Well I thought I'd go out with a bang; Blaze was sneaky in the last chapter huh? Well she was sneaky through the whole story though wasn't she? The epilogue is the longest chapter in the story and I wrapped up all loose ends. This last chapter was way longer than I expected write, though this is the original idea for the ending of the story. I went the extra distance to write out everything and complete the story to its fullest. Everything has been wrapped up so I'd say it was a bang. On a side note this isn't the longest chapter I've ever written. I wrote 34,000 words for one chapter in my Nicole story; the last chapter here was just 4,000 words short.

I first wanted to say I had trouble writing this last chapter too and not only because of the length of it. But also because of interruptions and distractions IRL, but I'll get to that in a moment.

I wanted to give a little more clarity to my readers about what exactly happened in the final chapter. I hope this isn't spoilers to people who skip and skim through stories, hopefully you've read up to this point so it's not a spoiler and you'll understand what happened.

Basically Blaze became a controller. She controls the Sol Emeralds and their energy and it is a plot point I've had since the very beginning of the story. In the very first chapter when Sonic thought of Blaze he was transported to her world, it was because on her end, the Sol Emeralds heard Blaze's inner turmoil and the Sol Emeralds and the Chaos Emeralds communicated with one another to help her. Thats why Sonic was transported there. SEGA or in the Sonic lore its always been hinted that the Emeralds sort of had a mind of their own or something to that effect. So the Emeralds heard Blaze and helped her. In the Sonic Rush games it is stated the the Emeralds transmute thoughts into power, and they are affected by the owners of the Emeralds. Basically Blaze and Sonic are the owners because they protect them and kept the energies in balance, but Blaze's inner turmoil caused a disruption in the balance of the energy of the Emeralds and caused another merging of the worlds crisis. And the Sol Emeralds heard her inner feelings and communicated with the Chaos Emeralds and then Sonic was transported to her world again and you know the rest of the story.

I basically wanted it all to change all around for her, for the better at the end without plot holes. Without the world's merging and all that stuff. I still hope it didn't feel like it moved to fast for my readers, though that might have been unavoidable with it being the last chapter.

When Blaze cursed the Emeralds they heard her plea and did what they did. So Blaze became a controller, she controls them now instead of the Emeralds controlling her because she had to watch over them. She can travel between worlds, seeing Sonic and still go back to her home world and have access to resources and still see her parents. Their worlds wont merge since the energy of the Sol Emeralds was released into her world and became stable. She can worry less about Eggman Nega and the Sol Emeralds are at less of threat of being stolen because they no longer hold energy.

So all around everything went well for Blaze without creating plot holes, well hopefully as least plot holes as possible. There are still a few things that hadn't been answered but that is left up to my readers imagination. I could see hilarious moments between Blaze and Sonic trying to hide their relationship if it ever went on but I can't write all day. This story should be enough.

Another thing, the title of the story is very significant; it is with all my stories. The reason the story is titled Need To Want is one, I felt that Blaze was the type of character that fell into a oxymoron; contradictory terms are combined (Need To Want) because Blaze seemed like a character that wouldn't be the best at expressing her feelings; shes a strong and independent character. And two, I just felt she'd be the type of character who would do something like this. Having conflicted feelings and all; shes an introvert. She denies her feelings and bottles them. But though she denies her feelings deep down, in a way, at the same time, she wants it. Ambivalence; she feels simultaneous feelings, conflicted feelings, two emotions at the same time. She felt she didn't need love but she wanted it, get it? Its a major theme or should I say the biggest theme of the story. This basically is what the entire story is about.

I should also briefly mention I wanted to do a chapter by chapter commentary but I don't have the time like I thought I was. So I'll just say the evolution of the story was very interesting, it got deeper after I wrote every chapter. There were a lot of parts cut out of the story; whole scenes in Blaze's world were females would randomly kidnap males and other fun stuff. The entire story was going to go off in a different direction in a few chapters but I digress.

In my final thoughts, I must say. Here I am again. Another story down, a lot learned and I've written another 100,000 word story on a Sonic character. Talking animals and I must say I do not feel any less silly than when I wrote my Nicole story.

In the course of writing this story for 3 years I've had a lot of issues IRL. For bad and good while I was writing it. I realized after making it through so many bad happenings what made me happy though. Just being able to get back to a semblance where things weren't so bad. One of them was writing this stuff, I had a good time doing it and I felt proud of my work. Now that doesn't absolve the fact I still feel silly about writing Sonic fanfiction. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's useless entertainment and it makes me feel like I'm wasting my when I could be doing something else.

But then again my readers or whoever comes across it and enjoys might feel different. I'm glad this story exist.

So for now I bid farewell. Despite my pessimism I am kind of proud of the work I've done and hope you enjoyed reading. You guys are my niche so it was for you and for me. If you've read the story up to this far and liked it please some feedback or criticism. Most times than not readers usually see something the author didn't from their perspective. So hopefully, if I can, I will see you next time.