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Arch City was greeted by partly cloudy skies the next day; the bright light of the sun shined through the cracks of the clouds, which were now almost a normal color again, not pitch black but a semblance of gray. Blaze's and Sonic's worlds might have still been merging, but it seemed that they had a second to breathe now that skies had cleared up. The weather calmed down as well; the temperature was a comfortable seventy degrees and the ocean waves that hit the beach were smooth as the water splashed up onto the shore. Sun light landed atop the heads of the citizens returning to see the damage that was done to the city. Some of the city's larger buildings were damaged and if not some, but it seemed as if everyone's home or business had been broken into by Nega's robots. All homes and buildings were damaged, in one way or another, broken windows and doors in minor and major ways.

The citizens only hoped that some of the chaos might have scared away some of the criminals that nestled into the city. Many citizens who were returning to the city passed by military personnel and construction workers as they attempted to access the damage that had been caused in yesterday's battle. When the King and Queen returned to the city, there was a citywide cleanup effort to collect all the robots bodies, and since they were everywhere they weren't hard to find.

As for Blaze, Sonic, Marine, the mercs, and the people who helped them, they had all returned to the Castle and rested well into the day. The mercs and all of those who helped stop Eggman Nega were treated specially by the doctors of the Royal Family and the Military.

Still they were all separated by groups and the ship captains and engineers and such were treated in separate facilities throughout the Castle. The mercs had their own special section that they regularly came to when out in the city doing mercenary work. Tiara was there, and Blaze and Marine were treated there as well. It was a section for them with higher clearance for the kind of work they did.

Blaze had just pushed through brown flapping doors as she headed back into the hallway from the room she'd just come out from. Blaze carried a small square purple cloth in her hand, walking straight down the hallway back to the infirmary where she'd personally sent Sonic.

Blaze held her usual neutral expression on her face as she walked down the hall on the long red carpets that extended through all the halls in the castle. The hills of her red shoes tacked against the stone floors and echoed off the walls. She of course was not going to let Sonic be alone in a room full females, female mercs no less; Tiara included. She didn't know Honey's deal. She sustained a few injures herself, but she could not sit still. She had business to attend to, her duties as Princess and as the Guardian of the Sol Emeralds called to her.

After her bandages were placed on her with the other female mercs in their usual infirmary, she had to get right back up and get to work. She couldn't keep an eye on Sonic as she had to leave the infirmary often, to talk to the King and the Queen about the battle and deal with political ramifications of the battle, dealing with how the other nations were reacting to it. Talk to the Generals and other military figures about security now that Nega retreated.

She had paperwork to fill out because of the battle and other duties as Princess such as making a brief public announcement to the citizens and even briefly interacting with them at a press conference; even though they didn't like her. The blame for all the damage and destruction was cast upon her because of her abilities, and because she wasn't like them. She was abnormal from almost all the people in her world, and they judged her for it. Still looking upon her as an other…

Looking at her and talking to her…they still saw her as a freak…

It certainly was a long and fast paced morning. Marine was not enough to keep the likes of female mercs away from a male. They were aggressive like Tiara. She had just finished all those things and was finally heading back to check up on Sonic in the special infirmary she'd sent him. She did not do political work often or even at all; it was optional, and she chose to do this time because of the battle. She did not have to, even though she had in the past.

Blaze turned a corner and not far away down a hall full of doors was the special infirmary where Sonic was at; the door at the very end of the hall. Two female kola doctors walked out of a door, and past Blaze as she headed down the hall. She wondered if Tiara or any of the mercs had snuck into Sonic's room while she was gone. She had sent him to this special infirmary, a place that was set up for her on her demand and authority. Her power as Princess and Guardian of the Sol Emeralds, to keep him away from the female's advances and...for her own reasons…

As Blaze approached Sonic's door, she couldn't help but feel a bit off put knowing that their fight with Nega was televised and watched by everyone from her city, Arch City and from other nations. Knowing they were watching and hoping that Eggman Nega was stopped so he would not come to destroy their homes. She also just felt uncomfortable knowing that they'd had an audience on such a wide-scale…she was sure she wouldn't like what they might have said about her…

She didn't want to hear it either…

Blaze reached his door, a wooden door and opened it to find that Marine was gone, and he was alone watching the television hanging on the wall. Sonic acknowledged her presence with a nod as he flipped the TV off. Sonic was sitting on a white bed inclined at an angle, so he could sit up. The doctors had looked over Sonic separately; she and Marine were checked with the mercenaries. The doctors had found that Marine needed little to no medical attention. However Sonic and she needed bandages on multiple places over their torsos, arms, legs, and even fingers. They both had bruises and cuts all over themselves but throughout the day, excluding herself because she already had hers removed, the doctors had slowly begun removing Sonic's bandages. They both were ok thankfully; nothing too serious. Right now as he sat on the medical bed only a large bandage wrapped around his waist, and his head was left.

Blaze's face was neutral as she glanced behind herself into the hallway then turned back and walked into the room and closed the door behind herself. As Blaze approached his bed, she could see the bandages on his head, and waist had not been messed with. It seemed there was no funny business with the mercs since the last few times she left. She had caught a female merc near Sonic's hallway earlier and needless to say Blaze had scared the female away. Though they knew she meant no harm they continued to pursue Sonic.

Blaze even caught Honey trying to relay a message to Sonic from Tiara. She wanted to get him out of the Castle away from the mercs and all the amorous females in the city; she was sure he was quite uncomfortable with all the attention. And also what Sonic might consider a threat…marriage. She wanted to depart back to her island soon. His mind would be put to ease as soon as they hit the ocean…he had to go home now…

Blaze moved past his bed and the chair next to his bed and dipped the purple cloth in her hand in a small container of water.

She then turned to his bed and handed him the wet cloth "This should help you remove your bandages, when the doctor returns and does her final checks on you, we will leave. I have had a special meal prepared for us, once eaten we will depart the city." Blaze spoke as she stood by his bedside; she crossed her arms watching him pat himself with the wet cloth she'd given him.

The cloth she had given him helped him remove the sticky bandages that had been placed on them. He first patted down the bandaged wrapped around his head and began removing it "Hey what time is it? How's the weather today?" he asked her as he focused on removing his bandages.

Blaze figured he was talking about the Emeralds "It is noon and the skies have cleared a bit; it seems we have some time before you head home…" Blaze let her last words slip; her eyes darted away from him for a moment though Sonic didn't seem to notice.

"Sounds good…" he said struggling to remove the sticky bandages from his head.

"Where did Marine get off to?" Blaze said returning her gaze to him.

Sonic removed the sticky bandages from himself; they made unsnapping noises as he removed it from his head "She's over there hanging with the mercs, Honey more so I guess. She and Honey are getting along well."

"…." Blaze nodded and uncrossed her arms and sat in the chair next to his bedside; the metal chair creaked; they were alone again…

Sonic then began patting himself with the wet cloth Blaze had provided him with "Say Blaze?"

Blaze had crossed her legs and placed her hands on her lap "Yes Sonic?" she looked to him; her tail became stationary as it limped near the floor.

"Your relationship with the mercenaries, it's always been this way huh?" Sonic said still not looking at her.

Blaze blinked her eyes thinking for a moment before she spoke "If you mean our interactions, then yes, they have always been business first but…" Blaze looked for the words to describe it "…Friendly..." Blaze watched him as he began ripping off the bandage wrapped around his waist "In the past Tiara had a partner who Marine had become friends with, we have not seen her since as she has settled in another city." Blaze finished.

Sonic grunted as he rolled onto his side trying to remove his bandages, and it suddenly became quiet in the room. Sonic was so focused on his bandages that he didn't notice as Blaze sat up straight in her chair, that she could not think of anything else to say. She had nothing left to say…

In this third meeting with him, she went through significant changes yet again. In every subsequent meeting with him, she enjoyed his company and now, just like other times; she was sad to see his company go. She had opened up to someone for the first time in her life about her own private matters…she had never told anyone the things she had told Sonic...

She'd grown socially with him around. Though to the extent she boasted much of her growing revolved around him…which she was fine with…

Overall, she felt as if she had opened up more than she ever had in her life, with Sonic meeting her parents and dealing with Tiara and…her muddled feelings revolving around him…

It was a learning experience she was not soon to forget; with it, she would travel into the future and be able to approach future situations better. She had Sonic to thank for that…

She guessed being more social and opening up might not sound like a big deal to anyone else. However, she spent a lot of time in her head, in her mind, thinking more than feeling and to her. The biggest thing that had happened in Sonic's stay was her coming even further out of her shell. She would have figured she was a hermit when she first met him, but now she had almost crawled out of her shell. Seeing the light of day. Her being this open was a big deal to her…

It made her feel uncomfortable; she guessed any kind of change would make you feel that way. She was not used to being this far out in the open, and she'd crawled further out every time with Sonic. Never mind, the grand adventure they'd all gone through to get to this point. All the action, the danger, excitement, the emotions…the other stuff…

Blaze continued to watch him rip off his bandages. To her becoming so open in all wakes of her life was a heavy change she knew she would be dealing with adjusting to as the time went on and their adventures up until this point had made the experience all the more grand.

Sonic finally unwrapped the bandage wrapped around his waist and balled them into a ball. He leaned over to the side of the bed, away from Blaze and spotted a trash can a little ways away from his bed.

With a silly grin on his face, he aimed at the trash can "Do you think our audience may have had their minds swayed the way you kicked Nega's butt?"

Blaze looked to the floor "No." she stated simply.

Sonic's face became confused as he shot the ball of wrapped bandages into the trashcan. It thunked into the bottom of the can and Sonic turned to look at Blaze "You mean even after you saved everyone? No one's going to change their way of thinking? No one's going to think the Princess might not be so bad after all?"

Blaze then stared straight ahead "It has never changed the populace's mind about their stance about me before, it will not this time either."

Sonic frowned when Blaze looked at him "I am not a hero Sonic…this…it is my job…and everyone considers it as so." her face remained neutral "As for their stance about me being abnormal…that will never change. They will always dislike me." Blaze finished looking away from him again.

And though Sonic wanted to be the one to argue her, this time he knew he needed to take a step back. This whole world was a different place from his own and swaying the mind of the masses is even something he considered near impossible. Sonic remained quiet as he settled back down onto his bed and placed his arms behind his head; he stared at the spinning celling fan on the celling "….I think your cool…" Sonic said lost in thought.

Blaze's heart briefly raced at his compliment "…" she remained quiet and her face remained neutral, and she quickly calmed down "About the Emeralds Sonic…"

Sonic broke out of his thoughts and turned on his side "Yeah?"

She turned to look at him "While I was I busy this morning I went and checked on the Sol Emeralds. They were still safe but I was curious, and I took a Chaos Emerald and put them together."

"Did they react?" Sonic asked curiously.

Blaze shook her head "While I held a Sol Emerald, I felt no powerful reaction from them unlike when we were collecting them. I think they are stable again."

Sonic rubbed his chin "Maybe that's why the sky cleared up."

"They did glow in each other's presence." Blaze said shifting a bit in her chair.

"I guess the Emeralds brought me here to help stop Nega from whatever he was doing. He'd had robots all over the city before I got here apparently." Sonic shrugged.

Blaze donned a thoughtful face "Sometimes I wonder what purpose do the Emeralds have for dragging us between worlds."

"Hey?" Sonic suddenly grinned at her.

Blaze raised an eyebrow as she looked at him "There may be more than one reason."

Blaze blinked her eyes then a small smile came across her face "It makes much more sense than anything else."

Sonic chuckled and Blaze did so along with him; the answer wasn't completely clear but even with the mystery shrouded around the Emeralds. They both felt it was something they did not to overthink, not knowing exactly why but still knowing as if everything would be ok. Despite their Emeralds being very dangerous sources of extreme power, they both had been keeping them under control. They might never know why they both traversed each other's worlds. Somehow no explanation was fine.

And even if they hadn't changed anyone's minds, they knew they just had to be persistent in life. Everything was not peachy, even after they saved everyone; the people still disliked Blaze and Tiara because they were not normal. Sonic knew, the hard truth was they always would. However, sometimes that's the way the story goes. Though in life, you had a choice. Fight or lay flat. Blaze knew she would never back down, and knew without asking Sonic did not either. That is why they were ok with no explanation; in each other's presence, they were unstoppable. And Blaze was glad she met him…she was glad he was her friend…

Just as their laughter died down the door to the room suddenly burst open. Blaze jumped out her seat and Sonic and she both had looks of surprise on their face. It was Marine, Honey, and Tiara.

Marine ran into the room looking exhausted "I tried to stop her Blaze…" she huffed "…but I couldn't outrun Tiara…she's fast…" she said moving around Blaze and taking her vacated seat.

Blaze's face suddenly held a slight frown as she looked to Tiara. Tiara was holding a bouquet of red flowers and a big grin on her face. Honey looked apologetic standing next to her "Hey guys…I'm sorry Princess Blaze but Tiara can be…well…creative." she chuckled.

"Hey princess…hedgehog…" Tiara looked over at Sonic, and he looked nervous "I brought you some get-well flowers, are you ok?" Tiara said not even glancing at Blaze.

Blaze took a step forward "I told you he was fine when we were in our infirmary."

Tiara ignored Blaze "Yea yea princess." she said walking into the room and waking to the other side of Sonic's bed "Here hedgehog, some of the best flowers around town." Tiara had a dreamy face.

Sonic looked embarrassed as he took the flowers from her; the flowers had a strong sweet smell. Blaze then looked more upset "Why did you follow Marine here? We were to meet at the docks once we were ready to depart."

Tiara then acknowledged her "You didn't think I was just gonna sit around while you moved him around like cargo did you princess?" she said with a grin.

"This is the reason why I must move him around!" Blaze said with a frown.

Honey came fully into the room as Blaze and Tiara got into their argument mode. Sonic sighed as he was once again caught in the middle. He looked back and forth between them on each side of his bed as they went back and forth arguing. Marine tried to suppress her giggle at Sonic's predicament yet again. Honey chuckled, rubbing the back of her head with a bashful face. She knew she wouldn't get a word in edge wise.

Just then right behind them the doctor, a female kola and her nurse a male kola stepped into the room seeing the strange scene. Of the Princess and Tiara arguing while the hedgehog on the bed looked afraid. And Marine had burst into a fit of laughter, and Honey looked defeated.

The doctor and the nurse looked at each other "What in the world is going on here?" the female kola doctor asked her assistant.

"You're the doctor." the male kola shrugged.

The female doctor rubbed her temples, and the male nurse scratched his head. The Princess and Tiara were already strange with their abilities; being abnormal. Then add the Princesses strange guest, and they were even weirder to them now than they ever were.

Around one P.M., Blaze, Sonic, and Marine finally got out of the special infirmary. It had taken longer than expected for the doctor to do her final checkup on Sonic as Blaze kept Tiara from making advances at Sonic. Yes, she was completely back to her old self, yet she was not the same As could be seen now as Blaze, Sonic, and Marine had left the infirmary and were now in the same dining hall they'd eaten in a few days ago.

The mercs had got a big commission and were out celebrating. Tiara was still an outsider, so she celebrated alone, she'd taken Honey, and they were out celebrating themselves. Tiara had left Sonic alone for a little while, she had changed a little. The trio was sitting in the lavish medium-sized room at the same wooden table adorned with flowers and plastic fruit. With a white laced cloth hanging from every edge of the table. The table could seat about ten people but again other than the chefs; they were the only occupants in the room, and they were the only three occupants at the table.

Marine sat at the end, Sonic next to her, and Blaze sat next to him. Their food had been served, and they were already eating. They hadn't eaten breakfast to so were all hungry. Blaze kept her word, and just as she had said a few days ago she had a special meal prepared for their departure after they collected the Chaos Emeralds. They were served many seafood platters, a wide variety of fish Sonic had never seen. At first, he wasn't sure what to eat and had picked through the fish until he found something he liked. Marine had helped by having him try some of her favorites, and Blaze ate a few different types of fish but stuck mostly eating tuna.

Right now, Marine was gathering food from all over the table onto her plate. She had a big smile, and she grabbed a red looking fish meat and put it on Sonic's plate "Try this one Sonic; this fish is always tender."

"If you say so…" Sonic said as he drove a fork into it. Taking only a small piece he chewed on it and his eyes widened "That's pretty good." he said cutting into the fish again with his fork and knife. He spoke while he chewed his food, he wasn't really expecting fish as a special meal, but he had to admit it was really tasty "Man this food is better than I expected." Sonic said with a delighted face.

"Hehe, you don't know what you're missing Sonic!" Marine said while stuffing her face.

Sonic glanced over to Blaze on his left still being her quiet and reserved self "Say blaze? Do your people eat a lot of fish?"

Blaze's eyes darted in his direction, just as she swallowed her food, still eating in the most proper of manner with a napkin on her lap; her facial expression neutral. She stuck her fork into her tuna "Yes; fish is one of the city's biggest exports." she said as she looked back at her food.

Sonic donned an innocent look on his face "You don't happen to eat fish because…" he paused.

Marine looked curiously at Sonic as she sipped on her drink "…you know…because your cats?" Sonic said looking sheepish about the question he asked.

Blaze placed her medium sized fork down and patted her mouth with napkin "…" Blaze looked fully at him, and he smiled with a weak grin. Marine swallowed her food with her mouth open, waiting for Blaze's response to Sonic's question.

Blaze looked into his eyes and spoke; her face neutral "…As a matter of fact Sonic, yes. We are Obligate Carnivores; we must eat meat. So yes, cats do like fish." Blaze smirked as she returned to eating her food.

Sonic's rubbed the back of his head face became bashful "I see…" he chuckled; he didn't know if it was a personal question, but he could see that Blaze did not mind. He glanced over at Marine.

She'd just took a big bite out of some fish wrapped in rice; she giggled at Blaze's response "Hey don't look at me. I just like meat." she said chewing on her food.

Sonic sighed "I guess I'm just not a big meat eater…." he paused just as Marine slapped some more food on his plate. He used an incorrect fork and took a bite out the food. It was red, baked, and crunchy. A delighted smile came to his face "But it sure is tasty."

Blaze smiled a bit, closing her eyes as she took another bite of her food. When she reopened her eyes Sonic was holding a small fork up for her to see. He had a big smile, but Blaze's face returned to neutral as she shook her head. Sonic's face became upset as Blaze placed the medium-sized fork she was using down as she finished her tuna. She then pulled a bowl over filled with an assortment of diced fish and picked up a big fork.

Blaze smirked ever so subtly as this had got Sonic's attention again as he tried to figure out what the right utensils were to use again. Sonic raised an eyebrow with confusion on his face as, he began peering in her direction while Blaze, calmly and slowly ate her food one bite at a time. Her dinning etiquette came from her life in royalty of course.

Just then out of the flapping doors behind Marine a female castle worker walked into the room holding a stack of cards and spotted Blaze. She swiftly made her way over to her and bowed. She was an orange stripped tiger "Excuse my intrusion Princess, but I have these important messages for you." she handed the stack of cards addressed to her.

Blaze's face returned to neutral now that her attention had snapped away from Sonic; she placed her fork down "Thank you, if you don't mind will you do me a favor?" Blaze asked as she took the cards from the woman.

The woman looked shocked "Yes Princess! What do you ask of me?"

"Inform the King and Queen that I will departing the castle soon, I am setting sail this evening." Blaze said with a serious face.

The female nodded profusely "Yes, right away Princess!" she said as she bowed again and swiftly left the room.

Blaze nodded and looked at what had been delivered to her. They were post cards from her family members. Blaze began flipping through them as Marine burped. She did not seem to notice Marine's burp as Sonic finished another plate of food "So where is everybody? There's no celebration for the city being saved?" Sonic said aloud leaning back into his chair.

"Ahhhhh!" Marine slapped her belly with closed eyes "That would be nice, there're plenty of celebrations going on in the city today."

Sonic glanced over at Blaze "What are those?" he asked curiously.

"They are post cards from my family, congratulating me for protecting the city." Blaze said as she read over them.

Sonic knew as much since they talked about it in the infirmary that if anyone was praising her; it was probably for other reasons than her saving them. Blaze flipped through another card "I have a few from my cousins, aunts, uncles, one from my grandmother."

"So where are they?" Sonic asked curiously.

Blaze then frowned "…We are not close…they are busily involved in their own lives. All political and they do not live close. Most do not even live in the city…" she said reading through the last few cards.

Sonic paused and Blaze continued "There are no celebrations for us. We will leave, and it will be quiet." Blaze said as she placed her post cards down and began eating her food again.

Blaze knew she did not have to reiterate to Sonic about how people viewed her, as after her statement, their meal was a little quitter. As they all retreated into their own minds and pondered and digested the adventure they'd just went on and what was next. Wondering what ramifications they caused throughout the city in their stay.

Sonic figured that the mercs got no celebrations either, evident as Tiara and the other mercs had gone out to celebrate own their own. They'd all become a little more somber with the knowledge that, no one really cared what they did. Though it could never fully deter them while they were together, as soon, Marine's and Sonic's banter picked up a little more as she tried to stuff him with more food. And Blaze got Sonic's attention again as he used the wrong spoon to eat his soup.

A few hours later the trio had finally begun their trek out of the castle; it was around a quarter to seven p.m., and the sun was getting low in the sky. It was still pretty warm out today as Blaze, Sonic, and Marine walked out of the entrance of the Castle. After they ate they took some time to rest and unwind, Sonic had lost another game of chess to Blaze wanting to get revenge. However, now he had to swab the deck once back on the S.S. Marine.

Blaze's face was neutral, carrying a sack with the Sol Emeralds and right beside her Sonic held a grin as he carried a sack containing the Chaos Emeralds. Marine was next to him carrying many papers; her designs for the reinforcement of the bottom of the S.S Marine. She'd picked them up on their way out. The ship had been fully reinforced in the latter half of today, though they had been working on it the few days, they were in the city. She had many more ideas since, and she was sure to get started writing them down once they got back to the island.

As they stepped out onto the Castle grounds, they were greeted by a mix of pink, red, orange, and blue colors in the skies caused by the setting sun. Sonic whistled "Sure is nice out."

Blaze, Marine, and Sonic observed all the construction workers and the noise they were making, materials scatted around the courtyard, and scaffoldings erected just above them as they walk away out the threshold of the castle.

"Hopefully the weather will be acceptable on our trip back." Blaze spoke as they walked towards were the castle gates used to be; there were two guards stationed by the two big holes in the ground now.

The castle had taken considerable damage from Eggman Nega's lasers, but it seemed as they all glanced back once more, that they were already on their way to fixing the damage. The guards were the Castle gates used to be did a brief hand salute to them as they walked past. Blaze nodded in their direction as they walked onto the streets. Many of the citizens had returned to the city, and the streets were pretty busy again. The nearby businesses on the left and right of the street were damaged beyond repair and needed to be rebuilt. There were many people just cleaning up the ruble now. The trio had to walk around the big cannon ball sized holes that covered this street.

Blaze did glance briefly at Marine with a stern look as they walked past the holes in the ground. Marine grinned with embarrassment and Sonic laughed at the exchange as they continued on their way down the street and down the hill. They got onto the sidewalk as they walked down the hill. On people's porches they celebrated, large groups of individuals walked together, huddled in groups talked together, and even a small parade could be seen further down the road.

All around them was party music, the smell of food cooking and just loud individuals. At first, the trio went unnoticed but soon Sonic began to notice that people were staring at them as they passed; accusing eyes. Sonic frowned and did his best to ignore them, Marine and Blaze were already good at it. Blaze kept her head straight and not paid them any notice.

It was then it became even more crystal clear for Sonic that the people who stared; the citizens and the politicians blamed Blaze for all the collateral damage. Seeing Blaze in a whole new perspective; understanding even more now why she did not smile much. Everything she had spoken to him about came together in a cumulative understanding now that he'd been with her to see it.

Though in a few minute's time the trio made their way from the Castle to the docks. Watching the citizens partake in celebratory actives all around them and others doing the cleanup of the various damage to buildings, homes, and Nega's robots.

Once on the cobblestone of the docks they walked a few warehouses down to the newly reinforced S.S. Marine. There were female engineers walking down the ramp of the ship and Marine smiled brightly as she ran past Sonic and Blaze "Hey! Hold a sec ladies!" Marine waited for them as they walked down and began speaking to them.

While Marine spoke to them Sonic noticed out of the corner of his eyes that two people not far away from the ship were watching Marine as she spoke to the engineers. Sonic's face became serious, and he elbowed Blaze gently on her side. Blaze looked at Sonic for his unusual behavior, and he cocked his head at the male and female staring at Marine. Two gray and black striped furred cats; the female wore a sleeveless red top and a multicolored red dress, and the male wore brown pants and a blue dress shirt. Blaze looked curious "I thought Marine had called them already."

Sonic looked confused as Marine finished talking to the engineers, and as they walked away the male and female approached Marine "Marine?" the male called to her.

Marine was startled as she froze and dropped her papers, she slowly turned around as the male and female cats were right behind her. Marine looked embarrassed "Mom? Dad?" she inched out.

The male and female cat then grabbed a hold of her and hugged her "We've missed you so much; we know you said you were leaving when you got to the docks, so we wanted to surprise you!" the female said with a happy face.

Marine looked bewildered "You know you guys didn't have to come down here…"

"Oh we know, but after we got off the phone we just had come see you off." the male said.

Marine had a dry look on her face as the two people hugged her and Sonic was confused as ever. Blaze and he only stood a few feet away and heard everything that was said. Sonic silently looked to Blaze for answers, and she complied; her face neutral "They are or should I say used to be Marine's step parents. They still worried for Marine's safety after I watched over her, so they still check on Marine whenever they can." Blaze placed a hand on her hip.

Sonic smiled "I knew it was more to it than that."

Blaze nodded "Marine came from far away place; she does not even remember her true home of origin. She does not know her biological parents either. She was very young when she left, and she came to Arch City; I am sure you are well aware of her goals." Blaze finished.

Sonic crossed his arms "Well, she is a real captain now; she's got her own ship."

Blaze watched as Marine struggled to escape her steps parents grasp "Indeed, when Marine arrived in Arch City her step parents took care of her for a short while. They took her off the streets, and before long she was pursing her dream to be a pirate captain." Blaze said with the least amount of enthusiasm.

Blaze and Sonic looked at each other and rolled their eyes, it was a dangerous occupation for a young person to choose; Blaze continued "Marine was only in the city for a short while before she got lost at sea and ended up on my island." Blaze finished as they both watched Marine talk to her step parents.

"I guess you should be thanking them." Sonic joked with a big grin at Blaze.

Blaze smirked at him "Silence."

Sonic laughed and Black smiled, then Marine's step parents came over to them. Marines step mother spoke first "Hello Princes Blaze…" she paused when she saw Sonic. Her husband looked confused at the sight of Sonic too.

Blaze introduced him "This is Sonic." she glanced at him.

"Nice to meet you." Sonic smiled and extended his hand.

Marine's step father shook his hand first; he smiled "I've never seen a hedgehog before."

"Ditto." Marines step mother shook his hand with a look of delight.

Sonic chuckled "I've been getting that a lot lately."

Marine looked a little annoyed as her step mother pulled her closer "Excuse us Princess…" they both chuckled and her step mother spoke again "So how is Marine doing? Has she been keeping out of trouble?"

"Mom! I'm a captain now!" Marine said with a bit irritation on her face.

Blaze's face returned to neutral and looked to Sonic, handing her sack to him "Would you take our cargo onto the ship Sonic? We will be departing very shortly."

Sonic took it from her, he grinned "Sure thing." he said as he walked to their left and up the ramp of the ship as Blaze began talking to Marine's step parents.

Sonic walked up the ramp and the view of the warm colors of orange and red skies was even better as he stepped on deck. The elevated position let him see the sun as it neared the horizon. He walked over near the railing on the other side of the ship to get a better view of the sun setting on the ocean. He smiled; it was a glorious sight. Planets could have gorgeous scenery to show off wherever he traveled. Sonic then made his way down into the cabin and placed the sack with the Sol Emeralds in Blaze's and Marine's room. He then placed the Chaos Emeralds in his room and went back up to the main deck.

He was ready to go back down the ramp when he saw Blaze and Marine waving to Marine's step parents as they walked away "Good-bye!" Sonic called out to them.

They glanced back to see Sonic waving aboard the S.S. Marine; they smiled and silently waved back to him. Sonic then looked down at Blaze and Marine. Blaze was walking up the ramp and Marine was picking up her papers.

Sonic walked over to the ramp as Blaze stepped on deck, she stopped to look back at Marine as she finally picked up all her papers and was walking up the ramp, then she looked at Sonic "Let us go plot a course back to my island; my parents will arrive soon." Blaze said as she walked towards the cabin.

"Lead the way." Sonic said following her.

Marine was right on their tails as she ran onto the deck "Southern Island here we come!"

So for about ten minutes time Blaze and Sonic used the navigational computer, well mostly Blaze and Marine, to plot the course back to her island. While briefly Marine went below deck to inspect her newly reinforced ship to see if they had got her ideas right. The Royal Family and Military also resupplied them for their trip back. Food, tools, clothing, etc. Items that would last Blaze's and Marine almost a full year on their island.

Soon though a royal guard, dressed in the similar purple clothing as Blaze came down the stairs into the cabin, and the three looked up away from the navigational computer. The guard did not have to speak for them to know her parents were on deck.

So they followed the royal guard back up the stairs to the deck, the red hues of the sky flooded the walkway up, and their eyes had to readjust. The King and Queen were standing not far away from the entrance to the cabin, and all around the ship were Royal guards surrounding them all. The guard who had come down to get them went back into position as Blaze, Sonic, and Marine walked over to the Queen and King.

Blaze spoke "Mother…father…"

"Good evening dear." Blaze's mother spoke.

Blaze's father had a serious face "Are you ready to depart? Have they stocked your ship?"

Blaze's face was neutral, and she nodded "Everything is in order; we will be waiting for one more guest after you."

Blaze's father nodded and looked at the trio "You all did well."

"…" Blaze was quiet.

Sonic grinned "It was a good challenge, nothing we couldn't handle." he rubbed the tip on his nose.

Marine looked embarrassed "Sorry about all the cannon balls." she said with an innocent face.

Blaze's father then smirked "You did what you had to do."

Blaze's mother spoke "You all not need worry about the damage; we will take care of that. You've done more in preventing than we could ever do. Despite the negative public outcry, there will be bright spots."

"In what way?" Sonic asked curiously.

"We will silence them." Blaze's mother said with a confident face.

Sonic and Marine chuckled, and Blaze's mother smirked "Aww nice one." Sonic pointed at her.

Blaze kept her neutral expression as she watched Sonic interact with her mother, and Blaze's father watched her reaction. Blaze's mother continued "Like in the past but unlike now, with your friends dear; you all have prevented a major catastrophe. If not for your intervention we would be at the mercy of Eggman Nega will. The negativity of the peoples because of their judgment of our daughter will be ignored. We will interject positivity for what you have done, even though there is none."

Blaze's mother paused with a thoughtful face "You would think there would be…but alas that is not the case." Blaze's mother finished.

Blaze paused for a moment "…" glancing at Marine who gave her a reassuring smile, then to Sonic who winked at her and gave her a thumbs up. Blaze then looked to her parents as the red hues of the sunset shined down the ship "Then my business, here is done….I will return to my island a resume my guard over the Sol Emeralds." Blaze said in a serious tone.

Blaze's father nodded "Guardian of the Sol Emeralds, Princess, my daughter. We will see you soon…" Blaze's father extended his arms.

Blaze instinctively moved forward and hugged him briefly "Father." she spoke, and he patted her on the back.

Then she hugged her mother "Mother." Blaze said just the same.

"We will miss you." Blaze's mother spoke hugging her tight before she released her.

Blaze stepped back as Marine ran into Blaze's mothers arms "We'll be back real soon."

"Take care of each other out there, and try to be more careful with cannon balls dear." Blaze's mother patted her on the head.

Sonic had stepped forward and shook Blaze's fathers hand "If I'm ever in town I'll stop by." he grinned.

Blaze's father shook his hand with a firm grip "You are always welcome at the Royal Castle."

Once Marine and Sonic stepped back the royal guards all around hand saluted the trio. Blaze's mother and father smiled at the all "Have a safe return, and you have a safe return to your home Sonic." Blaze's father said smiling at Sonic.

"Will do your highness." Sonic grinned.

Blaze's father chuckled "He does have a good sense of humor."

Blaze's mother looked at both Blaze and Sonic, and she spoke with a suggestive tone "Blaze…honor your true feelings…when you are in a bad situation do what you feel is right."

Blaze looked confused for a moment "Yes; I will mother…" she said confused by her sudden statement.

"Me too." Marine interjected with a big grin.

"I already do that." Sonic grinned.

This made Blaze's moth and father laugh; the royal guards got a chuckle out of it as well "We thank you." Blaze's father spoke as their laughter died. Blaze's mother and father then bowed to the trio. The royal guards followed suite and all around them all bowing.

Blaze's was neutral and Sonic, Marine, and she looked all around them as the King and Queen stood fully up again along with the guards. Blaze's mother and father gave them all one last look of assurance, particularly smirking at Blaze and Sonic before they silently turned and walked to the ramp and departed the ship. The royal guards followed them and Blaze; Sonic, and Marine moved to the rail of the ship and watched the King and Queen enter a black vehicle and drive away.

"Your parents are pretty cool." Sonic said as they watched them drive away.

"They did not abandon me; I am grateful." Blaze spoke turning away from the railing; she wondered why her parents were looking at her and Sonic like that...

"Alright then, all we gotta do now is wait for Tiara." Marine said walking away from the railing and running up to the steering deck.

"You think she'll pass it up?" Sonic asked curiously looking to Blaze.

Blaze gave Sonic a dry look "She'll be here; she wouldn't pass this up for anything."

Sonic chuckled nervously and Marine spoke to him from the steering deck "Yea Sonic; you should have seen how enthusiastic she was in the infirmary."

Sonic slapped his forehead "Oh boy…"

Marine laughed up at the steering deck, and Blaze smirked as she aimlessly wandered around the deck. Yep, there were no celebrations for them, their journey was swift and silent, and though they got no recognition, Blaze had learned and found that she did not care as much as she used to. As she got older and more mature, she found that having someone who you could trust meant more to her than anything.

And Blaze was right to assume Tiara would show up as not even a ten minutes later Tiara and Honey had stepped on deck. Sonic and Blaze were not standing far away from them, standing just near the ramp conversing "We were wondering when you would arrive." Blaze said directing her attention to her.

"Hello Princess, Sonic." Honey said with a big smile; she had a camera around her neck with the shutter on.

"Hello Honey." Blaze said crossing her arms.

Tiara had a big grin "Hey princess…" she looked at Sonic "Hedgehog…"

"Tiara." Sonic said with a bit of hesitation.

Just then Marine ran down from the steering deck "Hey guys, here to send the S.S. Marine off eh?" Marine spoke happily.

Tiara thought for a moment "Kind of, I wanted to see Sonic off before he goes back home…" Tiara sounded genuine.

Blaze's frown was slight "Say what you will, Sonic might not be back."

Blaze gave Tiara a wise look as Tiara looked around the deck. She observed the beautiful colors of the sun setting in the sky then took notice of the other side of the ship. Where the open ocean was and the setting sun nearing the horizon. Tiara smiled getting an idea "Come on hedgehog!" she said grabbing a hold of his arm and dragging him to the other side of the ship.

"Gahh!" Sonic exclaimed as she pulled him.

"Come on Honey." Tiara spoke to her.

"I'm on it boss!" Honey said running after her.

Blaze looked surprised quickly uncrossing her arms but calmly walked and followed her.

Marine ran after Honey with a puzzled face "What are you mugs up to?"

Blaze was reserved while she listened to Tiara speak; she was inspecting the angle she was standing at "I thought I'd get a few pictures with Sonic, saying good-bye just isn't enough." Tiara put on an innocent face as she looked to Sonic "If you wouldn't mind hedgehog?" she spoke with a sweet voice, twisting her hands together like a school girl.

Marine and Honey giggled while Blaze looked unamused "Oh brother…" she said rolling her eyes.

Sonic looked at Tiara smiling her best then to Blaze, who suddenly had a frown on her face. Then back to Tiara who was smiling even brighter then back to Blaze whose frown had deepened. Sonic looked exasperated then he shrugged; he couldn't win "…Sure…why not…" he said closing his eyes.

Tiara giggled "Hehe! Great!" she said as she pulled Sonic close and stood right next to him.

Sonic looked embarrassed by her close contact "Whao!"

"Honey, ready the camera!" Tiara said with enthusiasm.

Blaze looked a bit angered but at the same time disappointed as she let Tiara go this once. She felt she wanted her body to move and act, but she restrained herself and watched Tiara take her pictures with Sonic.

Honey took off the lens cap and held the camera around her neck up "Say cheese!"

And the camera stared flashing, as Tiara began posing with Sonic in a number of positions. The Polaroid Camera took instant pictures and printed out and fell to the deck as Honey took them; Marine picked them up and inspected them. Hugging him and he tried to get away, standing back to back with him and Sonic looking embarrassed, one where she twisted his arm and forced him to smile with her.

Tiara then winked at Honey, and she nodded as before Sonic could react Tiara grabbed Sonic and pulled him close. Just as Honey took the photo Tiara kissed Sonic on the cheek. Sonic looked shocked and Marine looked shocked as she looked at Blaze, who looked mighty upset.

They had finally run out of positions though "Tiara!" Blaze spoke in a stern cautioning tone; Blaze looked visibly upset.

Tiara quickly let go of Sonic; she had a big grin "That was the last one Princess…" she chuckled.

Sonic looked bewildered as Honey lowered her camera "We only have a few shots left." Honey spoke aloud; she looked at Blaze "Do you want take one Princess?" she said with a curious face.

Blaze blinked in surprise at the offer, the anger quickly washed from her face…she hadn't considered it "…" Blaze hesitated.

Marine was busy laughing at all the Polaroid Camera pictures that had fallen to the deck, and she'd picked up. Tiara quickly walked over to Honey and picked up the picture with her kissing Sonic on the cheek "Ahhhhh…" Tiara sighed as she stared at the picture and hugged it close to her chest.

Blaze's face was neutral, and she looked to Marine "Let us take a picture with Sonic…we don't know when or if he'll be back."

Marine nodded "Oi your right; these pictures might be the last we see of him."

"Hey? I'm right here." Sonic joked but still looking a bit disheveled.

Marine handed the pictures she was holding to Tiara, and she gladly took them "Come on now, fix yourself up Sonic. You're taking a picture with royalty." Marine giggled as she ran over to him.

Blaze silently walked over to Sonic's side as well, feeling a sinking feeling in her stomach…everything seemed to reminding her that he was leaving…

Sonic shook himself and Marine stood to his right. Sonic then smiled as Blaze stood to his left. Marine waved at the camera with big grin, Sonic smiled, and Blaze had a neutral expression as she crossed her arms.

"Here we go!" Honey held her camera up as the trio stared into her camera; the view behind hem of the ocean and red skies was beautiful.

SNAP! The camera flashed, and the picture printed out. Honey grabbed this one and Blaze, Sonic, and Marine walked over to Honey to view the picture. Honey held it up, and all of them looked at it "Looking good hedgehog." Tiara purred.

Sonic chuckled "Thanks…" Sonic said nervously.

Blaze gave Tiara another stern look before she commented "Could you make a copy of this?"

Honey nodded "I can. It's a digital camera." she said as she pressed a button and another picture printed out. Honey handed it to Blaze, also taking the other picture from her. Blaze nodded satisfied with them, Sonic could have his own copy now.

Blaze stuffed the pictures into her pocket and she was ready to intervene and get Marine and Tiara to stop teasing Sonic about their pictures, but Honey spoke again "Hmmmm…I still have two photos left." she turned to Tiara "Did you want to take one more boss?"

Tiara stopped giggling along with Marine long enough to say "No thanks. I got everything I need."

"Do you really need that many?" Sonic questioned Tiara still looking embarrassed.

"Hehehe! I'm sorry Sonic, but your expression was funny." Marine giggled poking Sonic in the side with her elbow.

It was then Blaze got an idea in her head…an idea that made her feel uneasy. However, today the more she faced the unresolved feelings inside herself, the more the feeling came out. Forcing her to speak without what she considered to be rational thought…the words blurted out of her mouth "…Honey?" Blaze asked with a curious face.

Honey was putting the lens cap back on but stopped and looked at Blaze "Yes Princess?"

Blaze quickly swallowed a lump in her throat "…I would like to take another picture…"

Honey then smiled "Oh ok! Of who?"

Blaze felt deafly nervous, but she glanced over at Sonic and everyone paused. Tiara and Marine stopping, giggling and teasing Sonic about the pictures "Sonic…let us take one last picture." Blaze's face looked neutral, but she felt like she was sweating.

Sonic blinked slowly "Yea...sure…" he then smiled as he made his way over to the same picture spot; also to get away from the teasing "I know some people can't resist." he said with an air of smugness.

Blaze smirked at bit at Sonic's overconfidence; it made the whole situation feel a little better. As Blaze walked over to the picture taking spot Tiara looked a little upset "The Princess wants to take a picture?" she said with disbelief.

Even Marine looked surprised "...Wha..What?" Marine said running over next to Honey.

Tiara and Marine had skeptical faces though Blaze ignored their accusing eyes as she felt nervous as it was already. Honey held her camera up "Ready?"

Blaze and Sonic stood close together but Sonic wasn't ready to take the picture "Hold up." he said with a grin as he suddenly wrapped his arm around Blaze's neck and pulled her close. Blaze didn't expect it and her face filled with embarrassment. Blaze's eyes had widened and though her face shown embarrassment her mouth had formed into a frown, more likely out of feeling uncomfortable.

"Ready!" Sonic said giving the camera a peace gesture with his hand.

Blaze's voice was lost in her throat, and she only hoped she wasn't blushing as the camera flashed again and before she knew it Sonic had already let go of her. Blaze was left standing alone as Sonic ran over to Honey to see the results. Tiara and Marine did too more interested in Sonic's picture with Blaze.

Blaze did her best to calm down while everyone was ignoring her for the moment. She blinked her eyes and took a deep breath before she walked over and took a look at the picture. Blaze felt a warm feeling in her stomach when she saw herself and Sonic in the picture.

"Well? What do you think…huh Princess?" Tiara said looking at her with suspicious eyes.

Marine, Honey, and Sonic looked her and Blaze raised an eyebrow "It's a nice picture."

"Mmmhmp…" Tiara said in a skeptical tone.

Marine took the picture from Honey "I don't know Blaze…"

Everyone listened, and Blaze felt nervous again "This picture is good, but…I think it's missing me…"

Everyone chuckled, excluding Blaze, who let out a light sigh of relief, worried about her feelings being exposed. Marine shrugged "Then again, Blaze gets to see this beautiful mug every day!" Marine grinned.

Blaze smirked "Wont someone help me." she said with sarcasm.

Everyone laughed, and Honey printed out the second copy of Blaze's picture with Sonic. Blaze got the other picture from Marine and stuffed both of the pictures into the pocket of her coat again.

Tiara seemed to slow down as she spoke this time "Well…I guess it's time for you guys to go…"

"Yes, we must get going." Blaze spoke with a neutral tone.

For a brief moment, everyone looked at one another, feeling a bit of sadness. It was time to say farewell. Tiara gathered her pictures and pulled a rubber band of her pocket and tied them together.

She stuffed the pictures into her back pocket of her jeans "We have to get back to work too soon." Tiara said as she and Honey made their way to the ramp of the ship and walked down it.

"You guys take it easy." Sonic spoke with a smile walking over to the railing of the ship.

Blaze joined him at his side as Tiara and Honey stepped down onto the docks "Well, we're wasting time, let hit the seas!" Marine said excitedly as she ran up to the steering deck and began manning the controls.

"We'll take care of the ramp!" Tiara yelled from down below.

Blaze and Sonic watched as Tiara and Honey grabbed the makeshift ramp and pulled it away and down from the S.S. Marine and onto the docks. The wooden plan smacked against the cobble stone of the docks. The people on the docks didn't seem to notice them though, as they walked past the S.S. Marine oblivious to them all.

Blaze walked over to the area were the ramped deployed and raised the hatch and locked it into place. Soon the engines of the S.S. Marine could be heard revving up below. The ship began to lurch "We're on our way mates!" Marine said excitedly as she began turning the ship's wheel.

The S.S Marine began to move backwards, slowly inching its way back away from the other ships. Sonic stood by the railing and Blaze went back to his side, and they waved at Tiara and Honey.

They smiled and waved back with equal vigor "Goodbye Sonic! Princes Blaze, Marine!" Honey yelled to them as the S.S Marine was fully pulled away from the docks.

"I'll see you around Princess! Later Marine! If you ever come back hedgehog you are mine! I won't hold back!" Tiara yelled; she had a big smile.

"I'll keep that in mind!" Sonic yelled back "See you later!" he said a big smile.

Blaze smiled a bit as well "I'm sure we'll run into one another soon enough!"

Marine yelled from the steering deck "Have a good one! We're setting sail to the high seas once again!"

So Blaze and Sonic waved to Tiara and Honey as they slowly disappeared from sight as the sun started to set. They leaned onto the railing looking back at the docks as they drifted further away into the sea.

"Man I am glad Amy isn't as persistent as Tiara." Sonic spoke aloud still waving.

Blaze smirked "Is she like Tiara?" she asked curiously.

"You don't know the half of it." Sonic chuckled glancing briefly at Blaze; he turned back to continuing waving at Tiara and Honey.

Blaze didn't know about the others, but she was glad to finally get away from all the drama…though it was ironic as now she had developed her own personal issues away from the people who despised her…

Now she had to face her own drama back on her island. And she intended to but she knew more than anyone else that she had been avoiding the inevitable with Sonic…

She hadn't spoken of it or gave it any thought all day, but now she couldn't run anymore. They would reach her home Southern Island tomorrow and Sonic would be leaving. And truth be told…for the first time in a long time she didn't know what to do…

The next day was bright and sunny as the S.S. Marine cut through the waves on their journey back to Blaze's island. There were a few clouds in the sky, and their color ranged from gray to dark gray; it was an indication that the energies of the Emeralds were still mingling and Sonic need to get home soon. There had been no trouble with pirates on their way back, which disappointed Marine a bit as she wanted to test the new reinforcement of her vessel. Instead, they'd run into a friendly vessel who was on its way to Arch City. Most of the day was gone, and it was evening; they would arrive at her island soon. It seemed as the trip back was much, much faster than Blaze had expected…

They slept through the night and Sonic had swabbed the deck most of the day. They had eaten not too long ago, a small meal prepared by Blaze, and now they were all resting and waiting for the radar to pick up the island. It still was not in sight, so they weren't their yet. The ship was on glide, and Marine had fallen asleep, napping in the hammock up in the crow's nest. Down on the deck Blaze sat on the stairs of the steering deck as she and Sonic conversed about all matter of things.

"Estaban used to watch me as a child; you could say he was my babysitter. He made sure I didn't into any trouble around the castle." Blaze leaned back on her elbows; she had a small smile on her face.

Sonic nodded "Speaking of getting away, you're a Princess. Don't you have duties as one like political work?" Sonic asked with a grin.

Blaze's expression became neutral as she shook her head and thought for a moment "…Yes I do…but I do not do political work; I do not push paperwork. I am at an arms distance from it but sometimes must still must be involved in it. I've chosen not to as I have much more pressing matters. There are many that will and are willing anyways; I am too busy with the Emeralds anyway."

Sonic put his fist on his hips "You do strike me as the studious type." Sonic stated simply.

Blaze put on a small smile again "I am not busy due to my duty as Princess or political work. Because I became the Guardian of the Sol Emerald, I risk my life. So I chose not to, political work is optional for me." Blaze said, and they both smiled at one another.

However, soon the smile on Blazer's face became a frown as she stared out onto the ocean, Sonic noticed but did not speak of it. Blaze then turned back and looked at Sonic "I believe I have been rude during our time together." Blaze said with her neutral face.

"Hmmm?" Sonic scratched his head.

"I have not once asked of your past Sonic." Blaze said with a serious face.

Sonic chuckled and waved a dismissive hand "There's not much to know about me." he grinned.

"What of your family? Your parents?" Blaze now looked curious.

Sonic shrugged "I don't remember my parents; as a matter of fact, all I remember is...running." Sonic looked embarrassed.

Blaze had a look of confusion on her face; she felt sympathy and the urge to giggle "…Running?" she said questioningly "That's what you've done in your life back home?" she raised an eyebrow.

Sonic nodded with a big grin "I've run for as long as I can remember and nothing much else. Things like Eggman and my friends came as I got older."

Blaze felt sadness overcome her and the urge to laugh at his strange response "I am sorry to hear that." she said with a smirk.

Sonic shrugged "It's cool; I haven't had the normal family experience but home is where you make it and I've got lots of good friends."

Blaze nodded as Sonic smiled at her "I must admit I am jealous; I have so many things to do…and you have…"

Sonic cut her off "Nothing." he tried to suppress his laugh.

Blaze gave him a playful glare "Nothing to do…" she finished.

"I like it simple." Sonic began laughing.

Blaze smirked as she looked over to her side, staring out into the ocean again "Sometimes life can be long…" her words seemed to shift away from the conversation completely as she donned a frown on her face.

Sonic stopped smiling and this time he intervened, he could clearly see something was bothering her "…What's wrong?"

Blaze quickly looked at him, interrupted from her thoughts "…" she darted her eyes to nowhere, in particular "…I am fine…why do you ask?"

Sonic frowned "Come on…" said seeing right through her.

Blaze sighed, and she looked to him; it was another moment where she was exposing herself. It was another time where she was going to tell Sonic something deeply personal to her. The last time she spoke this much is when she went to the doctor. She had never told anyone about this, and she never felt so natural about talking about her feelings now that she had developed a personal bond with Sonic after sharing with him at the castle "My responsibilities…I feel as if I will do this dance for the rest of my life…I would like some change…" Blaze looked down.

Sonic frowned but knew it stemmed from all the stuff she dealt with and had dealt with her whole life in Arch City. She had been more open than she usually was and he could see now that the drama back home; it bothered her though she did not talk about it. Though Sonic did not know that it was only half of why Blaze was saddened right now.

"Be happy with what you get, everything has a downside to it." Sonic said with a serious face.

Blaze looked up at him, and his harsh but truthful words made all the negative thoughts wash away for a moment. Blaze felt lightness in her stomach, and she smiled "I'd rather spend time on my islands with my friends anyway." Blaze finished.

And they both chuckled; she'd rather spend time with him. She'd found over the years spending time with true friends was more worthwhile than anything else in the world. Spending time with an individual who never got in her way, unless she happened to be going down.

"You know, if things were different we might not know each other because people would like you. We would have never met, and you would be off doing different things and might even be married or something." Sonic grinned.

Blaze shook her head "As nice as that sounds." Blaze spoke sarcastically "I have to disagree; everything happened as it was supposed to." there was a light beeping noise suddenly coming from the steering deck, and Blaze stood from the stairs.

Sonic caught her before she walked up the stairs "You never had any guy friends?"

Blaze glanced back him; her expression neutral "You were." a small came across her face as she looked away from him.

Sonic grinned at her response "Fair enough." he said putting his hands on the back of his head.

Blaze walked up the stairs to the steering deck and took a glance at the computer next to the wheel. It was picking up a land mass on the radar. Blaze looked past the bow and she could barely see a speck in the distance. Blaze frowned…they were back…

She did not immediately announce that would be arriving soon, instead she tried to fight the distress she felt inside…of her feelings…feelings about Sonic…

It had finally come to pass…through all her denial and pushing people away throughout the years. It was not the same, and she had never spoken of it…

She did want someone in her life. Before Sonic came back a few days ago she'd been contemplating her life. Of how she'd been alone her whole life…then he showed up. Now she didn't want to be alone all the time anymore. She began to want…partnership…after every encounter with Sonic. And she didn't care if it was romantic of just friendship, she just wanted an individual; she could be more…personal with…

Sonic seemed to fit the bill and part of why she did want partnership is because she was getting older. She'd even thought of it a few days ago as they traveled to Arch City. Many years had passed and she had changed, changed with Sonic, and this time she had transformed even more.

Blaze looked down at Sonic from the steering deck with a feeling of dread in her stomach. She felt strongly for him…he was the one…and he might slip away today…

Blaze sighed but just as she was about to speak Marine yelled down to her from the crow's nest "Land ahoy!"

Blaze watched as Sonic ran to the bow "Hey! I see it!" Sonic leaned forward on the bow of the ship.

Marine began climbing down the crow's nest as the sun was blocked by a cloud, darkening everything for a brief moment. As the cloud passed the sunlight returned and washed over the deck. Marine hit the deck "It's actually kind of nice to be home!" she said excitedly as she ran up to the steering deck.

Blaze took a step back as Marine began using the controls to unlock the ship's wheel. Sonic came up to the steering deck too; taking in the volcano "I totally forgot about all the stuff on your island." Sonic said aloud.

Marine was now steering the ship, and she looked at Sonic "We didn't see any of if it before we left, we came out from the back side of the island. We're going around front this time." Marine said with a smile as the ship slowly turned to the left.

Blaze remained quiet as Sonic observed Seagull Beach, the same place where they had spoken in the morning the day they left. The forest where the shrine of the Sol Emeralds was right next to the Windmill Village and the beach, and the dock Sonic and Tails used while they were here last time. Marine brought the ship around past the village and the dock to the wharf just a little further down the shore. Marine typed a few commands into the computer console, and the two big wooden doors to the wharf opened, and marine steered the S.S. Marine inside.

The doors to the wharf closed, and there was a large clicking noise heard the doors fully shut "Ships locked up, let's unpack some of our supplies." Marine said with a smile as she jogged down the steering deck stairs.

"You kept this place in good shape Marine." Sonic complimented her as he followed her.

"I only have the finest docks for my vessels!" she said enthusiastically.

Their voices faded as Blaze stood still in her spot; a frown on her face. Slowly, she moved and followed them down the stairs into the cabin. She knew there was no more time to wait; Sonic had to leave tonight…

Once they all were down into the cabins, they began collecting their belongings. Blaze gathered the Sol Emeralds; Marine gathered her tools, and Sonic gathered the Chaos Emeralds. They also grabbed some supplies from below deck and were taking them to Windmill Village and their bunkers.

Sonic was the first to gather his things "I'll wait for you guys outside." he said with a grin as he headed up the stairs carrying a box of supplies.

Blaze nodded; she was standing near the desk "We will be there shortly."

Sonic nodded and he was gone. Marine was still in their room, and Blaze anxiously looked around to make sure no one was looking. Blaze had pinned their pictures they had taken yesterday to a pin board hanging on the wall next to the computer. It was filled up with other important documents pinned to it but just to the side she'd pinned their pictures. One particular picture she had interest in though. She looked back twice to make sure Marine was not looking. Once she was sure Blaze quickly took the picture of her and Sonic off the wall. But all did not go as planned…

"Hey? What are you doing Blaze?" said the voice of a confused Marine from behind her; she put down her supply box.

Blaze's adrenaline kicked in and her heart beat fast; she came up with a less than adequate excuse; keeping her back turned to her "…This picture is cluttering up the wall…" Blaze felt fearful of her weak lie "…I will be placing it in my room…" Blaze said as she placed the picture in her pocket.

It was then Marine noticed something was truly off about Blaze's behavior. She had noticed something was different a few days ago as well but…not like this. Blaze didn't have any pictures in her room…

She certainly didn't have photo album, none that she'd seen anytime she had been in her room. That's what struck her as odd…she couldn't imagine why she was putting a picture in her room. No less of the one with her and Sonic. It left a lot of question yet to be answered but this time Marine saw Blaze was hiding something. She had been surprised when she found out that Blaze and Tiara had a secret, she had never known Blaze to hide anything before that. Now with this strange behavior happening again Marine was now taking into consideration that Blaze might be hiding something right now.

Marine looked suspiciously at Blaze with her back turned "…Okay then mate…I'm going to go outside with Sonic…" Marine said as there was a brief silence as Marine picked up her box of supplies.

"…I won't be long…" Blaze kept her back turned.

Marine had a frown on her face as she stared at Blaze for a moment longer before she turned and walked up the stairs out of the cabin. Blaze kept her back turned hearing Marine's footsteps, standing in the silence even after Marine left. Her face embarrassed, she didn't know whether she had been caught or not.

Sometime later the group had made their way from the wharf and made their way into Windmill Village to Marines old house. They stored their supplies in various places around the island, and the village houses were one of them. It was also the place where Marine and the Coconut Crew stayed when Sonic and Tails where around last time; Marine had since moved into the shrine with Blaze. The village was empty now; the Coconut Crew had been sent to the mainland after a horrible storm. They would be returning soon, but Blaze's was still keeping the military presence away from her affairs.

The sun was starting to set, and nighttime was almost upon them; they hoped to get back to the shrine before dark.

Marine came out of the wooden red painted house and locked the doors "So what other technology do you have here?" Sonic asked curiously.

Marine walked past him "Encrypted black box for communication, wireless communications system, cameras; motion sensors are place all over the island…" Marine counted off with her fingers trying to think of more.

"Marine does upkeep on all of it." Blaze spoke to Sonic; holding the sack of Sol Emeralds.

"I am the best!" Marine grinned.

Sonic smiled "So that's how you deal with intruders while your sleep." he said holding the sack of Chaos Emeralds.

Blaze nodded her expression neutral "I have computers in my room that alert me if the motion detectors go off."

"I control all of it from the structure just opposite where we slept as the shrine Sonic." Marine said as they began walking towards the forest.

"I was wondering what was in those other buildings." Sonic rubbed his chin.

"We usually make our phone calls in that building, but we use the encrypted black box for serious stuff like the Emeralds." Marine said walking just a bit ahead of them.

"So you guys know if anything comes on the island." Sonic said impressed.

"I have had a great deal of success protecting the Emeralds here." Blaze said as she walked along side Sonic.

Sonic then grinned at Blaze, Blaze raised an eyebrow in confusion when caught his stare "Well, there's only one last thing to settle then." Sonic said as he stopped walking.

Blaze stopped, and Marine turned around "What's he talkin about?" Marine asked Blaze.

"Here, catch Marine." Sonic said tossing her the sack of Chaos Emeralds.

Marine caught them with a look of confusion "Our race." Sonic finished looking at Blaze.

Blaze's thought for a moment before she remembered their talk "Ah yes, our race….but we do not have a lot of time Sonic…"

"What…" Sonic donned a competitive face "You can't keep up?" Sonic egged her on.

Blaze looked slightly surprised then she tossed the sack of Sol Emeralds to Marine; which she caught. Blaze stared Sonic down with an equally competitive face "Where is the finish line?"

Marine giggled "Oh this is gonna be good." she said walking closer to them.

Sonic pointed down near the dock by the shore of the village and Blaze nodded. Blaze and Sonic looked back each other "We race around the island once, all you have to do is…" and in a flash Sonic took off without warning.

Blaze looked shocked as a gust of wind blew past Marine and her "See you later!" Sonic called back as he ran down to the beach.

Without hesitation Blaze sprinted off after him, creating another large gust of wind next to Marine. Marine grinned as she ran after them, heading to the dock "I'll be the judge!" Marine yelled to them as Blaze and Sonic ran down the beach.

Blaze quickly caught up with Sonic as they tore through the sand, and she smiled and he grinned back at her. Because for his cheating, she conjured fire in her hands and began tossing fireballs at Sonic. The fireballs exploded as they hit the sand causing the sand to fly everywhere and Sonic dodged them while keeping pace with her. They were moving so fast that before they knew it they were on the back side of the island, almost halfway done with their race already. Blaze smirked as she bumped into him and forced him onto the water.

Sonic grinned trying to use this to his advantage, skirting across the water and causing some of it to splash in Blaze's direction. Blaze used her flames to keep herself dry and deflect the water Sonic was splashing at her. Then they were on the final stretch as they began to pass by the wharf. Blaze had to come onto the water to reach around to the dock where Marine was waiting. With the finish line coming up both focused on running as they sped up. The water trails behind them flew into the air as they were neck and neck.

Marine was waiting and as they passed by Marine called it. Blaze and Sonic slowed down and ran back over to Marine both looking expectant "Well?" Sonic asked her.

Marine snickered "It was…" she paused.

"Just tell us." Blaze stated curiously.

Marine giggled "It's a draw!" she began laughing.

Sonic and Blaze looked at each with surprise and Sonic rubbed his chin "I was holding back." he said looking at Blaze with a grin.

Blaze then smirked at him "Well, we can't have that can we." Blaze said as she conjured fire in her hands.

Sonic stepped back from Blaze holding his hands up in defense "Alright you win, knock it off." he said with an innocent face.

Blaze then tossed small fireballs at his feet; he hopped and skipped around them until Blaze caught him in an awkward position by the sand. As she threw one last fireball, he tripped a fell into the shallow part of the water by the sand. He made a big splash and sat on his hands and knees. Marine burst into laughter almost dropping the sacks with the Emeralds and Blaze giggled.

Sonic glared at Blaze for a moment "Now I am the winner." she said with a smile placing her hands on her hips.

Sonic tried to look upset, but he couldn't control his snicker before he began to laugh as well. Blaze began laughing after long too. They stayed by the dock for a little while longer, still getting a good chuckle from Sonic falling into the water, by the way of Blaze's hand. He refused to be dried by her again, and instead air dried himself by running around the island once more. They waited for him, and the sun was getting lower in the sky. Their laughter did die down a bit as Sonic returned; they were heading back into the forest to the shrine of the Sol Emeralds. It was time for Sonic to go…

The sun was about to set as the trio finally arrived at the shrine of the Sol Emeralds within the forest minutes later. Marine was in the structure with the computers checking to see if everything was in order while they were gone. Sonic had gone to his room for a moment to check if he hadn't forgotten anything and Blaze…

Blaze was atop the stairs inside the Sol Emerald chamber; she had just placed the last Sol Emerald into its slot. The Emeralds glowed, and she stared blankly at them…

She couldn't deal with the reality that she had these feelings for Sonic, and at the same time he needed to go. For the safety of their worlds, she had to return to her duties as well. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want him to go, and yet she did because of her own her own stubborn pride…she had always handled everything own her own…

But now…with Sonic…she felt with him around; she didn't have to, and she didn't want to. Blaze frowned; her face was full of worry, and she placed a hand on her head. Her head was swimming…

As much as she denied how she felt over the years, about her feelings and everything in her life. To have complete control over herself; she didn't anymore. She did have feelings for Sonic…

Then she heard her name being called "Hey Blaze! Sonic's ready!" Marine's voice yelled up to her.

Blaze turned away from the Emeralds and looked to the exit of the chamber; her face full of worry. For a few moments, she was stuck in place; she couldn't move as fear crippled her. Blaze breathed out shaky breath, and she donned her neutral expression as she slowly made her way out of the chamber. As she reached the threshold of the chamber, she looked down the stairs to see Sonic and Marine looking up at her…waiting for her…

Blaze felt light headed as she walked down the stairs, though her expression did not show on her face; she always hid herself…

The red hues from the setting sun cracked through the trees and leaves of the forest; it was still enough light out to not be night. As Blaze reach the bottom of the stairs, she noticed that Sonic was holding all seven Chaos Emeralds "It's getting late..." Sonic said with a grin.

"…." Blaze nodded "…Its time you went home…" Blaze spoke but felt uncertainty in her words; betraying her unwavering independence.

Marine looked saddened "Yea…we can't wait any longer…" Marine said rapidly blinking her eyes.

Sonic looked down at the Chaos Emeralds then back to Blaze and Marine "I want to thank you guys for helping me; I would have been in a big mess without your help."

Marine quickly rubbed her eyes "You would have done the same for us…" Marine briefly turned her head away from them.

Blaze looked saddened "I would expect no less from you…"

Sonic smiled "I had a great time exploring your world too…I hope I can come back again one day…"

Marine turned back around doing a poor job at hiding her tears; she sniffled "We're gonna miss you mate…"

Sonic smiled at them both as he closed his eyes and donned a serious face, he took a few steps away from them. Blaze and Marine watched as Sonic focused with the Chaos Emeralds and soon the Emeralds began to glow brighter and brighter until they began to float out of Sonic grip and around him. Spinning very fast as he lifted into the air and in a bright blinding flash the Emeralds disappeared. Blaze and Marine briefly shielded their eyes to reveal Super Sonic.

Glowing golden colors Sonic grinned as he floated down to them, and they were all without words "Thanks for everything guys." Sonic said with a smile.

Marine burst into even more tears as she glomped onto Sonic hugging him tight "I'm going to miss you!" she cried.

Sonic smiled as he patted her back "Its goodbye for now…"

Blaze felt a sting from his words as he released Marine; she was still crying. Sonic then turned his attention Blaze, who could not try and look tough any longer and her neutral expression turned somewhat sad.

Sonic held his hand out for her to shake, Blaze hesitated for a moment. They stared into each other eyes before she grabbed a hold of his hand but he did something she didn't expect. He gave her a handshake hug. He shook her hand then pulled her into a brief hug, patting her on the back. Blaze's eyes widened in shock but in those few brief moments of the hug, she closed her eyes enjoying his embrace "We'll cross paths again…" Sonic spoke to her as he released her.

Blaze quickly opened her eyes keeping her saddened face "I believe so too…"

Sonic smiled at the both of them but Blaze remembered something as he began to float away "Wait Sonic!" Blaze reached into her pocket.

Sonic looked curious as he stopped where he was, Blaze pulled out the copies of the photos Honey had made. She held them up and Sonic took them "I'll be sure to tell the guys about everything when I get home." Sonic smiled.

"…" Blaze nodded with her upset face, swallowing a lump in her throat to control the sensation of crying she felt, and Marine was still wiping her face.

Sonic smiled once last time as he attempted to use the same line of thought that got him here. He thought of how he missed his home and his friends. Hoping they were ok and soon Sonic began to glow brighter and brighter. Blaze felt her heart breaking, and it was then Blaze moved forward, involuntarily reacting without thinking; Marine watched her bewildered. She walked forward, wanting to stop him, tell him something…anything…

Losing all her inhibitions in this precious moment, about being independent, about controlling and hiding her feelings. In this moment missing an opportunity, something that would pass her by for the rest of her life. They did not know if Sonic would ever if ever come back. She wanted to yell to him, scream to him, let it be known her feelings for him…even though she knew he had to go home…

Blaze almost ran as Sonic floated away disappearing into the light, throwing a hand into the air and reaching for him. Her mouth opened, but no words came out as fearfulness tingled through her body and showed on her face. Sonic smiled and waved at her as he faded. Slowly, the light began to fade, and all was quiet as the light completely faded…

Only the sound of the ocean and the wind blowing through the tress was audible. Blaze stared blankly at where Sonic had been and her out reaching hand fell. Marine frowned as her tears slowed now truly confused by Blaze's behavior. Blaze closed her eyes, and then began blinking away her watery eyes; a cold sweat came over her as her head fell, and she stood still. In her mind, she finally admitted...she wanted him...she needed him...

A few days later…

Blaze had awoke to another peaceful morning on her island. She got up, cleaned up and got dressed and was preparing herself mentally for another day to protect the Sol Emeralds. Blaze exited her room with a neutral expression, and she closed to the door to her room behind herself. She glanced over at the Sol Emeralds; all seven were safe. She began to walk to the exit of the chamber and down the stairs of the chamber. It was still early so it was still sort of dark out, the sun would be up soon. It was warm out so it looked like they were going to have another warm sunny day. Once she reached the bottom she made her way to the structure where Marine slept.

She promptly knocked on her door "Marine; it is time to wake up; we have work to do."

Blaze waited for a few moments, and she got no response. Blaze frowned as slightly pushed her door open and peaked into her room. Marine was fast asleep, and her covers were strewn over the floor. Blaze closed her door and sighed; she made her way back up to the Sol Emerald chamber and went back into her room. Flicking on the lights she decided to let Marine sleep for a little longer. While she was doing so Blaze checked the computers in her room. Checking the radar, motion sensors and cameras around the island. There didn't seem to be any activity last night; though she would have been alerted anyway.

Blaze put the computer monitor into standby; all the systems kept running. Blaze stood from the seat by the computer and looked around her room looking for something to do. It was quiet and Blaze looked at her bed, the trunk dresser in front of her bed, her closet dresser on the other side of the room, and finally at the sit-down dresser at the head of her room; it had a mirror and a certain something attached to it. Blaze stared at the mirror for a moment before she walked over to it, though she tried to deny it in her head, she knew she was going over to her mirror.

Her hills clacked on the stone floors of her room as she stepped in front of the mirror; her expression neutral in the reflection of the mirror. Her mirror was medium sized, round and made of a red wood, sticking on the top right slit of the mirror was the picture of Sonic and her. Blaze took the photo out of its spot, and she stared down at the photo; she proceeded to her memory, and she could recall the phantom touch of his arm around her neck right now. The look of embarrassment on her face while he held her only reminded her more of her strong feelings for him. A small smile came across her face…Sonic had been gone for a few days now…

Blaze smiled as she stared at the photo for a few moments longer and placed it back into the top right slit of her mirror. Her expression returned to neutral as she left her room again. She made her way back to Marine's room and knocked on the door "Marine?" she waited for a response.

There was none "Marine, it is time to get up; we have much work to do." Blaze said now looking a bit irritated.

Again, there was no response and Blaze's ears bent back with frustration, Marine was still Marine…

So instead of chastising Marine like she usually would Blaze made her way out of the forest and made her way to the water. Because Blaze hadn't been her usual self for the last few days. She didn't feel like getting on Marines case strangely. As a matter of fact, she felt she'd been in a funk these last few days; Marine noticed, and even she noticed. Blaze moved past some brush as she neared the beach; the skies became more visible. Blue skies as far as she could see, a few clouds, but it was nice out…

For a day or two after Sonic left the skies had blackened up again; everything had turned black but afterwards, everything seemed to return to normal these last few days. The energies of her world and Sonic's worlds finally seemed to be in balance again. Soon Blaze stepped out of the brush and stepped onto the sand of the beach. It was always cool by the ocean…

As Blaze walked closer to the shore, she could see the sun was about to rise. So her face was neutral was she stepped near the water rushing up onto the beach and stared out onto the endless ocean. The sound of the water was calming as it helped her get ready for another day…

Blaze crossed her arms, of course her thoughts quickly drifted to Sonic. She missed him…and yes…she had cried…

In private, she wept…she was not afraid to say so anymore…

She wept for him…

Blaze then watched the natural beauty of nature as the sun rose. Its light scattering across the skies, orange, red, and dark azure colors spreading everywhere. Blaze could see now what Sonic meant when he spoke of sunrises. The colors of a sunrises were brighter and more vibrant than the darker colors of a sunset. She enjoyed this new brightness and the person who introduced her to it.

She was sure to come out more often for sunrises now…it might remind her of him too. But she did not mind as she enjoyed his memory. She would always miss him, and she would always have her…feelings for him…

Blaze blinked her eyes as the sensation began to well up in her again as she thought of Sonic. She briefly wiped her eyes and crossed her arms again, swallowing the lump in her throat. She stared out onto the ocean blinking her eyes to stop her tears...her expression neutral…

In time her soul would heal…but until then she would always hold onto him…Sonic the Hedgehog…

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