The ball: "chapter 1: organizing"

Summary: kiriha teams up with taiki and nene in Lake Zone

So they organized ball. In this chapter they are discussing about ball and team up

"taiki I were thinking about what you said earlier I want to team up with you and nene" kiriha said gently

"Really kiriha" taiki said in surprise. Everyone stared at each other

"good finally we all are toghether and let have a party"said akari

"then let's organize a ball in this big castle" akari said happily

"Good we organize a ball when we are in a castle in digital world" nene said smiling nervously

Suddenly bastemon appeared. "I heard what you said" bastemon said tiredly giving them a big yawn.

"go and prepare your selfs and dont care about the rest"said knightmon behind her

Akari and Nene were in a room in the castle wondering about the ball

"What should we wear, nene"

"I don't know akari, maybe bastemon will help us"

Bastemon appeared with knightmon with many dresses

"Here some dresses to you choose between them and if you want more i have" bastemon said tiredly like always and handed them the dresses and left

"This is perfect for you, Nene what do you think about it"taiking a long dark purple ball dress

"I should now be searching for yuu not doing stupid things, but this is for him" thought Nene

"Nene" shouted akari. "Yeah, akari what is it" Nene said and payed attention to akari

"I asked you if this dress is perfect for you"holding the long purple ball dress

"Yeah, akari and this one is perfect for you"

"Alright, then all left is our hair and some make up and who we are going to dance with"

In another room were taiki and kiriha talking

"I never thought that you will agree, kiriha"

"Me either I never thought that I will team up with you"

"Can I ask you a question, kiriha?"

"Yeah, ask"

" what made you team up with us?"

"you said if we team up we will be stronger together and I want to become stronger and beat bagra army"

Knightmon suddenly appeared with many clothing's in his hand.

"They are clothes for the ball bastemon gave me them to give them to you" knightmon said

"Taiki, how do I look like" kiriha said anxiously. "Perfect, what about me" asked taiki

"Perfect" said kiriha. "Who will we dance with" asked kiriha

"You taiki fit with akari so that means I am with Nene" said kiriha

"Took Nene without hesitating" said taiki almost laughing. "Shut up" said kiriha almost angry

"Sorry kiriha, but you look like you are in love" said taiki with a teasing voice

"What you are thinking is impossible I never fall in love with someone" said kiriha angrily

"calm down kiriha, if you don't he will know" thought kiriha

"let's go taiki" said kiriha with a calm voice

"Okay" said taiki and left with kiriha

After they left the room and went down stairs to the ball room

In the ball room with akari and Nene in the middle of many digimon

Suddenly taiki and kiriha appears

"Both of you look very pretty" said kiriha and taiki in the same time

"Thanks" replied Nene and akari

"So gentle they are today" thought akari

"Come on I want this ball to end soon so I can go" thought nene

"Can I dance with you Nene" asked kiriha with a smile. "Yes" replied Nene.

"Can I dance with you akari" asked taiki gently. "Yes" replied akari

they dance together and happiness were around them all

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