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Chapter One- The challenge begins

It was day of the super half off sale at the duel monsters store in the mall, and Yugi and the gang were ready. They were the fourteenth people in line, even though they'd arrived at six o'clock in the morning. It would have been five, but Joey had spent the night at Yugi's and made Yugi promise that he wouldn't leave without him. They stayed up most of the night talking, and had finally gone to sleep at four. Then Joey had refused to get up when the alarm went off. No amount of blanket stealing, hitting with pillows, or blasting loud music could make him get out of bed.

Ryou, Tea, and Tristin had shown up, to see why they were nearly a half- hour late to meet up with them. Ryou' s Yami, surprising everyone, had decided tag along and he was furious at having to wait for Joey. He was advancing toward him with murder in his eyes, when Yami appeared and forbade him from hurting the boy. Solving the problem quickly, he ran the shower with all cold water, went back to the bedroom, picked Joey up blankets and all, carried him back to the bathroom, and deposited him under the water.

Joey came out of his blissful sleep, coughing, sputtering, and muttering curses. He was confused for all of a minute while everyone cheered. Yugi got him his clothes, and everyone waited downstairs for him. He appeared not five minutes later, out of breath from hurrying down the stairs.

"What took you guys so long? We were supposed to leave an hour ago! Quick making us more late by sitting there! Come on!" Lucky for him he dashed out the door then. Everyone sat dumbfounded for a moment, until another shout of "Come on!" rang out from the street.

The trip to the mall had no further mishaps.

Fourteen people were ahead of them in the line up, with others coming every few seconds even though there was still an hour to go until the mall opened. By the time there was only a half-hour to go the crowd so thick that people were practically standing shoulder to shoulder. Bakura surveyed the crowd, looking for something. At last his eyes came to rest on a familiar blond Egyptian, leaning against the side of the building where the pedestrian traffic was the thickest.

Bakura grinned recognizing a challenge when he saw one, and began to wade through the crowd ignoring the shouts and curses people responded to his shoving them with. He went in a straight line no matter who was in the way, never once swerving or sidestepping anyone. Then he saw in front of him the biggest meanest looking man he had ever seen. Bakura glanced briefly at Malik, who was now watching him intently, a grin on his face. He was already gloating, and made a hand signal at Bakura.

'I win'. Like hell you do! Bakura thought shoving the man violently and sending him flying into an older woman carrying a poodle. Malik laughed out loud when the woman began screaming at the unfortunate man who lay there stunned, and hitting him over and over with her purse. When the poodle jumped out of the woman's arms and onto the, by now apologizing frantically, man's face, Malik was practically hanging off the shoulder of the woman beside him immobilized with laughter. The crowd pushed forward to see what the all the yelling was about, and Malik jumped up on the park bench trying to see what would happen next using the woman's head to lean on. She had closed her eyes and seemed to be praying to god to make the crazy man go away. While Malik had his neck craned to try to spot the action, Bakura showed up beside them watching Malik. Malik, still laughing, suddenly let go of the woman's head to clutch his stomach as the over excited dog lost control of its bowels all over the man's head. The woman took his releasing her as a sign that her prayers had been answered, and hurried away. Malik moved his arm to lean on her again, and overbalanced, began to fall. He didn't fall far however, as Bakura was right there to catch him.

"So you made it here in one piece, did you?" Malik said grinning up at Bakura from his arms.

"Baka." Bakura said affectionately, letting go of him.

Malik managed to twist and land on his feet like a cat. He brushed himself off. "Well that was a good start to the day. What say we go see how much more chaos we can create?"

"Sounds like a plan." Bakura agreed, and they headed off into the crowd.

It was there that they spotted their first victims, a little girl clutching a Barbie doll. Not three feet away, a little boy sat on the grass with a magnified glass burning ants. Clearly their siblings were dragging them both here. The little girl's sister was already watching Bakura. He smiled at her, and walked over.

"Hello there, gorgeous. How come I've never seen you around here before?"

The girl blushed and stuttered a reply. Bakura glanced over her shoulder and noted that Malik had already started a conversation with the little boy's sister. Excellent. This should be fun.

It was an old game that they sometimes played. It wasn't easy to find almost identical circumstances, and locations. Whoever could cause the most trouble in the least possible time, won. An hour was your time limit. That sounds easy, right? You automatically lose if the people you're with suspect it's you causing the problems, no matter how far ahead you are. Bakura expected to win, as Malik always started to beat him and then went a little too far and was accused.

Soon to come:

Chapter two- Baka

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