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It was another warm, beautiful, sunny day in Arch City; nothing but blue skies and warm breezes. Blaze, Sonic, and Marine waited at the corner of the streets as a few big trucks passed in front of them. There were a group of cats just on the other side of the street. Coming right from the docks, the trucks smelled of raw fish; the cats just across the street could be heard sniffing at the air. When the trucks passed the trio crossed the street; heading in the direction of the humongous castle just in the distance. The cats that crossed by them quickly took notice of Blaze although Blaze and Marine seemed to have gotten used to ignoring the constant stares.

Sonic's awareness had gone up just moments ago when Blaze informed him that there were many amorous females in her home town. Sonic couldn't help but look back at the females they had passed, just as they reached the other side of the street. Not only because the females gave him strange looks too, that and he was a rare occurrence of hedgehog here. But because they were giving him desirous looks as well. One even giggled to another, looking at him as they walked away. Sonic gulped as he kept up with Blaze and Marine; there were lots of males at the docks but…

Sonic stopped walking when he began to notice…there was nothing but females out and about in this part of the city…

In the shops, at the corner stands, coming out of the various buildings, homes, and businesses. Oh sure he spotted one or two male cats, but they certainly were outnumbered. There were even a few birds, dogs, and maybe a ferret if he was making it out right.

Sonic had a look of shock on his face as Marine and Blaze stopped walking turning to look at him. Blaze questioned him with her usual stoic face "What is wrong Sonic?"

"Why are there so many females? Where are the males?" Sonic said wide eyed stuck in place.

Marine moved to him and grabbed his arm, all the while balancing all the papers she was holding "There's a guy over there…no wait a minute…that's a girl too…"

Marine let go of him as he began walking with them again. The city was built like most urban cities; they were ascending as they walked towards the castle. The docks were in the lowermost section of the city. The sidewalk they were currently walking up had buildings and homes lined next to each other; it was a city built on hills. Most of the city was designed this way because of the upward landscaping.

Sonic observed all the female cats around him that walked pass them. There were so many species of cats that he didn't know what some were. The ones sitting on the steps of their homes, some staring strangely at him and some deviously.

"The female population here is more than that of the male's." Blaze said keeping her stoical demeanor and facial expression.

Sonic kept his eyes straight ahead as a few teenage looking female cats, sitting on stairs of their home, purred at him as they passed by. They were a hairless type of cat, and they were pretty with long legs and green eyes. Marine tried to hold all her papers and suppress her laughter, but her snickers still escaped her mouth.

Sonic became wide eyed as if he'd seen a ghost "How did that happen?"

Blaze remained calm and cool as she walked, just as they reached the top of a hill and turned a corner "A combination of things. The war with Nega, increased crime over the Sol Emeralds, and overall a low male birth rate because of the violence."

The trio walked a little further down the bustling streets and stopped at another corner. Sonic figured they were waiting for transportation as he saw a red trolley coming up one of the hills.

"So where are the guys at?" Sonic asked with his brows wrinkling together in confusion.

A few female cats joined them at the trolley stop as Blaze spoke not looking at him "Their married."

Sonic was still confused as the trolley pulled up, and they boarded. It was crowded and only a few seats were available. However, when the people saw Blaze, some moved to the other side of the trolley. Blaze made no fuss at people's reactions as she sat down in an open seat next to a window. Placing the sack of Sol Emeralds on her lap; her tail wrapped around herself and laid at her side.

Blaze jumped in surprised when Sonic quickly took a seat next to her. She looked flushed for a moment, doing her best not to look embarrassed, she blinked her widened eyes and turned her head to look out the window.

"Marine stand right there!" Sonic said in a paranoid tone.

Marine laughed heartily "I can only shield you from so much Sonic…cause if I break…" Marine smiled widely pausing at Sonic's fearful face "…you'll be married!" Marine continued laughing at Sonic's discomfort.

Sonic remained quiet to Marine's taunting with a face full of discomfort. Blaze successfully kept her cool, making the bubbly feeling in her stomach calm down as she spoke aloud for him to hear as she stared out the window "With such a short supply of males, females here have become more aggressive in the passing years. And since male companions are so hard to come by, there is no dating, there is only marriage."

"Boo!" Marine tickled at Sonic's neck, giggling away. Sonic frowned but playfully smacked her hand away, it was now clear to Sonic the reason for all this female craziness; males were hard to come by and they needed males to keep their population going.

Blaze continued "If a male is found out to be single, a female will wear him down until he is hers."

"I'm guessing it wasn't always like this?" Sonic asked glancing her way.

Blaze responded still looking out the window "No, it is just our way."

Sonic pulled on his ears "Your people are like warriors going on a witch hunt."

"Or on a man hunt!" Marine produced the sound of a rim shot along with her bad pun. Blaze and Sonic groaned "Hey that one was pretty good." Marine said proud of her joke.

"It's just as well, even when there were enough males, females wore the men down. They are more assertive now because if they are unsuccessful they will likely end up alone." Blaze said reaching up and pulling the trolley's chord.

The trolley began to slow down and when it stopped the trio got off along with a few other passengers. As the trolley pulled away Blaze spoke again finally glancing at Sonic again as she walked along "Males are prized for the moment."

Marine balanced all the papers she had and Sonic, and she kept pace with Blaze. They were even closer to the castle, and it was now towering over them; it was as big as a sky scrapper.

"You'll be safe with us Sonic, it's just the culture here." Marine said with a smile.

And that's exactly what he was afraid of; he tried to take his mind off the subject. He was impressed by the castle, but again, he was self-aware of all the females around him. He noticed a few guys who were obviously married; the males walked hand in hand with their ladies pass them. But this time the female seemed less interested in him, only giving the strange stares to Blaze and himself. Then a sudden realization hit him and he ran in front of Blaze making her stop and raise an eyebrow in confusion; Marine did as well.

Blaze placed a hand on her hip as she listened to Sonic with panic on his face "What about that Tiara girl?"

"She has marked you and she will follow you." Blaze stated simply.

Sonic looked frustrated but Blaze reassured him dawning a slightly serious expression "Do not worry Sonic, I will handle her. Stay close, we have to get you home."

And it was true, he needed to stay near her to avoid any incidents in Arch City. Marine burst into another uproarious laughter as Blaze moved pass Sonic and her stoical face returned as they continued walking. Sonic frowned as they neared the castle. This area of town had a lot more businesses than the lower section of town where they had come from. One particular shop, a café, had tables outside. As the trio walked pass the shop, there were a few male cats sitting outside with their ladies. They gave them the strange looks, but Sonic's frown turned into a smile when he saw how miserable the males looked.

Sonic's attitude brightened again; their freedom was stolen the minute they entered a relationship. He wanted to avoid that forever if he could, and he chuckled "Look at those suckers. At least I have my freedom."

"Hey Blaze, Sonic's back." Marine smiled.

"Welcome back." Blaze said without turning to acknowledge them.

Just as Blaze spoke they had reached their first destination; the Royal Family's castle; Blaze's true home. There were many guards standing at the gates of the castle; female cats mostly. As she approached they quickly opened the gates for her, Sonic, and Marine. As they entered the courtyard, their eyes were greeted by the sights of wonderfully crafted shrubbery. Cut in various precision shapes with freshly cut green grass and yellow brick ground. The Castle itself was made out of gray stone and was so huge it cast a shadow over the city. They walked straight ahead to the castle doors, two giant doors that opened by guards as they approached them to enter the castle.

As they entered the castle Sonic piped up again "I can't help but feel I may have shown up in your world at the wrong time."

"Maybe with the ladies but anytime is a good time for friends." Marine said moving the papers out of her eyes to give him a reassuring look.

To which Sonic smiled "Aww thanks." he said patting her on the back and giving her a thumbs up. He looked to Blaze making her stop too "What do you think Blaze?"

Blaze stopped again, turning back to look at him with her stoic face. She looked hesitant, but she turned her back to him and spoke "No."

Sonic gave her a thumbs up "Thanks Blaze." he said in an upbeat tone as Marine, and he kept pace with her.

And though they could not see her face, she could not help but smile. This new ability to be social with Sonic was so refreshing to her after being alone with her thoughts for so many years. After denying her feelings all her life...

She had never been so open with any males that did approach her or the Princes her parents introduced her to. She was open with Marine too, but she knew why this interaction was different….it was because Sonic was a male...

She would not admit it but…with Sonic…she had never been this open with anyone. The simple act of playing along in his silly games was the most open she had ever been….and it felt good...

Blaze did her best to wipe the smile off her face as they walked through the main entrance of the castle. The trio walked on the thick red velvet carpets that were spread throughout the entire castle. High ceilings, stained-glass windows, and the stone walls of the castle were carved into exotic designs everywhere you looked. Sonic was completely confused as he followed Blaze, as it was a maze of rooms and thresholds into bigger but similar-looking rooms to him. However, in just less than a minute of walking they ran into a short male koala, dressed in a dark purple butler's suit.

He stopped just in front of them and bowed "Princess Blaze. The generals are waiting for you."

Blaze's face became slightly serious as her brows knotted together, and she spoke looking at Marine and Sonic "I will return shortly." she said as they nodded and she and the koala butler walked into another room out of Marine and Sonic's sights.

"Come on Sonic, Blaze will know where I'm at." she said moving in the opposite direction.

He nodded and quickly Sonic noticed all the female and male koala butlers and maids moving around the castle. The second-time today that he had seen species other than cats. Sonic then questioned Marine in a curious tone "Where are we going?"

"I'm turning in designs for the S.S. Marine. They're mostly for the reinforcement of the bottom of the ship and a damage assessment after our last battle." Marine said making a sharp left.

"Whoa, getting technical on me." Sonic praised her.

Marine nodded "The Royal Family has engineers do this for free, Blaze sure is nice sometimes." Marine stopped walking and spun her head around looking for Blaze.

"Are those your designs?" Sonic asked with a grin.

Once Marine was sure Blaze was not around she began walking again "Sure are! They might fix it but I made the S.S. Marine from scratch."

They walked down a long hallway into an office like area, where a lone female koala sat behind a desk; dressed in a very fine purple business suit. Her fur was gray and she sat in the middle of the room; she was surrounded by file cabinets. The koala sat straight up as they entered the room "Lady Marine, it is so nice to see you are alive and well. I'm guessing Princes Blaze is well too?"

"I'm doing just fine Gail, Blaze is herself…." Marine chuckled.

"I would not expect any less from the protector of the Sol Emeralds and the Princess of our great land." said the female koala.

Marine tossed all her design papers on the koalas desk "Now to business, get these papers to the boys pronto."

"Tsk tsk, miss Marine will you ever control your language?" the female koala shook her head while gathering up Marine's paperwork.

"I don't know what you're talkin about, I'm talking just like you told me." Marine said indignantly.

The koala raised an eyebrow in confusion when she noticed Sonic "A hedgehog? A blue hedgehog? I don't suppose Princess Blaze's guest has an appreciation for speech?"

"Sure he does, anit that right Sonic?" Marine grinned crossing her arms.

"Yo, wats up?" Sonic spoke to the female koala with a big smile.

"What is up?" she asked confused.

Sonic grinned and Marine butted in "Don't mind her Sonic, some people just don't understand the finer things in life."

The female koala sighed "I will have your papers submitted right away Lady Marine."

"Right back at ya Sadie." Marine said as she and Sonic walked away with big grins. The female koala slowly shook her head as they left the room. She smiled though, the Princess attracted such strange visitors.

Sonic followed Marine out of the office and into another huge hallway with tall ceilings, and pillars lined up and down the hall. There were many wooden benches in this hallway, and Marine plopped herself down on the nearest one.

Instead of sitting Sonic began stretching with a curious face "I see now why Blaze talks so proper."

Marine stretched herself out on the bench, placing her hands behind her head and closing her eyes "Yep, she grew up with the fancy talk."

"So you got any guys on your radar?" Sonic asked her while he stretched his legs.

Marine grinned "There was this one bloke once, but we had differences. Besides, I'm still young. I'm going to enjoy this freedom as long as I can."

Sonic chuckled "No responsibility for me, thank you."

"Hehehe now that's what I'm talkin about there." Marine chuckled along with him.

"Do you know where your parents are?" Sonic asked still stretching.

"There here in the city but I'm not visiting them." Marine said with an air of distaste.

Sonic stopped stretching looking confused "Why is that?"

"Why is what?" Blaze asked aloud as she approached Sonic from behind.

Blaze stopped right next to Sonic as Marine hopped off the bench with an annoyed expression, and she dramatically threw her hands in the air "Why don't I visit my parents. I'm not visiting them, I'll call them while we're here. They're annoying ugh!"

Blaze and Sonic looked at each other and rolled their eyes. How ironic it was that Marine found her own kin annoying when she herself could be a handful. Sonic and Blaze sighed in defeat and Sonic spoke curiously "Hey Blaze? Why do you have to go through this process when you come back?"

To which Blaze frowned a bit looking at him "…It's a long story…I could explain it to you if you like when we get back."

"Sounds good, let's go!" Sonic said with a gleam of excitement.

"I'll race you!" Marine said running ahead.

"No fair, you got a head start!" Sonic yelled running off after her.

Blaze smiled without a word as she calmly walked off after Sonic. She felt like she was getting to know him better this time in her world. Her other meetings with him were so short they were like a quick flash of the memory. Though admittedly, there was not much to him since Sonic wore himself on his sleeves. Though that's what she liked about him….

Not too long later Down Town on the east side of Arch City, Blaze, Sonic, and Marine swiftly made their way to one of the bad sections of town. Many shady characters were seen walking around this section of town; still mostly females. However, there was more diversity, a wide range of species were here other than cats. It was a little pass noon when they arrived and they were about to be introduced to a strike team hold up in a building opposite of the Leopard Brothers Club. There were about twenty male and female cats heavily geared with shock sticks and armor. Marine and Sonic were unaware until Blaze explained a bit about what she had been doing in the castle; she explained on their way to the east side.

In her discussions with the higher ups, it was now well known that there was a issue with the Emeralds and that was why she was back. Though the higher ups were unaware that the issue was the Chaos Emeralds. But in acknowledgement of a problem with the Emeralds they informed her on some leads they had at the moment. They were meeting a special division of the city's police force currently. This particular strike team was deployed when they were informed that a Sol Emerald was in the hands of dangerous individuals. They were mainly for backup because Blaze was capable of handling the brothers; as she did in the past. The trio came in through the back entrance of the building, which was made mostly of red brick and had boarded-up windows and doors.

The trio were in a back alley at the target building with serious expressions on their faces; the doors were boarded shut at the back of this building too. Blaze quietly surveyed their surroundings, making sure no one was around. Sonic and Marine did the same; looking to their left and right.

"Coast is clear." Marine said in a whisper.

Sonic and Marine's back's faced away from Blaze as she knocked on the boarded up door, two times, then three times. Moments later a knock was heard back. Blaze knocked on the door twice more and quickly drills were heard going off and the boarded up door in front of them was soon removed. The strike team members were dressed in head to toe in thick black boots, pants, upper body and black helmets. There were three at the door, two on each side of the door, and one in the middle.

"Move! Move!" the female strike team member in the middle ordered them.

Blaze, Sonic, and Marine quickly moved inside and the strike team members boarded the door shut again. The female strike team member bowed to Blaze "Your highness, the chief is upstairs waiting for you."

Blaze held her usual serious, stoical expression on her face as she spoke "Take me to your chief."

"Yes, right this way princess." the female strike team member said taking the trio around a corner and up a flight of stairs.

There were a few strike team members on the first floor but the rest where on the second. The female strike team member pointed to them, then saluted Blaze, and ran back downstairs. The trio walked straight ahead, pass the many members of the strike team. The two individuals who were not dressed in heavy black clothing, a female and a male, were crouched next to a boarded up window peering out of the window with binoculars.

As the trio got close, the two individuals stood. The female wore a long brown trench coat, a black female cat with pointed ears was obviously the chief. The male next to her; spotted black and brown fur; was most likely her second in command. He wore a shorter black jacket "Your highness. I'm the chief of police." the Chief extended her hand, and Blaze shook it "This is my deputy chief. He was the first to trail the Leopard Brothers."

"Princess Blaze, it's a pleasure to finally meet you." the Deputy shook her hand with a serious expression.

"The pleasure is all mine." Blaze said in a serious tone.

The Chief quickly noticed Sonic "Is your hedgehog buddy going to help us out?"

"This will be over quickly." Blaze looked to Marine "You're in charge here, when you hear any racket once we get inside, that is your signal to move."

Marine rubbed her hands together with a devious smile "You heard the boss lady! We deploy when the fighting goes down!"

The strike team silently nodded to Marine's orders. Then Marine ran back downstairs to give more orders. The Police Chief and her Deputy did not dare question Blaze's orders; it was something Sonic was starting to take more notice of the longer he was here. No one ever crossed Blaze's path .

"Are you ready Sonic?" Blaze asked looking to him.

"Of course." he said cracking his knuckles with a huge grin; he was ready for some action.

"You have your orders." Blaze stated simply looking around at everyone as she began walking back downstairs with Sonic right behind her.

The Chief and her Deputy had never dealt with the likes of the Princess and her strange friends. They looked at each other skeptical, as even if their ranks had been put under the Princess's friend, they knew to keep their mouths shut. As the protector of the Sol Emeralds, she answered to no one.

Blaze and Sonic made their way back downstairs and out of the abandoned building and to the front side of it. Together they stopped just in front of the abandoned building and took in the sight of the Leopard Brother's club.

"There not much for subtlety huh?" Sonic asked Blaze.

"Never have been." Blaze said as they walked to the entrance.

The Leopard Brothers placed a big neon sign of their names on the front of the building. There was no way to miss it. There was a big line of people dressed in their best clothing waiting to get into the club on the side of the building. Two big male, brown bull dog bouncers stood at the club's entrance. They wore black shades, though they did not intimidate Blaze and Sonic.

Sonic and Blaze walked straight up to the bouncers and people at the front of the line began yelling at the two "Hey! The line starts back there!"

But Blaze and Sonic ignored the angry people in the lines as one bouncer stuffed his clipboard under his arm "Nobody gets in if you're not on the list!"

Blaze looked to Sonic with a frown, and he nodded as he donned a serious expression. Sonic swiftly jumped up and did a spinning kick; knocking one bouncer to the ground and breaking his shades. The second bouncer threw his clipboard on the ground with an angry expression "We know who you are princess, but you aint getting in!"

The crowd started to get panicked. Blaze only sneered at the bouncer as the other one began to get up. Blaze held her arm in the air and conjured a medium-sized fireball and then slammed it into the ground. Spreading fire all around Sonic and herself; dispersing the crowd and making the bouncers run away in fear. Sonic pulled the velvet post railing and shoved it to the ground as Blaze, and he moved to the club's doors.

Inside the extravagantly designed club, with fancy chairs, blaring lights, music, bars, and many people were all the fixings for a shady hangout. Also, the Leopard Brothers themselves made the experience complete. They were two muscle bound male leopards who sat in a VIP area with women and drinks all around them. One of the Leopard Brothers, Avel, wore the Yellow Chaos Emerald around his neck; it was fastened together with leather straps. The other Leopard brother, Oran, was smoking a cigar, but suddenly blinked in confusion when he heard an unusual racket; even over the loud music. He pushed his ladies off himself and stood looking towards the entrance doors which sat atop a flight of stairs.

"What is it brother?" the brother with the Chaos Emerald asked.

"Listen…" he said pulling the cigar out of his mouth.

Suddenly, the entrance doors were kicked open by Blaze; Sonic stood right next to her. Oran signaled for the DJ to stop playing music and for the lights to be turned on. Everyone's attention then turned to Blaze and Sonic at the entrance doors.

Oran then clapped in the suddenly quiet club; his clap echoed through the area. Most of the club goers were cats and when they caught sight of the Princess and her strange friend, they instantly began fleeing the club. They ran pass Sonic and Blaze as they stood unwavering. The people that were still in the club were most likely the Leopard Brothers henchmen; they still occupied about one-third of the club.

"It is too late your highness, we have the Sol Emerald, and you will not be taking it from us." Oran said in a thick accent.

His brother joined him as well, as now they were both womenless. Avel roared to his henchmen, which were all males "Only action is required, get em boys!"

Blaze and Sonic did not wait for the henchmen to get close to them. They both dashed down from the top of the stairs and attacked the henchmen. Sonic sped around them, grabbing them and throwing them into walls, using speed kicks, and spin dashing into them. His speed was deadly as with any force pushed pass its normal restraints; though Sonic never use deadly force.

Blaze used her fire to set small flames onto some, to distract attention away from Sonic. Using fire kicks, and using her speed to do the same as Sonic. She even set some on fire accidentally. Sending them flying into tables and fixtures hanging onto the walls. In no time, the flying bodies stopped hurling hard into surrounding walls, and the only people left standing were Blaze and Sonic.

The Leopard Brothers did their best to hide their fear, but as they walked from their VIP area their fear was present in their eyes. Oran growled as he showed his claws "That Sol Emerald will put us on top! You and your blue friend will fall today!"

Avel readied his claws as well, and both brothers hissed at Sonic and Blaze. The pair got into a fighting stance as Avel raised a hand to strike…but it was a ruse! Avel swiped down at Blaze and Sonic as they dodged only to dash out towards the entrance and out of the building. Sonic and Blaze didn't have time to register what had happened as Oran began swiping at them.

Blaze dodged Oran's attacks gritting her sharp teeth, and glanced at Sonic with her brows knotted in anger "Sonic!"

And Sonic grinned back at her "I'm on it!" he said turning and running out of the club.

Blaze moved swiftly as she dodged more of Oran's wildly swinging swipes, then she landed a fast kick on his head making him stumble and fall onto a few chairs. Blaze quickly attacked him again not letting up her barrage...

Outside Marine mobilized the police force; they had bust out the front of the building and began arresting everyone in sight. The Police Chief, Deputy Chief, and Marine stood in the middle of the chaos watching the strike teams gather up the criminals; all with big smiles on their faces.

"I have to say, the princess sure knows how to choose them." the Deputy Chief police said to the Chief.

Marine had her fist on her hips smiling brightly "That went well."

The Chief of police was just about to continue praising Marine when Avel came rushing out of the club, dashing and bumping into a few strike team members and people who they were arresting, and knocking them on the ground. He ran pass them on all fours without stopping down the alleyway.

"That was one of the leopard brothers!" the Deputy Chief yelled.

Marine looked worried "I hope…"

But she was cut off when Sonic came rushing out right after Avel; taking note of what direction he had went. Sonic was moving so fast that Marine only saw him coming out of the club and the next second he was speeding towards her.

He scooped Marine off her feet without stopping, and Marine wrapped her arms around his neck "Ehhhhh!" she yelled trying to hold on.

The Police Chief and her Deputy where in shock and awe seeing Sonic move so fast "What are your order's Marine!" the Police Chief yelled to her.

"GET THE GUYS INSIDE!" Marine yelled back to them.

The Chief and the Deputy swallowed the lumps in their throats as they began ordering their team to get ready and move into the building...

Sonic and Marine caught sight of the Leopard brother turning a corner down the street "I don't know where I'm going." Sonic said as he ran right after the fleeing leopard brother; dashing right around the corner after him.

Avel was out of sight by the time they turned the corner so Sonic sped up again as Marine spoke "I know the city pretty well, go that way she pointed to his left."

Sonic nodded and ran down the long winding street in a matter of seconds, moving in the direction she pointed. Moments later Sonic turned left; Marine and he looked both ways. And just a few feet away from was the Leopard brother. He jumped in surprise when he saw them; locking eyes with the pair. He cowardly ran down another nearby alleyway and Sonic and Marine grinned as Sonic took off after him.

Back at the Leopard Brothers club The Police Chief and her Deputy had another visitor before they were able to enter. Tiara and her cohorts had showed up after hearing about a rumble going on at the East Side "One of the Leopard brothers is still inside; one has already run out of the building." the Police Chief said with her hand on the holster of her gun.

Tiara had a serious face; her cohorts listened intently "I bet he had the Emerald."

"He did. It looks like he's going to try and hide." the Police chief said with a frown.

"Which way did he go?" Tiara asked impatiently, her brows were narrowed together keeping her serious demeanor.

The deputy pointed behind himself "He went that way but…"

"I got it, let's go girls." Tiara said dashing off with her cohorts running behind her.

"I knew Tiara was fast like the Princess...but that hedgehog…hmmm….I tried to tell her the blue guy is after him too." the Deputy spoke to the Chief.

"I suppose it would help more than hurt." she shrugged "Now let's get in their people!" the Chief yelled to her squad with a serious face. They followed the Chief and the Deputy's lead as they pulled out their guns and slowly began moving into the building.

Inside the Leopard Brothers club, Blaze had just about worn Oran down. But his attacks were still relentless none the less. Getting desperate he grabbed a nearby table and threw it at her. Blaze easily dodged, but she tripped when she landed on top of a bar. She fell onto her side and heard Oran coming for her. As she readied herself to get up, she noticed all the alcoholic beverages around her. She smirked and quickly grabbed the nearest bottle. Oran was about to jump over the bar to get to her when she jumped back over to him.

Oran was already enraged, ready to strike at Blaze again when she splashed the contents of the bottle she'd grabbed onto him temporarily blinding him. He coughed and tried to wipe the burning liquid out of his eyes. When he regained his sight, he growled but his growl slowly faded when he saw that she did not attack him. Instead, a chair sat next to her, and her hand was placed on it.

Quickly, it donned upon him what she could have done at anytime. Blaze held a sneer on her face as her hand squeezed the chair she was holding. Oran then started to quiver, he began to try to run away. But Blaze used her speed and swiftly moved in front of him; blocking his escape, knocking him onto the ground again with a strong, fast, kick.

"I surrender! I tell you what know!" Oran said with cowardice.

But Blaze grabbed the chair with both hands and lifted it over her head and Oran yelled even louder "I said I surrender!"

But Blaze was not fazed, and she then lit the chair above her head on fire as Oran continued to beg "I'm sorry Princess…I…I….AHHHHHHHH!"

Blaze had an unwavering blank stare as her arms moved back, and she brought the chair down upon the leopard brother...

The Police Chief, Deputy, and the strike team were seconds away from storming inside. However, they heard a loud cracking noise and a blood-curdling scream from within side. Oran came flying out the entrance on fire, screaming and rolling on the ground.

"Put him out!" the Police Chief yelled to her team.

The police chief and her Deputy removed their backs from the wall as Blaze casually walked out from the entrance. The Police chief looked ecstatic "Princess, you're ok!"

"Yes, I am fine." Blaze said with a slight frown watching as the strike team put out Oran, his singed fur was almost nonexistent now; he was almost bald.

"Looks like Oran is down for the count, you sure did a number on him." the Deputy said putting his gun back in its holster again.

"So that was Avel that ran out of here." the Police Chief said holding her gun in her hand at her side.

"He ran out just as we confronted them." Blaze looked around for a moment and she asked them both "Where is Marine?"

"Your hedgehog buddy picked her up when Avel ran out." the Police chief responded.

Blaze nodded, understanding why he picked up Marine "He hasn't returned?"

"No but he should be back soon, Tiara showed up and went after Avel too. With her help…" but the Deputy Chief couldn't finish speaking.

As a panicked Blaze cut him off "What!" Blaze yelled; her eyes widened looking to them very upset.

Catching the Chief and the Deputy off guard, and the Chief asked timidly "Is that a problem?"

"Which way did they go!" she asked forcefully as her teeth gritted and she balled her fist.

The Deputy pointed behind himself, and Blaze instantly took off jumping up to the nearest roof calling back to them "Take care of the ones inside!" and she was gone.

The Chief and the Deputy were totally confused by the Princesses outburst, as she was usually always calm and collected. But if she of all people was upset by something, it must have been bad. So they followed her orders, cuffing Oran and then finally moving inside the building. Leaving a few strike team members outside to call for backup, they were going to need a lot more manpower to move all these bodies.

Blocks away Sonic and Marine were right on the tail of Avel, admittedly they could have caught him right away. As Sonic's speed was obvious, but worrying about Blaze made them stop joking around and take him out. Avel looked back at Marine and Sonic as he ran, watching Sonic hop up onto the roofs; this side of town had really thin alleys. Avel was getting tired and his vision was starting to blur. When he looked straight ahead again he thought he saw Marine a few buildings ahead of him.

He was confused about how they could move that fast when Marine started tossing roof tiles at him. As Avel tried to dodge them and keep moving he did not see Sonic coming. It was only seconds before his mind comprehended that Sonic was rushing at him before it was too late. Sonic connected into him with a very fast spin dash knocking the remaining breath out of him. Avel crashed into a nearby home's window; breaking it. Avel gasped as his form crumpled to the ground; his last sight was the sight of Sonic and his cocky grin.

Marine waved to him from atop the building yelling in triumph "Alright! Get me down from here!"

"Jump." Sonic called up to her.

Marine did so without thinking and Sonic caught her no problem. Marine then ran over to the fallen leopard brother and yanked the Yellow Chaos Emerald off of his neck. And she tore off the leather that was wrapped around it, and held the Chaos Emerald up in the air "He didn't know who he was messing with."

Sonic grinned "Let's get somebody to pick this dude up."

Marine nodded as she and Sonic began thinking of how to call the Police from where they were "You took him down?" Marine and Sonic turned to the sound of the voice. Sonic froze up when he saw Tiara and her yellow female cat cohorts just above them.

They jumped down from the roofs and walked over to the fallen Leopard Brother. Sonic and Marine looked at each other worriedly when Tiara suddenly donned a huge grin as she turned towards Sonic smiling deviously "So there's more to you than what Blaze has told me."

Then Tiara's cohorts grabbed Marine by her arms and she struggled in their grip "Hey! Let go of me!"

Sonic gulped looking nervous, and he took a few steps away from her as she continued. Tiara raised an eyebrow dawning an innocent face "So I know you're single and now I know Blaze has been hiding something from me. Has Blaze told you anything about me?"

"Don't answer her Sonic! It's a she devil trick!" Marine said still struggling to break free from Tiara's cohorts; they purred at Marine's words.

Sonic heeded her words and Tiara brushed off Marine. Tiara circled Sonic as she spoke "I'm guessing she didn't tell you…" she stopped in front of him then she quickly moved out of his sight.

Sonic's eyes narrowed getting serious…she was fast…

Tiara tapped him on his shoulder, moving swiftly as he tried to spot her. But when he turned she was gone "..she didn't tell you…" Tiara mocked as she danced around him; her cohorts laughed while Marine continued to struggle.

But Sonic focused and finally caught sight of her, but by then she was in front of him and this time she grabbed his arm with a firm grip. Sonic gritted his teeth and she grinned "She didn't tell you I'm no pushover. Now come on…" she said in a softer tone "You're mine…"

Sonic quickly calmed himself watching as Marine struggled, and Tiara's words just moments ago popped into his mind. Then he grinned "I guess Blaze didn't tell you about me either."

Sonic said in a cocky tone as in one swift motion, he shifted his body weight freeing his arm from her grasp. Tiara was caught off guard, completely surprised and her eyes wide as she lost sight of Sonic. Feeling a tap on her shoulder she turned to see nothing, then quickly she turned back around to see Sonic softly push her cohort's apart to save Marine.

Tiara growled narrowing her brows into a frown on her face…he was fast...

"Oh no! You're not getting away that easy hedgehog!" she said running after him; her cohorts were right behind her.

Marine held the Yellow Chaos Emerald firmly in her hand as she and Sonic slowly backed up a small flight of stairs. With Tiara and her cohorts right behind them Sonic was just about ready to pick up Marine and start running. But as Tiara and her cohorts passed the threshold of the stairs a small wall of flame separated them stopping them in their tracks. They all looked up to see the silhouette of Blaze just above them; her arms were crossed. Without hesitation, Blaze jumped down next to Marine and Sonic. Blaze then extinguished the flames leaving a cloud of smoke.

Sonic quickly ran and hid behind Blaze, placing his hands on her shoulders, and peeking out from behind her. Making Blaze exclaim a light "Ah..." in surprise from his touch; her eyes briefly widened in surprise.

But she quickly locked eyes with Tiara through the smoke. Each trio stared one another down, both knowing today's battle was over. Tiara then pointed two fingers at her eyes, then she pointed at Sonic. Blaze narrowed her eyes even more at her gesture.

"Next time you won't catch me off guard hedgehog!" Tiara exclaimed as a smile came over her face. She blew a kiss at Sonic as she jumped up on the nearest roof, and her cohorts were right behind her. Hopping onto a few stacked crates onto the roofs behind her until they were out of their sights.

Blaze was feeling very bashful with Sonic holding her shoulders, and her tone expressed her embarrassment "Sonic…if you would?"

"Oh sorry." he said quickly letting go of her and rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

She nodded in acknowledgement, and Blaze knew without asking that Tiara might have seen Sonic's speed by the look of discomfort on his face. Marine held up the Yellow Chaos Emerald to Blaze which made her feel a little better about today's happenings. Blaze spoke sounding a little happier and smiling a bit "Excellent, now we can start finding the others."

"Sonic and I took out Avel no problem!" Marine exclaimed happily.

"Hey Blaze?" Sonic asked crossing his arms trying to look tough.

"Yes Sonic?" Blaze said taking the Emerald from Marine to inspect it.

"I saw that Tiara can move really fast…she saw me too…does that make anything worse?" Sonic asked curiously.

"Yes, she is likely more interested in you now. We are the only few that can do what we do, and with you being male Tiara will be more aggressive now." Blaze answered as she inspected the Emerald.

"Oh no…." Sonic said in a disappointed wavy voice as his eyes closed and his arms uncrossed and fell loosely. Making Marine fall onto the ground in hysterical laughter.

"We gotta get some..hehe…backup over here Blaze…ahahaha…Avel is just right down those stairs!" Marine held onto her stomach.

Blaze, Sonic, and Marine after getting off the ground walked over to the stairs where they had escaped Tiara. Avel was still on the ground knocked out cold. They went back to his fallen form to watch over it. Marine and Sonic began knocking on people's doors to get to their phones while Blaze waited by the Leopard brother. She felt embarrassed when Sonic grabbed her shoulders...

Blaze frowned deeply at her warm thoughts; briefly biting her lip. Blaze was flushed for a second time this day, happy that Marine was not near to see her face. Even she would notice that something was bothering her. Blaze sighed in frustration…

Her stomach felt light...and she didn't like it...

Alright I went a little overboard, but I felt it was necessary for the plot so this is over 4,000 words. Sorry about that. Tell me what you think about Blaze's development.