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My lonely prince

It's been two days since I told Kiriha. I didn't even knew how would that help me, but I had to tell him not just because he was angry at me, but because...

"What are you thinking about, nene?"

"Nothing, what are we going to do next?"

``What's the matter? You are getting interested in my goals or is it Yuu?``

``You know I only want Yuu to be free, when will you free him, Darkknightmon?``

``Soon very soon. Nene, you have to be patient``

``I'll go and sleep, is there anything you want to tell me?``

`` Well, Aonuma Kiriha may be cold hearted person, but he may feel bad for Yuu, don't you think he may help you?``

``What do you mean?``

``I mean why don't you ask him for help? I have few plans for this guy``

``What are you planing? Will you force him to join you?``

``Not exactly, I will make him join me, but by his own will``


``You will see!`` after this sentence he left leaving alot of unansweared questions behind

What does he mean? Kiriha, it's all my fault. Kiriha ia the only one that could see through me. He is the first person I don't want to hurt or betray. I want to make him trust me, but why? Why is it him? What will I do? Will I tell him or not? Please help me, Kiriha.

I left to my bedroom, welL it was the only place I could have some privacy in this castle. This castle was actually bagura's castle. That bastard was working for bagura army. Because of him I was working for them.

Walking by that annoying Lilithmon, ignoring her super annoyingly comments. I stopped when I saw him. I wasn't the only human in bagura army, but this guy. He is baguramon's general, the owner of the dark violet xrosloader.

That mysterious guy, no that mysterious masked guy. No one saw his face. They called him, Kira. He was a tall blond guy with a mask, I guessed he was just as tall as Kirha. His style was like, um like a masqurade. He wore a black long coat with black bottom. I felt like as if his clothes represented his personality. His hair was a bit long, reaching to his shoulders. It's shinning blond, just like the sun, but yet his looked like a sad one. It looked like it was never been messed with and soft, well I didn't touch it, but it looked soft. His expression was like always. You couldn't know if he was happy or sad, angry or calm, but he isn't scary.

``What are you doing, Kira?``

``None of your business, miss spy.``

``How dare you?!``

``Well I dare to say that what will you do, miss spy? Or shall I say darkknightmon's slave?``

``Shut up, why are you like th-``

I didn't finish my question because of my shock. He left. Without a sound. No wonder there is some digimon that call him soundless general. He doesn't talk much and you can never notice his footsteps. This coversation is my first one with him. A rude conversation. He is like a puzzle, a mystery. A very difficult one.

I am tired both mentally and physicly. I had to get all these tiresome thoughts away. I looked out of the window that was in my room to be greeted with the emotionless black night with its mysterious moon. There was a moon in the digital world. Drawing you to it's beauty, no matter where you were or what situation you were in, you always took a glance at it no matter what. The moon was shinning, as if it was shinning with pride. Just like when Kiriha shinned with pride. The sleep took over me faster than a second when I laid myself on the warm soft silk bedsheets.

Where am I? A forest, it's dark in here. Who are these people? Wait, they are Darkknightmon and his army. YUU, he is there. Right next to Darkknightmon. Standing like a fragile figure. He was scared!

``Yuu, get away from there. Come here!``

``NO! He will kill both you and me if i come, nee-chan please help me.`` He cried out in fear.

I tried to find my xros loader, but it's not with me. I tried to scream for help, but no one could hear me or help me.

``Nene, there is no use of what you are doing.`` using his usual cold face.

``I will help Yuu no matter what.`` taking a nearby stone and throwing it at him wasn't the best thing to do, but Yuu, my brother my family. I will portect you. I keep throwing stones and then...

Everything ended.

Everything is gone, disapeared and then...

I saw a figure. I couldn't see what is it. It was far away, but it was coming close and then...

I could see him clearly, It was... KIRIHA. Wearing white clothes. He wore a white coat with white bottom.

``what are you doing here, Kiriha?``

``Helping you, you asked for help and i would help.`` giving me a warm smile. A smile that could melt a whole mountain of ice.

``Why?`` It was a neutral question compaired to the boy's character. He wasn't the helpsome person.

``I knew how it's to loose your brother, I didn't want you to experience, at least you had hope that he would return.`` He said as he started to walk away and then...

A masked teen boy appeared out of no where. I don't get it why do things suddenly appear and disappear in this dream. Yes this was one of my dreams. I wonder if dreams can come true or is it just a lie to comfort yourself with.

I glanced at the weird looking masked boy. He had a long emotionless dark looking coat and a dark jeans. He had shinning skin. I could bet it was as soft as silk. His blond hair shinned like the hottest sun in the world. His face feauters was soft, but wait he was...Kira. He was smilling softly?

He hugged Kiriha from the back. He hugged Kiriha in a protective way and wait Kiriha is smilling?

And then...

Everything changes. I am in a room, perhaps it's one of those cells that holds captives who is captured by Bagura army. I...I...I see kiriha chained to the wall with Kira. Kira who is yelling at him loudly and worst of all he is beating him. Kiriha who was half naked was crying? He was covered in bruises and cuts


`` l..leave, g..go a..away N..nene, please.`` he was stuttering. It's not suprising due to his beaten up state.


``If you don't want him to get hurt leave, miss spy.``

``SHUT UP!`` after all i can't leave Kiriha nor accept his rude nickname.

Forcing Kiriha's crying eyes to meet mine. Kira was cruel, just like what everyone said. I hate him now more than I hate Darkknightmon, but wait a second. Why was he hugging Kiriha in a protective way few moments ago, before we came to this cell.

``l..leave nene, f..for my sake, outside is y..your waiting f..for you, h`..he will be g..glad to see you.``

`` as you can see I have made a deal with Kiriha, your brother's freedom in exchange for his, in other words Kiriha is my slave because of you, miss spy`` an evil looking smirk crossed his face.


``KIRIHA!`` I said while breathing heavily as if I had run a marathon.

``Are you okay, Nene?`` asked the worried looking sparrowmon.

``I am fine, sparrow just a bad dream, a nightmare.``

`` What's the matter why are you saying Kiriha's name in your sleep, something is wrong?``

``Nothing he was in a bad situation in my dream, That's all.`` not bothering to go in details at all.

``Okay, fine then``

Sparrowmon is the only one I trust and love from the digimon in here. She is warm-hearted and caring last, but not least she is soothing and comforting. However I didn't have enough courage to tell her about Yuu and that reminded me of that question. Why did I tell Kiriha? I searched for the answear, but as if the answear was running away from me. Leaving me behind with a desprate confusion.

Please I want to know why...

To Be Continued

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