again and again never being happy until their sins were forgiven.

But no she could feel the tug like always their time was growing short. Looking desperately into his dark eyes and, held him closer as if holding her other half closer would negate the fact that their time was coming to an end. Clinging tightly to each other the same promises passed between them as it always did. That he would not love her and she would not fall for him. But it was pointless as it always would be because she would love him regardless, he could have killed a thousand people and her love would not waver. And she in return could have killed him a thousand times over and he would always love her.

But the time had come for they both knew that it was time to go wrenched from each other she felt the agony of the tearing of their soul. Dropping to her knees she saw the chains of hell fire creep along his torso confining ,and also feeling the chains of light intertwine around her in tandem. The lovers had one last chance to stare desperately into each other's eyes before oblivion took them. She remembers wind. . . .tall grass. . . and blood that bound them. He in turn takes with him the memory of a sword . . . . . and a blood stained ribbon.

If I am reborn let's not . . . . . let's not meet again . . . .never
That . . . will not happen . . . I will love you for all time . . . .Brother

Author's Note- Please do forgive my rough writing. It has been about eight years since I have written anything decent to save my life. But I just finished Damo and this was begging to be written in this ones humble opnion. I got the idea when Sung Baek said that line about being reborn and my refusal to rewatch the ending this is what came out. Doesn't really make since but it does at the same time I like it so yeah.

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